Giantessbooru Released!

Giantessbooru Released!

A powerful new server, 30+ moderators, thousands of lines of code and three months of hard work later, Giantessbooru -the new and improved official Sizebooru- is now up on her feet and ready to serve the international Giantess and Size communities. :biggrin: Read on about it, or go straight to Giantessbooru and enjoy!

Some of Giantessbooru’s new features:

  • All of Sizebooru’s old content is now tagged and flagged. Any new content that goes up on the site is also tagged and flagged. Gone are the days of unsearchable content! :happy:
  • Any images with Shemales, Giant Males, or Males with Shrunken women are tagged as male and are hidden by default. If you wish to see them and search for them, simply click the ‘Show Male Content’ button on the front page below the search bar.
  • Moderation: All images uploaded to Giantessbooru must pass through moderation before they reach the index. No more trash, poor quality images, or incorrectly tagged art.
  • Expect a rather high update rate on the index, with pictures coming from all over the giantess and size community. No more waiting for days to see something new, Giantessbooru is updated daily or more!

All this and more. Thanks to everyone who made this possible, especially YOU who have supported me over the years, allowing me to take on this amazingly fun project. I simply could have not done it without you.

And a HUGE thanks to the moderators who have made a side hobby out of improving the content and quality of the giantess and size community for everyone. Together we will build an even better community for everyone to enjoy. :heart:

So fly over to Giantessbooru, check it out, fap one off, upload your favorite works or personal art and join a new community built on exploring the beauty of the Giantess and Size related fetishes. :happy:


The Shrunken Perspective

45 Responses and Counting...

  1. Nauto

    Wow first veiwer very beautiful kate ^^

  2. Ajax478


  3. microjb

    Congratulations on the launch and thanks for all your hard work over these past weeks – a great look and feel to the site and a worthy successor to Sizebooru. Two of my collages on there already I see! :) All the best, Jon.

  4. keith

    The new site looks very nice. Now i have a new site too find hot gts pics thanks so much katelyn

  5. datass

    Great site Kate, could use more pictures of you though!
    Any news on the porn site?

  6. Mike

    You can’t imagine how dissapointed i was when they took down Sizebooru.

    You really did giga sized favor for gts fans worldwide! Thanks katelyn!

  7. Greg Viera

    Holy high hell this is one amazing site <3
    congrats <3 im so proud of u
    what do u have in store for us now that the site is up?

  8. steven

    Really love the new giantessbooru Katelyn, but it won’t let me make an account, anybody else have problems?

  9. Giantess Ka...

    @steven: What kind of error message is it giving you?

    @EveryoneElse: Thanks!! Glad you like it! :)

  10. Oktober


  11. steven

    When I go to create an account it takes me to the terms of service page but there is no button to click agree :\

  12. steven

    Nvrmind, lol I got it to work, something was up with my browser, but thank you Katelyn ur truly an amazing and talented woman ;)

  13. Giantess Ka...

    @steven: Hehe thanks! Glad you got it working! :D
    If anyone else has any issues, lemme know!

    @Oktober: Indeed!! :biggrin:

  14. lilipucien

    You did an amazing work Katelyn!
    I plan to upload all my collages in a gallery :)
    thx for this wonderfull site !!!

  15. Joey

    the site looks great. it’ll keep me entertained for hours everyday :D

  16. bobbob

    Looks like a successful launch! Congratulations!

  17. Joey

    also, might i suggest a random feature, were a random picture is displayed

  18. shrunkenone

    I keep getting a ‘server not found’ error. :(

  19. emaN

    Same problem as shrunkenone

  20. cubedvggts3

    Congrats, Katelyn. :)

  21. Kisuke Urahara

    Hey! Love the new site and all! But I have a question, I understand that the someone has to look over the pictures before they’re posted up on the index and all. I’ve tried to post some of my work and they say it’s already uploaded but when I search for it I can’t find it. Also, when i do fresh new collages and they do get up there, some disappear, it’s like i had 3 images upload on my account and now it says I only have 2. I’m confused!

  22. deej

    Server says it can’t be found. What’s up with that? O.o

  23. bassology88

    Awesome awesome news! I can tell Giantessbooru will be one of my top visited sites.
    Thanks so much Goddess Katelyn!

  24. Giantess Ka...

    For all those who can’t access the site:

    The DNS issue should now be fixed. However, it will take up to 24 hours for the fix to show up. So if you are still having trouble accessing or connecting to the site try again tomorrow and let me know if it is fixed for you! :)

  25. johnn

    Great website!! Congratulation Katelyn!!

  26. Uncle_Dizzle

    Any news about your mom doing a shoot or even a video?

  27. shinkenger

    awesome site, but i can’t create an account, always that I click on “create an account”, it sends me to the “terms of service” that I already read, can you explain me why, or fix that, thanks

  28. dreday

    Love the Giantessboour web site. i check it everyday and alwyas find something new, and something I haven’t seen in a while. Katelyn I am glad you invested the time and the money to get this site back online. It has been so long since I have been able to find a GTS site that featured such diverse pictuers. Just wanted to say thanks, and If I was two inches tall, laying on my back with your sexy foot hovering over me, I would grab my junk, workit feverishly and show you just how much I appreciate the fact that you are a true Giantess. ;-)

  29. xavior704

    2 things that I would like.
    1: when I get a pic full size and push next to keep scrolling in full size, it says no such post as “insert number here” so I have to back out every time.

    and 2: the old sizebooru had a feature that when I clicked a pic, it would give a default size of the pic on any of them, but if you clicked it, it would be full size. I find it frustrating that when I want to see a pic close up, it stretches my browser.
    any way these can be fixed?
    Xavior Z.

  30. skybottom

    This site is way too distracting! Too much goodness all at once XD

  31. SFXonly

    Why so many Toy related photos and videos. What happened to those amazing special you’ve been using? Are toys taking over the Giantess industry? I know it’s the cheaper way to produce more videos, but there’s a lot of guys like me who don’t like Toys. They just don’t do it for us. It’s just a hot girl playing and talking to Toys and I can’t get passed that.

  32. SFXonly

    Why so many Toy related photos and videos. What happened to those amazing special effects you’ve been using? Are toys taking over the Giantess industry? I know it’s the cheaper way to produce more videos, but there’s a lot of guys like me who don’t like Toys. They just don’t do it for us. It’s just a hot girl playing and talking to Toys and I can’t get passed that.

  33. juice


    I love the vids of you ripping paper, and I wanted to leave you a request. Could you post some more vids of you ripping paper up close? I like to see the letters while you rip them in half, and rip the paper into strips. So I’m asking you to post some more ripping paper vids.


  34. Johnn

    I agree with SFXonly.

    Your FX video are amazing with very good FX effects.. but now you are producing just video with toys.
    They are nice, but I don’t buy them because are all similar and there isn’t nothing special.
    I know that it’s the cheaper way to produce a lot of video and probably more money, but to improve the quality of your shop/website sometimes an FX video is necessary.
    I check your shop several times a week just to see if there is a new movie / Fx effect video.

  35. Oktober

    You guys just don’t realize the amount of time those videos take! @_@ She plans and works on just one of them for months at a time,and when she does one that is her entire focus, her whole project. Recently she just spent 3 months getting Giantessbooru operational, and during that period she’s managed to produce like 70 new vids. She’s already stated that the FX vids are her passion and she wants to be starting on doing them again, but she’s only one person working on these massive projects so give her time to get done what she wishes to get done.
    Remember this is her life and not just a job for her, she does this because she likes to and you benefit from it. It’s not fair to call her out on something as huge as throwing out FX videos like its something that can be done over the weekend.

  36. SFXonly

    If making these Toy vids is helping her make money to make FX vids. I’ll gladly buy them. I want to help her make the best FX vids she can make.

    She not only has some of the best FX’s around. She’s good at picking the right angles for shots. It’s not only about filming at ground level. It’s about getting the right pov. The right perspectives to give you the feel that Katelyn is really towering over you.

    She just needs to work on developing decent openings for her movies. So we care more. She has to create the right setup. Where for example the male or woman is the antagonizer and then she turns the table on them by shrinking them.

    It’s so much more arousing to see that she was once the victim and now her antagonizers are her victims. The look on Katelyn’s face knowing that she now has the power. It makes you think back to earlier when her antagonizers had the upper hand and now she’s in charge. She’s so much more powerful than them and it’s so humiliating for her victims. That’s so arousing!

    If her victims are just small from the start. Then it’s kind of meaningless. Since the victims have no real back story. Who are these little people? How did they get small? Why should we care? So what you can do for example is like at the start of the movie. A mean girl tells Katelyn that she’s going to the mall today with her friends. She has to buy an outfit for a dance or she has to go on a big date.

    Then Katelyn shrinks her. Now she’s not doing any of that. She now finds herself an inch tall next to Katelyn’s giant toes. It makes you think how one second her life was awesome and she was gonna do all these things and now just 5 minutes later she’s a little nothing for Katelyn to play with. That’s arousing!

  37. shinkenger

    Hello again, I still have the problem creating an account, please fix that, I want to be part of this amazing site!!!

  38. Giantess Ka...

    @shrinkenger: Can’t you simply sign up here?
    You don’t have to click on the terms of service link to create the account, you just have to make sure you’ve read it and understand it before creating an account. :) Enter the information you want below the link on that page and you should be good to go.

    @Oktober: Thanks for explaining that so well :biggrin:

    Time for a long answer- I may include it in a future blog as I know tons of people are probably curious about this and would love to read it.

    Yes, the issue is simply that FX movies take a giantess-sized amount of time and resources to produce. When I work on an FX movie, the FX movie gets as much of my focus as possible until it’s complete. Ultimately, I can only focus on one major project at a time- be it an FX movie, or a website, or anything else involving tons of focused, complicated work. When I’m not giving 100% of my focus to a major project I’m replying to emails and filming weekend updates to keep me afloat.

    This year I had to choose my huge projects very carefully as I knew they would determine how the next few years would play out. After much careful thought, I set my sights on programming my new website, organizing artists to create comics, and reprogramming Giantessbooru for the community. I realized 2010 was a year I needed to spend setting up my site for the future so that I could then focus on producing FX movies and quality content without having to worry about an aging site (with a terrible store!). Behind the scenes, I was also researching top of the line equipment and spending my growth potion funds on what I needed to bring my special effects work to the next level.

    So just like building a house, I knew I needed to lay a solid foundation for the future so that I’d have a stable platform to build my passions on. The result of this year’s foundation laying is a brand new interface and platform to sell my FX works on, a better platform to sell my regular videos on (which fund my FX work!), a brand new site for the community, and also the support of community artists and releasing comics in between my FX movies to keep everyone in a constant state of satisfaction! (Including myself ^^)

    The year is almost finished now and I have but two things left on my to-do list before I can call this year complete and a total success. 1) Finish the new merchant integration in my store, which will allow me to sell completely nude art and movies (Which should be done today! Ha!) and 2) Start selling Tontoblackadder’s sexy awesome comic!

    Then, on the first day of 2011, I will FINALLY start work on my first new FX movie. :woot:

    I can’t even begin to tell you how much I’ve missed working on FX movies. They are truly my love and passion. This year (while fun and interesting) has been absolutely torture not being able to work on FX movies. T_T FX movies truly complete a part of my sexuality and emotion that no other works of art can. So to say I’m excited to finally start working on them again is an understatement!!

    And since my last FX movie in 2009 (almost a year and a half ago!), so much has changed both equipment wise and story wise. You can expect my new FX movies to be a leap above my old ones, on a new level of quality and storytelling.

    Where I was previously limited in my storytelling (lack of models, actors) and technology (the inability to grow or show sizes larger than 1cm- much less a city for that matter!) I am limited no longer.

    Things will be very different, and amazing. I still have a few steps to complete this year (Moving to Seattle in June is one of them!) before I can truly start pumping out growth and full blown Giantess destruction videos, but you will start getting a delicious taste of it along with amazing FX movies very, very soon.

    @SFXonly: You can expect the new movies to have far more interesting plots, characters, and effects. Previously I was incredibly limited with what I could do, which caused much of the lack of storytelling and lack of more complicated FX. I was forced a great deal to jump right to the action and bypass interesting story and power play aspects. X_X Also, I’m thrilled you love the way I shoot my films and see the sexual subtleties in them! Every scene and angle is carefully crafted to fulfill my sexuality in some way. I’m very glad you love it!! :happy:

    Thanks for listening little bugs. :heart: 2011 is going to be extremely exciting, to say the least!

    Oh! And Giantessbooru has been a HUGE success so far! Glad you all love it and thank you all for the support and in helping make Giantessbooru my absolute favorite giantess community site that I visit daily :heart:

  39. SFXonly

    Thank you Katelyn. You’ve just earned my respect. I thought you were gonna get angry. Because in the past you were a bit more defensive when it came to your work. I’m so excited to see what you come up with! You’ve taken this genre or fetish or whatever you wanna call it to new heights. Literally lol!

  40. nboud223

    my giantessbooru account isn’t working. :(
    When i press log in the same error comes up
    it says:Error
    You aren’t logged in. First do that, then you can see your stats.
    I’m trying to log in so i’m super confused. someone plz help me

  41. Giantess Ka...

    Hmm! That’s really strange!
    1) Have you changed anything in your browser lately?
    2) Do you have cookies enabled?
    3) You are definitely logging in via here?
    (I’ve tested things code-wise and haven’t been able to find any problems and so far you’re the only one with this issue that has contacted me)
    Let me know if any of this helps! I’ve absolutely loved what you’ve uploaded to the site and definitely want to get you back on there!! :woot:

  42. nboud223

    Its back :D yay!
    …i still don’t know why that happened though -_-
    anyway thxs for the help :3

  43. xavior704

    It would seem that I can not access the site at this time. It says it’s marked as crashed and should be repaired. Hope it’s back soon!
    Xavior Z.

  44. Jakob

    Been using GiantessBooru since it’s first days, and I’m extremely happy with it! Thank you very much!

    Only one thing though. It might be helpful to have a FAQ page for new users, so that people would know the importance of properly tagging pictures, etc. Of course it’s mostly self-explanatory, but still, I think help page would be good.

    Also, if there still ain’t anyone to do Finnish translation, I’d be more than happy to help with it. :)

  45. Fernando

    I enjoy when Katelyn attacks into downtown.She could bite edges of skyscrapers and eat some amazing cars

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