Happy Holidays! Mom’s Feet + Store Sale!

Happy Holidays! Mom’s Feet + Store Sale!

Hello my little loves and Happy Holidays! When my Mom first asked me if there was anything special I wanted for the holidays… I honestly couldn’t think of anything better than pictures of her big bare soles for my little bugs to fantasize being squished under! While I knew it’d satisfy many a shrunken dream for you I wasn’t entirely sure if she would be up for it… until pictures of her feet started popping up on my phone! XD So here you are- a holiday gift from my Mom with love! <3







Giantess Katelyn Mom

Pictures of my Mom’s sexy, powerful, puffy bare feet!















My and my Mom’s feet are very similar. Hers are just a little wider, puffier, and larger- just as a Giantess Mom’s feet should be. ;) Oh, and guess what? My Mom will be reading your feedback so go ahead and leave her a comment. Even if it’s a simple “Thanks!”, she’d love to hear from you! With your comments, who knows, you may even be able to convince her to take more sometime. :D

And of course, being the loving mother she is, I also got a package from her with gifts just for me– all of which I love. Thanks Mom for making all of our holidays so special! I love you!

I also have another gift for you all too. This is something I personally love during the holiday season- a sale! So go ahead! Treat yourself to some sexy new videos! Sale starts now, ends December 28th.

25% off everything in my store!

So there you have it my loves. If you’re wondering how you can send me a gift in return (I love gifts), check out my new Tributes and Worship page! If you send me a gift then please include your email so I can send you my personal thanks. Xox, Giantess Katelyn


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  1. Greg Viera

    wow what a great blog and a sexy early x-mas gift
    a message to your mommy <3 :
    wow you look so young hehe, i can see where Katelyn gets her Divine looks from. love the color of your toe nails too
    your soles look so soft <3

  2. Paul

    Wow! Your mom is really cool to be so supportive of you and all of this. I hope she understands how awesome that is!

  3. paddy-joe

    wow just amzing :D I love older womans feet and I love feet like yours so just right for me lol :D by the way you have a kind of amazing mum taking them pics for you :)

  4. Bobbob

    I love how metallic her nail polish is – very sexy!

    Now if I have my way I’ll be dreaming of you two beautiful women trying to rid your house of some unwanted pest. ;-)

  5. emilio

    wow your mom has sexy feet..Maybe you can convince her to do a shrunken man fx video ..She can crush a tiny man under her barefoot

  6. Argon

    Your mom is hot! Love to see her do a video with you, vore themed of course! Happy Holidays to you!

  7. Pyramid

    Absolutely gorgeous! I never thought this day would come, but I always hoped it would!

  8. Zen

    Thank you so much for sharing your sole with us! (I love punns tehe) I hope that you don’t look down on us too badly for enjoying such a a large request. (seems I’m on a roll tonight) I wish you and your daughter a happy holidays.


    P.S. Now i see where Katelyn gets her cute and sexiness from XD

  9. Jon

    Wow, all I feel I can say is wow. I am in absolute shock. I feel like my heart just stopped. You are so incredibly gorgeous and so are your feet. I am in awe. I can’t believe you allowed us the privilege to be able to see your gorgeous feet in all their splendor. I only wish I could be at your feet treating you like the queen you are. Your life would be filled with massages and foot worship sessions like you wouldn’t believe. I truly loved them and pray that we see more. Thank you so much. And thank you Goddess Katelyn for taking the time to do this for us worthless bugs. You are very thoughtful. Saying we are lucky slaves is the understatement of the century. Have a wonderful Christmas Goddess. And to your beautiful mother as well

  10. RobW

    Well that’s it! I am officially OWNED by the entire feminine side of your family… And…loving it! Thank you so much Katelyn and Katelyn’s Mama and Merry Christmas!

  11. Ryan Pound

    Wow your mom’s feet are actually really hot. They look tough and it would be a pleasure to be crushed under them or to lick them and rub them. You should totally have your mom model a few pictures or even star in a video! That’d be pretty cool. I don’t mind mature giantess, especially one as nice as tour mom :)

  12. Mark

    Wow! You two look gorgeous :) And your feet are really stunning, Katelyn’s Mom. Thank you so much for sharing pictures of your divine feet with the tiny population of this planet.

    Merry Christmas to both of you! You’re amazing!

  13. Dre

    Thanks for the pics, can’t wait to see you crush some ants unders your sexy soles

  14. Anon

    There is no denying your mum is an absolute goddess, no wonder where you get it from! What a treat! Would love to see more from her if she was up for it, the ultimate being an fx video featuring her gorgeous feet. Have a fantastic Christmas the both of you!

  15. MarkM

    Katelyn’s Mom,

    I think it’s incredibly nice of you to offer to share some pictures of yourself for your daughters admirers here on her web site! I never expected. Then when Katelyn mentioned that you would also be reading the replies I thought “Oh No, This is Katelyn’s Mom I don’t know what to say to her” but I wanted to say something.

    I’d asked Katelyn if I could see a picture of you years ago after she told me what you did for a living and I just thought that was super cool.

    I think it goes without saying what a wonderful daughter you’ve raised. I’ve known her for more than six years now and ever since the very first time I wrote to her she has treated me with nothing but kindness, respect and even much patience when I’ve been known to bug her a little more often than I should. I know you must me so proud of her as you should!

    Thanks for listening and I hope 2013 turns you to be a great year for you!


  16. CESAR


  17. guy

    I hope to see her in videos sometime. How awesome would it be to be swallowed alive by such a sexy woman.

  18. Anonymous

    Your mother is very attractive and your father is a very lucky man :), no wonder you are so gorgeous

  19. Michael

    Hot damn, that woman is fucking hot. Please excuse my language, but I’d give anything to look up and see her hovering over me, the skirt billowing around her thighs and ass, barely giving me glimpses of what it hides.
    High above, her smile watches my every move, sexy and sinister. As much as I want it, she teases me. Sitting gently at first, the smell of her sex intoxicating and sweet. It’s too much to take!
    I’ve seen pictures of your mom before Katelyn and I must say it’s obvious where you get your good looks from. It’s too bad you couldn’t share more. ;)

  20. Zen

    I would have to say that flirty black and white skirt is so sexy with those long legs of your mothers. Personally I would love the opportunity to be a little tinny looking up at her. Only why it could be better is if she had on some 80 denier crotch-less tights and some matching pumps =3

  21. Steven

    Hi Katelyn,
    It’s been so long since i first encountered You, some years ago when You first started. i visit Your site far too rarely, life gets in the way, and You know how annoying that is. However, when i am lucky enough to visit Your site and there are photos of both You and Your Mom, it makes the world a brighter place.

    You are stunning, but to see Your Mom, and see how gorgeous she is too, well, and i say this honestly, i’d have said You were sisters from the photos. As someone else said, Your dad is a very lucky man, as would anyone be to date either You or someone as beautiful as You Mom. i hope You both had a great Christmas, and i hope that the new year brings many more photos/videos of You both. After all, we mere mortals need a dream or two.

    Warmest regards,

  22. Shrunken One

    My only question is what, if anything, would your mother do if she happened upon a bunch of shrunken people? ;)

  23. A 25 year o...

    I have had a great appreciation for older women – I guess it probably ties in with the size fetish prtty well, doesn’t it?

    I’d love to see her do a video or photoshoot, and as for her feet… some of those shots of her soles really got me pumping! http://giantesskatelyn.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/Katelyn-Brooks-Moms-Bare-Feet-14.jpg In particular, as the wrinkles make them look like mountain ranges – it was almost effortless to imagine my tiny form hopelessly lost in their crevices, enveloped, swallowed up and crushed within the huge folds of a Goddess’ flesh with nothing more than a scrunching of her toes!

    Coolest mother-goddess ever.

  24. MarkM

    Katelyn’s Mom,

    What a surprise! Thank You so much for sharing even more pictures just for us! You’ve given us a very special Christmas present! It probably doesn’t seem like much to you but it is special to us because some of us have wanted to see you for years! Katelyn will tell you it’s true!

    See, I’m your age so I would stand a better chance with you than with Katelyn. No I’m joking that was a joke! Really I’m married and my wife keeps me on a very short lease! I couldn’t survive without my wife so I behave for her.

    You look super nice! As Katelyn put it: “Just like a Giantess Mom should” lol

    Seriously thank you for helping make the holiday a little bit more special! I sincerely appreciate it!


  25. Derek

    She would great for an Unaware Mom video! Or you teo could do an Unaware one together!

  26. Brandon

    Is it bad that your Mom makes me hard? She is Gorgeous! And her feet look like they smell so good, and they’d feel good to touch with my hands, face and other regions…. I see where you get your looks… you have to make a movie with her and you, especially an unaware one (Which are my favorite.) I’ll donate some money to see that. You, your mom, and your guys’ feet got me to cum at work…. That makes my holiday! >.< But one question I have, does your mom know what guys like us do with these Pictures? Just curious…

  27. Howard

    all i can say is….DAMN!!!!!

  28. Brian

    What happened to the sale. I thought it said the last day was the 28th (which is today, Friday)., but the sale prices seems to begone. What happened? I was hoping to but something but thought I had through the 28th to buy it. Please say its, not over

  29. Justin Brown

    Love the photos. You and your mom should do a growth mom/daughter video.

  30. Giantess Ka...

    @Brian: Sale is back up, ends tonight at midnight! :)

  31. JJ

    If my mom had feet like that what a pervert I would have grown up to be.
    You MUST get her to do a movie! Crushing 3 or 4 inch tall people with those beautiful feet would REALLY be a great film. Especially if she’s just a little evil and wears that black and white mini shirt. Red polish and barefoot crushing power…I’ll spend dozens of nights just dreaming about being one of her victims. She could also make a living having guys like me PAY to worship at her feet!!

  32. bbqboy

    WOW! you mom looks amazing. it would be great to see her in an FX video.it is easy to see where you get your beauty from.
    her feet look so strong.

  33. Joao Clovis

    Hello, Katelyn:

    I’m here just to say “Hello” and “Thank You” to you. You are a very kind and hardworking girl.

    Health and Peace.

    Joao Clovis (from Brazil).

  34. Bill Thumb

    To Ms. Katelyn Brooks,
    Your mom is beautiful, like you & I do like those great pics! And I really hope she’ll be in a shrunken man themed video. I remember how much I wanted the mom & daughter from the original Honey I Shrunk the Kids film to have more interaction with the shrunken men, but no such luck. Therefore, I’m really hoping you & your mom will do a shrunken man video together!
    She doesn’t have to be all racy & fetishy at first, but she can wear a sexy, but classy suit-jacket outfit, with nice black boots or high-heels, a nice manicure & several rings. Then later she can wear a more revealing shirt, shorts or skirt, nice shoes, etc. Or she can wear a string bikini!
    Maybe you both can team up & shrink several men down to less than an inch tall, hold them in your palms, tease them, flirt with them, etc. You & your mom can be sinister to one guy, but more friendly to the other guy. So I really hope you’ll consider my crazy idea & Happy New Year!! :-)
    Sincerely, Bill Thumb

  35. El Portero

    Based on what I can see in that awesome first picture, it looks like super-sexy belly buttons run in the family!

  36. Matt

    Wow! She literally looks just like you from head to toe! That’s awesome. xD I would love it if she decided to post more pics of those powerful plump beauties. Especially if there’s ever a tiny city involved. :P

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! To you and your lovely mom. ^_^

  37. Rob

    Hi, your mum has very sexy powerful feet too and a pretty lady. I have visions of being a few inches tall and slowly being crushed under her foot while you watch and laugh and maybe give her some tips!:-)

  38. Maxx Calin

    I can see were Katelyn gets her good looks from, her mom is very beautiful and sexy. Thanks for sharing some pics of her with us Katelyn.

    Happy New Year to you both.

  39. Midyin

    Well Katelyn, There’s an old expression round here in rural PA that says “If you want to know what a woman will look like in 20 years, look no further than her mother.”

    If there’s any truth to that saying, then You have nothing to worry about babe, because the future is looking pretty damn hot… >:)

    Keep it brutal…

  40. Armondo

    Please ask her to do a giantess vore vid. Especially a pov one. It would be incredible.

  41. Dysan

    Stunning is what comes to mind.

  42. Mtsjin08

    I want to be your mom’s slave and do her dishes and her laundry and whatever else she wants I don’t know lately I have had a thing for older women I just want to be hugged and told how much of a beautiful boy I am I think I just want the motherly attention

  43. herb

    Your mom’s feet are gorgeous Katelyn just like yours. Very cool of her to take these pictures! You’re both pretty!

  44. guess who?

    how about your mom’s hands doing some hypermobility? she looks more like a sister than a mom.

  45. Pete

    Your Mom could set some ” tinies ” in front of her Bass amplifier & literally ” Rock Their World “as she plays her Bass!

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