Happy New Year 2020!

Happy New Year 2020!

Every November I start to reflect on what I have and haven’t accomplished that year, how I feel about the present day, and what I’d like for the short and long term future with my favorite saying in mind. It is “you are free to invent your future”. It’s true. We are free to invent our futures. In this blog post you can read about what I have planned for mine this year and moving forward.

New Camera Coming + Thank You! 

With much excitement I purchased a manual focus cinema camera a few years ago. I’m still incredibly happy with the visual quality of the videos it produces. However, there is one thing that led me to browse the market for a new cinema camera – my real need for autofocus.

Manually focusing every shot over the past few years wasted set time and limited me in various ways both in front of and behind the camera. On the flipside, less editing time was needed thanks to the camera’s great color science. I already knew what other camera options were out there and didn’t imagine seeing what I was looking for until a few more years. I still looked at the end of each year when new equipment options are typically announced and/or released.

Turns out it was worth the wait. To my surprise I found exactly what I’ve wanted all of these years within mere minutes at the end of 2019. No other camera made me tingle with joy like this ever before. Not even when I got the one I’ve been using because I knew was stepping into a new world of production at the time. I’d have to get good at manual focus, learn the camera’s settings, invest in lenses and learn when to use what, needed more space for the larger files, and the list goes on — it was a bit overwhelming. I’m now acclimated to everything.

I still contemplated the purchase of this new camera for weeks because it’s much more than I ever imagined paying for one, but I have been saving for my next big investment and it is my dream camera that I’ve been waiting for. Being a one person business I’m at the point where I need to buy time if I can because I really want to do more than I have time for and working overtime all the time like I used to isn’t healthy for me. Will this camera really be that much better for my film style and tight schedule, help with my production goals, dreams, and ambitions? Hell yeah! 

I still considered all of my options though. I’m slow moving and deep thinking. Thought more about my future in this industry too. Conclusion? This camera really is perfect for continuing my business! This is, undoubtedly, THE ONE I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR! 

Now the order has been placed and I’m waiting for the camera to ship to me! WOOHOO! 

So, this is the perfect time to THANK YOU again. Even if you’ve only ever just made one purchase from my store, you’re a part of the big picture and I want you to remember that! Every single purchase helps me continue my business and slowly save up for an investment like this. Thank you for supporting my work over all of these years. I consider myself so lucky to be able to do what I love every day and I’m so happy to be starting off another year in the industry!

The High Video Quality & Update Consistency that you Expect & More!

This year you will continue to see the same high quality video productions you’ve come to expect from me. In addition I’m planning on making custom sound effects for videos that are focused in on one particular aspect of the fetish. For example booming footsteps (which I’ve rarely ever done) in crush focused videos and stomach sounds in vore focused videos (which you’ll be getting more of). 

And it doesn’t end with sound effects. I also plan on getting deeper into internal scenes (stomach, pussy, mouth), setting up more themed sets (Christmas was awesome!), shooting at cool locations out and about, and capturing more amazing shots for my videos. 

Since I’ve been doing this for so long honestly I’ve become bored of filming with one set that stays the same over and over. I rearrange, clean, and redecorate often. To keep my artistic side happy I also need to work with totally different and new ideas, props, shots, etc. The fact you like my production style enough to purchase my videos is really just a perk to what I enjoy doing. 

Oh, I will also be customizing props too. Shrunken people, buildings, what have you. I already started on this last year a little bit, but really want to get down and dirty with it this year and forward.

As for my update schedule, it’ll be staying the same for now. I have a lot going on and enough ambition for more than just myself. One new video from me every five days is a reasonable goal to continue moving forward with. Since my new camera will be coming any day, this may become a minimum later on this year. I’ll give you an extra update here and there when I can!*

I’ll also be filming more of the requests that I received in response to previous Tweets and in general too. My shoot sheets are filled with so many interesting scenarios that I’d like to indulge in. Just give it time – there’s a few dozen requests that I’d still like to produce alongside my own sexy scenarios. And that’s just what’s pre-planned. Sometimes my sex drive gets so high that I’ll type out my current fantasies just to get it out of my mind and within hours I have another month’s worth of scenarios in a document.

*I’ve since done away with this update schedule. You can read about it here if you’d like.

New Giantesses at GK! (and maybe producers too)

If all goes as planned (you’ll see down below) then I’ll be looking for some great local adult actresses to film later this year and then have our favorites back again and again. That might not be for quite a while, but when it does happen, I’ll be on the lookout for our absolute faves. Your dream Giantesses. My dream models. Women who truly have a great time acting out fantasies, remember scripts well, are great at improv, reliable, etc. 

In addition I’ve been tossing the idea back and forth of welcoming a few more comic artists and producers to selling through the GK store, but that’ll be much later this year as well. (summer or after) We’ll see through… it has to be a good fit (and in a few ways) and it does take a bit of time to get things started. Definitely something I’ve been considering though. 

Fitness and Family! (personal stuff)

If the personal stuff bores you then skip this part and thanks for reading! If not, then let’s continue ~ so for personal New Year Resolutions you can count me in with the fitness crowd. I’m not doing my body any good by taking advantage of my good genes and sitting on my ass all day whenever I’m not filming and then barely working out. I do like to get out a lot on my weekends off tho! Also my blood work last year showed that I was a little high in cholesterol. (? How did that happen?!)

I eat pretty healthy, but I’m also surrounded by a lot of great restaurants and drive-thrus. I even did the Keto diet for a month last year to drop the 10lbs I gained. TOO much good food! When I got those lab results I immediately cut back on dining out and takeout and ate mostly home cooked meals for the last few months and my new lab results came back all normal!! So yeah, I need to keep eating healthy (mostly!) and also work out regularly for good health. We all do! If my ass gets a bit bouncier, legs a bit more toned, etc, from working out more, well then I guess that’s just a perk since I have a good natural shape with very little effort. ?

As for family, a few of you already know what I’m hoping for this year – to conceive. My husband and I are trying, but I don’t think we’ll have any luck until I have a normal period. My periods are barely there after having none for 7yrs from IUD usage. A very patient wait may be needed and it’s only been a few months since getting it out. I’ll probably look into fertility supplements soon to help regulate things, talk to my doc, and see what else might help. 

If/when this happens, how it will affect my updates is TBD. Especially since I want 5 kids. (KIDDING!) I do see it as imperative though that I keep my fitness and body in check. I don’t see myself becoming a stay at home mother and looks are VERY important to me. Not only because I show everything in my videos but for my own happiness too. I just really want to start a family and continue my business!

Thanks for reading, skimming, and for being here. Feel free to leave a comment. I appreciate them. Makes me feel like I’m not talking to a brick wall despite statistics showing that my blog posts get a lot of readers. 

I truly hope everyone has a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year 2020! Cheers!

Much love,
Giantess Katelyn

PS: For anyone wanting to see the full size collage this blog post’s avatar image was made from you can find it here!


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. Greg Viera

    Happy New Year’s great one. I am very proud of all your work. You know that you always have a Fan in me no matter what. Keep up the great work and cheers to 2020

  2. Cody

    I always love reading about the next step you’re going to take in life and in business (no pun intended). Everything from how you set your office to planning a family. To know that you’re happy and willing to share these details about your life always warms the heart. :-)

  3. Chuck Murnoe

    First of all: happy 2020!

    Good to see you keep working for the excellency of your products. You have the crafts, the knowledge and the experience, and seeing that you’re going further and improving your tools, only means that this can only get better and better. And if the business keeps growing, that’s great.

    Nice to know you’ve got plenty of scenarios in store. I’m wondering what happened with some of the June ones, last I knew you got like 70 or something… talk about material for years! And pretty sure we’ll see tons of scenarios, either yours or suggested by others, that we’re going to enjoy so much.

    Also, I’m wishing you and your husband good luck with everything: with trying to conceive and expanding the family and with life in general. Good health, good wealth and good times!

    PS: I still need to keep my promise and send you a new story… I was supposed to make a Xmas scenario, then a Xmas story, then a New Year’s Eve one… Sorry for the delay, but I’ll keep trying my best to deliver something that’s worth reading.

  4. Leonidas vo...

    Goddess Katelyn happy 2020 I would love to create new giantess videos with special effects like crushes and more like your old ones that gave me so much pleasure.

  5. Adam

    Happy New Year Katelyn! So happy to see you are keeping up with the blog post, it’s so nice to hear more from you and I love the little teases of things to come!

    Really happy for you and wish you a wonderful year, can’t wait to see the amazing content you will produce in the future!

  6. Rafael

    Happy new Year from Brazil !!!!
    Love Ya !


  7. Bob

    If you’re bringing in new models I’d love to see Nova make a return for more vore vids. She was one of my favorites! :)

  8. kuba

    Any Chance for FX clips in 2020?

  9. Giantess Ka...

    @Kuba: Small chance

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