Happy Holidays Sale, My Xmas Wish, News, and New Fan Art!

Happy Holidays Sale, My Xmas Wish, News, and New Fan Art!

Hey all! With it being the holiday season I’ve been fantasizing about having all of you as my shrunken pets to share the joy of the holiday with… not that all of you would survive at that size haha! There’d be wine, seasonal snacks, games, gifts, and LOTS of body exploration. *Giggle* <;D Anyways, inside you’ll find everything in the title above! ;D

Happy Holidays Sale

My gift to everyone this year is a 40% off Christmas Eve & Christmas Day sale on all of my video productions in the store! For those of you who wind up too busy to shop for some hot porn, to treat yourself and me on Xmas, don’t fret it! The sale will be bumped down to 20% off -for the rest of the year- a wonderful way to bring in 2015 so that you can get all of my 2014 productions at a discount! The sale will also help me on my taxes so you’ll be helping me kick off 2015 on an awesome note!

I also put together this sexy Santa photo set for everyone for Xmas with the photography help of my fan friend Larry! I want to see some collages with these, boys! Email ’em to me. Help me CUM by making me a Giantess. ;P


View ’em all  -and/or- Download the set

My Xmas Wish

Ok… so this is actually an Xmas and New Year wish but here it goes. My lease here in WA ends summer ’15 and I am moving out of state. Back to Florida. I’ve always dreamed of living close to a beach and I miss the BIG blue sky, palm trees, houses, hot spots, and I think it’d be a great place to network with producers and fellow fetish models. When I lived there before I had a car with no AC and a landlord that got forclosed on, and that wasn’t fun since I was newly starting my site and business.

Now I’m at a great place in life to move back and follow my dreams. So, my BIGGEST and ONLY wish for Xmas and the new year is a POD container so I can do the LONG distance move from Washington state to Florida. It’ll be around 6-7K for the container, moving supplies, and flight to get me there. I’ve got my exploration fix in with living near Seattle for a few years so I’m planning to stay in FL for good and work on finding a place to settle down over the years to come.

There’s a few things everyone can do to help my dream come true: spoil yourself with my videos, send me a moving savings tribute (Cash, Money Order, Prepaid Card) to 1519 132nd ST SE; STE C 316; Everett, WA 98208, mail or email me ([email protected]) gift cards to the places I frequent most- Safeway, Winco, Target, Amazon. If you have a alternative idea to help me reach my moving savings goal, then surprise me! So there you have it… that’s what I REALLLY really really want for Xmas and the New Year!

I have a surprise for everyone who helps and you’ll all get it when I’m in Florida!


November was really, really hectic. For those of you who don’t know, both of my sites went down due to a DDoS Attack towards GiantessBooru. I had to drop everything I was working on while working through the issue. My work piled up pretty high, really fast, during that time and I’ve since been playing catchup *without* running myself into the ground with overtime. Gotta watch out for my health. :)

And my luck at the time didn’t end there. Early December I nearly went through another breakup. Nearly. Everything’s all good now, it was hard at the time but I was determined to have a great December. I filmed a few easy customs this month in between everything else, with the rest still on the list to be filmed and returned *by* sometime in Jan. I closed customs back in Nov. because of everything going on so I can finish up those I have and I’ll be available for new ones early on in the new year. You’ll hear about it when I’m ready!

I’m hoping to have a clean slate early 2015 by finishing up most, if not all, of my current video projects. One of them which is nearly done as of right now (only the sound effects are left) so you can expect it to be released soon! I won’t leave ya hanging… it’s somewhat of a special effects digestion themed video starring Giantess Rachel and here are two teaser pics!


There will be a new year blog coming in January with more info about what you can expect in the new year.

New Fan Art

There’s new fan art in the Giantess, Shrunken, Little B, and Wonderslug galleries! Here are some of my favs…

Katelyn by Docop

I’d like to have a lucid dream tonight being completely nude at this size in YOUR city! >;D

Katelyn Movie by Goldfish


Katelyn in San Francisco by Wonderslug

I’ll take a growth potion for Christmas too if anyone knows where I can get one!

Happy Holidays! Warm squeezes and smooches to you all XOX! :)


The Shrunken Perspective

14 Responses and Counting...

  1. lumes

    Man, I would give so much to see that “Nude giantess Katelyn instead of Godzilla”-movie come true. :D

  2. Semeraz

    w00t Florida

  3. Greg Viera

    awesome blog as always
    omg Florida so excited to be living in the same state as you hehe
    once the paychecks start coming in I will do my best to help you out
    also I am taking some awesome pics of CO for ya
    hope 2015 will be a great year for ya
    keep up the great work you are awesome and the most powerful and beautiful Giantess ever

  4. rooster

    Merry Christmas and here’s to a great 2015! Btw East coast ftw XD

  5. Chuck

    Hope the whole sale thing is going pretty well. With some sales, people are more motivated to buy stuff, and more of it, and can help boost your benefits when new, non-on-sale stuff comes.

    Oh, and good luck with the moving. Having a lot of stuff and moving to another state sure looks not just hard, but expensive. Between 6k and 7k? Wow… I’m pretty sure people will donate enough money for this to be easier for you.

    Funny thing though is that early this year I was offered a job in Seattle. Bad thing I didn’t get it in the end, but meh, there will be other chances to work in the States. :P It’s just that I remembered it with the whole moving thing and thought it was funny to share.

    So keep things going this well and remember that the mods at GB are here to assisst in anything you need – at least in the realm of GB!

  6. MarkM


  7. Zach

    No I think Ohio would be better place to move that way you can shrink me then shove me up your Drooling pussy but first your clit will need attention and after 10-12 hours of pleasuring you endlessly we’ll both fall asleep with me still inside your glorious pussy

  8. Johnathan

    Very nice to see more coming. I can’t wait til you start taking customs requests again

  9. gonzo

    I just read in section about you, that you have forefathers in Poland, I’m from Poland and I’m happy the greatest Giantess is associated with my place :)
    You’re amazing, I love you, happy new year!
    Your tiny pet :)

  10. catman

    Giantessbooru is over 50000 images

  11. JT

    Hey I see she’s got a video with a…well let’s be blunt, a ‘dick’ in it. Does that mean she’s going to be doing that couples blow job with the tiny on the guy’s dick?

    I remember she mentioned doing a video with this concept aaaages ago.

  12. MarkM

    JT please keep in mind that many of the promises that never came to fruition were not made by Katelyn but rather by someone else helping her to run things at the time. She’s running a business and is going to cater to what ever her fans want which may not always involve Giantess/Shrinking material only.

    Sorry Katelyn please feel free to delete if my reply is not appropriate.

  13. JT

    Eh all good. I figured after the change in management that that might be the case. At least we’re not getting huge promises and stuff without result. So far from what I’ve seen KB has kept her head in the game with what she can and can’t do. So no worries.

    Though, it would be cool to know if that little idea she had was still on the plate or not.

  14. George

    Hey Katelyn! Hoping to see some more GC content from you soon. It’s a scenario that isn’t common, having tinies watch as you and your partner grow to enormous heights and fucking above a city with all eyes on a gigantic lovemaking session. Hope to see more soon!

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