Giantessbooru 2.0 – Suggest Features!

Giantessbooru 2.0 – Suggest Features!

Let’s talk! Giantessbooru 2.0 is an upcoming, completely new version of the site built from the ground up – and it’s about half way done. You wanted stories? It has stories. You wanted video? It has video. You wanted sentience? It has sentience. Everything is on the table and features are being programmed in daily! We’ve reached a point in development now where its time to ask what you’d like to see, ’cause we’ll gladly add it in.

Suggest away! Post your suggestions as comments here.
If your suggestion is planned to be implemented, I’ll add it to this list.

As for the release date, no idea yet.

Here’s a quick list of features that are in 2.0:
• Video Section, like the YouTube but with nakedness and giant girls welcome. No Ads.
• Story Section, full editing and composing abilities. Write as much as you like.
• Bulk image uploading. Upload an entire collection in one go! Unless you abuse it.
• Full Community Forum. The real deal! But you can browse and comment the old way too.
• You can upload anything. Only the best will make it to the main gallery however.
• Only display what you want to see. Rule out content automatically.
• Private messaging. Talk with others! Learn if your images made it to the main gallery.
• Artist? Automatically link your Giantessbooru account to DeviantArt / FurAffinity.
• Everything on the old Giantessbooru will be transferred over, including favorites.
• Browsing, searching, and viewing is simplistically the same, but with better options.
• Mods will have their own forum and all sorts of cool goodies.
• Full Localization support. (With some help from the multilingual of the community!)
• Well organized yet widely ranged forums including things like “Giantess Video Games”
• You can follow and favorite artists and uploaders that you enjoy.
• Organize the main gallery however you like- by upload date, by approved date and more.
• Tons of fun stuff and better everything. It is… the future.


The Shrunken Perspective

66 Responses and Counting...

  1. Anonymous

    I don’t know what to add, since it’s already descriptive enough. Maybe more furry material, but that’s based on the artist.

  2. Chuck

    So the site will have a big update, huh? What I’m reading in the update list is kind of interesting, and I’m guessing now it’ll be harder to get a picture on the main gallery. Oh, well, I didn’t submit that much, so… xD

    But I’m sure many people will appreciate the new filtering system. And I’m looking forward to the community forum.

    Anyway, a suggestion I’d like to make, or better said, a question I’d like to ask: are you planning on including more languages to Giantessbooru? I’ve seen you only have English, German and Japanese. And I don’t know if I’m mistaken, but didn’t you have the intention to add more languages? Or will there be no more languages, just English, when you change the booru to the new version, maybe to avoid any problems with the forum? I say this because not long ago I saw some Spanish comments on Giantessbooru and I think that including languages like Spanish to the menu would be nice. I thought of giving a hand on that matter, since I’m Spanish and all, but it’s your call if you want more languages aside from the ones already available.

  3. Bobbob

    Can’t say I know of anything to add, but it sounds wonderful!

  4. Giantess Ka...

    @Chuck: Localization is something I really want too, but on initial release it may be English only. However it should eventually support complete localization. It’s one of those tricky features that are kind of up in the air depending on any problems we run into. And yes, I’d love your help when the time comes! :D

  5. Sheela

    This blog makes me happy! Getting an update on the progress and such. I already gave you all my suggestions a long bit ago, happy to see a lot of them made the cut! And I’m really excited about having a place to post my entire gallery, micromacro or not.

  6. Jet

    So with the inclusion of forms, what are the chances of a size change game related sub-forum? They are near impossible to post on a booru style given the file formats they can come in. RPGmaker, (Easily the most popular.) But then other games can come in ren’py format and even flash. It would just be nice to have a single place you could find all of them and play for yourself.

    Also. Will .rar files be supported for uploading to your account and if so how will files be monitored for malware?

  7. Envi

    For the gallery is it going to show by upload date or will there be a way to see the newest ones approved as well? Also will there be a way for uploaders to see about files that have not been approved?

  8. Envi

    i thought of something else that i didn’t see, might there be a way to favorite the uploaders we like?

  9. JT

    WOW…I just have to say WOW

    Well a little more than just that! I had to admit this seems really cool and is what I would have loved to have seen a long time ago and am really glad to see it now. I hope it stays as innovative as your site has been and please keep it up!

    My biggest suggestion is to just try encourage ‘community’ as much as possible with it with a positive environment.

  10. Giantess Ka...

    I’m glad! ^^ It’s great finally being far enough into the development to talk about 2.0!

    1) Sure! I don’t see why not! There will now be a forum dedicated to giantess games.
    2) .rar or .zip won’t be possible to upload to your profile or gallery (In terms of mass uploading, you will just select all the photo / video files you want) however you will be able to upload these files to main forum in new topics or posts.
    3) Quick acting Moderators and users who flag posts! :3 I’ll see if I can find an automatic alternative as well.

    1) You’ll be able to organize the main gallery however you want such as by upload date, approval date. (I may add that to version 1.0 soon too)
    2) Yep! You’ll be able to see a detailed status of all your uploads.
    3) You’ll be able to follow / favorite the uploaders you like too!

    @JT: Thanks! :D I’m glad!
    1) The new Giantessbooru will be much, much more community driven and I promise to keep it a positive environment. I want this to be a site we can all browse and enjoy without any drama, flaming, or just plain garbage.

  11. Anne O'Nymous

    Wow, sounds like you’re really gunning to become a full-featured community hub here. That sounds amazing, and I like the idea of having them all integrated like that. GC is great, but it’s not really very usable as an archive if you want to go back to older posted material. This sounds like the perfect way to help bring the community up to date.

    Thank you!

  12. BQB

    Here’s an idea, when you create your profile or update- you can choose your countrys flag, cause it would be nice to know that there are other macrophile south africans… ooh and you should have a thing where you say if your male or female micro/macro that’ll be cool so then if you want to chat with someone on the forum to rp with you can see who is a micro f/m or or or… thax

  13. Makaze

    On the mod end, I’d love to see an option to not auto refresh when we’re adding tags and what not, would make the process a bit faster.

  14. GSfanDev

    Could the work on the new site be causing my account’s ‘favorite’ button to vanish. How do you add new favorites without the favorite button?

  15. AnonymousMP

    I’d say a game section, but unfortunately there aren’t as much of those, with giantess’ as the primary focus. I do look forward to posting a story, that I’ve posted once on another website, but I decided to take it down because of that particular site allowing anything to be put on it; specifically, I don’t like the fact that it allows sexual and pedo type stories to be put up, which is something I hope is added to the list as a suggestion. No underage giantess stories with sexual interactions.

    There shouldn’t be stories about giant ten year old girls, for example, using tiny people to get off. I think it’s fun in stories where the situation is the same, but every other aspect of a shrunken fantasy is played out, just no sexual actions.

    On another note, as mentioned earlier, I have a story in the works, that I use to further my writing abilities for fun. It’s going to be long and, most importantly, it will touch all possible situations, and all possible sizes of the giantess. Look forward to it!

  16. Cal

    Yeah I can think of one in particular I would like to see and that is the ability for the mods to combine series of images so that they are easy to go through. So that things like Tiny-MK’s J&V poser story can be easily accessed and scrolled through

  17. Chuck

    Thanks for the reply. I had the feeling it wouldn’t be that immediate, Katelyn, that’s why I was asking rather than suggesting. Anyways, glad to read you still think of it, even though you don’t have plans on adding it soon. Better have everything else working fine and then we can go for other features. ;)

    I’m still looking forward to the changes, specially for the community part. I’ve never said anything, since other boorus work this way, but I always felt we were a bit… isolated with the current comment function. Sure, we can reply to other people’s comments in the pictures, but I don’t know, I think a forum, with its threads and all, works better for the sense of community.

  18. Oktober

    Great ideas up there, many of which are going to be very beneficial upgrades from the original site.

    Couple things that come to mind for possible additions is first, a dummy holder system to better flag Manga or large series for archiving to the gallery without knowing what the name of the manga is. And then a way to remove the placeholder on all selected images at once so it won’t be necessary to go into each and every image to delete the tag.

    Another idea that is not crucial to anything other than to avoid bruised feelings, is to have a voting function installed. This could be used for when users discover two of the same images on the site, they can add the urls to both images to the function and it puts the images up for a voting period as to which image will stay and which image will be removed. The removal process could be moderated or automatic upon the lowest voted image.
    This function of voting would also come in useful for the moderation team. As large as the team is, with so many different perspectives on what is and is not suitable for the main gallery those images could be put to vote from the moderation team to get a more rounded judging on those images. Things that are removed as “low quality” as examples.

    It would also come in handy to know which moderator approved what image, more for an administrative sake. I know that there were quite a flood of images that made it through moderation without tags as an example, and many others with questionable tags. Not really a function built for witch hunts, but I think less plausible deniability would ultimately lead to better moderating.

    Another idea is a ranking system, that can include anything from number of uploads, comments, or tagged images in the percentage that determines their ranking status. So even if people are not uploading, or commenting, if they are fixing and adding tags, it still reflects on their activities and contributions to the site.
    If you wanted to get fancy you could break it up into a class system, and let the percentage of individual classes determine the current rank and title depending on which class is the highest.

    I love the idea for private messaging, though I think it should be filtered at least a little bit even if only by you or we’ll likely have users trying to transfer paid content to one another via the site’s own messaging system.
    It would be nice to see it become mandatory for moderators to give users a reason for their decision to refuse their image from the main gallery. As I write this I keep forgetting there is going to be a separate gallery to avoid bruised feelings, so this may not be as impertinent anymore. Users images will still make the cut so long as they’re giantess related and not on some DNP list I imagine?

    And finally, speaking of DNP lists, it would be cool to see this worked a bit more efficiently to make it easier to moderate those images out of the queue rather than being issued DMCA’s and users who discover their works that they do not want published to the site.
    Unfortunately I don’t have anything to add on how to do that yet other than a more integrated DNP list of names and examples to be able to evaluate while modding images.

    Chuck brings up a good point, will we be expecting that the main gallery is going to become more strict as to what are considered quality images? Or will it be run about like it is now, the difference being that all images make it to the other gallery rather than being deleted?

    Anyway, sorry for the long post, a lot of things suddenly came to me. XD Whatever you decide, I look forward to this new and improved booru. ^^

  19. Ajax478

    I in all honesty haven’t been really in touch with the community in a long while but I came back and saw this place was getting upgraded and thought wow…didn’t think much could really be added but I guess I was wrong XD. I was wondering as its really the only idea that popped into my head cause I just got off of youtube but maybe we can give the option for people to “subscribe” to certain people who put up their work? I know Sheela puts up content regularly it seems and having a “Subscriptions” tab wouldn’t be hurtful to see a page filled of our fav artists and their new uploads. I guess in a way how DA works and such.

  20. BQB

    How about a chat room to bring the entire community together and a place where you can make your own 3D giantess comics (something like paint, just a little better) then you can make it private (only for yourself) friends (people who follow you) and all (everyone)… From your loving slave bqb…

  21. Mrsims

    Hey, I can help for the translation from english to french.
    Once you want it in french, ask me, I’ll work on it asap :)

  22. Matt. Wi

    A place to upload collage material would be good.

    Having a magnifying glass option on large images in the same style as when you google a large image, I notice a lot that I can click on a larger image and not get the full grasp of it because only the toe fits in the screen, I like large images but sometimes I would prefer to see the whole thing. This would also mean the smallest image of duplicates could be made redundant because even the larger image would be scaled down to fit your screen unless you click the magnifying glass.

    I would rather get the new giantessbooru quicker without a games section than wait for one with that implemented, I see the appeal from your perspective in that it may help bring the community together in some way but I think most go to giantessbooru for a good fap and go to miniclip or stickpage for online flash games. The youtube idea is good for soft giantess stuff as well as perhaps trailer videos for your fx movies.

    Finally with regards to the writing bit, thats a good idea, I have seen ‘gtswriter’ comment on many images and I’m sure he would like that sort of thing and I am sure others would like to read more of him, I myself have written a giantess story. Said story however is posted on a site called giantessworld and I would be really surprised if you havn’t head of it. It has a very large gathering of giantess authors and stories and I just can’t see giantessbooru matching up to its content. It is however a good thing to keep your eggs in more than one basket especially if said basket is the very unstable giantessworld, but unintentionally competing with them would be awkward for people like me who are caught in the middle, so why not attempt to provide a link between giantessworld and giantessbooru, perhaps run a backup of the giantessworld stories after everyday so you are both sharing the same content. I think a connection between two such strong sites would effectively centralise the giantess community as you would have the best videos, best image server and best stories all easily accessible via each others websites. Who knows if you make enough money on fx videos you may even be able to one day buy giantessworld as well.

  23. coolk17

    Have there be a GIGA section, were every giantess over a mile tall an beyond is in that one section. An a MICRO section were every person under an inch tall will be placed in that section. Every giantess from 50ft up would be in the Mega section, an everyone from 2 feet an down would be SM/ SW.

    An have a TAG BLOCKER, meaning that if someone doesn’t like vore they can set it up so everything on the site that has to do with vore can be out of the persons way. I love feet, but there are people out there that hate it, this would be grate for them too. It’s grate for everyone. PLZZZZZZ Invent a TAG BLOCKER!

  24. mike

    About a month ago I tried to load around 20 of my best pics. They did include a small url water mark to my site giantessphotography. So far nothing was ever uploaded to giantessbooru. Am I not allowed to link to another giantess commerical site???

  25. mike

    I did not say this in my last comment but I also wanted to say thank you. Your courage and devotion to the giantess community were an insperation for me to create giantessphotography. We both love our work, just from opposite ends of the spectrum. I look forward to seeing the new giantessbooru.

  26. BQB

    Oh and to gp with the 3D maker a collage maker aswell

    Your slave BQB

  27. Giantess Ka...

    @mike: This is one of the major flaws of Giantessbooru 1.0 and will be completely corrected in 2.0. We have about 30 active moderators and about 300-500 images in the queue at any given time. If a moderator feels a college doesn’t meet the quality standard we aim for on the site, it ends up deleted. But as every moderator has a different standard of what they think quality is… the quality ends up varying. This just frustrates artists as they’ll see lower quality being approved and theirs might not make it depending on the Moderator they get. It’s definitely a flaw I’m not happy about.

    With Giantessbooru 2.0, you’ll be able to upload anything size related at all and EVERYTHING will make it onto the site. The site will still have a front page main gallery identical to the current Giantessbooru and will be moderated for content. The difference is that users will be able to switch it to view all images uploaded, not just ones approved for the main gallery. Users can also override moderators by voting artwork into the main gallery. On top of that, your work is automatically posted on the Forum and users can browse it there too.

    As for advertising, Giantessbooru does have strong restrictions against advertisements that have little artistic appeal and are simply there to advertise. Giantessbooru 2.0 will also have advertising restrictions for all its main galleries and forum as well, although there will be a special advertisement forum for the producers of the community.

    Your collages do not violate any of these rules however, and are more than welcome to be uploaded and posted. This time around it would seem Giantessbooru 1.0’s content acceptance flaw was the cause of you collages not making it. In 2.0 it won’t be a problem, so I would definitely upload them again once 2.0 is out! ^^

    And thank you, I’m very glad I could be an inspiration! :D

  28. DownUnderU

    I remember playing a few flash games that had GTS content. Could there be a Games Section for GiantessBooru 2.0?

  29. colin561

    May I suggest a bulk download availability? I emailed a question about this a while back, wondering if people like me who don’t have permanent internet connection could do a dulk download of all the pictures on Giantessbooru (similar in style to Wikipedia’s full content download). It’d be very helpful, seeing how hard it is to individually download pictures.

  30. Chez Blackp...

    How about actually letting my art on the damn site? That might make me visit more.

  31. Rooster

    Awesome news! Cannot wait for 2.0! I have been hoping for a forum, so really glad to hear about that. Also the videos will be a welcome feature.

  32. docop

    Excited to hear about this!

    As for suggestions, I echo Matt. Wi’s first. Would it be possible to have something for collage material? In particular, I’m thinking of images users have taken themselves (of themselves, their cities, etc). It would hopefully be more useful than hit-and-miss Google/DeviantArt/Flickr searches … and hopefully more fun to have user content put back into collages.

  33. Anon

    You can filter to hide male content, but a filter to hide female and only see male would be appreciated by some, I’m sure! I get that it’s giantESS-booru, but hey, it’s just an option.

  34. Plasma Phi

    I hoping to see a DSi & 3DS Compatible media feature added so I can watch videoes on my DSi!

  35. badreality

    Katelyn said that we can leave comments on Giantessbooru 2.0, the same way as we left comments on Giantessbooru 1.0, so we’ll be able to comment on a work of art same as always. However, on Giantessbooru 2.0 will there still be a section labeled “comments” in which I’ll be able to view the most recent comments left on the site? Will it also have a miniature of the picture that was commented on, and the entire list of comments made on that picture? I find this section of Giantessbooru version 1.0 extremely useful, because I’ll constantly see a lovely/exciting picture that was buried deep in the archive, resurface because somebody commented on it. It gives me and other users to view pieces of artwork that we may never otherwise have seen on the booru.

    I haven’t had the time to read all of the replies on this page, so please don’t call me dumb is somebody else has already asked this and their question was answered.

  36. megalomancer

    If there’s any way to flag images being uploaded as part of a unified set – and in a particular numerical order – that would probably help.

  37. chinesedude

    I hope that after you register, you can check your giantess history, meaning you can see pictures you have been looking for.

  38. Drapes

    I was just curious as to whether or not there’ll be a “Main Gallery” for writing and videos as well. I think it’d be nice to get a bunch of the better stuff bumped to a big, easy to browse page. If such a thing does happen, I’m wondering if there’d be some more positions for mods available. I write every once in awhile myself and would love the chance to offer feedback to a wide amount of people, and to help a writer receive the credit they deserve if they write an especially good story that would be somewhat unnoticed otherwise.

    So the question is 2-fold really. Is there going to be a main gallery for stories, as there currently is for images? If not, can there be? And will there be new mod positions as well for those? I’m not the best critic of art, but I think I could do well in a story mod position, should one exist.

  39. Icalasari

    Ability to add captions would be nice. Some boorus let you type right on the image with a slightly opaque background so you can translate without need of reuploading

  40. shrunkdude

    Actually, I just have a question about the current GiantessBooru site. In reference to the banner on the upper left corner of the page, is the blonde girl holding a butterfly net a depiction of the character Bernadette on the Big Bang Theory?

  41. cooldude

    u should make a button on the site that shows the newest material

  42. AmosMoses

    So Katelyn, I’ve been a lurker of this site for quite some time and i want to say what an amazing job you have done. Not only will this site become 2.0 but the entire giantess community will be getting upgraded. I don’t really have any advice for the change (Except maybe a population for the site) but i really do have high hopes for this. Thank you so much for making my life easier and helping me realize this obsession for giantess is more common than i once believed. One thing is for sure, i do not miss the “Dark Ages” where i typed “Giant Women” in the Google search engine HAHAHA

  43. bobbob

    It may have already been suggested, but I think it would be good to have an intermediate size for the image, or have it shrink to fit the screen after you click on the thumbnails. Often I click only to have an image I can’t see all of unless I save it.

  44. Lolelol

    I think you should add a option for searching “First_Person_View” This way I can find pictures seeing what it looks like to be a giant or a tiny person.

  45. fsstack

    I think it would be helpful if you could exclude images you have already favourited from searches.

  46. fsstack

    A way to search images by the number of favourites would be cool, too.

  47. Ben Richards

    I think it would cool if you add jordana brewster as a giantess eating people and also paget brewster from criminal minds as a giantess eating people as well

  48. Richard Ajax

    How about a system set up to where a message can be left on their wall if you know what I mean?

  49. Mike

    Everything sounds amazing so far!! I certainly admire the commitment you have to this community, Katelyn.
    I was out of collaging and such for a while due some real life stuff/issues, so it’s really nice to come back and find this kind of stuff cooking.
    As for the booru goes, I can only think of a couple of details, such as:
    -Comments: Give the option to edit/erase them, that’s something I’ve always find kind of confusing to lack…
    -Tags. This may be a human factor, but we need to work on standardizing tags. I mean, you find images tagged as “POV, point of view, point_of_view…” and so on, for example, each one showing up different results and such… so maybe POV is more than enough, and so, many other tags can be summarized/standardized that way.
    And… that’s it. Reading the new features coming up, I’m sincerely as excited as the day I got my Gamecube, like a child in Christmas. This is a great step towards a better, well founded GTS Community, I dare to say, this may transform GiantessBooru into some kind of “STEAM-esque” platform, where every GTS fan, artist and producer gather to share and enjoy all kinds of stuff related to this fetish, and even more.
    Hope I could help you with anything, you already got a Spanish translation volunteer (I’m Mexican) so I can’t think of any other thing I could do right now… I’m slowly trying to start collaging again, so I guess that’s something I can do to keep the new stuff coming.
    Again, congratulations on this course of action you are taking; this will be, indeed, the future.

  50. Benny

    I would recommend of making a mobile version of the website. Would make it much easier to browse with mobile phones as well :) for the rest keep up the good job!

  51. gtsquisit

    Please no male content. I don’t go around posting images of juicy Angus steaks on vegan message boards. Wtf

  52. Katja Demos...

    I didn’t see anyone else mention this so i thought i would reply. Something i’ve noticed since the site’s inception is a huge flaw in the Tagging system on the moderator end. It seems that the pictures are lined in a queue to be added to the site and appear as the moderators approve them. The problem is that they appear in order of when queued. What i’ve noticed is that i will go back days later after searching a tag and scroll down only to see new pictures mixed into the old ones i had seen earlier in the week.

    I think the system should be updated to put every freshly approved picture to the top of the tag so that you aren’t missing pictures because a moderator was MIA for a few days and then got around to taking care of their work.

  53. Ajax478

    I’m sorry if this idea has been brought up before but I do hope its something that can be implemented if not mentioned before hand in previous comments.

    While I normally am an advocate of “questionable” fetishes such as my favorite which include furries down to those I’m not particularly enjoying of, because I feel no one has control over their fetishes and shouldn’t be tormented by those who don’t see eye to eye with them, I feel implementing a “censor” upon image thumbnails might be appropriate to lessen issues with those who say they get “boner killers” by seeing as to them is “disgusting”.

    The idea would be to simply have a user give input in an options page so to speak on what the user isn’t fond of looking at or plain doesn’t want to see. Then when the search comes up a thumbnail would specify what the picture contains say “Contains: FURRY” and would block it out, but still allow the user to click on it if they wanted to or even a mouse over for a preview of the image before they clicked on it.

    Now obviously we could just put a “don’t show images” button but I feel that may cause crossover issues with fetishes. Give an example as myself…I’m more fond of male’s when it comes to furry than I do human males. Now say I wanted to do a search for “Butt_Crush”. Both female furries and female humans would appear with the proper tags on them. No males would appear due to said option. BUT (pun unintended), I wouldn’t mind male furries so I would have to in a “don’t show images” system, unclick the “don’t show males” option and show both human and furry males, which is in this case, human males isn’t something I’d want to see. (I’m not picky like that but I have seen quite a few people who are) This in turn unfortunately would block out images I’d even wanna see such as the male furry images and would have to mouse over or click on them to view them, but I see this as a more flexible way to view images over just blocking certain tags from appearing.

    Another way to impalement this with a “don’t show image” check, would require more detailed options such as “male furry”, “female furry”, thus eliminating the unfortunate side effect I previously listed of my idea but might cause a problem when it comes to tagging and a proper tag might get mixed up with the options’ categories in a way that something may include “male_furry” while the male furry itself isn’t the center-point of the image.

    I’m hoping this isn’t at all confusing and could try to make it a bit more simple sounding if you do think about using this idea Katelyn. I do at least hope it helps a bit :P.

  54. Shrunk Man

    Katelyn. I hope you can do ONE free, whole awsome video for all of us. For every one of your supporters. could you do that for us?

  55. badreality

    I have another request.

    I want to be able to subscribe to uploaders of Giantessbooru 2.0. I’d like to be able to subscribe to any and all uploaders to this site. This means that I don’t care if they skim stuff off of the internet and post it here, or if they are artists that base their art in the macrophilia field. If I constantly find the content that they upload bonerific, I will subscribe to them.

    Just so you know, subscription to specific accounts would entail installing a subscription page, showcasing everything that the accounts, that I have subscribed to, have posted during the past two weeks to the present.

  56. El Nombre

    A “Show Furry Content” button would be good. No trollo.

  57. Shadowstar8

    I think the changes are great, I do have a suggestion… Because you can link with furaffiny and deviantart you should also have the option to link to aryion . com, though not everything there is giantess/giant related. It’s more focused on vore. But still, they do have the artwork and stories.

  58. Ian Cooke

    I did not read all of the comments, so I don’t know if someone has said this. I would really like to have the ability to like/dislike comments. Instead of commenting “I agree” of “No way” just dislike or like it. If a comment gets enough dislikes, the comment gets deleted. I see many comments i see which is a waste of space.
    Hope this makes it through, sorry for the late comment!

  59. johnsmith

    You should add a slideshow thing like on devant art

  60. zim

    1)a random button
    2)a button that filters stuff youve already seen

  61. anonymous

    a way to delete your account because my cousin is in trouble with his girlfriend when she found it in his history, and wants him to take it down. i laughed my ass off until we found out the task was impossible. unfortunately, i’m in trouble with her as well because i’m the internet and media genius in the family, so she doesn’t believe me when i told her we can’t delete his account. this in mind, please help us out and put in a way to delete our accounts.

  62. Legend932

    I don’t know if this post still matters, but I’d like to see: a rating system, with everything that comes with it, e.g being able to view top/least rated, a way to more easily manege your favorites, seems like pics get added in random order, which is not good and can be irritating at times. An easier way to view the least popular pics, a view counter (obviously) to identify such posts.oh oh and umm keyboard shortcuts, also please add the option to load pics to fit the screen, huge pics are annoying, thank you, love the site! :D

  63. eatme

    as a patron of this site, and avid fan of, i only want to know when we as fans can expect to see the 2.0 version… i am not sure if this has alredy been answered, but i am overly anxiously awaiting it’s arrival.

  64. fuyuhiko

    just searched some way to exclude some pictures… found this page ^^

    soo two suggestions:

    exclude from search pictures with “-”
    or make some buttons (like the furry content) with hide 3D / collage pictures

    that would be nice :)

  65. FrancisBacon

    More filters would be great!

    I only got one suggestion:

    I am probably not the only one but im not a huge fan of art there characters/persons getting crushed to bits “Gore/cruel” tag it would be great if we could disable it.

  66. Giantess Ka...

    You can do this by going to My Account > Tag Filters. Enter “gore” and click “Add Filter”. Enter “cruel” and click “Add Filter”. Thanks for enjoying GiantessBooru! <3

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