Happy New Year! 2012 Here I Cum!

Happy New Year! 2012 Here I Cum!

Happy New Year everyone!! I hope you all got shrinking potions over the holidays and plan on sending yourself to me! ;) 2011 went by so fast and so much happened – there’s been the introduction of nudity, comics, artists, daily videos, monthly free videos, daily free pictures, fan appreciation videos, customs, GiantessBooru’s first birthday, and I even moved my entire life and business across the United States! With everything finally settled in, I can’t help but eagerly look to 2012 and fantasize about what’s to come next!

First, some reflections on 2011!

The move was the biggest part of 2011 for me. I spent months preparing for it and then there were two weeks during my move where I was living at my old place with nothing more than a laptop and suitcase full of necessities, as my POD (a container with all my stuff) was traveling across country. It was nice to have “Free Time” for once, lol! :D I quickly took advantage of this generous amount of time to reflect on life, goals, business, sexuality, and the future.

When I arrived in Seattle I felt as if I stepped into a time machine to the future. I went from having all the free time I could imagine in York to suddenly having sleepless nights in Seattle (haha!) to get settled. There were people constantly coming and going to set things up, towers of boxes all around the house, driving around lost in unfamiliar places, and a wish-list full of other plans and goals all while having this business and site to run. Whew!

So, I spent the rest of 2011 getting things set up for my new life in WA. There was lots of time dedicated to the home, artists, programming, and what time was left was swallowed by obligated commissions (paid custom video work). Now I’m finally settled in (and LOVING Seattle!), the foundation of my site is set for myself and artists, and I’m ready to make 2012 the best year ever!  I feel as if I completed my “2011 work” right on schedule and now I can’t help but eagerly look to 2012 and drool. Want to hear what I’ve been fantasizing about for 2012? Here we go!

In no particular order, here’s my extremely extensive 2012 goals super list!

Customs are Closed for 2012

One of the biggest changes I’m making for 2012 may be slightly bittersweet for some; I will no longer be accepting any new customs for the entire year of 2012. This is an absolutely HUGE change, I’ve been doing customs for SIX years! As fantastic as customs were, it simply got to a point in 2011 that customs ate up my ENTIRE filming schedule, leaving absolutely no time to for me to indulge you all in my own personal fantasies. :( So, I want to rock 2012 with getting into my own projects – I’ve been fantasizing about having my way with small model cities, cumming dolls, cool hand made devices and props, not to mention making the most INSANE FX you’ve seen from me EVER! If you want to see all of this happen then please support my decision to stop accepting paid commissions! Tell me to do my own thing for a while! ;) FX, I say?

Special FX, Here I Come!

Oh how I miss FX so very much! I am absolutely energized and ready to go FULL BLAST with special effects now that everything else is at bay. I am planning on hiring Giantesses, Shrunken Females, growing into a full blown giantess, making the hottest most SEXUAL shrunken men fantasies to date, working with new and crazy cameras/angles/aspects, and the list goes on. I am going to go FILM and FX crazy! You can expect to see more FX work from me this year than ever before! :D I also want to release several of my FX Quickes for free. My philosophy is that as long as my bills are paid and I can stash money for hiring talent for the big movies I’m totally content with releasing FX for free! This is something I have wanted to do since I first started up my site and a huge goal of mine. This leads me to my next goal….

MOAR Free Stuff!

Everyone loves FREE STUFF! I have always been a “giver” in life and I love giving you all free content. If I didn’t have bills to pay and those huge FX videos didn’t require such an investment, I’d probably give everything away for free. XP Running my site and having my passion as my business is an absolute dream come true and I just want to thank you all a million times over for your support of what I do! Right now my site gives away some free basics – free pictures, free videos, easy stuff. I want to give you guys more, such as free FX videos and far more free picture content such as….

New Collages!

You know what’s funny? I cum to collages more than any other form of sexual content but the majority of my own collages are YEARS out of date. (Not to mention my collage material! I feel as though I’ve never had a really good collage material set) I sold my DSLR back in May to help with moving costs and did not want to even touch my outdated collage material so I simply didn’t collage in 2011. In 2012 I will be purchasing a DSLR again which I’m very excited about. Once I get that fancy new DSLR you can expect high quality pre-masked collage material sets released for the community, super hot collages crafted directly from the heart of yours truly, high-quality Pictures of the Day sets, and more! My purchase of the DSLR will affect the site as a whole, bringing all new photos up to the highest quality! I really look forward to making many amazing photo sets and collages this year!! :D

Fanart Update!

I received lots of cool fan made collages and stories during 2011. As you know 2011 was super busy for me and now with everything out of the way I can finally sit back and enjoy reading through these stories and getting my fan collages section here on the site up to date! When everthing is up to date I plan recording audio versions of my fan written stories, given I have permission from the writers to do so. The audio versions of the stories will be completely free!

Time to get FIT!

My newest and latest addiction has been getting my workout on. ;) I’ve hired a personal trainer and I train with him 3x/week and I’m in love with the heat a good workout brings. I only started back on Dec 15th, so in a few months you’ll start to see the results of this new hot passion of mine. You’ll get an even more powerful, beautifully dangerous giantess dominating you and your city! I look forward to crushing you between my tight booty, beneath my powerful build, I look forward to you exploring my new popping curves, and when I swallow you your proteins will serve my Giantess body more now than ever possible before! My energy levels will only continue to increase… who knows how long I’ll will go on fucking your city, and the next, and the next, before I get even the slightest bit tired! Mwhahaha! >=D

Artists and Giantess Comics

2012 will be an amazing year for comics as well! Sheela, Pogojo, CG17 and several NEW artists will all be releasing comics this year! I’ve seen previews of everyone’s upcoming works and they are simply incredible and take sexy to a whole new level. THIS YEAR IS GOING TO BE SO AWESOME!

Midnight Goddess Gift!

To everyone who purchased my Epic Special Effects movie Midnight Goddess, this year I will be returning a special gift to you all (as promised!)! I am currently in the process of getting it put together for you. I can’t say much more as I’d still like to keep it a surprise! But I just want you to know I haven’t forgotten and that it’ll be soon!


Giantessbooru celebrated its very first birthday and already it is one of the most popular and active giantess sites in the community. I would really love to hire a fellow programmer sometime later this year and get some new fun features going on Giantessbooru. I’d really love to see Giantessbooru become even more artist friendly with profiles and proper links to DeviantArt / Furaffinity. I’d also LOVE to see the addition of stories! (Which I’d also offer in audio format, for free, with permission) That would be sweet. :3 Overall every year I’d love to expand and improve upon Giantessbooru and make it the best site I possibly can!

On Location!

I am looking forward to shooting videos in and around Washington. I plan on doing some location scouting and filming some videos (including FX) in some really CRAZY sexy places. I’ve always wanted to film on location at different places other than my house and I look forward to really making that happen this year! It’s also a good excuse to get out of the house and see the area! ^^

Congratulations tiny one if you’ve made it the whole way through this massive New Year’s Blog… say goodbye to 2011 and hello to 2012, THE YEAR OF THE GIANTESS!

And last but not least, I extend my warm and massive giantess-sized thanks to ALL of you tiny ones for supporting my site over the years!! You have no idea how happy you make me and how much I appreciate all of you! <3 I look forward to making 2012 the most fulfilling Giantess ride you’ve ever been on and wish you all good health, happiness, and prosperity in the new year!!!!! WOOHOO!!

With lots of squishy love,
~Giantess Katelyn <3


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. Danjuro

    Hey Kate,

    Happy new year and I hope 2012 is really successful for you. It’s cool that you are thinking of shooting at different locations. If you haven’t already, check out “the pit” (google Robert Morris earthwork) in Kent. It’s only like 10 minutes south of Seattle and it is a cool experience. If you get people to stand at the bottom while you take a photo from the top, they look like little ants! I think that would appeal to you.

    I also wouldn’t mind being a model/actor if I could somehow wear a disguise. For example: You come home and you find a burglar in a ski mask going through your stuff. Feel free to shoot me an email :D

  2. MerlinRaven...

    Happy New Year Katelyn, I look forward to seeing all of your many GTS projects this year.

    Take Care: -Merlin

  3. Greg Viera

    What a great blog <3
    im so excited for 2012
    you are always my hero
    im so excited for the fan appreciation videos too hehe <3 <3 <3
    like the saying goes patience is a virtue
    YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. atj1211

    hows your first full length gts movie coming along?

  5. MarkM

    Absolutely Katelyn I support your future plans! Personally I cannot wait to see more of YOUR fantasies come to life! It’s hotter to me when I know the fantasies are your own! I Love them!!!

    Oh my gosh what you wrote about you crushing me beneath your powerful bodies new build turned me on like crazy! That along with your beautiful bodies extra protein requirements and getting that needed protein from consuming us! Whew so hot I can’t even tell you!

    Drunk I have to go to bed.

    Do we have the Love hearts back yet? I need some for you!

    I Love You!

  6. Joseph Rogers

    If the World was going to end, I would rather it be you doing the deed, not the Sun going Supernova, or the Moon crashing into Earth, so if you want to, End the World, just…please don’t end me. I WANNA LIVE!!

  7. Dan

    Happy New Year Katelyn!
    – I’m sad you wont be taking any customs for 2012, I say sad because I kept meaning to contact you in 2011 to have a few made. Alas, time waits for no tiny man!

    I’ll just have to hope I can some how miniaturize myself in 2012, and hopefully end up as more than willing morsel! <3

    But seriously, I really love what you do. I think you are one of the sexiest Giantesses on the scene, and cannot wait to see what FX goodness lays in wait for us in the forthcoming year.

    Your the best Katelyn!

    Kind Regards
    Dan xxxx

  8. Chuck

    Workout is always good, and staying healthy is great for everyone. Myself, I’m doing my own workout as well… though I can’t say I have a good body to begin with. xD

    And if you want to add stories to Giantessbooru, it would be neat, though I haven’t seen anyo -boorus with a feature for text. Anyway, like I had the guts to add the online GTS-related stuff of mine to the gallery, you are also welcome to check my written stuff and… nah, forget it, blatant self-promotion is bad for my health. :P

    Anyways, happy new year and good luck with your projects!

  9. Arend

    I support you all the way. Keep following you dreams.

  10. M

    Hey Katelyn! I just wanted to thank you for your awesome work throughout the year! You are amazing, keep it up! ;)

  11. Time

    Is this where you saw your self ten years ago? Im not saying what you do is wrong just if there was a calling you truly felt. Something you wanted to do your whole life and give up all this for? Or maybe will down the road?

  12. johnn

    Happy new year katelyn!!

    I hope to see a lot of micro and massive FX videos this year!!

  13. Corsair

    Wow! I’m really looking forward 2012 then! Can’t wait to see more FX and I hope we’ll be able to see you as a giantess in a city video with FX, preferably at mega size!

    You’re probably getting this a lot but you have an amazing sexy body. I can’t imagine what it will be if you start training a lot!

  14. jessica

    I just have to say u give me such a cameltoe.I love your work

  15. megagiant5280

    Oh Katelyn you gave me the best dream last night. I just have to tell you about it and this seemed like the only place I could reach you!

    It started like any video of yours. You had a friend that was taller than you maybe even 6 feet tall. You got tired of her and shrunk her down. Talking dirty to her and getting naked you played with her this tiny women all over your naked body. As I watched this, you looked at the screen and asked me to join you, suddenly I was in your room ready to go with you having more tinies there. I went to town on you: making out with you hard, going to town on your neck like I was a vampire, grabbing, rubbing your breast very hard all while you screamed for more. I grabbed littles and put them in you as they kicked and screamed, driving you even more crazy as I tongued the rest of your lower body especially your feet. I heard you talking to the nasty to the little ones by your face as you lustily ate them. I couldn’t take and plunged into you hard and the rest is very fun history in my mind.

    Thank you for the dream :)

  16. kelly

    shrunk the kids?

  17. Jackson

    Can’t wait for FX

  18. Joshua

    can u make more feet videos cause I love ur feet :)

  19. MarkM

    Yeah Joshua I agree with you too! Katelyn has the best looking bare feet of any woman! Hey did you watch “Used as a Lure”? That’s my favorite bare feet one at the moment but that change’s cuz Katelyn has so many!


  20. Oktober

    Well the world didn’t end, so I suppose it is up to you now. XD Happy New Year Katelyn! Let the rush cum!

  21. Wes

    I would love to see what you have planned of a growth video. I would love to see something different than what’s out there right now.

  22. Mike

    So I’m guessing the growth movie will be next year as this year is almost over. I look forward to it.

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