Answering more Giantess Questions!

Answering more Giantess Questions!

My Giantess Q&A is back again and this time picking up where we last left off. :woot: Previously in my Q&A I had asked for questions I could use in future blogs- and it wasn’t before long that this Giantess was totally overwhelmed with them! So here finally is the much anticipated Part 2 with answers to even more of your personal questions.

If you don’t see your question here, you can expect it as an individual blog topic some day or it will be included in Part 3 of this series (I have 30 more questions left after this!). ^^

Jonathon asked: Whenever it comes to shrunk pets you prefer to keep around where do you prefer to carry them? Is it on your person or in an item such as a purse? Going a bit beyond that question though where on your person do you prefer to carry your little ones? I suppose that one might be size related though. After all it’d be far more viable for you to carry a one inch guy in between your toes or tucked against your lower lips then then an eight inch tall one.

Depends on size! A purse is a great place to keep shrunken people- but the fact that my tampons or makeup might kill them as they go bouncing around isn’t nearly as fun. No Giantess likes to arrive home with her panties wet from a good day’s catch only to find her pets splattered all over the inside of her purse! So when it comes to small bug-men, sometimes keeping them closer to my dangerous body is more ideal. Shoes work, but you have to keep them in front of your toes and in a shoe with enough space up there. This also provides a wonderful opportunity to play with my pets by grabbing them with my toes and pulling them under. Perfect for waiting in lines, restaurants, and any time where you have to wait and need a fun game to pass the time.

For more intimate situations and… possibly safer… shrunken transportation, panties work extremely well. Keeping them snug against my pussy allows me to feel exactly how much pressure they are under and where they are located. Obviously however, I run the risk of drowning them. And possibly fingering them into me. Honestly, there are very few places where they are safe. O_o

Boobs just don’t work unless the guy is an inch or two. The pressure from my cleavage tends to crush and smother anything smaller. And on days I move my pets around in my boobs I can’t wear anything revealing or else I risk giving them away! Keeping them on my nipple works too and can be very teasing and pleasurable. But I have to wear a thicker bra to hide the… movements… of my detainee. If I’m not wearing a bra at all my nipples stick right through my shirt and the little guy runs the risk of falling between my bouncing cleavage, down my stomach and then who knows where. (Panties, if they are lucky! Under my feet… if not.)

The mouth is a good option for sneaking them from somewhere. However you can’t talk with them in there and if you treat them like a piece of gum they break rather quickly! Mouth is the final option when you can’t get them into anything else. It’s extremely risky and the urge to swallow or toy with them until they pop is just too great.

In other words: Hope for the best, because wherever you go you are in serious danger. Panties are the safest… until I get home.

Joey asked: I liked one of your previous blogs about the morality of the fetish. I am curious though, do you think that morality changes at all if the shrunken man consents?

Sure! If a shrunken man consents that changes things a little I think. However, in most cases there would probably still be a safe word he could use when I get a little too rough. (That I… hopefully wouldn’t ignore in the heat of the moment…)

Joey asked: Why is it that you never go on giantess chat rooms, like Too busy?

Yes! I can’t even begin to tell you how busy I am. I would absolutely love to be on my webcam everyday or in various chat rooms playing with shrunken toys but ultimately I never have enough time to do so. :cry: Between managing my site, preparing and then filming videos, programming features and sites, designing, contacting models, planning with artists, cleaning, editing, and tons of other things keep me extremely busy and I don’t have the option of going out of my rather strict schedule if I want to meet all of my goals and grow into a REAL Giantess in a movie anytime soon. I work about 12 hours or more everyday. By the time I finally stop working I am only a few hours short of passing out. I *hope* it will eventually slow down and I can do more casual fun, but my passion tends to get me into all sorts of complicated projects that take ridiculous amounts of time. :)

Joey asked: What is your earliest giantess fantasy that you can recall?

My very first Giantess experience I can remember was after watching a Tom and Jerry cartoon when I was 4 or so. For some reason I thought the whole thing (Tom eating Jerry) was so interesting, so- exciting!! I wanted to eat Jerry too! In fact, anything smaller than me was my prey! It started out very much games of cat and mouse. I’d watch the cartoon and become so excited I’d end up playing “cat and mouse” all day XD Or when possible I’d convince my friends to play it with me… You could almost say I was a macrofur (furry giantess fetish) first, which explains why I still consider a furry giantess to be as good as a human giantess to this day.

It wasn’t until Elementary school did humans replace the mouse and bugs in my fantasies. I always found cities and big buildings filled with people to be so… sexual. While I’m embarrassed to say it, I could barely watch bloody horror movies because of how horny and sexual they made me feel. From there it quickly escalated to me fantasizing about putting my foot through the roof of the school during pep rallies or gym class and forcing all of the students and teachers to please and serve me or my goth boots. Putting my foot through the school roof and squishing a class was one of my favorites as was doing naughty things with buses :3 Ooo! That and crushing students while they were still sitting in their desks! Desks look so crush-able…

Joey asked: Do you think that most women would be turned off by the fetish or do you think they’d be more likely to be neutral or on the flip side turned on?

I think most women are probably neutral to it and in most cases fascinated by it. They’ll be mentally interested as you explain it- after all it is such an odd fetish they can only be curious or intrigued about it! If they have a foot fetish or dominatrix fetish they will understand it much better and will most likely be turned on by it. But on average I think most girls are just going to be curious and neutral to it. It’s very much like trying to explain to someone who has never even had a thought more about cars why you are a car fanatic and love cars so much. They’ll be interested and curious about what it is you love about them, but they won’t understand the exact emotions or true beauty behind it.

However!! If you are telling a date or a girlfriend, they are naturally going to want to know everything about you because they are emotionally and sexually interested in you! They will want to be interested in the things you are interested in. In this case I think women (aside from extremely sexually submissive women or women who are not sexually open- but you never know) will want to indulge in your fantasies and play around with you. They even may find themselves turned on by it! (If only from pleasing you) You never know. The best way is to TALK about it. Seriously! If a girl can’t accept you for who you are – fetish and all – she’s not the right girl for you. The fetish brings a ridiculous amount of happiness and it’s silly to leave it out of your love life especially as you can’t control it.

Joey asked: What’s the sex appeal of power to you?

I just love power. I love feeling in control. I love dominating over life and death. For whatever reason – the same reason you love to be crushed, eaten, and dominated- I love being a Giantess! It’s all about taking and giving pleasure how I want it and when I want it. Power over others (especially in cases of size differences) and the reactions I get from those under my power gets my pussy wetter faster than anything else.

Joey asked: Why did you choose to follow this career path? What do you hope to do in the future?

It was definitely an accident. :lol: Originally I started up my site as just a fun little hobby to vent my built up sexuality on. I had all of three collages and figured it’d be really awesome to have my own site where I could be worshiped (By all of 2 tiny people? I had absolutely no idea) and I could create an online temple to my fetish. I then decided to experiment with videos – mainly because I wasn’t sexually pleased with what was currently out there and felt there was a real lack of emotion and understanding of the actual fetish in produced films. I was terrible at first (not being a model or actress or editor) but I was determined to learn! I started to produce FX movies and REALLY got into them. I wanted to do TONS of them! But all of this was cutting into my job and further education. Eventually my site grew so big I had to chose between a job / more school or working on my site full time and starving for a few years. I chose my passion, even though it wasn’t the easiest, because it was the path that made me the happiest at heart. In other words I followed my heart and pussy. ^^

For the future… Giantess FX movies!! The real deal. (You should start seeing the results of this goal in just a few short months) I’d love to have a full production company someday that makes REAL Giantess movies with top of the line special effects. I want to build and design sites that improve the quality and realism of this fetish and make it easier for people to share artwork. I want to empower the artists of the community and allow them to invest more time into their fetish and art like I have. I want nothing more than to bring my fetish to life in anyway I can. That’s what I see for the future.

Joey asked: Why do you think that people develop fetishes?

I definitely want to go into this further in another blog post someday. In short, I think it may be a mix of genetics (maybe a predisposition to fetishes) and nurture. My heavy metal, horror movie loving mother was extremely dominate while growing up and I can easily see how I picked that up from her sexually. Who knows what childhood experiences (Maybe even Tom and Jerry! And I really think having my mom constantly watching horror movies every night when I was really really young may have had something to do with it…) could have triggered the various fetishes in me. It’s probably a very complex set of nurture with a dash of genetics. (Perhaps even left over from evolution!) Trust me, I wish I understood it better!

Joey asked: If I were to meet you in real life would you think differently of me, knowing that my ultimate fantasy would be to slide down your throat into your stomach, than someone who didn’t have that fetish?

Definitely! It’s like meeting someone who understands you. Most guys I look at I know they don’t (and wouldn’t) understand my feelings or sexuality naturally. But when running into someone with the fetish, it’s like running into the only other straight person in the world! XD Unlike normal guys, I can’t tease them about swallowing them or crushing them- it does nothing for them. But with shrunken men, I can tease all I want and I know they love it… or fear it. ;) So yes, you’d be picked on and teased relentlessly as my little real life toy.

Joey asked: Are you a religious person? What’s your opinion on the sacrilegious nature of the fetish, i.e Goddess Katelyn?

I’m not a religious person at all. I’m a science kind of girl. Humanist may best describe me? When I use the term Goddess- I very much refer to it as the position I have over those around me. When I’m a mile tall, I’m a fucking Goddess. I could wipe all of you out in a few twists of my toes. You can look at me spiritually if you want, but it’s the fact I have such an incredible power over you that makes me a Goddess. If I want to be worshiped for it, I will! If I demand a religion set up to worship my new found power and fuel my feminine ego, you’ll do it! But do I view myself on a regular day basis as some spiritual Goddess? Nah. I’m a level headed, rational, logical, reason minded girl. It’s all about power, and not so much spirituality or religious magics. Hopefully this makes sense!

In terms of my fans’ various religions- they can believe whatever they wish to believe and follow whoever they like. Even me if they wish! This site and fetish is open to everyone who accepts and loves it.

unkown asked: If you could eat anyone in the world who would it be and why?

Right now? You. Yes, you, the person reading this sentence right now. I would want to eat YOU! I can’t tell you enough how serious I am about wanting to actually eat you. Your life would be in serious danger if I had a way to code into my website the ability to remote shrink you based on your IP address and teleport you onto my desk. *Starts to search for a PHP function that will do just that… or maybe I’d be better off using Python or Ruby*

unkown asked: Do boys taste better or do girls?(to eat) – and – K-man asked: Yeah, why do you eat your shrunken men?

I definitely want to go into a full blog topic on this someday! Each gender has their ups and downs. For example, I love to eat girls because they really SCREAM! Ooo, and cry! :3 Their fear and tears are 100 times more delicious than men! :woot: Also men fight back more where as a girl I can practically rape over and over with my tongue and they will do nothing but cry and tremble. It’s a wonderfully pathetic showing of how submissive some women can really be. (There are fighters too though O_o) However women aren’t nearly as filling and break rather easy. Men on the other hand, they last MUCH longer and have this wonderful little thing that pokes my tongue in all sorts of wonderful places. They also have a cream center! At least, if you play with them in your mouth long enough and know the right spots to rub with your tongue! Men are also ever so slightly more sexually erotic to eat. Knowing I’ve got a cock and all those muscles in my mouth and how long they will last really turns me on. And if you make a guy afraid for his life- now that’s really something!

In short, men for their erotic nature to eat and cream filling. But girls are an -extremely- close second and there are many days I prefer them over men. ^^

unkown asked: Will we ever see another fx film?!!!!

Of course!!! Within the next few months at least. I just haven’t had the time (I spent the last year building my new website and working with artists) to make a new FX movie although I am dying sexually inside to make one!!! I want nothing more than to work on FX movies again T_T But I have one last project (Giantessbooru) before I can get back to FX work. When Giantessbooru is done, I will begin work on my next FX movie. If anyone is interested in helping finish Giantessbooru faster for me… I may have some info later this week for you…

K-man asked: Second question, have you thought about being a mad scientist who shrinks people?

Totally! It’s one of my top fantasies to be a scientist with the power to shrink! You can expect an FX movie on it for sure!

Curious asked: [Some amazing questions]

Curious, your questions are really, really great. So great, in fact, that I am saving them all for future in depth Q&A blogs where they will get their very own discussions. Thank you!! Since you might be a little sad I can’t answer them now, I shall answer at least one of yours…

Curious asked: Okay, this one’s a little odd: Say you were trying to invent a shrinking technology, and you accidentally ended up making an exact duplicate of yourself (physically and mentally) instead. Would you have sex with her, or would that be too weird? What if she was tiny? In short: given the opportunity, would you have sex with yourself? What about an opposite-sex version of yourself?

Sure, why not?! :D Since she’s not consciously me (as in, the exact atomic makeup as I am- but a duplicate of those atoms and we don’t have a shared consciousness) she is totally fair game! Although she might think the same thing about me! O_O Having sex with myself would be interesting but an experience I definitely wouldn’t pass up! And yes, I would shrink her. All that power… reduced to a bug! Strange as that is… but it’d get me wet for sure.

As for a gender bended version of myself… I’d do it- both shrink and fuck, maybe even at the same time! Experimenting sexually is one of my favorite things to do and I think my clone would agree with me on that.

Greg asked: If you can have any power besides growing in to a giantess or shrinking people what would you love to have?

Invincibility or at least extreme invulnerability :) An invincible Giantess is clearly not something you would want to mess with… all the more reason for the Goddess status!

Greg asked: What was the longest time you have gone on thinking about scenarios for your tiny little fans?

Midnight Goddess took about two to three weeks to plan and prepare for. That’s probably not even my longest- there are some scenarios where I play and plot them out for days or even months on and off until I have something I really like. I rarely if ever make up some random scenarios- I always try to put a great deal of thought and sexuality into each of my videos. Sometimes it works out great and others I feel I could have done even better. Quality and sexual pleasure means everything to me.

Greg asked: Your feet look so perfect do you do your own pedicures or do u get them done professionally?

My finger nails I get done professionally, but my toe nails I do myself. I do my own toenails because I rock at pedicures and I really can’t trust anyone else to do a good job with my lovely toes!

Greg asked: What actor and actress would u want shrunken at your mercy?

Actor- Ryan Phillippe or Robert Pattinson. Actress- Kristen Stewart or Angelina Jolie. Robert and Kristen would be great because they are a couple and hearing them scream and try to save each other would be fun. (“Where’s your fucking vampire powers now, dildo! I don’t think you can save her this time!”) Or maybe even Jenna Jamenson. I bet she’d be a good pussy slave!

Greg asked: What giantess themed sport would you love to play? And if you can have any sport team shrunken at your mercy what team would it be?

If it were me and a bunch of mega Giantess friends, it would be “Who can crush the most gray crystals under our feet!” or “Who can fit the most people in their mouth and still swallow!” If we we had to play a already existing sport only Giantess sized it would be Soccer (Football for non-US tinies). Running around crushing things and diving for the ball sounds like a ton of fun. I’m sure there would be penalties all over the place and it’d turn into a contact sport though…

As for a team I’d like to shrink- I’d probably pick the New York Giants for the irony! XD And because New York is a wonderful place to be a Giantess in <3

Greg asked: What is your most desired city to be a Giantess in?

New York. It’s so BUSY and filled with people! However, when I know it’s cold as fuck out I like to fantasize about warmer cities, like LA or San Fransisco. I don’t want to be shivering while I’m bringing about the destruction of a city!

Greg asked: What would be the ideal giantess themed wedding for u?

Marrying a normal sized guy with myself as a Giantess? I’d say having a wedding on the Hawaii islands. The warm breezes… beautiful ocean… trapped islanders pampering my feet… a city out on the ocean stranded and helpless to do as I wish with… plenty of warm and romantic hotels to fuck with my fiance inside… Mmmmm…. wonderful. ^^

Anonymous giant asked: As far as I can tell from the minumum exposure I had [to this community], it [the giantess fetish] is supposed to be only for girls and the guys want to be dominated and crushed themselves but I have the same mentality as you and Im very confused about this and kind of about the fetish in general.

Not at all! There are tons of guys who are into being Giants. In fact it seems to be becoming more and more prevalent as the communities mix a little. There are several sites out there (coiled fist to name one) where guys enjoy being the big ones. In fact, it seems WAY more common for guys to have a giant fetish than for girls to be Giantesses. (Or at least, the girls with the giantess fetish are shy, embarrassed, or raised not to be sexually open or to be ashamed of sexual differences (an obvious product of our rather sexist and product of the Victorian era Mr. Kellogg-can-go-fuck-himself-sex-is-a-taboo society), or simply they don’t want a thousand or so guys messaging them.) So understand that you have a mix of the Giantess fetish and Giant fetish. But that doesn’t mean you are gay or even bi!!! It means you have a dominate fetish like myself- nothing more or less. Power fetishes are strange like that! I love watching other Giantesses too, but that doesn’t mean I’m gay. (Although I am very much bi, but I prefer cock :3) So don’t worry so much- find what you like and enjoy it! ^_^ Loving dominance or loving submissiveness is just a part of sexuality as a whole.

Kisuke Urahara asked: Say a couple years from now you have a daughter (Age 18 at the moment) and she starts to show signs or interest in the whole Giantess Fetish like you were and are now, would you ease her way into the fetish and teach her the different varities when it comes to it, or would you let her discover it on her own?

Well, she’s definitely going to grow up around it – it is my job after all – but that’s not a bad thing at all. I’m very much a tell-kids-the-truth and talk about sexuality at a young age rather than hide it and suddenly hit them with it when they hit puberty.  I won’t care what she ends up with! She could be normal, or have a fetish, it makes no difference I’d be happy and love her just the same. It would be who she is! =) If she did end up with the Giantess fetish (or any sexuality for that matter) I would do my best to help her and teach her about it so that she understands it better. This way learning to live with the fetish wouldn’t be as rough as it was for us who grew up totally isolated from sexuality and fetishes and had to discover and understand it on our own.

Kisuke Urahara asked: How long do you think you’ll be posting pictures, blogs, and videos on this website?

As long as people buy my work and I can support my efforts financially, I’ll go for as long as I can and try to out do myself every year. When I get too old to model I’ll continue to play a part and make it work somehow with younger models. The Giantess fetish is very much my life and my life’s work. I love it and want to be a part of it forever!

Kisuke Urahara asked: What would you do as a goddess (being able to make anything you want happen) if you were so big the world looked like a spec of dust between your toes? Only condition being you can’t change the size of your body, but can instead inhabit other bodies or make bodies (even clones of yourself) and channel your powers through them as well (even to change size since your primary body can’t).

Strange but cool! With me stuck on Earth I presume, that makes things complicated. Crushing the earth would kill myself! So… I’d have to be very careful with that tiny spec of dust… However If my clone were a bit smaller (mega giantess rather than giga giantess) I would totally hide somewhere and channel my power into having some fun with a far off city! XD Or even a city close by so that I could watch all of the delicious destruction I’d be causing!!!!! Maybe while even fucking someone… that would be sweet :3

BugFromBrazil asked: Hey, it might look silly, but do you fantasize with more unusual forms of giantess? You see, when we look form giantess art in the net (especially DeviantArt) we see a lot of human giantess art, but also a lot of mystical creatures, like nagas, driads, catgirls… Search for Karbo’s gallery in Deviantart, he’s a good example. So, did you ever dream of being some “monster giantess”, and if you did, may you describe your fantasy? xD

Sure I do! Karbo and I are good friends!! :D I really love his work and if you haven’t already you should definitely check out his latest Felarya Tome!

I often have fantasies where I’m a monster or furry. In fact I grew up wanting to be a big kitty human! (See the answer to the question “What was your earliest fantasy” above) In fact, the incredible furry artist Cougr is currently helping bring my furry fantasies to life!!!

Furry Giantess Katelyn 1 - Cougr

Furry Giantess Katelyn 2 - Cougr

paddy-joe asked: I know you have said that you are bi-sexual but do you get turned on by male giants?

Yes, I do! But it’s very much a couples thing- I like there to be a Giantess involved too. I’ve fantasized countless times of being a Giantess getting fucked by a fellow Giant in a city! (Especially when furry is involved for some reason- genders don’t seem to matter as much) I tend to keep these fantasies to myself however, although I might go into them on my blog further sometime, maybe even in its own blog post. The reason I keep to myself in this one area is because not everyone likes the idea of male giants- many people simply don’t like even the slightest idea of a male Giant. Because of this I tend to just talk about my Giantess fantasies rather than my Giant fucking fantasies. However, I’ll definitely have more couples content in the future, at least in the area of comics and maybe a few stories!

That’s all the questions for now. I still have well over 30 questions left, so this series shall continue in the coming weeks. Thanks so much everyone!! I loved reading and answering them! ^^


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  1. Kisuke Urahara

    Wow, the last question from me sounded like someone else typed that question!…I think someone else did ask that question, unless I was going through a smart phase and passed out from the brilliance of that question. lol

  2. EJ

    Thanks for putting so much time into your Q&A. It was a lot of good reading material and even had to stop muti-tasking to put 100% my attention into this. We can only hope one day technology makes all our hopes possible *crosses fingers* ;)

  3. EJ

    The worst part of this blog… the end =*(. Nothing more to read!

  4. MisterBubbles

    Well I missed the boat on asking questions for this round… but I am wondering, do you enjoy displaying your body? I am certain no one here will argue its magnificence :) but have you ever worried that someone you know may stumble across your site?

  5. Greg Viera

    awwwe!!!!!!!!!! i love this post <3 <3
    my questions have been answered <3 this is my last 2 weeks of the fall i am in desserts now. a big update is at hand <3

  6. Greg Viera

    “unkown asked: If you could eat anyone in the world who would it be and why?

    Right now? You. Yes, you, the person reading this sentence right now. I would want to eat YOU! I can’t tell you enough how serious I am about wanting to actually eat you. Your life would be in serious danger if I had a way to code into my website the ability to remote shrink you based on your IP address and teleport you onto my desk. *Starts to search for a PHP function that will do just that… or maybe I’d be better off using Python or Ruby*”

    omg i cant tell u how much i love this answer <3
    ur holiday gift is being prepared <3
    a thanksgiving poem is on its way for u <3

  7. MarkM

    Wow all your answers are such a turn on Goddess Katelyn!

    Ok – It’s scary but I think if your out secretly shrinking people I want to be the one hidden and stored in your panties! Be like in heaven for me! I’d do my best to survive until you get home! After that all bets are off though huh. As you said I’d be in serious danger. So exhilarating though!

    With Love,

  8. MarkM

    Greg I loved that answer too! Gosh if that could come true I’d send her my IP she wouldn’t even have to find it. Here I am I’m ready.

    But yeah I guess I’d freak if it really happened. lol

    Hey Greg if you see this can you tell me how to make the Love Hearts?


  9. Alex

    I love reading your blog posts, but especially the Q&A’s! It’s a wonderful chance to dig deeper into the brilliant mind that is Goddess Katelyn! I really enjoy the concept of giant couples, including being the giant or a tiny with a couple, so it would be awesome to see some blog posts, comics, and even stories about this! Please make this a reality! :)

  10. Destorarc

    Would be awesome if you had an account on for the macro furry stuff so I could watch you there =3

  11. Greg Viera

    @ MarkM
    its < + 3 = <3
    its how u make a heart with ur pc keyboard

  12. Greg Viera

    im ready as well she can have me anytime she wants
    we all belong to her after all <3 <3

  13. paddy-joe

    wow wow wow loved it all but it gave me a buzz to see you ansring my questing lol and i love the fantasy of you and you goddess friends 2Running around crushing things and diving for the ball sounds like a ton of fun. I’m sure there would be penalties all over the place and it’d turn into a contact sport though…” just ingen if i was on the team playing you. i wood go out like “so we are playing a bunch of girls …. o shit” lol so hot thanks agen goddess you are an inspiration to me

  14. Wishfulmeme

    It would be great if Jade participated in Bug-vore,

  15. MarkM

    Thanks Greg! An yeah your right we all belong to Katelyn huh! I couldn’t be happier about it and can’t think of a better owner in the whole world! We are so lucky!

    Thanks again!

  16. Joey

    Thanks for answering my questions, Goddess! I want to say I feel like a kid in a candy store. Realizing however, that this is a fetish website, I think a better metaphor is: I feel like a pet at your toes.

  17. MegaGiant5280

    I would love to hear about your giant couple fantasies sometime! I think that would be fantastic!

    As for the Giant who asked the question about being gay or bi cause you want to be a giant, that’s just wrong. I prefer to be a giant yet love giantess like Katelyn mainly cause I’d want her with me destroying cities. Being a giant is cool. Don’t think something is wrong with you cause you want to be big and bad and not stepped on by Katelyn’s sexy feet. In fact Id love to lick her feet after she’s crushed a city or two :)~

  18. Star Trek F...

    If you are still answering questions, I have one for you. I recall you said you were a fan of Star Trek Voyager. If you were the captain of the ship and you came across a planet inhabited by a civilization of sentient humans the size of fleas, what would you do with them?

    Would you attempt to contact them peacefully the way the Federation requires, or since this is the Delta Quadrant with no Federation for millions of light years would you seize the opportunity and kill off millions or even billions of them to satisfy your own personal desires?

    Would you go so far as to exterminate the entire species underneath you and inside of your digestive system, or would you leave some of them alive to rebuild their devastated planet.

    Would you transport one of their cities up to the ship and keep a few million of them for your own personal enjoyment and allow them to breed so that you would have a never ending supply of slaves to torment on that long journey back to the Alpha Quadrant?

  19. MarkM

    Star Trek F… that’s a good question. Or a plant with tiny peoples too! Wonder what Captian Katelyn would do?

    Speaking of StarTrek did anyone else besides me have the hugest crush on that irisistabile Green Female Alien? Remember, the one that no one could resist. I wanted her like crazy!

    Had a crush on Seven of Nine too. lol

    No crush’s like the one I have for our Goddess Katelyn though! <3

  20. Jonathon

    That was a nicely detailed answer. Thanks for taking the time to write a detailed response. I wonder what tips someone who had traveled in a giantess’s panties before might give those who are new to the environment as far as survival goes.

  21. Bob

    When will you start the anal vore

  22. Kim

    It´s a great fantasy, the giantess universe, but you saying that you are close to faint out after a 12 hour workday I don´t think is healthy.

    I can get so exied about the fetish that I sometimes can roleplay in a GTS chat with giantesses for a whole night and after a night with that I am fully exausted and need a break from the GTS universe not to burn out.

    No doubt that a giantess roleplay where I am actually in contact with a ” giantess” for real is an uniq exsperience everytime so I recommend roleplaying in a GTS chat for you too if you get the time for it sometime.

    You are gorgous as a person and a giantess but remember your health, don´t work too hard and be sure to get enough sleep.

    To me it´s kind of heartbreaking if you burn out to satisfie the GTS needs of different men.

    I hope you don´t let tinies push you to make videos and pictures.

    You are in charge and to me it is only an honour to be allowed to wait for a giantess, staying kneeled awaiting her arrival.

    Take care of yourself.



  23. dreccht

    What about a video of you or one of your girls stepping on ants? The FX videos are cool, but ants are real and I’d happily be an ant near you if I could.

  24. dan

    can you record your stomach gurgling while it digests

  25. mike

    I always wanted to be eaten and live inside a giantess stomach is that weird at all

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