My Giantess-Sized Sexuality

My Giantess-Sized Sexuality

Today I’ve got a fairly deep Q&A for you little humans to enjoy, sent in by a curious fan. Instead of his question focusing on the fantasy aspect of the fetish, the question involves the real life implications of having a strange (ok, Bizarre!) fetish that most people keep quietly hidden from the rest of the world.

Most macrophiles are incredibly secretive about their fetish. They don’t tell family, they don’t tell non-macrophile friends, and they certainly don’t tell strangers. Normally, they only share this deep secret with other macrophiles, and that’s rarely face-to-face. But you seem to have become somewhat of an Internet diva, putting videos and pictures of yourself on the Internet, and even allowing yourself to be interviewed in a magazine! You must understand that though this isn’t unheard of, your level of fame makes you stand out. I’d go so far as to say that you just may be the world’s most famous macrophile.

Really, my question is this: do you, or did you once, feel any sense of embarrassment, or a desire to hide your fetish? I am not saying there’s anything wrong with it, just that most of us feel an urge to hide it. Even very outgoing people like myself aren’t very open about their macrophilia, but you seem to be, well, proud of it. While I’m sure you get some cash flow from your videos, what made you want to broadcast your fetish to the world? Do you just not feel the same embarrassment everyone else does? Or have you just conquered it?

Ever since I was little, I have loved all things sexual. To me sexuality has always been something to treasure- sexuality is fun, relaxing, invigorating, refreshing, fulfilling… it is my view that one’s sexuality is something to be proud of and indulge in! How many other things in this world can bring such a personal level of happiness and calm, regardless of one’s place in the world? Not many! So why as a society do we look down upon the most human and natural aspects of ourselves, sexuality? We shouldn’t! It’s the result of stupid people from a very stupid time period in history which continues to take grasp on the stupid majority of people today. All in all, widespread ignorance and poor parenting contributed to making sexuality, a truly wonderful human thing, a taboo and embarrassing subject. I have always rebelled against that due to my love for all things sexual, my nerdy knowledge of sexuality (I loved learning about it) and probably most importantly, because of my mom and how she raised me.

When I was a child, around the age of 4, my sexuality started to develop like any other normal human being (Well, normal except for the whole fetish part). My mother attempted to hide all things sexual from me as I grew up, despite the fact that she was (and… still is) a stripper and that she had plenty of boyfriends, porn, and loud sex only one room down the hallway. However I was NOT allowed to wear thongs, have boys over, play with myself, look at porn, or anything sexual even into my late teens with the only reason being “Because I said so”. (Which is by far, the shittiest response a parent can give a thinking, learning, logical child) So what did I do? I wore thongs, had boys over (and fucked their hard cocks!), played with myself, looked at porn (and made porn myself! but uh… I got in BIG trouble for that) and everything else she didn’t want me to do. In my heart I felt that she was wrong about the world, wrong that sexuality was something to hide or be ashamed of. In my heart I felt that sexuality was something awesome, something to be expressed, something to take pleasure in. And most of all, I LOVED bringing pleasure to other people. I wanted nothing more than to put sexuality out in the open. I dreamed about becoming a porn star someday. However, I didn’t actually consider it a thing to do and so instead I went to college and became a computer specialist. Nerd at heart. =P

In terms of Macrophilia, throughout childhood I started to notice that I was a little different. Right from age four I knew that I enjoyed being powerful and I often had my friends play as my “pets” who I sometimes pretended to shrink “Honey I shrunk the kids” style. Bugs fascinated me. I enjoyed feeling things under my feet. I liked how women’s feet looked. (I’m bi btw!) By my early teens I found that bugs were… extremely enjoyable to play with. And that blood was somehow sexy. I used to cum to horror movies. In high school I was constantly day dreaming about swallowing my High school crushes alive (A fantasy I’ve now had the pleasure of playing out), putting my sole through the roof the school during gym, and inserting school buses deep inside my pussy. It started to dawn on me that I was a little different by this time but I didn’t know how different or why. I felt that I was pretty normal, and I really enjoyed sex and fucking, so I must be normal. I learned about the foot fetish (and furry fetish) and I thought I had them. It wasn’t until a horny midnight Google search for “Giantess” that I realized who I REALLY was. That was when it all CLICKED :woot:

Was I embarrassed? At first, yes, totally. But I was more overwhelmed than anything. I had found my identity, my lost sexuality. I spent the first few days just trembling and cumming. After the initial sexual shock, I realized I wanted to express this sexuality somehow, just as I had expressed my sexuality my entire life, but I wasn’t sure how to do it. This was a fetish that was almost impossible to express physically… it had to be done artistically. And so, with 2 measly collages, I started up my website. A website to bring the joys of sexuality to not only myself, but maybe to the few people who shared my odd tastes and wanted to virtually worship me (I was hoping on, like 1 or 2, lol). Soon after, my site exploded and quickly took up all of my free time… and then all of my working time… and now… all of my time period. And I love it. I’m finally doing something that not only makes ME happy, but something that makes thousands upon thousands of other people happy as well. What more could you ask for in a job? Why would I want to do anything else?

Giantess on Deck

But letting people on the internet know you dream of fucking New York city as a Giantess and bringing about the end of the world is far different than letting your friends or family know. Telling my friends was difficult. I needed their help to film, to act in my movies, and so I just spilled it out. It was crazy at times to think I was asking my friends to star in pornos with me, but I had no one else to turn to. Plus, I figured they would understand me the most. While I feared rejection like any human being, I had passion in my heart and I braved up and asked them. Not only did they think it was cool but we became closer as friends. They also acted in my movies, which although was super strange and awkward at first (for me only, it seems), I’ve now gotten used to it. (Although every new movie is a new challenge!!)

My mom was much harder. I waited a good year and a half after I made my site to tell her anything. I was soooo embarrassed. But I was moving back to PA and with my site as my new job, I had little choice but to tell her. When I did eventually awkwardly confess… she became proud. I don’t even know how to explain that one. She became proud because I was running my own business and using the interwebs (in all of it’s glorious tubes) magically to do it, but I don’t think she understood that this IS my actual sexuality I was expressing. In fact, she still tells me she doesn’t want me to go naked on my site… for some reason (because it would be sexual). This tells me she clearly doesn’t understand that this IS my form of nudity, this IS my sexuality. Giantess is more sexual to me than just flashing my boobs on the Internets (which I will eventually do, and have done). So while praising and warning me not be sexual, she also tells every person that she meets that I’m an internet fetish star in a proud mom voice. Which is flattering, but totally embarrassing. My relationship with my mom and my sexuality is confusing… so I will leave that for another blog post. :p

As for the rest of the non-digital “Real World”, I am actually quite shy about it! (Yeah! Giantesses can be shy!) Beyond my friends, my mom, and a handful of boyfriends I’ve had, no one else knows. When the dreaded “So, what do you do?” question pops up in casual conversation, I often tell people I’m a “web designer!” or “I make sure there’s enough 1s and 0s on the internets!” or “I’m a beauty photographer who works with private clients… privately”. In either case I hate having to lie. But I lie for two reasons 1) I’m shy 2) No one here in PA understands my job and sexuality is looked down upon here BIG TIME. I’m living in a very conservative / religious area with lots of families. They’n don’t take kindly to PERN STERS ’round ‘ere! And thus I keep my mouth shut.

But that is about to change. I hope to move to the West Coast at the end of the year. There I hope to tell more people what I do. I want to live a more open life. It sucks having to lie and hide what you do, your passion, due to ignorance. I also hope to eventually go to Fetish Cons and actually MEET some of you! :D How cool would that be!?

I wanted to broadcast my fetish to the world because I love my sexuality and I love to express myself. I also love the sexualities of others and bringing pleasure to them- the biggest part of why I started up my site, to share my sexuality with others. I love exploring, I love knowledge. I love learning. I also need at all times to have an artistic outlet for channeling my energy and passion. I couldn’t stand hiding this for the rest of my life. It’s who I am. I get too much enjoyment out of pleasuring myself and those who share my passions. Fuck embarrassment. It doesn’t matter what the rest of the world thinks. I’ve created my own world to play in! And someday when everyone stands shrunken at my feet everyone will be playing in MY world! (A Giantess can dream ^^)

Hopefully this answers your question and shines a little more light into my world and thoughts as a Giantess. :) Night little ones!
Also, if you want to read an AWESOME book on sexuality and one of my personal nerdy favorites, this is the one.


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. Greg viera

    do you, or did you once, feel any sense of embarrassment, or a desire to hide your fetish?
    thats your 1st question.
    my answer is :
    yes to be honest i did want to hide it. i love feet and i love giantess so much. not even my close friends know that i have a fetish. my goddess im a devoted pet/slave of you. from the bottom of my little heart i love ur feet and ur work my goddess. u make me me smile and you know go “ping” ;) but i have a foot fetish and i love to imagining u as a giantess and im damn proud of it
    i wish i was in ur socks and in ur shoes massaging ur feet. painting ur toe nails. and kissing each toe of yours
    my giantess goddess Katelyn Brooks I <3 You i got a pink bracelet i wear b/c of u :) <3 ur amazing

  2. Robert Hill

    Katelyn, you give me hope that I may actually find /my/ Giantess one day. I fortunately don’t really care if someone finds me weird because of my pleasures. So far so good with the girlfriends, but none that share the… uhh.. passion? Either way, I am just rambling now, you are friggin awesome is really all I wanted to say.

  3. Pogojo

    I don’t know a single macrophile IRL. It’s ronery on the east coast.
    Keeping it private to protect other opportunities doesn’t help either, though. It all depends where you think your creative energy belongs.

  4. MarkM

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    Nice Blog topic Katelyn!

    I’ve kept my Giantess fantasy secret my whole life. I always have to die in my fantasies so I’m afraid most people won’t understand. I watch “24” and just last week Dana (One of the female agents) killed this Parole officer with her bare hands an it turned me on like crazy. She just took him out in cold blood without even breaking a sweat! Yeah like most people would think “oh that was awful” but not me. I get turned on by it. As long as it’s a female doing the deed.

    The only one in real life I’ve ever told was my female vampire friend. I knew she was safe to tell since she was a vampire. Yep she understood and thought it was cool.

    I’ve hinted at it with my wife before but never actually admitted I have the fantasy. Sometimes I think SHE might have the fantasy because she is very vocal when she cums and she always moans something about wanting to fit all of me inside of her. I’m pretty much positive that she does mean she wants my whole body inside of her rather than just whats inside her at the time! Yeah I’m pretty sure.

    But I don’t know cuz I kind of like just keeping it to myself though. I think I enjoy having my secret fantasy life.

    I’m happy and now with this outlet that you’ve provided my fantasy has just totally exploded to life!

    “And most of all, I LOVED bringing pleasure to other people” You’ve certainly brought me TONS of pleasure Katelyn! Honest I can’t even tell you. No one has EVER known how to turn me on the way you have! Giantess fantasy is just the most powerful fantasy there is. Nothing else comes close. Only we understand huh! Yeah it’s the REST of them that are missing out! lol

    Oh an I love the pic of you laying down on your deck! Adding that one to my KEEP SAKE collection!

    Love You Goddess Katelyn! Your the greatest!

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  5. FreedomFighter

    You know I’ve kept this side of me personal all my life as well, and even I started out as a young kid as well. Although it was the other way around really (I was the shrunkee :P). It’s never really affected me and my whole lifestyle currently, it’s something I tend to just keep separate from the me that everybody knows. It doesn’t affect my sexuality whenever I have the special someone around, it doesn’t really have any negativity whatsoever. I just don’t ever mention it to people. Embarrassment? yea that’s a big part of it, but really, since it’s not beating me down mentally just because I haven’t opened up this side (save for sites like yours, GTSCity and Gary’s thing), I don’t really feel the need.

    However, should the day come if shrink or growth rays are ever invented…and to be honest, you know, as humans, we are that stupid to invent something like that….I would like to pledge myself as your personal “slave” so to speak, I guess. I’m more into the Gentle side of this whole thing though, I don’t really see the excitement of saying “hey, kill me please”. So in that sense, if you’d ever be so kind as to not do that should said inventions ever happen, you’ll have my eternal gratitude. In turn I’ll do whatever you please :D

  6. Jaedon

    I really wish that parenting could be done in the most neutral of ways, letting their kids form their own opinions and only helping them form morals/beliefs if their children so choose, the only moral they’d need to install on them then is to not hurt anyone or convince/expose others to believe in what they do if they don’t want to. It’s a bit of a simplistic solution to what I think is the biggest problem there is or has ever been in humanity but it’s no coincidence that racist parents likely raise racist kids, religious parents make religious kids, old hatreds between nations or peoples take multiple generations to die out and not just the one it affected and in most cases (bringing my point back on topic) sexually repressed parents, make sexually repressed children.

    I suppose you can’t explain your complex relationship with your Mom in one blog post and so I don’t know whether to be jealous that you can be open with her about it, or sorry that she tried to deny you being a sexually open in the first place.. and still does a bit I guess. I also have a Mother who defies any sort of logical discussion or questions with ‘because I said so.’ but I’m not able to talk to her about anything sexual either.

    As for being open with my fetishes, I’ll tell close friends and definitely the sexual partners I have unless it’s a one night stand thing and so far none have been freaked out, most of the girls I date will even indulge in the fetish for me whilst most friends will just make light hearted jokes at my expense. Like you I don’t feel the need to announce it to everyone, not for being shy (wow, really Goddess?) but because I don’t go up to people and tell them what sex positions I like either.

  7. Joey

    I admire what you said Katelyn, your views on sexuality are modern and I hope that we can live in a society that doesn’t see sex as something totally off limits. It would be nice if we could communicate with other marcos directly. I met one recently, she told me (brave girl), and there is an instant trust. If you have macrophilia, you are part of my community, I am not sure why maybe I just want to see us succeed. Moreover, I had never thought of you as a porn star, probably because my first reaction is to revere you.

    The first person you come out to is hard. About a year ago, I told my girlfriend about my fetish. She told me it looked like I was going to cry. I was really nervous, but I figured if I couldn’t trust her with it then I probably don’t trust her enough to continue dating. I told her and she loved the idea. I was lucky to get positive feed back on it, in fact she loves to be the giantess (It helps that she is 186cm tall). After I was able to tell her, I feel more comfortable openly discussing it. I looked into it, I am studying genetics, and I believe I have created a theory as to its cause. That little piece satisfied the nerd in me, and I am more able to freely talk about it.

  8. shutdown

    A very honest and thoughtful blog, Katelyn. Very interesting, thanks! <3

  9. Clover

    I confessed my fetish to my ex girlfriend after she told me she liked to be dominated, and she was at first confused (I think at first she thought I like fat chicks), but then she was TOTALLY weirded out when she found out what I really meant. I think she would have been fine with me being a chubby chaser, but giantesses were too out there for her; I don’t think I will ever tell another living soul in real life.

    Cracked did a list of weird fetishes out there, and guess what was #1? Macrophillia, of course! I really didn’t think it was that weird at first, but now I am super paranoid about it.

  10. Joe

    Do you have photos of your mon? Could you place it? Plz! :angel:

  11. Lep3r

    Katelyn, you are one cool girl :D

    I also hope that society will learn to treat sexuality as less of a taboo in the future… I hate that kind of ignorance more than anything in the world. Props for having the guts to do what you love despite all that! You’re doing a big part in making the macrophile scene a lot more interesting :)

  12. Jaedon

    Jeez, for your first comment are you just insane? Probably took alot for Katelyn to admit that sort of stuff.. and you go and say ‘Show nudes of your Mom!’ Hope she tells you to fuck off.

  13. Joe

    Sorry, but I dind’t say “Show nudes of your Mom”! I would like to see some photos of her Mom, just to see if Kate’s beauty come from her. I’m sorry Kate, if you miss understand as this guy above. I think you are very beatiful and sexy woman, just it. A kiss in your gigantic lips.

  14. Steven

    Oh, lord. I understand how you feel about living in PA – I moved here recently from Washington state, and the attitudes toward sexuality, or just life in general, are so back water and repressed that sometimes I want to scream. (Penn Twp, to be more specific about my area.) But when you do move out west, consider WA – you’ll find a much more hospitable environment, and a lot of people who will just accept you for who you are without much of a thought at all. It’s a wonderful state, with really good people, and I think you’d enjoy living there.

    Be well,

  15. Giantess Ka...

    Hey now!
    No drama on my blog! :P

    @Jaedon: It’s actually cool, I don’t mind. I want everyone visiting my site to feel free to post whatever is on their mind on my blog- including requests to see something that I might find a bit icky. I just like hearing everyone’s thoughts and fantasies. And as I’ve pretty much heard it all and seen it all, very little offends me so I really don’t mind requests to see my mom, which is a request I hear quite often too lol.

    @Joe: I understand you weren’t asking for nudes. It’s fine! ^^ Actually, you wouldn’t believe how many people send me emails requesting pics of my mom (including her feet! O_O) so hearing this is nothing new, hehe! I’ll admit- there are plenty of hot mother/daughter Giantess scenarios out there in both writing and film and I’ve probably cum to a few myself. >.< So even though the thought of my mom and me... uh... doing things... is a bit icky, I completely understand how you little bugs totally find it hot and want nothing more than to be shrunken in a room with the both of us walking around barefoot. xD As I know this is something you little bugs would love to see, I *do* plan on having at least one blog featuring my mom with a few pictures, at least to satisfy your curiosities and your hard little cocks! But don't expect nudes or a full blown movie any time soon. =P That's a bit too much- this stuff IS all sexual to me. -__-; (Sadly I'm super busy today- I'll respond to the rest of you little shrunken toys on Monday! Have a great weekend!)

  16. Jaedon

    Well.. since Katelyn is fine with it. I apologise Joe. No offense but I thought it was offensive to her.. apparently it wasn’t… so.. no biggie.

  17. Giantess Ka...

    @Jaedon: :kiss: <3

  18. Jaedon

    Heh. Apparently I did good, got a kiss from Goddess.. Should probably run though.. just because of it, doesn’t exclude you from a stomping… eek! Run Steven!

  19. FreedomFighter

    Awww man :( I wanna kiss from Goddess :(

  20. Greg viera

    hey we all want kisses from the great goddes freedomfighter :P ur not the only one. u will get one 1 day ;) cheer up bud in the end it will all be worth it for u

  21. joe

    by the by me and the other joe are not the same person still keepin my fingers crossed :D

  22. scott

    Your so powerful i dream of you destoying cities while i ride on ypur shoulder. I cum thinking about your invincibility

  23. MarkM

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    Twitter bare foot pic is so sexy!!! Goddess Katelyn you have the best looking bare feet of any woman! Oh how I wish I could gently massage them for hours and hours while your relax or work on your computer!

    It’s a hard choice for me but if I was forced to chose my favorite body part it has to be your sexy bare feet! Bare feet of a Goddess for sure!

    With Love, Mark

  24. Chuck

    For me, the fetish has been a nightmare. I grew up with parents that didn’t talk about “the birds and bees” at all…I was extremely naive sexually…the fantasy started in 1st grade, actually with me thinking about women being tiny, not me being small. Anyway I grew up with the fantasy and a foot fetish which I thought was equally weird. I told no one in high school and college…and cussed God and myself for making me this way. I grew up alone and dateless because I was too afraid to share what I liked. It has had an affect on my socially that exists today and probably will the rest of my life. I have a love/hate relationship with it…I love the thought of a woman shrinking me slowly and having her way with me in a non-violent way…I love womens feet…I hate how fucked up I feel like I am…anyway, sorry to be a drag..

  25. Zachary Lamb

    Ah! I’m quite proud to say that I was the fan mentioned above that inspired this blog. Yes, yes, be jealous now. XD

    No, but in all seriousness, I have an ongoing study of paraphilias in general, and macrophilia specifically. So, while I really, REALLY appreciate Goddess Katelyn doing this, I must also say that some of the comments here are useful as well. Thank you folks, too.

  26. Evan Reynolds

    Hey Goddess
    I love all of your Giantess Videos especially the Unaware Ones

  27. S0meone

    Yes, Im very shy about this fetish xD , It’s really difficult to tell someone about this, I really appreciate and admire you to tell someone about that =] and in your blog I have the freedom that I always wanted, and even better be your tiny slave (ironic, don’t you think? :p ), so you really have helped me with this blob, thank you for all my Giant Goddess, love you :love:

  28. Jacob (Sock...

    Very cool inside look Katelyn! That picture of you in your white socks outside on the deck is hott as hell too!! Any more of that set available for purchase? Hope to see you doing some crush soon… <3 8)

  29. Jack

    That’s a nice truthful story, Katelyn. ;-(

    I love you! :love:
    I just wanna and go right into your Belly. :D

  30. Bill Thumb

    To Ms. Katelyn Brooks,
    Hello again. This is a very interesting question :-) I guess I first noticed my Giantess / shrunken man fantasies when I was very young, before Kindergarden. When I looked up from my playpin or crib, two pretty girls stood over me. I guessed they were friends of my sisters, & they smiled down at me.
    Later, in Elementary School, I enjoyed the Giantess scenes from Jason & the Argonauts & Babes in Toyland. I wes already pretty shy, but I was especially embarassed about these fantasies I was having.
    These ideas were encouraged when I had a big crush on my school principle. She was in her 20’s, tall, blond, slender, very nice & very pretty. She had all this power & charisma, she was even strict sometimes, but fair & sympathetic. She was cool with me & stood up for me when I was bullied – which was often. Maybe this explains my preference to gentle & protective Giantess scenarios.
    When I went to Disneyland as a kid, I was very excited to go on the Journey to Innerspace ride. I really thought I was being shrunk down tiny in that ride. And I would really hope that a pretty girl would look down at me while I was so small.
    Around the same time, several kids in my neighborhood actually convinced me that there was a “shrinking machine” at kmart that shrunk people down small. I guess because I’d wished this to be true, I really believed them. But I’d figure out that miniaturization of people is not really possible…. at least not now.
    I would even make my own “shrinking machines”. I would use a large cardboard box, draw mad scientist dials & controls on it, climb inside the box & pretend I’d get shrunk down. I even drew pictures of pretty girls holding a tiny man in her palm – complete with nice hair, manicure, & rings. Don’t really remember what my mom thought of this, but I’d guess she believed I had a great imagination.
    But I was still embarassed by these fantasies, & never really told any friends or family. Thought these ideas were wrong, or I just didn’t understand it.
    When I was in my teens, these fantasies increased, & have continued to do so even today.
    However, it was the mid 90’s that I first discovered this was a “fetish” when I saw a magazine article about the subject, & then found Giantess Zone & several other internet sites by complete accident. I no longer felt alone or so awkward about it. And even learned that this Giantess fantasy is very healthy, & rather tame compared to most other fetishes.
    So I’ve opened up a little more about it in the last few years. Most of my friends know about it, mom & dad know, but I still only tell very few women about it – unless I’ve known them long enough. Several girls have even figured it out, but they’re cool with it.
    Even though I’m still a fairly shy guy, I’m not as embarassed about my Giantess fantasies. I don’t tell everyone about it, just people I like.
    Now, these fantasies have gotten greater, but I’ve embraced them!
    Sincerely, Bill Thumb

  31. Greg viera

    wow i havent see this may comments on ur blog :)
    u have a way for making ur pets happy. thank u for sharing ur work with us
    love ur humble little foot pet and little chef greg <3
    *slips in ur shoe* <3 hoping ur bare foot will come

  32. Handsome Gamer

    I’ll try to make this short as possible. I had the fetish ever since I was a little kid too and kept it a secret, but when I turned 14 and got my first computer, I slowly realized that there is a whole community out there, I was like O SHIT:woot: . Now I tell almost everyone, I mean like I won’t tell random people but I’ll tell people like my mom, friends and even some people I don’t really like. I just don’t care anymore and plus I would love to know what they think, some of them I send a link to this site to see what they would say. Alot of them say it’s scary, some say it’s weird and one of them said it was funny but none of them said they liked it the way I did.
    Can you write a story of you being a bad giantess over a city and one story of you being a good giantess, it doesn’t matter if your over a city or in your house. Make sure to have lot of feet and breast in there, but mostly feet, legs and ass. Can you make some pics of you with that same pink nail polish that you had on in Midnight Goddess and can you make some more artwork. Do you look at/read Jessi & Vicky on giantess city? I think that’s it. I’m sorry I’m asking so many questions at once, I’m not trying to be an ass, it’s just that I’m trying to type this fast and make it short as possible. One last thing I would like to see is a pic of your mom, not for no sexual reason or anything thing like that, I’m just curious to see how she look, and why you never talk about your dad???

    Till next time my love<3 :)

    P.S. I don’t want to seem like I’m telling you what to do, remember I’m asking for these favors.

  33. Giantess Ka...

    Ok little mants! It’s reply time! <3
    I'm totally amazed by not only the sheer amount of replies, but the incredible size of most of them! This is too cool! I love it :woot:

    @Greg viera: *slips my barefoot into my shoe with Greg inside* ^^ That's great that you're proud of your fetish! Sexuality is something we should all be proud of. <3 That's so cool that you wear a pink bracelet in honor of me! What a great way to worship your Goddess!

    @Robert Hill: I'm glad to give you hope! There ARE Giantesses out there, they are just far more shy about it than I am. Girls have a much, much harder time in society with their sexuality than guys. Girls are typically brought up to hide all things sexual and while a guy having a fetish is no big deal, for a girl it's looked at as far more strange. Girls just tend to be shyer about their sexuality too! However, I do get emails from closet Giantesses on a regular basis. So they are out there :) You will find your Giantess one day... <3

    @Pogojo: Well hello Pogojo! ;) I agree... it's very ronery on the East coast… You know, you can still keep it 100% private and take up opportunities! As far as energy, myself and everyone here would love to see your creative energy put into more Giantess art. :D

    @MarkM: I can understand how the dying part (or in my case the killing part! hehe) can be extremely hard to explain to others. For me I think it’s a little bit easier… once I get to the “blank stare stage” I just go “I’m like Godzilla!” and they understand… at least the concept. :P I have to admit, the balance you have right now in your personal life is pretty cool. It’s like you are a secret shrunken bug in your Giantess-sized wife’s life! That in itself is pretty sexy ^^ But I DO hope you tell her someday! She may have this hidden fetish that she’s never explored before… and how fun would it be to help her discover it! =D But I understand how you feel.

    @FreedomFighter: Your future pledge has been accepted. As soon as shrink/growth rays are invented you are required to report to me – naked, no less – for your eternal slavery! Do not worry… I will not crush all of my slaves! Those who are particularly good at certain tasks will remain in my care for quite a long time… As for your personal life, that’s really cool that you can keep it perfectly secret even with close ones around. For me, I HAVE to express it somehow… and that means being quite loud about it from time to time ^^ Very cool!

    @Jaedon: Me too!!! I feel exactly the same way about kids and society. As for my mom, yeah, she can be a bit unpredictable. Her reaction to my site and sexuality was totally not what I was expecting. O_o I live off of logic and so the way she would defy any sort of logical discussion or questions with “Because I said so” like your mother absolutely drove me CRAZY. That’s awesome you’ve told your friends! I know how hard that can be. And the jokes after don’t always help lol! And yes… I am shy IRL. <.< I am very much a geek / nerd and so social situations are not exactly my forte. I secretly dread the day I'll end up appearing at a convention... I know! From my site and personality it's not what most would expect :P

    @Joey: Me too ^_^ and thank you for the kind compliments. That's GREAT that you had the pleasure to actually met a female macrophille!! And yes, there is an instant trust. Because of our strange oddities, we all share many life experiences in common and I think that brings us together as a community. It's definitely a wonderful thing and I want nothing more than this community of ours to succeed as well and continue to grow beautiful. Hey- I'd love to hear your theory by the way! Feel free to email me sometime or post it as a comment here.

    @shutdown: Glad you liked! =D

    @Clover: Ug! That's a horrible experience- I'm so sorry. >.< Maybe I can give you some advice? The reason she got weird-ed out was more likely due to her own fetish than yours. In fact, if you had told a girl that liked -to- dominate and not -be- dominated you would have gotten a totally opposite reaction. The girl you told wanted to be dominated- that's the exact opposite of what the Giantess fetish is all about. In essence, she wanted to be the shrunken person and you be the Giant. When you told her that you wanted her to be the Giant and you as shrunken person, that was as if you were coming out gay to her. It probably weird-ed her out on so many levels that she wasn't even aware of- it was probably disgusting for her to even think about because to her sexuality what you were saying was 100% "gay"- the complete opposite of what she considered normal. So her reaction or rejection was to be expected- but by no means a fair judgment of your own sexuality. Her reaction was more about herself, than you. Now, if you had told a girl who didn't care who dominated who, or wanted to dominate the guy, you probably would have had a COMPLETELY opposite reaction. (Also, girls who say they want to be dominated have a pretty vanilla sexuality and probably understand very little what fetishes actually are- hence the whole chubby confusion) So I don't think you should keep this a secret for the rest of your life just because you had this lousy experience! =D I would try again because once you find someone who clicks it can be SO much fun to play with! So please please please try to get over the reaction of your ex- it was not the reaction of most girls. There are too many awesome girls out there (that love TO dominate) that would love to enjoy your fetish with you. @Lep3r: Thanks!! :D

    @Steven: Thank you thank you thank you for this comment!!! <3 I have been reading it almost every day since you posted it. I'm so excited to move and get out there. I can't STAND living here. Everyday I just want to scream from the people I meet and the places I go to around here. (By the way, for as big as Pennsylvania is, you live like right down the road from me LOL - I'm in York! *waves* Although there are a lot of Penn Townships in this state, so I might be wrong) Hearing about WA and the west coast absolutely makes my heart melt. (Actually, I've had my heart set on the Seattle area for some time!) I want nothing more than to be in a more open -breathable- environment where I can actually make some friends who I can actually tell and live in a community where if they found out about my job they wouldn't burn me at the stake for the sake of their ignorance and kids precious innocence. Ug!! I can't wait to move!

    But now I must ask... why... why did you move here!?! O_O Do you plan on moving back?

    @scott: Always happy to make my little bugs cum while they ride and watch me destroy their precious city... <3

    @Chuck: Hey cheer up! Like I've said before, there are girls who do love sharing the fetish and I'm sure you'll find them. (I've also enjoyed reading your email- you are super sweet! ^_^) Please don't be so hard on yourself... and find that special someone to share your dreams with! =)

    @Zachary Lamb: Glad to see this has helped your personal study =D It was a great question.

    @Evan Reynolds: Glad you like. I love Unaware scenarios too ;)

    @S0meone: Thank you! And you're more than welcome. I'm so glad you love my blog and that you find freedom in it! :) I wish that for all of you.

    @Jacob (SockLover): Sadly that was the only one. I do plan on doing more soon... when it's not so darn hot outside! Phew! Glad you liked it ^^

    @Jack: *tosses jack up into the air and catches him in my mouth* Mmmmmm *gulp*! :D

    @Bill Thumb: Awwww, sooooo cute!!! Your comment had me all smiles. Drawing on the cardboard boxes and thinking that ride was real! (I thought that Disney ride was real too by the way >_>) Thank you for the insight into your world. Your former principle sounds sexy too :3 It’s funny how much we share in common. Thank you for your wonderful comment! I loved reading it ^_^ And I’m almost done with your custom by the way…. so close now!

    @Handsome Gamer: Ha! That’s awesome. I can’t believe you’ve even linked them my site! lol I can only image what they thought of it all. It’s great to see someone who’s totally open with their fantasies. It just goes to show EVERYONE here that having an open lifestyle about the fetish is totally possible too and need not be feared. Thanks! As for your requests, 1) Perhaps I will, sometime! ^^ 2) I’m a big fan of Jessi & Vicky actually! I very much enjoy mk_cuf’s work… 3) I will have a blog featuring my mom sometime (if she wants)… pictures of her feet and all for you little bugs to enjoy. (Even though that’s a bit icky to me! I know how it’s totally hot to you little mants…) as I’ve said before, even I’ve come to Mother / Daughter stories and artwork before. Just never with my actual mom lol! 4) My Mom got divorced when I was very young, so I never knew my Dad much. I haven’t even seen him in years- he’s a nice guy though, he just has a different family now. So yeah, there’s not much to talk about him as I don’t really know him! :)

    Thanks again to EVERYONE here who left a comment. I simply *love* reading about you and your experiences. It makes me feel not so alone. <3 Thank you all for the worship too- you little bugs have no idea how much you fulfill me emotionally and sexually as a Giantess. I could not have asked for a better selection of shrunken men to play with.

    Love you all!!
    ~Giantess Katelyn <3

  34. K-Man

    That was a very radical blog entry, Katelyn. You`re everything I want in a giantess, and I`m sure I`m not alone. I love that you`re open-minded and not afraid to be yourself, which is what =`m like in a lot of ways. I sent you a friend request on Myspace about a month or two ago and you added me, so you definally love your fans and keep them around as your tiny pets. I also sent you a message shortly after, I`m not sure if you read it yet or not. You do a excellent job at making your videos, especially for being a one-person crew. I wanna be your tiny pet, you can do whatever you want to me, just don`t kill me right away. >ut, if that offends you, I`ll take it back. I don`t wann upset a goddess. Keep doing what you do, because you`re like the best at it. I share a lot of your views on life and I think that`s cool, becuase there`s times I feel like no one understands me. I`m actually pretty open shrunk to an inch tall to those that I feel are close to me, and they thought it was cool. Cheers!

  35. Jaedon

    When I wrote that view about raising kids I didn’t think you’d agree, seems we’re both creatures of logic. Nice to meet another.. cause.. I never have done ’till now.

    The friends I told teasing me about it just is in good fun, in male relationships, ripping on each other like that replaces a whole lot of conversations.. although one time what really embarrased (though turned me on) is my friend said to his girlfriend to tease me about it and she was showing me her open mouth, talking about eating me, digesting me… and er.. about 30 secs in, I had a hard-on and they laughed. Bastards. Lol.

    I don’t believe you would be like that in a convention. Sadly I wouldn’t be there as I’m UK here but I’m sure after the first fan of yours compliments you, you’ll light right up and lose your shyness soon after. =]

  36. bobbob

    Hey Katelyn!

    I know exactly what you mean about PA! I live in State College at the moment, and being a college town, it’s not too bad… Although I dislike being surrounded by so many drunk people… I was raised in Clarion County, and there’s all sorts of horrible things that happen… The KKK is still thriving there, unfortunately…

    You’ll like California, I’m sure. I lived there until I was about 11, and have many fond memories. I go back every few years, to visit family, when I have the time.

    Really wish I had more time to write my response, but I’m quite busy. Your blog is very well written, as always, and I believe your very lucky to have family and friends who respect your career choice, even if they might not ever fully understand it’s allure. To me, giantess is better than any porn I could ever watch!

    Love ya!

  37. Greg viera

    *writes this comment from within your shoe* awwwwwe your respones are awesome and heart warming <3 to share your feelings with ur little fans. to say that we have hepled you out emotionally and sexually it means a lot to us <3
    beautiful giantess all over the world i could be chasing but my time would be wasted they got nothing on you my goddess nothing on you my goddess they might say hi and i might say hey but you shouldn’t worry about what they say cos they got nothing on you baby nothing on you my goddess you’re the best <3 and we little mants all love u <3

    nice new twitter pic by the way <3 what new pokemon game did u get heartgold or soulsilver. if its anything im a big fan of well besidses you and ur feet and ur awesome giantess and all is pokemon <3 if u need any help with ur pokemon game u can ask me. i have won money (money i have used on you) because i have completely completed the pokedex in all the games <3 love ya my beautiful goddess <3 hey it would be nice to do a pokemon secenerio in which you will be a sexy giantess pokemon trainer and u can catch me in ur pokeball and train me to do what ever u want such as cleaning and maintaining the perfection of your sexy divine feet and ur soles <3 you are the greatest my beautiful goddess <3
    love your humble little foot pet
    Greg <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  38. Steven

    @Giantess Katelyn: You are quite welcome! I thought you might like to hear about the area from someone who knows it first-hand. Also, if you like the Seattle area, you really want to look into Bremerton. It’s an hour away from Seattle by ferry (about an hour and a half by car), but it’s a very cozy city with about 30,000 people all told. Beautiful land – right next to a nice park (Illahee), and close to a good shopping area (Silverdale – about a 10 to 15 minute drive away from Bremerton).

    You were correct about which Penn Twp I’m in – I actually live about 5 minutes away from Codorus State Park, next to Hanover. So yeah, right down the road is correct! ;) Close enough to stop off at Shakey Jakes a couple times a month for the strombolis, anyway. :) Although Hanover, as I’ve discovered, is rather a misplaced part of the bible belt and isn’t really all that hospitable for someone who doesn’t fit (and who doesn’t WANT to fit) the steriotypical 50s era attitude for young men and women.

    I moved here for two reasons. The first one was for a woman, which to be perfectly honest was both a very good thing and a bit of a mistake. As a person, she is a very strong friend and has helped me learn how to behave and how to be /myself/ rather than copies of other people. (Mental heath issue – feel free to email if you’re curious.) But as anything more than that, it’s been a gigantic flop – she and I don’t do anything sexually, and have the romance and intimacy of a rock trying to court a tree, that is, none at all. Of course, her being polyamorous and me being monogamous might be part of the problem, as well as an entirely different kink set. The second reason was just a very strong desire as a cook (chef-to-be) to learn the regional cusine since it’s so… different here than in the rest of the world. Penn Dutch cooking is just amazingly flavorful for the ingredients they use, and I have to admit that I love it.

    As for staying? Honestly, I don’t know. It depends mostly on the woman I came out to be with. If the relationship does completely fail, and I suspect right now it will (which makes me /incredibly/ sad), then I’ll be moving back to WA in a heartbeat. I can hardly stand it out here. If I can convince her to move (fat chance, but you never know) then it’ll be to WA as well. If she dies (and given the 14 year age difference, she will before I will) then I’ll move to WA as well. I might stay if I successfully open my restaurant. It all depends on the circumstances and what happens over the course of my life.

    Thank you for responding to me – it made my day. :)

    Be well,

  39. Corsair

    Thanks for sharing this with us Katelyn! :eek:

  40. Fred

    I like to keep this my own little secret. This site is awesome and you’re an amazing goddess Katelyn. You made so many little people happy with this site including yourself. Congrats on doing what you love. Total success. I visit this site so much because its a great way to be alone. You have amazing feet too. :)

  41. FreedomFighter

    That’s a looooooong export hahaha

  42. Corsair

    Cam all over yourself? Does that mean you filmed yourself a lot? :P

    Seriously, I can’t wait to see the update tonight!

  43. Corsair

    What should I do? Should I stay up and wait for the update? But I’ve got to work tomorrow. Hmmm… I’m so unprofessional, what the hell? Gimme another beer!

  44. Corsair

    The video has been uploading for 5 hours now… must be pretty big! :woot:

    I’m really tired so I’ll get some sleep, will have to wait tomorrow I guess!

  45. Dre308

    Hey Katelyn;
    I just finished reading your Blog, and I have to say I think it is pretty cool. I think every guy who is into the giantess fantacy dreams of meeting a woman like you. You have a girl next door type of beauty, with a kick ass body, and the most lickable, suckable, and fuckable feet on the web. :p

    I have had a foot fetish long before I knew what a fetish was. And I have always been fasenated by imagies and stories of giant women, but it wasn’t until my mid 20’s that I discovered Giantessaphillia, which gave me a name for my fetish. But I never knew of microphillia until I discovered your site. It’s good to know that microphilliacks exsit. :), and one of them is extreamly sexy.

    I remember when I first saw you in one of Gary Prazzo’s giantess video, back in the day. You were a cute girl then, but you have grown into a very beautiful woman, and your movies have far surpass his. I live in L.A., and I read in your blog it is your desire to move to the west coast. I hope that you make that move. It would be nice to have a giantess that is local :wink:
    anyway, I’m off to check out you newest video.

    Take care

  46. spinkzilla

    Hey Katelyn,

    A Mother/Daughter fantasy is something i’ve always wanted to see. 2 questions if you wouldn’t mind answering them:

    1. What does your Mom think about you crushing bugs, and swallowing fish?

    2. If your Mom was ok with it, do you think she would ever join you in a bug crushing scenario?

    Kind Regards

  47. Kylie Batt

    Не унывай! Веселее!…


  48. (*)

    The only thing that would make your work perfect, is if you were Asian. Which is my only fetish stronger than my vorarephilia. Mix them together, though, and I explode… sadly “true Asian vore” is next to nonexistent. If only they were a little less obsessed with hentai and a lot more obsessed with lips and tongues. But hey, at least there are a good handful of “kissing a pane of glass/at the camera” vids. I especially love the ones by Mihiro, Natsumi Yoshioka, and others without names! But I digress.

    As it stands, I guess I’ll have to settle for a 9.99 instead of a 10. :p

  49. Mathew

    Ive only started with this fetish a year ago. I have not told ANYONE about it at all. If my mom/dad found out…… bad things would hapen. Ive almost been coght a couple of times and its realy hard to hide it with my brother looking over my shoulder every five minutes.

  50. Malaka

    A little late, but I don’t care. I’ve never spoken with anyone about my giantess fantasies, I still live with my family, and if they ever find out, I’m fucked. So now I hide in my room, writing my stories and visiting sites like yours (fucking amazing, by the way!). Am I ashamed? Yes, but i wouldn’t give up my fetish for anything. It’s part of who I am, and I’ve accepted it. I’m glad to see so many other people who share my love of giantesses…maybe if there are enough I wouldn’t feel so alone and ashamed.

  51. Itachi

    Wow PA really I’m planing on going to college in Philly so if your giantess fetish does come true can u try to avoid the art institute and nj thanks lol I’m a big fan keep up the good work :) <3

  52. Seattle Boy

    Hot and intelligent giantess….. what a combo. I love your writing style, by the way; it’s very fluid and clever.

    Moving to the west coast? Consider Seattle. We’re open minded here. :D

  53. Seattle Boy

    I should have read the 4 or 5 times you already mentioned Seattle… >.>

    Oh well! That’s awesome that you are (hopefully) moving here. I go to the university of washington and I’m currently a senior in the art department. I’ve had a chance to check out all of the art museums for classes like the Frye, SAAM, SAM, etc. We also have some really cool public art like the Fremont Troll. If you’re looking for a particular neighborhood to move to; I recommend Capitol Hill. It has a big LBGT community and plenty of nerds as well.

    Anyway, I’m 23 and introverted in general and especially about my fetish. Somehow I’ve managed to snag an amazing girlfriend that accepts it. ^___^

    Well if you ever do come to Seattle, I’d be happy to show you some of my favorite art/sculpture sites. (I say that so freely now even though the idea is terrifying to my shyguy routine). Take care!

    p.s. That email in my last post is fake but this one isn’t. I was scared to put a real one, lol.

  54. Patrick92

    Hey Giantess katelyn, firstly i want to say, that is very cool that i was born in the same state as such a famous and pretty celebrety, secondly i would like to thank you for all you do to support the giantess and bug community alike. You have inspired me to have the confidence to admit my fetish to close friends <3 (i hop into your dresser and hope you put me wherever your heart desires)

  55. eab1985

    Your honesty is fascinating. It really is.

    I have been turned on by being eaten by women my whole life. I always thought I was the only one, and that everyone would reject me if they knew, or consider me a freak. I have still never told anyone about my giantess vore fetish, and I doubt I ever will. It doesn’t help the matter that I am straight 26 year old woman, yet I can only get turned on if I think of a giantess eating me, or using me as a sexual toy. And I mean its the ONLY way I can cum or get turned on. It would be nice to find someone to tell it to, but after I found your site and the other giantess sites on the web, I don’t think I will ever need to tell anyone. I always fantasize about my friends eating me, unaware, as I was lost in their food or drink. This is probably the most I have ever told anyone about my fetish.

    I just wanted to say that I admire you. You are a truly passionate person, and I thank you. Your art is wonderful, and you have such amazing talent. But the best thing about you is your unwillingness to hide or change yourself. You talk and act on your site like you would if I were standing right in front of you. Your honesty and open-mindedness is refreshing. You make me feel like I am not some weird freak or whatever people would think. You and your site are truly works of art, and the giantess fetish community is lucky to have someone like you. Thank you.

  56. Phil


    You are a total goddess! So many nights after reading your blogs and stories and looking at pictures of your amazing goddess POV pics I have closed my eyes in bed and worshipped you in my mind. Mentally I have spent countless hours massaging your pussy from the inside and even more hours than that (many more actually, as you only cum on me a few hours a day in my imagination) I massage, lick, and make love to the soles of your majestically beautiful feet. My favorite part is on the arch of your foot just below the ball directly beneath your big toe, but I adore every square inch of your foot. Your feet are my universe, and I swoon just smelling and kissing the inside of your shoe when you leave me in there.

    Sometimes I get sad and/or jealous when you get drunk and have sex with other guys while I am trapped against your foot inside your shoe, but I must admit that it turns me on intensly at the same time. That’s why when you give men blow jobs I try to stroke the bottom of your foot with my tongue with the same rythym of your tongue on their cocks, which I have been afraid of ever since that time you went to that party, got wasted and rammed me inside your pussy. Then you brought a guy into the bathroom and guided his cock inside you. I tried to fight his cock off, but it was just too powerful and you pussy walls got so wet. Finally I gave in and rubbed my whole body against his cock. He let out a huge moan and exploded all over me. He then went limp and lleft you. I was thoroughly defeated. You gently took me out of your pussy, licked me clean and lovingly slid me back into your shoe where you left me for the rest of the night, but the damage had been done. You felt so bad you couldn’t face me, so you kept in in your shoes for weeks on end, occasionally petting me with your massive goddess like fingers and or pulling me out briefly to masturbate on me and then put me back, but you wouldn’t look at me.

    Finally, one day you took me out of your shoe, got into the tub, and sucked on me for hours while taking a bath. You then squirted soap on me and scrubbed the bottoms of you feet with my wole body. I made sure to lick and rub your feet while you did this. When you got out you put on your coziest pajamas and pressed me into the sole of one of your gorgeous feet with your warmest, coziest socks.

    That’s where I am now…in total bliss! Thank you Goddess Kately! I will worshipp you always!

  57. Pun

    I’ve always felt somewhat ashamed of my fetishes and often times find myself wishing I didn’t have them. I came to the site today to just find a good video or picture and then leave but I somehow found myself on your blog, listening to all of these stories and finding out a bit about who you are as a person. It’s easy to forget that there’s a real human being on the other side of video. I think it’s a really cool thing you’ve created, not only a business where you can do what you love every day, but being an icon that people can look up to and feel more comfortable about who they are. So from a fan with a new outlook on who he is, Thank you.

  58. Scott fishon

    I love watching all of ur clips they turn me on extremely hard Mrs. Brooks I wanna be crushed underneath ur bare feet and I wanna have ur number if I can if not I understand ur still my best giantess ever and I wish u were in Long Island so I can get a foot job from u I love u and u r incredibly amazing girl love Scott

  59. Tom Wilson

    It’s great to know that someone else understands and appreciates the Giantess Fetish like you do Katelyn. You present it so well in your videos, you truly exploit every aspect of the fetish and I’m grateful for that. I wrote a few stories I wrote you may like, and it would be an honor if you would read them. Thank you for all you do.

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