Giantessbooru Update – Moderators Needed!

Giantessbooru Update – Moderators Needed!

Giantessbooru – the new and improved Sizebooru – is now complete and I’m in the process of setting up the newly bought server for it! :woot: With new features, improved code, and a superior interface, Giantessbooru is going to be an incredible addition for the —international— giantess community.  There is still some work to be done however and all I need now… is YOU!

I am looking for both Moderators and Translators who are interested in helping build the future of the Giantess community.

I’ll start with Translators as their job is simple and quick:

Giantessbooru is going to be one of the first fully international Giantess community sites, shared by Giantess fans from all over the world. (Unlike now, where communities are very much segregated by language) I’ve implemented a language system and I would love to have Giantessbooru’s interface translated into as many languages as possible. Helping translate the site means more people will be able to access, upload, and share artwork.

I’m looking for people who have the time to translate about 70 words / small phrases into a language they are fluent with.
Japanese, Chinese, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Klingon – or any other language you may know.
If you know you can do this task within the next week, please email me at [email protected]
For anyone fluent in the language this task should take all of 15-20 minutes. :)

As for Moderators:

I’m looking to have 100% of Giantessbooru’s content properly tagged and moderated. Gone will be the days of artwork with no tags and inappropriate content.

I’ve implemented a fully functional moderation system into Giantessbooru. All images uploaded to the site (or reported on the site) are put into the moderation queue where they can be modified, edited, approved, banned, or simply deleted. I’ve made the entire process of moderation extremely simple and easy.  It takes no time at all to blaze through images and get them up on the site.

Moderation involves making sure images are appropriate, of decent quality, and are properly tagged (adding tags when necessary) and flagged.

I’m looking for 10-20 people who would enjoy hopping onto Giantessbooru daily and moderating images that are in the moderation queue and checking to make sure comments left on the site are appropriate.

It’s easy and fun work, but I do require that moderators speak/write fluent English, are levelheaded, drama free, and members of good standing in the community. Also, for the first week the moderators and myself will be working on a team project to get the site ready for launch. We’ll be moderating every single image of Sizebooru’s old content, all 5000+ images. With 10-20 people working on it, and each person moderating 50 to 100 images a day (An hour of work each day, at most) we can have all of old Sizebooru’s content tagged, flagged and approved in just a few short days. This will allow the community to search and explore all of the content on the site paving the way for the largest gallery of indexed and tagged Giantess content. Pretty fucking cool! :woot:

If you are interested in becoming a moderator for Giantessbooru, please send me an email with the following:
1) A little about yourself or your history with the community, including the username you go by in the community (Or if new, just answer the following), and why you’d like to become a moderator and what would make you a good moderator for the community.
2) The time you’d be able to spend moderating and if you would be able to help (or how much you’d be able to help) with the team project I talked about above
3) Your timezone and time of day you’d most likely moderate at.

Please put “Moderation” somewhere in the subject line and email me at [email protected]

If you have been approved, you will receive an email from me within the next few days. Moderation will probably start next week some time.
NOTE: This will be a first come first serve, however I will keep all of the applications and may contact you in the future if I need more mods!

Thanks everyone! I can’t tell you how excited I am to launch Giantessbooru! (And I can’t wait to start making FX movies again :3)


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  1. Liam

    I already sent my application! Hope you approve!

  2. HotDamn

    I hope I can be of service!

  3. MerlinRaven...

    I’m really excited to see the new site Katelyn, I wish I had the time to be a moderator but I don’t think my work schedule will allow me to have enough time to do it. I will however contribute some of my Giantess pictures to the site when its up.

    Your Pet: Merlin )0(

  4. sphrog

    Application sent! It’s, uh, the least I can do. So glad you put the time into resurrecting the site, even if it meant postponing some of your regular projects.

    Looking forward to getting sizebooru’s worthy successor back on its feet, and getting you back to doing FX vids again :D

  5. Joey

    Ĉu vi volas traduki Esperante?

  6. MarkM

    I WISH I could help Goddess Katelyn but it’s all work an no play for me. Starting a new job on Monday and hardly have any time off.

    I look forward to seeing though! I still think your so smart knowing how to do all this stuff. Usually brains and beauty don’t go together but in your case they do.


  7. Chris

    Katelyn, i am thoroughly impressed by you. I csn remember when you first started out, thinking that here is another girl who will make a few videos for a year then move on. However you have made hundreds of videos, built your site to the fullest, and taken on another website. i’m pleased to say it looks as if we are all witness to the begginning of an enterprise. i’m sure you’ll take on more sites and as our community grows more and more each day i can easily see you becoming the true Size Fetish Goddess. I am thankful for you keeping up your work and just purely being the person that you are….AMAZING!

  8. Tom

    Hope you accept me I can be of great help as a moderator , goddess katelyn

  9. johnlocke2342

    Hi. I’d be more than happy to help with the french translation, being French myself.

  10. Tiny-Mikey

    Wow, I have not visited the Goddess’s site in quite a spell; I really like what I see, please my Goddess, could I submit some artwork for your pleasure, I have been among the Giantess’, their villages, I have seen the absolute power they possess, it is hard to convey in a simple message such as this what they can do and who they are, I wish you all the luck!

  11. Tiny-Mikey

    My Goddess, I would love to help, but I’m on dial-up, it would be next century by the time my responses were done!! LOL!! “I am a Bug under your heavenly feet:) Tiny-Mikey”!

  12. MisterBubbles

    I applied and shortly realized that my email was not working correctly. If I did get accepted, I have attached my hotmail account. Hope i made the cut!


  13. Bobbob

    I’m first in line to re-align the Di-Lithium Crystal Matrix! ;-)

  14. Nick

    I wish I could Be the tiny boy of yours crawling at your body played all the time by you!! lol…

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