The Unaware Giantess

The Unaware Giantess

Today I decided to tackle another question that I often get in my inbox. It’s known that I often create giantess videos that feature the unaware concept, but often I’m asked how and why the unaware aspect is so appealing to me. So today’s Giantess Q&A is: “What to you is so appealing about being unaware as a Giantess?”

Uncontrollable Power. That’s what the unaware aspect of the giantess fetish is all about. It’s about being so powerful that you don’t even notice how powerful you really are. Or in your fragile case, it’s about the girl being so powerful that you are simply at the mercy of her body, her wants, her desires no matter how mundane or minuscule they may be. An entire city reduced to bodies and rubble because that cute girl wiggled her freshly painted toes during math class? You and your fellow citizens have to be pretty fucking powerless, pathetic, and helpless to get killed by a young girl struggling with a math problem and a fussy Totoro hairclip. That girl was a Goddess relative to the people of that city. A Goddess who didn’t even know she was a Goddess! So powerful and so large that thousands of lives ruptured in an instant of pure feminine accident. I love it.

I hope that on a day to day basis, I cause that much unknown damage to entire worlds beneath me. Perhaps while I sit here writing this, an entire city is crumbling and struggling to survive under the weight of my pussy. Entire families are pouring into their cars, struggling to drive out of the city they so carefully built and escape. While death and terror peaks as the lips of my moist pussy press further and further into the microscopic city I simply type away, more concerned about grammar and my fussy Totoro hairclip than why my pussy lips tingle.

*leans forward and grinds pussy, readjusting in the chair*

Hmm. I’m all sticky now.

Being or having an unaware giantess is taking an already powerful situation and multiplying it. And best of all being unaware doesn’t have to just be about not knowing the entire situation- it can be about only certain aspects of a situation. For example, being unaware of the fact that the ants I’m crushing are actually real people, or that those shrunken humans trapped in those gummy bears aren’t actually apart of the candy, or that the toy city at my feet that I ordered online is actually a real city!

Of course there’s a problem- how can I enjoy a power rush if I’m not AWARE of the situation taking place? Isn’t being somehow aware of the situation make it… not unaware? That’s a good question, perhaps best illustrated by example. While eating something, sometimes I encounter an unexpected crunch or taste that fills my mouth and drips down my tongue. Do I stop chewing and investigate? No. I swallow. Whatever it was, it is now at the mercy of my massive body. Whether it was an entire city filled with people or an ant that will never again return to it’s colony, my hungry, acid filled tummy treats it all the same. As food– mere living substance to nourish me. As I swallow, my mind races with the unknown possibilities. It’s sexy not to know. It’s simply hot to not care what I ate. Sure… that cookie could have just been a little stale. But that’s not nearly as fun or hot to imagine!

When I create unaware giantess movies, in them I must act unaware. But when I act, I don’t think “I am unaware of this” I try to literally clear my mind and BE unaware of my actions and what I’m doing. Acting isn’t about faking one’s intentions or role- it’s about BECOMING the role. There’s no enjoyment of the role if one fakes it. If I’m unaware, I’m going to honestly be unaware. So when filming an unaware scenario, it only turns me on a little, from what I can’t block out. But the true hotness and pussy drooling comes AFTER filming- watching myself eat my co-workers or swallow that little mint completely unaware. Then, oh how I enjoy it! :D

In terms of giantess fantasies… One of them is to be teleported to another planet. Perhaps only for a few minutes. Standing there, confused and shocked I look around- I don’t remember this area being in the local park. The trees are gone. There is no one to be found. Just rolling hills of dirt into the horizon. I step forward, puzzled and a little nervous. The ground gives way and softly compresses beneath my naked feet. It strangely feels good. My toes wiggle in the soft grey dirt as I look to the horizon and back. I take a few more steps, the soft ground pulling up and into the air with my soles. It’s so soft.

Maybe I’m dreaming? Have I passed out? I decide to sit down and calm myself. Maybe I’ll wake up. I pull up my skirt to expose my soft cheeks and descend myself upon the waiting ground. They too softly compress into the grey soil and my pussy buldge drives deep into the soil. For only an instant I feel as if the dirt is alive and moving but it fades as quickly as it is felt. I sigh and lean back on my hands. I close my eyes to relax and inhale… only to swallow a tiny bug, perhaps the size of a nat. I cough and gag- but it’s too late. It’s been swallowed. With my hands near my face I look at them and I can almost see… tiny… things…

The world flashes and I’m back in the park, sitting off of the path. I stand up, my eyes wide. I casually brush my dirty gray hands off on the sides of my skirt. So weird. I slip my sandals back on and continue my walk, the strange grey matter still stuck to my toes and soles and now all over my sandals.

I <3 Unaware ^^

(Perhaps in that fantasy, if it actually happened- when I returned home I would discover the remains of the tiny city and proceed to masturbate with whatever is left of it, so turned on by my carelessness and devastatingly unknowing actions earlier that day!!)


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. Greg Viera

    What to you is so appealing about being unaware as a Giantess?
    thats a good question
    my answer is
    its the fact that i am so tiny that your feet are so massive. its awesome to think how much power you have. even your feet hold great power. i love the idea of u being a giantess so powerful you dont even notice them
    i love you i love your feet and i love your work <3 :love: <3 <3 :love: <3 :love: :love: <3

  2. LovingGTS

    I don’t mind unaware. It’s more belittling to the tiny victim. That he or she was destroyed by a giant woman. Who wasn’t even aware of anything. Demonstrating what a little nothing he or she was, but the most important thing to me about GTS films. Are that they make me care about the victims. Usually victims who are arrogant at first. Then to watch their downfall.

    Having tiny people there for no reason means nothing to me. Where is the relationship? Maybe these were a group of guys who humiliated you in the guys locker room and now you’re making them pay. Things of that nature. You rarely do that in your films. If ever and it’s a shame. Because you have all the elements. The hot sexy girl, you. The good acting. The amazing special effects, but imo it gets wasted on random situations. That don’t even have a beginning. It’s just a situation occurring. Why should I care? Make me care and I’ll get aroused by what you do Katelyn. Then I’ll buy your products.

  3. Danshrunkenman

    It’s amazing to be at your feet without you knowing I could work at your feet all day without you knowing and one single unaware move from your foot could be the end of me. I love your feet and your skills. Thanks!! Loves ya :love:

  4. Kisuke Urahara

    Totoro rules! The whole Unaware thing is awesome! The fact of you doing every day things without knowing you were taking the lives of thousands with simple actions like sitting down, walking, eating, sneezing, etc is just SWEET!!!!!

  5. Loehnwolf

    I think there is also the aspect that the victim or victims are not even consequential enough to be noticed, nevermind matter. The notion that the victim is so insignificant he isnt even noticed and their life is taken without even a fore thought by the giantess..and the grander the scale the less control the tinies have..Me personally i love this but I find it more enticing when the act is more deliberate and evil..when the giantess knows they are there and doesnt care or cares only to make it as horrific for the tiny as possible..but hey thats just me

  6. Lep3r

    Love unaware, and you do it very well :) I’d love to see more unaware material from you for sure. You hit the nail on the head with this post – For me it’s all about the scale and power of the pretty/cute girl who doesn’t know she is causing destruction, fear, and death from her unknowing simple actions.

  7. Jaedon

    Sadly, unaware is among my biggest pet peeve… even if all my preferrences are met if the one missing is that it’s unaware, I’ll instantly hate it. I say sadly because I wish it would grow on me, just from your previews I can guess that your unaware vids are your sexiest.

    I think it might just be the lack of teasing, can’t exactly tease a mint about how it’s being digested.. well, without being sectioned. I do like the relative domination of it but without talk.. I dunno.. just boring to me. Anyway, great blog Goddess, nice to know what you love about it.

  8. Bill Thumb

    To Ms. Katelyn Brooks,
    Hm yes, I sometimes have unaware Giantess / shrunken man fantasies. I have several, but I’ll mention 1 now. It would be after you knowingly used a shrink-ray gun on me, & miniaturized me down to less than an inch tall.
    You’d pick me up in your hand & place me inside a small dollhouse set-up on a table near the foot of your bed. You’d be nice to me, but you want to keep me small for awhile. So then you’d get undressed & rest on your bed with very little on.
    I’d be watching the whole time, but not sure you’re aware of it. Maybe you want me to watch you this way 8) And when I think you’re asleep, I’d carefully escape out of the dollhouse & climb onto the foot of your bed.
    As you lay on your back, I’d climb onto your right foot, then your nice leg as I walked along your calf, knee, etc. I might feel up your leg, as I’m not sure you’d notice at my size.
    Then I’d walk along your crotch area & rest there for a little while, & maybe touch areas that interested me :whistle:
    And then I’d walk along your belly & navel, & then into your cleavage. You’d still be asleep & “not knowing” that I’m exploring your beautiful body :D
    Of course, I’d make every effort to climb your soft & gorgeous breast. I’d relish every moment as I climbed up onto your nipple, & I’d hugged it with passion :woot:
    Finally, I’d climb off your shoulder & climb onto your hair. I’d climb up & right onto your beautiful face. The first thing I might notice is the pleasant smell of your perfume, a sort of sweet fruity smell. And since I’m still less than 1 inch tall, I’d enjoy walking along & looking over your facial features. I’d caress your cheeks, nose, chin, eye-lash, & finally your mouth. It would be then that I’d relish your sweet & intense smelling breath. And oh would I want to kiss you :love: I’d walk by your huge & moist lower lip, place my hands on it, & kiss you very passionately :woot: <3 And then I would be in heaven!!
    Sincerely, Bill Thumb


    I like vore as a fetish! How could you have some more fun with someone tickling in your tummy? Well, let’s use some knowledge of chemistry- how about an antacid?! What about some oxygenated water? If you want to digest me then don’t take anymore; however, if you want some more tickling, do the above! :evil:

  10. Corsair

    Unaware is not my favorite aspect of the fetish, but I still like it. I like the idea of a mega GTS walking on buildings or small people without realizing it. My favorite part would probably be an unaware buttcrush.

    One thing that turns me on even more, is when the lady acts unaware, but is in fact aware. Just to tease her little victims before they meet their demise. It just shows them her immense power, that she could kill them without even noticing (even though she is) and that the poor little bastards might know too that she’s only faking unaware to humiliate them. :D

    Maybe the best example of this would be in Scott Grildrig story “Kathy, the giantess wife” (maybe this story was written for you Katelyn. :wink: ). There is a part where Kathy fakes looking for a shoe underneath the bed while her tiny husband is climbing the phone cord next to the night stand. She gets on all four pretending to look for the shoe and slowly backs her ass up against the night stand. For those who never read this story here it is:

  11. Giantess Ka...

    @Greg Viera: Just as I thought. You’re such a cute little foot pet! Be careful down there now! :p

    @LovingGTS: Agree… on the first part at least. What videos are you referring to in your second half? I’ll admit, my FX videos haven’t had deep plots (Except Serving a High School Hottie, but that was a picture set) as FX require a ton of time and I try to get to the action and FX as quickly as possible and often times I like coming up with the back story while I’m fantasizing and watching the video and not having it told to me. I understand that this doesn’t work for all people. In the future, I do plan to have my FX movies feature a little more back story and plot to them, but not so much that it weighs down the film.

    BUT if you’re talking about my weekend videos, that’s a different story. My weekly videos are filled with back stories and plots and deeper reasons why there are shrunken people or why someone was shrunk. I enjoy playing around with my weekly videos the most and experimenting with different aspects of stories and shots. Sure, I can’t go to an actual locker room and film a back story, but in my weekly videos I try to make it as convincing as possible that there is a real story to the video. I just don’t go into it so heavily that it eats up all the action time. I can’t realistically make a video that’s half about the back story and half about what’s happening now. :)

    @Danshrunkenman: *walks through the kitchen and steps on some crumbs which Dan was hiding behind* :whistle:

    @Kisuke Urahara: I <3 Totoro. ^^ Glad you like the idea! :evil:

    @Loehnwolf: I agree completely on why unaware is so sexy! :woot: You prefer more deliberate Giantesses- For me it changes. Some weeks I’m in the mood for Unaware (like I was this week) and other weeks I want to be deliberate. Just like all aspects of the fetish, it seems to change depending on the month or the week, some days things I never thought would get me horny get me horny! It’s so random. But unaware is something I definitely always come back to! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!

    @Lep3r: Exactly! I plan to make more Unaware videos soon ^^

    @Jaedon: I understand. I too enjoy the teasing and in many of my Unaware scenarios I really tease my tiny victims even though I’m unaware. It’s hard to do, but for example in Mistaken for a Mint, I licked and sucked and played with the little mint-man for a good while before swallowing him alive- completely Unaware. As for talking, in Midnight Goddess I went with a more subtle unaware -that I didn’t realize they were humans, perhaps I mistook them for bugs- allowing me to tease and talk to them before I went in for the kill. :evil:

    @Bill Thumb: Awesome scenario. So CUTE! :kiss: Your scenario’s always bring a smile to my face and a fuzzy warm feeling to my heart. Hehe!

    @THE MACHINE: Hehe! *pops an antacid* :whistle:

    @Corsair: Oooo! I really like that idea. I don’t think I’ve really done a proper movie like that- so I will have to use it for a movie somehow. (It’s SUPER hot) As for the story, I love it! I’m a big fan of Scott’s work! :eek: (He even has one of his stories up on my site, even though it wasn’t directly written for me! ^^)

  12. Ashley Johnson

    I love unaware! Espically unaware food vore. It is such a turn on when the tiny is trying to be notcied yet ends up eaten in a sandwich, burger, etc. I love it!

  13. dan

    i think about the day became apart of you kate .i told you that as your slave i wanted to make you happy .and you said that if i wanted to make you happy i would give my self to you completly.and with that you gave me the kiss of death .you leaned down and kissing me on the head now was 2 inches tall so for me it was a big kiss .the only thing was your lips did not stop on top of my head your wet warm lips moved slowly down over my body till i was all the way inside your moth kate .i could tell you that you tilled your head back and you swallowed me alive it was a short ride down to your digestive chamber it was ready for me the acid was hot.and the last thing i herd you say was now dan you have made me happy .love dan

  14. kelly

    id climb up your body as u where unaware of me then id reach for your hair as i reached your shoulder id climb to the back of yourneck and travel to the top of your head then once on top id kiss your head gently and thank you for being a kind person then if u noticed me in hop onto your nose and tell you the story of how i got shrunk if you couldnt hear me id climb into your ear and explain it then id climb up your face back to the top of your head where id stay until you needed my help

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