Happy 2013!

Happy 2013!

Hello my tiny people of the world! While I would have very much liked to have enjoyed the flavors of humanity on December 21st, I decided that perhaps a few billion humans more would better enrich the flavor when the world does eventually impact on my salivating taste buds. Besides- 2013 is too exciting for you to miss! Your Goddess has been hard at work crafting a new GiantessKatelyn.com, Giantessbooru 2.0, Daily Content, new Giantess FX movies both free and pay, new comics by the best artists of the community – oh – and the fabled Midnight Goddess Gift. And this is only a miniscule taste of the gigantic wonders this year will bring!

The New GiantessKatelyn.com

My site is my personal foundation; it is the means I share my world and sexuality with you. Every few years I build a completely new version from the ground up, striving to improve the quality, speed, accessibility and further refine its ease of use – and that goes for my use too! Not only will you be able to find what you want faster, but I will be able to update the site faster allowing me to focus on what I really love: creating content. While there’s still much to be tweaked (for example, the search bar is missing and there will be a new background), here’s an early peek at the new design:


Some features include a site-wide search (the results of which can be any piece of content on the site you wish, not just products!) and a powerful new back end centered entirely around streamlining my content creation. The site is also 100% mobile friendly which means you can browse the entire site on the iPad you got for Christmas! ( Hi Mom :3 )

There’s still a ton to do, but I’m currently looking at an early March release. In the meantime I’ll still be updating with dailies, photos, blogs, and everything else.

Giantessbooru 2.0

As many of you already know, this is a massive project to craft the ultimate community site. While there’s still a ton of work left and it’s still a little too early for screenshots, I CAN finally tell you that we’re looking at a Summer release. :D After I finish my site I’ll be jumping into the core development to help finish Giantessbooru 2.0 up.

For those of you hearing about Giantessbooru 2.0 for the first time, have a look here.

New Comics and Artists

Several new comics are nearly complete and new artists are joining the team! I’m drooling over the sketches I’m receiving for new comics…. gah! How I’d love to trap some of these artists between my toes and force them to draw nonstop and forever…

I’d also love to get more I-Raf-You comics up on the site this year- however I’m currently stuck looking for a Japanese translator. If you can read Japanese or know anyone interested, I’d love your help and would be happy to pay you for your time!

Midnight Goddess Gift! For Real!

I know, it’s been almost 5 years now! >.< I don’t think I realized how long it would take to get to this point… or how busy I’d become… or how long it’d take to find just the right artist… ;D

But I think it’s now safe to reveal the surprise! The Midnight Goddess gift is a short comic based on the movie, detailing the most intense scenes from the perspective of the shrunken people. If you would like to see your gift in the making, you may be able to see a glimpse here and there on Sheela’s livestream!

And finally, because I feel all of you were responsible for making Midnight Goddess the success it was – do any of you HQ Midnight Goddess owners object to this gift being made free for everyone to enjoy? :)

FX Movies

Everything you may want to know about my 2013 FX plans can be found here. These plans represent a fundamental shift in how I create and publish FX and I can’t tell you how excited I am to implement them in full this year. Here’s a quick summary of the major changes:

1. No Hype, No Pressure
Due to FX work being so volatile early on in production, I won’t be mentioning what I’m working on or working on next until I have screen shots to tease you with.
2. Free vs Pay
I want to release many of my future FX movies completely for free. Bills are paid and life’s good? Free movie! Took a little too much time to make or the next project needs some funding? Pay movie!
3. Distilled Fantasies
My new goal will be to distill my films down into a pure essence of giantess sexuality and action, at only 3-12 minutes long. More scenarios, more fun! “The Stolen Shrink Ray” is a good example of this new style.
4. Just Grow Already
I’m going to just start making giantess and growth movies. I’ll be treating giantess films no differently than shrunken films and they will have an equal chance of being released for free.

Giant Couple / Shrunken Couple Content

Yes. ;)

Daily Store Content

I have some awesome fantasies and ideas in mind that I can’t wait to get into this year. Quick FX, new props, hot themes, location shooting, and more! :) And for those of you who love it when I have a new Giantess over, I’ve been in talks with a gorgeous blonde who I’ll be filming this spring.

New Blogs

I’ve been thinking of what I’d like to write about in my next few blogs. I’ve totally been in the mood to write up a new Q & A blog so if you have any questions for me, feel free to leave them in your comment. Or if there’s something you’d like me to write about I’d love to know.

Pictures of the Day

I’ve been thinking of what I’d like to do for my next few Pictures of the Day sets and I’d be thrilled to incorporate as many of your requests into them as possible. Let me know what you’d like to see!

Collages and Pre-Masked Sets

I personally enjoy collages on a daily basis and I’d love to destroy, crush, lick up, and explore some new cities and scenes. I’ll be shooting new collage material sets every few months and release them pre-masked along with all new collages. Just this past week or so, one of my bugs and I have been hard at work masking new material and he made this awesome collage for me as a New Year gift. Special thanks to Bobbob (aka Bugunderherfeet)! <3


I couldn’t get his collage out of my mind last night. I was trying to read a book I just opened but my pussy was thinking something else…

I couldn’t stop fantasizing about what I’d do with him in this scenario. I’d slurp and suck him all around the softest parts of my pink… dark… warm… and sticky wet mouth. I’d wrap him in my long tongue, compress him against the cavernous roof of my mouth, lick him across my sharp teeth, feel him squirm on my soft inner cheek. I’d cup my tongue to catch him at just the right spot. Then I’d curl the tip of my tongue up and tilt my head back, exactly how I am in the picture. He’d helplessly slip into to his inevitable fate- my throat.

I imagine feeling him at the very beginning of my throat, slipping ever so slowly down its dark and contracting trap. He’d look up and see just a glimmer of light coming in from my wide open mouth and claw at the thick saliva strings to get back up into my mouth. Every millimeter he’d fall he’d use his muscles to pull himself up, or even just to slow the process. This would result in an uncontrollable motion of extremely soft and silky wet friction against his crotch, making him hornier and weaker with every struggle. You can guess the ending from here *blush*

Err! Got a little distracted there! Anyway, I digest… I mean digress! Digress!

In conclusion, I have a good feeling this is going to be the best year ever in the history of my site! Enjoy the ride little bugs! >;)



The Shrunken Perspective

55 Responses and Counting...

  1. Bobbob

    “This would result in an uncontrollable motion of extremely soft and silky wet friction against his crotch, making him hornier and weaker with every struggle.” You always know how to send shivers down my spine! I can’t wait to see what 2013 brings for everyone!

  2. Greg Viera

    wow such an epic blog <3
    I cant wait to see what you have in store…. as for The Midnight Goddess HQ gift i love it :)
    HAPPY NEW YEARS to you the Great Giantess Goddess Katelyn Brooks

  3. Anonymous

    “I’d also love to get more I-Raf-You comics up on the site this year- however I’m currently stuck looking for a Japanese translator. If you can read Japanese or know anyone interested, I’d love your help and would be happy to pay you for your time!”

    I’m not certain if you know or not Katelyn, but someone has already translated at least half the available issues of Microne Magazine. If you didn’t want to just crib his work, you could always try and get in contact with him for his services, since he seems to be the pre-eminent translator for size related material throughout the entire “community” for the past number of years.

  4. Chuck

    Looks like it’s gonna be one busy year for you. But if you think it’ll be good for both yourselves and your fans, then it’s good news. Also, remember not to overwork and relax when necessary. :)

  5. Corsair

    Hi Katelyn,

    I really don’t mind if the gift is made free for everyone in the community. The main reason I bought the more expensive version of Midnight Goddess was to be able to have the high quality resolution of the video. I know it was a good investment because even today I can watch it again on my high end IPS monitor and it is a treat. The gift was just a little incentive, a little bonus added, but not the main reason for me.

  6. johnn

    Nice update!!

    I hope to see more FX video.. maybe a mega/massive with a city (like the town on the strawberry)!! I will sure pay for this!!!

  7. Brad

    By all means, I too, do not mind if the Midnight gift is made free. Perhaps it would give incentive for someone to purchase the entire piece had they not done it before.

    I agree with your decision to condense your work and produce what would be easier for you and easier for others to enjoy. It’d be nice to have a “Hollywood-quality” type deal with GTS scenario (in the way everyone desires), but yes, time, locations/legal matters, and production costs are a factor and it’d be best to just do what’s easier and enjoy. I’m a new film maker myself and although I don’t necessarily shoot anything related to GTS, productions never go smoothly.

    As far as scenario requests, and I’m sure you can squeeze it into 3-12 minutes perhaps, but “Gullivera-style” tied-up scenario lol. It’s something that hasn’t really been seen in any of your films since the “Gnomes of Gulliveria” back in the summer of 2008 and it makes a rare appearance every so often on other sites as well. Just my 2 cents though :)

    Best wishes to you this year.

  8. nboud223

    My mouth is drooling for all of this! Thank you so so much Goddess! :D
    Now…for questions :3
    1) Are the FX’s HISTK and “Sex with her Science” completely off the table? I realize you don’t want to hype us up but for those FX’s you already have and as a fan of unaware i’d like to see both possibly happen
    2) Other than the Midnight Goddess comic (which i hope depicts what happens to the girl at the beginning ;) ) will other comics be free?
    3) What features will Giantessbooru 2.0 have? (if i could suggest one i’d say a chatroom because we’re going alittle crazy in the comments lol)
    Hope i get some answers in the next Q&A :)

  9. JT

    I don’t want to sound like an asshole (which I’ve done in the past) but it would be nice to see more size related content again. Lately it seems like the site is an overall ‘fetish’ site, which is fine because everyone has their likes and dislikes. However it just seems to be less and less about the original content.

    Sometimes when I come here it feels like I’m on some sort of ‘fruit and bug eating fetish site’ and not a size related site. Having the flashing images of crushed up strawberries and garbage bags and stuff is well…it seems misleading I suppose.

    It would be great to see more of this size related content that you’ve always talked about. However I understand that you’ve had personal issues etc which is understandable and that perhaps the content that you have been releasing makes more money. I really hope that the content starts being presented like you say it will and I got the feeling that it will eventually.

    If I could, I would like to suggest maybe… separating some of the content that is shown on the main page.

    New people to the size fetish may come here and get totally lost and not want to come back because they don’t really see it as a size fetish site. Or they may see the size related aspect of the site as a minority aspect to the site and come very rarely.

    Anyways, I hope I didn’t offend anyone. I before I really hated this site but I’ve come to see a lot of potential in it and within its producer and creator.

    PS- Also looking forward to the GC stuff haha. I’ve grown somewhat fond of it over the years.

  10. Mike

    JT I agree with you.

  11. MarkM

    Oh hey Katelyn I was never worried about the midnight Goddess gift! Like someone else mentioned I just bought it cuz I wanted higher quality not to get an extra gift. So sure if you have something just share with everyone!

    I’m late for work but wish to add some questions later since you asked! Katelyn can you believe it………. me of all people couldn’t think of any questions to ask the last several times you did the “Giantess Questions and Answer” blogs. So now I’ve been saving them up!

    Oh I see so much busy work here Katelyn please don’t get burned out trying to do to much!

    With Love,

  12. JT

    Thanks Mike! I was really feeling like I’d come off as an asshole and that I’d be the only one haha!

  13. Mike

    Hey you’re just being honest. I agree about the bugs to me that’s not giantess, it’s just someone eating a bug. I understand a lot of people like that but it’s a different thing than giantess.

  14. JT

    Oh yeah. I have to agree the whole bug eating stuff on the front page of the site is rather…well…I have nothing against people into that, fuck we’re all here because of a strange fetish! But when I go to a giantess site I don’t want to be blasted with pictures of chewed up bugs and stuff…that to me, and to a lot of giantess fans, I think is rather…well negates from the original source of this site.

    I’m totally cool with having it here, I as a customer have no issue with that, but having that sort of side fetish put up and without any way to ‘miss’ it is…well let’s say this…

    …If I was a new customer I would probably head elsewhere thinking that this place is a bug eating and fruit eating site.

  15. MarkM

    Okay here are my questions that I have been saving up:

    Since its known that your a vegetarian how then would you reconcile eating a shrunken person who would technically be made out of meat?

    During the summer time when your out in public with say sandals on do you ever “catch” any guys trying to sneak a peek at your feet without your noticing? Maybe they are even with their wives or girl friends so they have to try to keep from being noticed by you and their wife. If you catch them do they get embarrassed that you noticed?

    When you consume a shrunken person to absorb their bodies nutrients for your your bodies nutritional needs do you also like to know your absorbing their entire life force energy too? Their soul or spirit or what ever you refer to it as. Thus even the possibility of an after life for them is taken to be added unto your life force energy? In other words their entire existence (everything that was them) taken in support of yours?

    When you crush a shrunken person beneath your bare foot would you rather feel them struggling and fighting for their survival against you or would you rather feel them Loving you and getting off to your sexy foot before you crush them out of existence? I think you might have answered this before that you like both but I forget which one you prefer.

  16. Chuck

    JT, why would you feel like an asshole for speaking your mind? The thing is that since I don’t mind what it is shown in the site, I didn’t notice that. In fact, recentely I’ve only come for the booru and for the blog posts – and free vid :P -, but didn’t notice the gifs on the right side bar. And I can see your worries: if I was deep in the size fetish, I’d feel awkward as well looking at bug and fruit images.

    But I guess it has also to do with the fact those preview images are picked at random and among the most recent ones. And not all of them are from Katelyn’s videos, I see some are from one of her friends. And she seems to do more than size fetish videos, by the look of it. But oh well, I think that happens when you want to promote friends using your site.

    Maybe it is quite confusing, and I agree it feels so, but I’d also like to hear from Katelyn, she might clarify something and we can give her more feedback on issues like this. :)

  17. MarkM

    Hey guys I’m not Katelyn so obviously can’t answer for her but I suspect that she gets requests for the bug vore stuff. There has to be a market for them or she wouldn’t do it. Katelyn both tries to please her admirers and also has to make a living. It’s not a big deal and I think it’s easy to simply over look if you don’t like it.

    Personally I do not care for bug vore either but I really liked the bug crushing she use to do until she had to many complaints over that which I really can’t figure out why. Stupid bugs are SUPPOSE to be crushed! That’s what there for.


  18. JT

    I agree with ya there Chuck haha. Hopefully we’ll get a reply from on about some of the stuff brought up. I think some people brought up some really cool stuff!

  19. PCM

    Please make Massive style video with you crushing city, but hardcore like fucking buildings. last time you destroyed city was on giantesszone and I really miss city-crushing katelyn. also make Heather Eve crush city too I miss heather eve very much.

  20. Name

    Heyy Kate when are u gonna be working on the honey i shrunk the kids parody movie that sounds like it will be nice i hope its unaware ;)happy new year goddess katelyn may this year bring you lots of foot slaves and tiny people two crush under your sexy feet <3

  21. Colin

    I agree with JT and Mike on all fronts, and mean no offense either.

  22. Bobbob

    While I see the points of bug vore not being specifically giantess, I do feel it is related, after all, the insect is living a vore fanatic’s fantasy. Also, if it weren’t displayed on the main page, it would be less apparent to customers who would purchase those videos, which would result in a lower number of purchases. I would think the main reason for displaying videos on the blog page is to encourage site viewers to check out the store… for the most part, I think it doesn’t hurt to have things of all the subjects covered by the store – I certainly don’t turn around when I see a balloon video.

  23. Chuck

    Don’t get it wrong: I’m not saying it shouldn’t be removed or anything, I’m just saying that I agree with JT that it feels a bit awkward, although truth to be told, we aren’t the owners of the site, and I’m pretty aware the preview images are for showing up some of the videos in the site.

    Nothing wrong with that, really, I was just agreeing that, at least from my point of view, it feels strange seeing that content. If it isn’t wrong and it’s related to this fetish in some way, fine. As I say, I’m not attacking the site for showing something, just sharing my opinion.

    And I’d like to add that don’t think the right thing to do in this case is making a distinction between types of content on the main page, but simply browse whatever you want once in the site. There’s more to see than those previews, after all. ;)

  24. Bobbob

    I know what you guys are saying, and I will admit there does currently seem to be a lot of bug vore on the preview border at the moment… As far as I know, Katelyn only advertises her new videos here and at GiantessBooru (although she only features one item at a time on GB, and right now the ad happens to to feature our free clip, “The Stolen Shrink Ray”). Without these ads, it would be significantly less likely that people would know of a new product, which would certainly result in less sales… so I guess my question is, what would be the right thing to do about it?

  25. Colin

    Personally, I could care less about the preview page, I go to the store every time regardless. The fact of the matter is that these days actual size related content is few and far between. Almost everything recently is bug or food related, which is all well and good for people who are into it, but the site is called giantesskatelyn.com and it used to focus on size related content and doesn’t seem to anymore. This site means a lot to people with the giantess fetish. We don’t have that many sites to go to, let alone sites with any type of quality. I do think that stolen shrink ray was awesome though, and would like to see more of this in the future. However, I understand that fx videos are a lot more work to make, and can’t come out all the time, but a simple pov video or something would only be a little bit more work than the bug videos that are constantly up. More than anything however, I’m really tired of the empty promises. I know that they aren’t meant to be empty, and that intent is there, but they are rarely fulfilled. Personally, I don’t think her heart is in it anymore. I sincerely apologize if this upsets or offends anybody, especially Katelyn. It’s just kinda how it seems to me.

  26. Bobbob

    Katelyn runs this site and GiantessBooru, creates and masks massive sets of collage material, gives away free giantess videos and pictures, writes blogs and giantess related twitter posts, works with different artists throughout the fetish, hires and films models in giantess and other fetish related videos… if her heart’s not in it, I’m not sure anyone’s is. I love giantess, and I’ve never done a tenth of what she does for this community in any given year.

  27. MarkM


    I can assure you Katelyn’s heart is still very much in it and she has a passion for this like no one else. I’m not criticizing you but I don’t know how anyone can look around at everything she has going on and think otherwise.

    I use to get a little bit impatient with her from time to time (thinking why does this take so long or why does that take so long) before I realized just how incredibly busy this business keeps her. Seriously it takes an absolutely huge amount of her time energy and efforts. I know there is no way in a million years I could work the long hard hours that she does.

    Hey Katelyn offered to do a questions and answers blog soon doesn’t anyone else have any questions? I’m feeling funny about being the only one with questions.


  28. Colin

    Perhaps my phrasing is misleading. I just think she’s probably tired. It’s been a long time and a lot of work. Maybe the problem is trying to do too much. I don’t mean to speak for her though.

  29. Chuck

    True, Mark, we’ve been too focused on trying to explain different points of view that we forgot the Q&A stuff.

    I have one question that might feel a bit awkward, but anyways…

    “How do you feel with the fact some people who are not related to the size fetish at all are still amazed with you and your work?”


    “Is there a fetish you consider underrated?”

    That’s all. :P

  30. JT

    Here is my question…

    “Kat, I’ve gotten this horrible stain on my floor. What’s the best cleaner for removing it?”

    (For all those that don’t watch Family Guy this is a joke from the startrek convention episode haha)

  31. JT

    (Hey wait, is she doing the QA here or somewhere else?)

  32. Frank Simko...

    So midnight goddess full version will be free?!?! I have always been a fan of the preview so a free full version would be much appreciated.


  33. Sheela


    She means the free gift, not the video.

  34. JT


    When’s the next album? (jking, nice profile pic)

  35. Mike

    All I can say is I hope a growth clip comes soon because I find myself checking this site less and less each day.

  36. Giantess Ka...

    Hey tinies!

    Let me start off by saying that looking back on the bug vore me and Giantess Ava did last year, there does appear to be a lot of it. Gah! You see, I just got a bit sexually overwhelmed when she became… horny to eat bugs with me. Because of how interactive bugs are, it kinda felt like we were eating shrunken men and shrunken women together. I know… not the same >.< But nevertheless, I just wanted more, and more, and well... I sure did get my fix! So, with that said, I don't think you'll be seeing any new bug vore from me for quite a while! P: One a related note, I'd also like to mention that in 2012 I was still making paid custom videos. This resulted in a flow of random fetish videos, as not every custom order was Giantess. People just love my acting, my video quality, and so I kept going along with thinking "oh, why not make this person's day and just do it?!". However, doing so took away from how much I could share my own fetish with all of you. Therefore, I finally put a much needed end to off fetish works. Start of 2013 I refocused onto my own path and I'm now honing in on what personally gets me off the hardest- which is Giantess and related fetishes! >:)

    Last but not least, my personal work load is worthy of a 3+ person team. I can see that some of you are growing impatient for me to finish some of my previously mentioned projects, but please hang in there and know that I’m working as hard as I possibly can without driving myself into the ground.

    I sincerely hope this helps clears some things up and thanks for your comments everyone! :)

  37. JT

    Hey KB, thanks for the reply and the clarification.

    I know I’ve had my odds with what you’ve said before but I must say that this statement seems very clear, reasonable and totally understandable.

    But hey, if you can get a little extra work with random fetish videos that don’t impede upon your main projects but that help your flow of income that is always good thing.

    Thanks for the clarification though, and yeah I have to admit that it will be nice when your new content takes over the front pages. Really looking forward to see your newly created material now that you’re reinvigorated.

    (Won’t lie I was the kid in school that always protected the little ants so seeing bug and what not getting smooshed up and chewed up has some sort of ‘oh no!’ affect on me haha!)

  38. Sixinchestall

    Hi Katelyn, I hope you are well. I just wanted to say I think you are doing a brilliant job. I know you had a bit of a rough time last year and all credit to you for sharing all with us. It took guts to do that. I wish you could do 10 vids a day (impossible I know) but when your stuff comes out it is always worth waiting for. I would much rather you take your time and keep your health and the quality of your work as high as possible. I just bought Horny Gym Girl Crush (looks just my kind of vid) and had a quick skim through and it looks amazing. I will be watching in full later, thank you Katelyn. There are many aspects of the Giantess scene that do not appeal to me but you still manage to keep my interest and have done now for years. In my teens I really struggled with this fetish and you made such a difference to me. Reading your blogs years ago made me understand I was not crazy and made me feel a lot more at ease. Here was this beautiful woman expressing the same fantasies as me and not in any way trying to hide the fact that it is a very sexual thing to her, quite the reverse, she celebrated her sexuality. Again it took guts for you to open up like this to us and it made a big difference to me. You are not afraid to say what you think and I admire you for that. To know for me that this really is a part of your life and really does turn you on and you really do masturbate thinking of various giantess scenarios was like finding the holy grail for me. Being able to watch that in HD is like I have found my own personal heaven. Thank you so much for all the hard work you have put in. It really means a lot.

  39. Corsair

    Thanks for the reply Katelyn!

    Can’t wait to see you in a giantess movie!

  40. Fernando

    I love giantes and also love bug vore. It is very exciting to see small living being swallowed by the huge and delicious Katelyn’smouth. Please continue making vore bugs movies.

  41. Chuck

    Well, Katelyn, thank you very much for the explanation. It helps to clarify things. Also, remember to take it easy, please don’t overwork, have some time for yourself as well. :)

  42. anonymous

    hi katelyn. i need your help. my cousin said he posted a suggestion for a new feature for giantessbooru to be a way for someone to delete their account. my girlfriend is seriously pissed off at me for having that account even though i got the account months before we met. my username is p1r6t30fr0ck, and before you ask, i’m not the guy from youtube. he’s my cousin. just delete the account before my girlfriend kills me.

  43. Mike

    It seems like everything is just around the corner, but it never gets here. I’ve had enough for now.

  44. gtsquisit

    You really don’t need to post daily updates about random crap. One blog post should be good enough. Its been nearly two months now how about a real update.

  45. Sixinchestall

    Hi Katelyn, are you ok?

  46. gtsquisit

    Maybe I was a bit harsh. I love your work, its the anticipation that kills. Im sure you’ll have something amazing soon. U always do.

  47. Mike

    I hope everything is alright, get well.

  48. just curious

    What’s up with some guy on Giantess City taking credit for all of your work and saying that you are quitting the business? He even goes as far to say he’s willing to do the same quality if not better work for someone else. He then goes on to say that he’s trying to earn 50 thousand dollars to start his own studio I personally think the guy is a fraud and one of the threads is posted by a guy known for doing bad comic work that can be very childish.

    I hope everything is alright take care.

  49. Tristan

    Just wanted to let everyone know – if you’re interested in what’s been going on with Katelyn and myself, check either G-City (General GTS forum) or Giantessbooru comment section.

  50. Giantess Ka...

    I’m afraid I can’t really say my side of the story or defend my persona right now. However, I can confirm the following: Tristan is my ex, he has produced the 21 FX videos in the “Giantess FX” store category, SAHSH, made collages, used my blog to advertise his FX ideas and projects, had full control over my blog and most public writings, reprogrammed my website, got the GiantessBooru software up and running after I purchased it, took care of code errors and tweaks, and corresponded with all comic artists that sell on my website, fixed up the English on most of Vivian’s and CG17’s comics and wrote all descriptions for them.

    What I can say for myself is that I am not quitting the business. I have a huge passion for Giantess, fetishes, acting, customs, film, photography, editing, artwork, and I absolutely ~LOVE~ everything I do and I LOVE my fans. I’ve produced all videos outside of the “Giantess FX” category in the store (1,000+ videos: scenarios, acting, filming, editing, .gifs, descriptions, clip sites), shot all of my and model photo sets, personally came up with model scenarios through my own fantasies, filmed myself and all models on my website, started getting into FX (My FX projects were known as “FX Quickies” to distinguish the difference in our quality. He’s teached me how to do FX and I will only get better with experience and time as I truly strive for the best quality possible). I’ve taken care of all customer support and the vast majority of emails I get.

    I have actually always dreamed of everyone knowing me for the real Katelyn- not my ex and I combined. I -never- wanted credit for his work, but he preferred to work behind my name.

    In regards to comic artists- I have always been immensely happy that artists are able to sell through my website to make a living of their own. In fact I look forward to giving even more artists the same opportunity. My split with Tristan will not affect their ability to sell through my website. The only minor change I see is that I may ask artists to format their comic text and compile their finished project into a copyrighted .PDF, and write their own advertisement text. I am also interested in hiring someone who is skilled in English / Story Writing to manage and enhance the comic writings for Vivian’s and CG17’s comics. The help will allow me to focus on the production of my own works. If you’re interested, please email me at [email protected] and we can work out the details! I already have a job waiting!

    I will also say this. I did try to work it out with Tristan so that he could earn a living through working for me, but he was completely unwilling to work for his own survivability without having my unconditional love and relationship. So now he’s living with his dad’s wife in Seattle, and may be moving back to Pa if he accepts his dads offer to fly him home. I know that it will be difficult at first to take on everything myself and search for outside help. I’m personally going through an extremely difficult time right now- a 7 year breakup, loss of help with my site.

    I am financially tight right now too due to the split. I’m just barely squeezing by, with the loving help from my mom and paid customs coming in to help me cover immediate essential costs (FX will come when I get back on my feet, as they take much longer to produce). But after I get on top of my store videos again (my absence has been due to Tristan and I trying to work out our relationship), I am planning to save up for a programmer for GiantessBooru 2.0 and a revamp of this website and my store. I have not worked out the fine details of everything just yet, but I know everything will pan out over time.

    With love,
    -The real Katelyn

  51. Sheela

    I will gladly take on a little extra work in the area of enhancing writing for comics, since I already do comics anyway, I think I’d be fine with it and willing to do it free of charge along with my other work. I don’t do anything but work currently as it is. I’ll need to learn how to compile things into PDFs but that shouldn’t be hard to learn with a little help.

    Always here to support in any way I can. :> Keep your chin up.

  52. FreedomFighter

    Aye, keep your chin up mate. It looks as if this split had been for the best cause the way this guy has lashed out against you and (borderline scamming people for money — $50,000 really?)….that speaks volumes. Granted, this is my opinion, I didn’t know him for 7 years and if he has done FX work, he obviously knows a thing or two…..but there’s no excuse for childishly lashing out against you or what you do here.

    We’re here for you always, Goddess

  53. Alex

    Ouch. I know how hard it can be to lose someone you’ve been with for 7+ years. It hurts you, both mentally and physically. But what I can say is that it’s nice to hear from you Katelyn, the real deal. I’m glad you’re still here, not just for us to worship or anything like that,but for us to help. Whether it’s financially or emotionally, we’re here. I sent you an email and hopefully we can work up a fun idea for you to film and get some more money in your pocket. Keep smiling and know you have people who care about you, not just your giantess persona. -Much love, Alex ^^

  54. Tristan

    Thanks Katelyn, I really appreciate it. That’s exactly the situation.

    As far a survivability, it’s true – I couldn’t put seven years of love and dedication aside and work, live, and film the person I loved while knowing it was over. Considering I had no interest in being paid or taking credit all these years, you could say I viewed my work as a labor of love and devotion to the person I wanted to marry. I don’t think it was wrong of me to feel this way. We’ve gone our separate ways now and I look forward to us both finding happiness.

    @FreedomFighter: If I expect to find work and survive, I have to talk about what I’ve done for the past seven years of my adult life. I can’t exactly go around whispering about this. Instead of letting the rumor mill spin, I decided to just come out and say it – without airing our dirty laundry or making it personal. I hope you can learn to like the both of us as we simply grew apart. There’s no hard feelings here.

    As far as the 50k, I said that would be the *ideal* amount to start up my own Giantess FX business, but I could probably just make due on 15k-20k. This is an amount of money I’m expecting to save up personally. Will I run a fundraiser at some point? Maybe. Right now however I’m just trying to find a job and a home as I’d like to stay on the west coast. I can’t move with my folks because the place they will be at doesn’t except cats – and I have both my cat and my sister’s cat I’m looking out for.

    I also have no interest in splitting Katelyn’s fan base. She is awesome, fantastic, and genuine. She deserves your sales – if anyone would know it’d be me.

    Thanks everyone for being understanding of all this and I hope you all find happiness in life. And Katelyn, thank you for seven very fond, giantess-filled years. I wish all the best for you and I know your fans will help you in any way they can.

    “Whenever there is a meeting, a parting shall follow. But that parting needs not last forever. Whether a parting be forever or merely for a short while… that is up to you.”

    – Tristan

  55. Bailey

    Could you plz do some free giantess sock joi videos with joi, shrunk slave pov, and colorful socks please. I love you so much and I would worship your sexy socked soles forever I would love to be shrunken at your gigantic soles as I get turned on by the sweaty aroma. I would jerk off any day of the week to your sexy socked soles.

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