Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Happy new year my shrunken loves! I’ve been deep in thought about my new year’s goals and resolutions, probably like many of you have, and I would love to start 2014 by sharing what’s come to my mind. I have one main goal for the new year, which is…


Structured site-wide updates!

What does that mean? Well, I will be happily working on turning my website into an action packed sexual playground. How will I do so? By striving for consistent site-wide updates… on a schedule. (Eeek!) Here’s what that should entail:

Pictures of the Day

As most of you know, you can enjoy a new picture of me (or of one of my sexy Giantess girlfriends) every day in the Pictures of the Day area of my website. An improvement I’ll be making upon this is, early every month I’ll be starting the next photo set! That means there will be a new theme to look forward to every month, and if the previous set didn’t finish yet then you’ll get all of those pictures too!

Video Releases

A close fan of mine (who doesn’t wish to be named) recently funded the parts to a new computer of mine, which I’ve proudly named The Giantess because of how powerful she is! She crushes my video renders faster than a 50ft Giantess could destroy Seattle. Srsly! xD By the time I’ve filmed another video, she’s flexing her soles and scrunching her toes awaiting more skyscrapers to crush. She really is that awesome!

With that said, it is now possible to enjoy the sexual fantasies I share with all of you via my new videos on a near every other day basis. Yay! :D And keep in mind if you don’t see something particular you’re in the mood for, I am available for paid customs, which I very much enjoy doing.

Being able to share worlds on a sexual level as such is truly one of the most fulfilling aspects of everything I do. My custom return time varies from 1 week to 1 month depending how many orders I have, and my rate is $10 per minute starting at $50 for 5 minutes, all of which is very competitive for a fetish video of my quality. ;) On subject, at some point this year I will be crafting a custom order page where you can see a catalog of my vast costume and shoe collection, themed shoot rooms and locations, and etc to make the custom ordering process that much more fun!

Fan Artwork, Collage Material, Subcategory Updates

To kick off every new month of the new year and from here on out, I will be updating any sections of my website that I have new content for, including: new pre-masked collage material sets, fan collages, fan artwork, fan stories, previous and next POTD sets, and more! You will then be able find the updates in one convenient location- my blog!

My Artwork, Writing, and Special Effects

In my pursuit of having an awesome new year, I am also going to get more passionate with my artsy side! ;) My goal is to set aside time every mid month to follow my Giantess Sized Heart wherever that may bring me in the creation of one or more of the following: a new special effects video, collage, or story. I very much look forward to this and I am just bursting at the seams to get started on my new creations! Meee-owww! Oh, and whenever I have something new to share, it will have an accompanying blog post!

GiantessBooru.com Re-Design

Something I’ll be doing for everyone’s celebration of the new year is giving our beloved GiantessBooru a makeover. In combination of my love for design and Semeraz’s sexy programming skills, we are working on the re-design behind the scenes with the time our schedules allow. The re-design will include a faptastic interface of sorts and extended profiles for users and artists alike. I haven’t yet decided if the improvements will be released little by little (like you may have noticed with the upgrades throughout 2013), or all at once when everything is complete. Also, even after the re-design is live, I will continue working behind the scenes with Semeraz on GB improvements whenever possible as I look forward to bringing GiantessBooru to the next level for everyone in 2014 and always!

While on the subject of GB, I would also like to give a big “Thank You!” to everyone who has joined and enjoyed GB, uploaded, commented, improved tags and/or added sources, and moderated or joined the moderation team! Thanks to community uploads and our team behind the scenes, GB has tippled in sized in less than one year! We had around 12,000 images in March and we now have 38,974 images and counting to date!

Also, I would like to extend a special thanks to MarkM– GiantessBooru’s most active Admin who has tagged and approved 12,765 images and counting, reached out to artists on a one to one basis for permission to share their works and link to their DA profiles and personal websites, who takes care of any user issues that arise faster than light speed, and much more. He is amongst my most devoted fans and enjoys spending his free time at GB to serve his Giantess, and seeing everyone’s enjoyment at GB as a result is very rewarding for him. He truly has earned his position as Administrator with his generous devotion, and I just had to thank him during this post because of it. Thanks for kicking ass at GB Mark!

GiantessKatelyn.com Re-Design

Giving my website a re-design is also something I’d like to do within the new year. This is a lower priority goal with everything I have going on, but definitely in the plan nonetheless. =)

Now that you all know what I’ll be up to in 2014, I’m going to go ahead and get to it right now! 2014 truly does look like it has the most sexy potential on a scale like I’ve never seen before, and I truly hope it turns out to be the best year yet for all of you too!

Happy New Year 2014!
Giantess Katelyn <3


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. Chuck

    First of all: happy new year to you too, Katelyn! Let’s hope for this year to be a very interesting one… at least, looking at the to-do list that you’re showing here.

    I like the idea of a page for custom orders. I’m pretty sure that thanks to this information, people will have a better idea of what they can ask for, and make your work easier as well.

    As for Giantessbooru, I’m glad to have joined the mod team and even though my activity isn’t that regular, I’m doing my best to help in the tagging, approving of images and whatever my thin free time allows me. Also, I’d like to be able to contribute with material done with my very hands. Before joining the mods, I had submitted some things, but I hope in 2014 I can show something more… when, I can’t be sure, but I’ll try.

    Now… time to make this place better as both a user and a GB mod!

  2. MarkM

    Oh thank you so much for the kind words Katelyn!

    As you know helping to run Giantessbooru has been immensely rewarding for me. I would also like to extend a special thanks to all of our members, fellow moderators as well as artists who have made Giantessbooru feel like a home away from home for me.

    Everyone has been great and I sincerely thank everyone for all their help!

    The coming upgrades sound so exciting Katelyn! I can’t wait and am so proud to be a part of things to come!

  3. Greg Viera

    I hope 2014 will be great for you Katelyn :)
    can’t wait to see the new upgrade of your site.
    I wish you the very best this year. my new years resolution is to become the best chef I can be

  4. Skechers

    Will 2014 finally see a Honey I parody?

  5. MegaLover93

    Hi there! These proposals for the new coming year are really exciting and would be a joy to see them made reality at the end of the same, you are doing a great job improving constantly this site and GB, to which I can call now as a ‘new home’ where I can continue posting my works only surrounded by our good community’s people.

    One of the parts from the upcoming updates caught my attention, it’s about the Writing. As an occasional writer, I’m more than interested to know additional details about it because I only can get clues about what you intend to do. It’s going to be something like a space where we can contribute with our stories?

    Greetings, and happy new year too!

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