Giantess Relationships 101

Giantess Relationships 101

As I’m not quite far enough to do a sneak peek for my upcoming FX movie, I’ve decided to tackle another blog that I’ve been desiring to write up for quite some time. It’s a little different than my normal blogs as it addresses the giantess fetish in a relationship context. Hopefully this basic advice will come in handy for those looking to find love!

1. You can’t judge a person by their fetish

If I have learned anything talking to thousands of shrunken men with the Giantess fetish over the course of almost five years now, it is that a person’s fetish is completely independent of personality. Sexuality does not determine who you are as a person. There are as many dominate guys with the fetish as there are submissive guys. From what I can tell, sexuality is determined completely separately from who you are as a person. The only reoccurring trend I have found is that those with the fetish tend to be a little shy about it – an obvious result of a society treating sexuality as a taboo and stranger forms of sexuality even worse. Who wouldn’t be shy when as a society western culture is so uptight and downright mean when it comes to sex?

(Side note: Please teach your kids that sex is wonderful and healthy and not a taboo or disgrace, and educate them properly about reproduction at a young age. Otherwise we will perpetuate our backwards society and culture where love, the single greatest feeling a human can experience is a fucking taboo subject to be looked down upon. Be the change you wish to see in the world. But I digress!)
Therefore, when you’re dating, you will find it equally as difficult to find someone who may match sexually just on their personality or vibe alone. You will never know what or how they like it in bed until you talk about it or get in bed with them. I’ve seen dominate guys beg to be dominated, and I’ve seen submissive guys want to go all out. The same goes for girls!

The one thing you can do, is look for open minded people. If someone is uptight about sex or sexual subjects, or thinks there’s only one right way to have sex… you’re probably not going to have much luck and I suggest running as fast as you can. Someone who thinks the world is well defined or constantly paints life in black and white may not be the most receiving of something that would change their world view dramatically.

Look for someone who is laid back, or enjoys learning and experiencing new things. If they are comfortable talking about say, a foot fetish, they’d probably be open to hearing what a Giantess is! And don’t take your fetish too seriously either. Laugh about it!

2. Timing is Everything

I prefer to tell all my dates that I have the Giantess fetish as soon as possible. I feel that this information is vital to having a healthy and happy relationship and understanding the other person on a deeper level. I would just as much want a boyfriend to be as open with his fetishes, no matter how strange! It’s also very helpful to quickly finding out who will be accepting of it and who will not be. You don’t want to waste your time with someone who won’t accept you! You want to spend all of your time with someone who will rock your tiny world. ;)

But for those of us who are shy (such as myself believe it or not!), this can be the tricky part. When telling someone about your fetish, you don’t want to do it too soon or too late. You have to find that perfect in between.

If you tell someone about your fetish too soon, it might scare them away. For example, the first date is probably not going to work. Your girl / guy has a ton of information on their mind already and they are just starting to form perceptions of who you are. You want to let them get to know you as an individual first. They are going to need to know what kind of person you are before they can even begin to calculate how an odd fetish they’ve never heard of fits you! Otherwise, telling someone about the fetish right away forces them to judge who you are on your fetish alone- and this is not how fetishes work! Judging someone’s personality by their fetish is like judging someone’s personality by their favorite color. It doesn’t work!

On the other hand, you don’t want to wait too long. If you put off telling your significant other for days, weeks, months, or even years, you risk loosing their trust when you eventually do spill fact you want to be crushed under her soft soles. “Why didn’t you tell me sooner? Are there other things you’re hiding from me? Is this the tip of the iceberg?” Waiting so long to tell someone changes your fetish from a strange fact to a strange secret. And lovers do NOT like secrets! (However, if you have already kept it a secret for so long, I still recommend coming out with it. Life is no fun keeping wonderful things like fetishes all bottled up. Coming out is worth it!)

For me, I find the best time is during one of the first conversations about sex. (Usually within the first three days!) Mostly always before having sex for the first time, during that first sex conversation. I like to get the information out as soon as I can and as naturally as I can. Obviously, it might take longer or shorter for that first sex conversation to come about depending on who you are with. But out with the fetish when it comes! There’s no point in wasting your time with someone if they can’t accept you for who you are, or are closed minded about the stuff. It’s a risk always worth taking.

And just as much, I love it when a guy comes out to me in the first few days and confesses his fetishes. I find it incredibly sexy! It gets me even more interested and I only want to know more!

Of course, you can choose to never tell your lover about your fetish. But what’s the fun in that?! Hiding a central part of you (And whether you like it or not, your sexuality IS a central part of you, or you wouldn’t be reading this now!) is no way to live life, especially when you could be having so much fun with it! Having sex or teasing playfully with a lover who adores your Giantess fetish is one of the greatest feelings in the world. Don’t pass up that opportunity!

3. Ease into the subject

Ok, you and your partner are talking about sex for the first time. But now how does one go about bringing up the subject of Giantess? I typically don’t start off by saying “Given the chance, I’d crush your puny body and all of this worthless city under my bare feet.” Just as you might not say, “I would love it if you shrunk me down and swallowed me alive so that I could be digested inside your belly!”

Instead, I find the best way to pop the topic is to ease into it using other fetishes when the conversation starts getting deep. Once you’re both a good comfortable ways into the subject (and possibly even a little horny!) try steering the conversation into the realm of fetishes. You may find out she has a kink that is even kinkier than your kink!

Once you’re that far, the next step is easing into Giantess. The Giantess fetish is incredibly complex and complicated and to someone who barely knows what domination is, this subject is going to be overwhelming. You have to start small.

Wean into Giantess by saying you have a foot or mouth fetish- or even a female domination fetish. These are more common fetishes that they may have personally heard of or even experienced in past relationships. Once you’re sure your partner understands and is interested, start to add in the size aspect! Don’t be afraid to laugh about it. More than likely they will be completely captivated and will want to know even more.

Whatever you do, don’t expect them to understand right away. And don’t try to overload them with information in order to get them to understand. Don’t think you can explain the fetish in one go and then that’s it- you can now expect it in bed. This is the first talk of many on the subject as your loved one gets to know you.

In fact, I wouldn’t expect your loved one to understand your sexuality on an emotional level for a long while. It takes time, and the complexity of the fetish and emotions that drive this fetish are hard to explain and understand. He or she will not understand right away how a 2000 foot giant woman makes you feel inside or how to best sexually please those feelings. This is especially true if they have never had any experience with or personally have dominate or submissive sexualities.

Someday however, they will understand completely and your cock will be rocked. Take your time, and have fun!

4. Never give up, your Giantess is out there!

You are awesome. Your fetish is awesome. Don’t think for a second that there isn’t a girl out there who would love to call you her tiny man. Woman may not be as open about this stuff on the internet (thanks again to a society that encourages men to be sexually open and experimental but not women) but there are girls out there who are just like me, love to be in power. And I get the feeling that many girls do enjoy power, but society tells them they shouldn’t and so they hide it.

If someone does not accept you for who you are, or finds your fetish anything less than awesome, you may want to reconsider your choice. Your time on this world is precious and you should be making the most of it! Finding someone to share in your fetish is one of the greatest feelings possible. Don’t waste it!

You are worth loving and you should always be happy. Never give up! :happy:

5. Masturbation is Healthy

It’s healthy. It should never be restricted in a relationship. If your girl or guy feels you should never fap it, or outlaws fapping completely, you need to do some serious talking with them. Compromises can get you halfway, but the truth is that masturbating is healthy and your body is always going to want it. Fighting that basic, primal instinct for the rest of your life isn’t going to do anything but make you unhappy in the long run, and possibly even resent your lover.

Everyone has fantasies. Everyone masturbates. Masturbation is completely different than sex, it fulfills a totally different part of oneself. (It should never be looked at as cheating or competing by your lover. It’s not the same thing) However, if masturbation starts getting in the way of real life or begins to negatively affect your sex life, it may be a good idea to take a closer look and stash the lube out of reach!

And finally, you can’t do a Google search on masturbation without tripping over hundreds of articles and studies that show masturbation is both healthy for your body, mind, and relationship. Kellogg and Graham didn’t have a fucking clue.


I know this advice is rather basic (It is 101 after all!) but I get emails fairly often asking about things like this so I thought it’d be fun to write up! If you enjoyed this blog, let me know. If you do, I’d be happy to write up more future blogs like this one on the topic of sex and dealing with the Giantess fetish from a girl’s perspective. :happy:

Have a great week! Love ya little bugs! :heart:


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  1. bobbob

    Hi Katelyn!

    This is a good blog, and holds some interesting advice on the subject of fetishes and relationships, although I’m not sure fetishes are too well welcomed here, in rural PA. And word travels fast, so I’ve been reluctant to tell anyone of my hidden desires, although a few trusted friends now know. I was surprised at their openness.

    There was only one thing that shocked me about sex ed in my high school… They actually did teach us that masturbation was normal and healthy, although this got many parents upset with the school.

  2. Nick

    Great blog, Katelyn! I think you’re right on the money with this.

  3. Sheela

    When I read the title I thought the blog would be more along the lines of a fantasy thing, but I read it through it I found that the genuine advice was really well thought out! I related with it pretty well with how Jet and I dealt with the fetish and how I went with it and over time it ultimately became my fetish as well and I found aspects of it that I loved the best. Now it’s part of our every day lives. The things that you listed were basically an outline for how we came to know one another’s fetishes and how we grew around them and thusly, closer to one another.

    I’m sure that this post will help a ton of people that are looking for that someone but don’t know how to go about it. Jet and I’s relationship proves that it works. :>

  4. Spok.

    Oh Katelyn, Katelyn, Katelyn… you have know idea how many times you’ve got me into trouble over the years… theres one thing being open and talking about it and theres, “can i just check my facebook, WHAT IS ALL THIS, YOU SICK FUCK!”

    I’ll be honest. where im from, girls do not like weird shit. and the girls that say they do, when it comes down to it, dont.

    I Dont think the world is ready for us just yet lol

  5. John

    Couldnt agree more w/you blog Katelyn! I loved reading this. It’s nice to read about the fantasy from a female’s perspective who understands the ins and outs. Bobbob, I too am from rural PA and I’ve brought this fantasy up to several girl friends (and girlfriends) over time. It’s not as bad as you’d think haha & I’m glad to see you’ve come clean to some friends. In my experience, girlfriends reacted positively. Since I’m in the majority in that I’m shy w/this fantasy, I was very nervous when admitting my fetish and probably built it up to where she was thinking it was something completely outrageous. When I came clean, almost all were like wow that’s it? This fantasy is harmless (provided you follow the guidelines above that Katelyn brilliantly summarized) and can be fun if you find a girl who is open minded and willing to have fun herself.

  6. Ryan

    Some superb advice.

    I feel doubly concerned personally as while I’m into giantesses too, my passions lean moreso toward shrunken women and male giants (Guess who wants to be one, lol)… It seems as though when it comes to kinks like these, having the girl as the dominant one is a much more normal thing than the guy.

    Hopefully this will help me out in the future if I ever meet that special someone. Thanks!

    Also, in regards to teaching sex, I stumped the teachers of my sex ed class from loooooong ago. I was only 10, and I asked why I got erections from watching people grow or seeing giants/giantesses on TV shows, films and such. Surprisingly I got no odd looks from the class, just some bewildered mumblings from the teachers taking the class. Surprised they never brought it up with me after the lesson to be honest.

  7. Jordan

    Thank you for this Katelyn. I had been wrangling with how to tackle this very subject for a couple of weeks now and this gives me a great starting point. You are awesome!

  8. Dre308

    I really enjoyed reading this blog Katelyn. Yeah alot of this stuff is relationship 101, but people still need to hear it. Guys and Girls need to know that there is nothing wrong with having a giantess fetish. I think any woman that enjoys having here feet messaged, and her toes sucked, would not find this fetish stranged, and if she did, if the guy sold it right, she wouldn’t find it so strnage afterwards.

    Here is some advise fellas; if you are dateing a woman who loves it when you message her feet and suck on her toes, but when you tell her about your giantess fetish she looks at you strangley. Just tell her, while you are still messageing her feet and relaxing her, to her to imagine what it would feel like to have a tiny man use his entire body to message her feet. I guy just a little bit smaller then her foot. Highlight the fact that he would pay careful attention to every inch of her feet and toes, being that he is the same size of her foot and would pay very close attention to her soles. Hitting all those sensual presure points and sending waves of pleasure through out her entire body. Paint the image in her mind of a little man working joiously just to bring her pleasure.

    Fellas if you are anything like me you know the point on a woman’s foot that makes her want to slide her finger into her panties and play with the little man on the boat ;-) have her imagine how it would feel with a little man’s body pressed under her foot while she stands over him flapping away. Before you paint this pictuer in her mind, make sure she is throughly enjoying the foot message, is completely relaxed and some what turned on. Also make sure you are messaging that spot firmly.

    One of two thing is going to happen

    1. she is still going to have question and wants more information about this Giantess fetish… which is good because coomunication alives misunderstanding.

    2. she is going to be so turned on by the thought that you may have just created a giantess girlfriend, who is going to enjoy stepping on her little man right before she fucks his brains out. ;-)

  9. James

    Hi Katelyn
    Great blog explaining about the fetish and how to tell your lover about it, I remember telling my ex girlfriend about my giantess vore fetish fantasy. She humoured me by doing webcam eating but she did think it was weird at the same time.
    I hope my next girlfriend will understand my fetish when the serious and sexual part comes.

  10. Greg Viera

    great blog thats all i can say
    you are amazing keep up the great work <3
    i respect you for making ur dreams come true :)

  11. Jaedon

    I very much agree. I know so many vores who just don’t admit it and I don’t know how they do it.. I mean.. I could possibly hold myself without it but have no reason to! I don’t admit it to my Mom or my Sister.. but other that that I do it as soon as possible, depending on the person, just before sex or soon after.. although, normally it has been soon after as that is a good indication of how open they are.. also evidence that you don’t just fancy them for vore or giantess etc, that you actually find them attractive.

    I’ve had a couple that have rejected me after I told them my fetish and I’m glad I did it real soon. They were nice but not for me and I found that out very soon so wasn’t hurt. ^^

    Great Blog Katelyn. I hope others learn from it and maybe open up before it’s too late.. ofc, if it’s not a too big of a deal.. the fetish I mean.. then.. well it’s your call anyway, hope everyone can be happy with their sexuality.

  12. Bill

    I don’t normally post because to be honest a lot of these comments are a bit strange and a little too worshipy lol.

    But I just wanted to say thanks for the boner killer. No really! while this blog did totally kill the mood it did make me think. And there is nothing wrong with that. I just wanted to come on here to tell you that I just realized that you’re the smartest person I jerk off to online. Not sure how big of a compliment that is. Weird girls I jerk off to probably not very. Just thought you should know.

    Also for men looking for a discrete way to act out their shrink fantasies with their girlfriend try having her sit on your face when you eat her out. My girl certainly doesn’t ask questions when I ask her to do that. And I get a super sexy shrunken pov. Not that I’m ashamed of the fetish. I just don’t feel like explaining it lol.

  13. g

    i like all that you have done for this community. it is strange and weird for others not familiar with it but good for us… happy to see another fellow eurasian being successful… best of luck and i look forward to your future fx works.

  14. megagiant5280

    Great blog, I have nothing else really to add. My question to you would be, would you date a guy who is a giantess or giant couple fan? And if so would that be easier for you or harder?

  15. MarkM

    Hi Katelyn,

    I don’t think it’s just the Giantess part that’s so hard to share with others. It’s also the fact that I have to die in all of my fantasies. That’s the part no one else can understand. I’m not sure I can blame them because I’m not even sure I understand it myself.

    But honestly I don’t mind keeping it a secret. It’s kind of nice to have a secret fantasy and since I’m able to share it with you it completely satisfies me.

    About the only way it could be better is if could really come true one day.

    Oh and I REALLY like the idea of a Holodeck! Wow with a Holodeck maybe I COULD experience my favorite Giantess without having to be ended in real life! Like you said as long as we don’t accidently disengage the safety feature! Cool!

    Love, Mark <3

  16. MarkH

    Hi Katelyn and also Hi to everybody else,

    Thanks for that Blog, I realy enjoyed it :)

    Well, I read most of the comments here and I’ve got to say that it seems that I’ve been lucky two times in my life already. I had the chance to develop my giantess fetish with my first girlfriend and at the time we broke up, I thought it’s never going to be like that again.

    After a few weeks of going on dates with another girl (she’s still my gf right now) and already sharing some intimate moments together I decided to come out … and the weird thing was, she liked it. She told me she always enjoyed to step on small things and to play with them, but it never held anything sexual for her. She tried it and, amazingly to me, was hooked instantly :)

    I can truly understand MarkM, it seems that to die underneath a woman is very final/conclusive event but it took my gf about a year – after we started enjoying the giantess fetish together – to come out and tell me, she’d love it if I could die under/in her. Well, it was still my secret desire at that time too – I’ve not told her because it also seemed a little exceptional to me too. After several long talks about how to make my tiny death fit into our fantasy, we decided that some form of resurrection might do the trick (kind of like respawn in a computer game ;) ) and we still enjoy it that way. It works really well although she still does not understand why I would crawl to her feet and look forward to be crushed.
    To be truly honest, I don’t understand that myself – it seems to me like if a moth enjoys flying into the flame. Well, I guess stranger things have happend in this universe already :)

    Anyway, I now happen to know three giantesses in person and I somehow have the feeling there is way more to this fantasy then meets the eye. I think there are many more out there who like to experiment and I truly hope that the social behavior towards nearly all forms of sexuality becomes more open minded.

    However, I now even forgot what I wanted to say …

    Have a nice day everybody :)

    xoxoxo, Mark

  17. Alex

    I gotta say Katelyn, that was a really fun blog to read. It was all pretty much information I already knew, but it was really neat to get a look from the female perspective! I for one hope to see more blogs like it! ^_^

  18. TheJokezOnYou

    This is very good advice, and very similar to what I’ve given other fetishists out there.
    I -never- get serious in a relationship without letting my partner know what I’m into- it can lead to dishonesty, which is a terrible thing when trust is the foundation of any good relationship.

    Of course, that’s easier for me to say- I’m very open about my fetishes, and have no problem explaining them to others unless I’m in a professional setting.

  19. MarkM

    “Taking Advantage of the Shy Guy”

    Hey………. I’m shy too can I be next!

    Oh wow Katelyn your description for this video is actually a story and and it turned me on like crazy! Usually teeth are scary but you made even being chewed up sound so sexy! Made a willing victim out of me!!! Putting this video on my list for next order!

    Love, Mark <3

  20. Handsome gamer

    Katelyn, I was thinking that maybe once a month you can do a question
    & answer blog. Then when you answer our questions, we ask you more
    questions and you answer them a month later on your next questions &
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    them, this way on the day of the poste you cold just upload the blog
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    vore, so if you don’t mind could you help me out with that, by telling
    me which one got more feet in it and which one is longer. 

    Also, I’m typing this on my PS3 and I doubt I’ll be able to download the comic
    onto this. So basically I’m going to download it in the apple store, I need to know if I’ll be able to save it to a flash drive? An will I be able to downloud it more then once? (in case something goes wrong in the apple store.)

    Plz reply, Goddess Katelyn. :)

  21. The Stig

    I’ll never forget how happy I was when I found this site, I didn’t know that there were other people out there with a Giantess Fetish,

    As it’s never portrayed anywhere, I didn’t know there was one, just that Giantesses turned me on.

    But finding this site was such a relief, it made me realize there were others like me.

    I lead a normal life, Im social with lots of friends, I work as a Comms Technician in the Air Force. So when you say about all kinds of people having this fetish, its definitely true.

  22. Chris

    I told my wife about it and she lets me masturbate over her feet while a tiny figure is between her toes. Once it was even in her butt while I was doing it doggy style with her. Plus when I was away while in the military, she took plenty of pictures of her having her feet with the figure and eating it. :)

  23. jake

    Hey Katelyn, I’ve been a fan for quite some time now, and I must say, this blog is great. I too try and get everything out in the open early on, but it took me awhile to figure that out. But as much as I agreed with the blog itself, it was a little hard to read with all the .gifs right next to it ;)

  24. Greg Viera

    i was just wondering how is the packing going for u. you must be really excited to go to the west coast. what are your thoughts of leaving to a new home?

  25. Corsair

    Thank you very much for this blog Katelyn!

    Concerning your no.1 point I’m very glad you mention this. OK, maybe this has no connection with dating, but I’m just getting tired of seeing people on GTS discussions boards writing “I have this type of personality, any other people like me?” They immediately draw connection between their personality and their fetish and think everyone else in the community have similar personalities. I’m very glad you’ve set the record straight.

    But back on the dating subject, I never had the courage to talk about this fetish to previous partners. It terrified me so much. But now with all your tricks you just gave, it makes me believe it’s possible and not the end of the world after all. In fact, I plan on telling my next girlfriend I realize it might be more healthy in the end. The only problem is I haven’t had a girlfriend for a couple of years and I kind of lost confidence in myself and this is starting to get me down. I need to do some work on myself and get back in the dating game. But thanks for your encouraging words, yes I’ve got to start believing once again there’s a giantess out there for me.

    P.S. One of the best advice you gave for me I think is the part where you say not to overload your partner with too much information the first time you talk about it. That’s probably a mistake I would have made, trying to explain everything at once! Thank you! xxx

  26. alex

    Hey Katelyn, thanks for this post. I’ve scratched the surface of this fetish with past girlfriends, but have never found the right way to fully get the sexual gratification that I’d like (partly why those past relationships didn’t work). This post, I feel, has really helped me find a new angle and approach to dating someone who may have no knowledge of this particular fantasy. So thank you!

  27. lovemytinyman

    Thank you so much for this blog and I couldn’t agree more my boyfriend has a huge vore fetish and he hid it from me for months. I stumbled across his youtube page looking for a video he recorded to post to facebook and found hundreds of vore and mouth videos…I had never seen anything like this. Initially I was a little freaked out, but I was more upset he had this elaborate fantasy that he wasn’t letting me be a part of. So I tip toed around it a bit… ate gummybears with my head in his lap, licked him all over, still he wasn’t budging so outta sexual frustration I confronted him…. gently…kind of ;) and asked how I could make this more real for him, together. Of course he still loves watching you ;) but now I can truly turn him on like no woman in real life ever has! Its so sexy and empowering! I love to have him feed me gummybears, I nicknamed cinnamon bears after him since that is the size he wants to be lol. So now when I send him dirty pictures Ijust open wide and tell him how I want him in my mouth… and truly though this isn’t my fantasy it has become something that really turns me on! I would love for him to be a little tiny man I could play with! Sadly he still gets squirmy when I talk to him about it, I wish he believed me when I tell him I find it sexy too! I am the first person to ever know this is his fetish and he is over 30, so I am the first woman to ever let him explore her mouth and call him a little man and give him what he wants… So men out there, please dont shy away from telling the women you love your fantasies…. we want to make them come true! And if a woman doesn’t accept you for the perfect little tiny man you are, she doesnt deserve you in the first place! And dont be squirmy if she teases you about it, I find it cute and erotic and the right girl for you will too! By the way Katelyn we reside in Tacoma, please dont steal my tiny man lol you are his ideal goddess ;) Thanks again for the encouraging words!

  28. Gato

    These blog is so sweet, I think everyone can get some good advice about it. I’m very open about my fetish, all my friends know and I usually post a giantess pic from time to time on my Facebook. I seldom joke about it but often encourage it. I’m very outgoing, but slow to warm – so I’m shy at first. Unfortunately, I keep the stigma that my giantess is not out there, even if she is the “weird” vibe from most men with the fetish scaring women off by being too persistent makes it hard to search. I’m not 100% submissive, I’m definitely 50/50 and yes, I’ve had a girlfriend turn into a giantess. Amazingly enough she was against foot fetish, but loved me enough to start loving her feet worshiped. Switching Sub/dom roles is the best part of a relationship. Change is the spice of life.

    My advice is, don’t beg for attention. Be social and find that out going person. You should be able to live with a woman you care about and don’t need her to be your giantess. Don’t expect it, but enjoy it when it does happen.

  29. plume

    Great essay Katelyn. Sexuality is to be enjoyed! So how do we best play out these scenarios?

  30. Hellkat1026

    Katelyn, thank you for all the information in this blog. My ex has this fetish, and he and I talked about it. I didn’t really get much information on it from him. I am starting to believe that I actually do like the giantess fantasy! I just wish that I wasn’t so shy about verbalizing with him. He and I are still friends….who knows….maybe we can work something out now that I understand it better!

  31. kristina

    Thank you so much for this, and for your blog and site in general. I’ve been browsing it for a few days, and I am really grateful to see so much serous discussion about this here, like I can’t really find anywhere else. I really appreciate all of it–especially that you’re open about being bisexual, and I’m a bisexual girl who’s into being a tiny to both genders, especially females. And, as this is the first time I’ve posted/made contact, I’d just like to say–though I know you get so bombarded with posts and emails and asks that you’ll probably not see this for a while or respond, but still–I think you’re an absolutely beautiful goddess, and I get woozy thinking about being trapped by you, or your mouth or your beautiful breasts or your immaculate toes or any part of your immensely powerful and wonderful body you’d grant me the honor of being consumed by. Thank you.

  32. IceBoundLegend

    I wanted to say thank you so much for this blog its helped me a lot with understanding how to go about talking about my giantess fetish but i do have one question where would your recommend trying to find a girl like you cause every where i look it’s seem there’s no women who like the feeling of power and like you said society messed up in telling woman its not ok to have that feeling of power which i think is stupid they should have all the power but i’m getting ahead of my self so if you know where i should start looking your help would be very much appreciated thank you for you time and have a wonderful day :)

  33. Bob

    I like the giantess thing. But I’m more into the shrunken women. Some of my friends and even family know I like women the size of Barbie Dolls. I also took pictures of them posing as little women being grabbed. One of them asked me to post those pictures online but I said no because once posted it is there forever. Human sexuality is a gift. We all have the right to indulge, but I never or ever force anyone to do anything. In my life, no means no.

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