The Perfect Shrunken Size

The Perfect Shrunken Size

As both a Giantess to entire planets and a Giantess to the bugs in my kitchen, often times I wonder how small my “willing” shrunken subjects wish to be. And judging by my email inbox it’s quite obvious how you little things wish to know about my favorite size or sizes when shrinking people! That’s why this weeks question is “What is the perfect, favorite size when it comes to shrunken victims?” Let’s see if you’d prefer my fantasy over yours…

To answer this question properly I’ll have to break down each size and describe it. In truth each shrunken size has their its own strengths and weaknesses that bring me to orgasm. Naturally, my tastes change every week or so… some days I might be in the mood for a shrunken boy-toy who I can barely see climbing up the bottom of my bare soles and other days I might want a hot girl who’s larger size would make for an excellent dildo…

So let’s take a look at each size and see what gets my pussy dripping all over my chair <3

Microscopic. Can’t even be seen.
Love it!! Although it’s certainty a unique aspect of the fetish as it requires a ton of imagination on the Giantess’s part. However, just the thought of shrunken men running around or climbing me and seeing me at such an incredible, universe-like size turns me on! The power difference is extreme, to the point of where my body easily destroys or ruins their world without me even trying. However, I can’t feel, see, or hear them… forcing my mind and pussy to rely on the sheer power difference alone. A microscope can be quite helpful when my bugs are at this size! I do have some really awesome movies planned at this size, but obviously I’m waiting until I can portray the extreme size difference perfectly. I have to be in a “microscopic” mood to fully appreciate a lone shrunken man at this size- otherwise it takes thousands if not hundreds of thousands of shrunken people to make this Giantess cum! (It’s different from mega giantess in the sense there are no buildings or planets to play with, which gives me great pleasure in destroying being tied directly to the shrunken people. If they are simply shrunken people I’m playing with, they’re just impossible to see! This size works great with unaware scenarios too btw… <3 )

1 – 2mm / 1/16 inch
Another awesome, pussy drooling size. Shrunken men at this size are barely see-able, although not hear-able. That’s good enough for lining up with the bottoms of my moist bare soles! Sugar ants are typically around this size and when towering above them, it’s hard to tell if they are honestly ants or real shrunken people! In either case, they quickly end up squished to the bottoms of my bare feet. The power is incredible and I often fantasize about more than one shrunken man / shrunken female if not a whole town of them at this size. When people are shrunken down to this size, it’s easy to step on or eat hundreds if not THOUSANDS at a time. A shrunken town sounds so fuckable at this size… :angel: Oh! And at this size, shrunken people can fit into all sorts of interesting places… like being sucked up my nose, left hanging on my eyelashes, getting mixed up with pepper on my sandwiches, pushed up my pee hole, trapped under my nails, and getting stuck in between the tiny ridges of my skin on the bottoms of my soles. Fun FUN! :woot:

2 – 5mm / 1/8 – 1/4 inch
Right around the sweet spot for me! This was the size of my shrunken victims in Midnight Goddess and Serving a High School Hottie. At this size shrunken people are still incredibly fragile and weak- making me nothing short of a true all-powerful Goddess compared to their minuscule size. However, what gives them a sexual advantage over the previous sizes is that I can clearly see them, feel them AND hear them. (Although in Midnight Goddess I may have mistaken them for actual bugs- it was night time and a little dark after all! You never know… :whistle: ) That means screaming and struggling is barely felt and heard from my tiny bugs as I play with their oh-so breakable bodies! Torture is incredibly fun, and the stains they leave behind on my ass and feet are noticeable and simply HOT looking. At this size people also have a taste… a taste that my tongue is more than eager to discover. :evil: I have a wide range of recipes involving men and women of this size- they act like spices and while not always taste-able, knowing they are in my food is enough to get my pussy throbbing. However! At this size shrunken people are still too small to feel inside of my pussy and as such are easily lost or silently crushed with my dildo. >.<

.5 – 1.5cm / 1/4 – 3/4 inch
Still in the sweet spot of perfect shrunken size, easily! Shrunken people are easy to see, hear (screaming at least) and feel. Small enough to fit between my toes, deep in my shoes, and incredibly hot to watch run or climb across things. (Seriously, I could watch shrunken people climb me all day at this size) And naturally, they’re still incredibly fragile! That makes this size of shrunken peeps totally perfect. They are also big enough to feel inside my pussy… perhaps not enough to make me cum from struggling alone… so a Dildo is still needed. But wow! If I had to pick any size to shrink a boyfriend, friend, or random soon-to-be-slave to, it would be this one. The crushes- between fingers, under bare soles, beneath ass all start to feel INCREDIBLE. It’s literally like crushing a large ant or cricket. The bones, the guts, the warmth of their body can all be felt. I can literally feel their body giving into mine. It’s wonderful. Shrunken people also taste amazing at this size- my tongue can do all sorts of things with them and swallowing or chewing them up is extremely enjoyable. They fit into sandwiches, into yogurt, on top of ice cream… you name it! And if I’m in a nice mood, they make half decent pets, however they die a little too easily and it takes a team of them to paint my nails…

2-5cm / 1-2 inches
Still inside of my sweet spot for sizes, and still wonderfully delicious in it’s own unique way. Two inches would be fun to swallow (just not en masse!) and one inch would be absolutely a blast to swallow (can you imagine the screams!?) Crushes would be messy as fuck and oh so pleasurable. At this size shrunken people would just start to feel AMAZING inside of my pussy. Normally I’d need a 6-8 inch cock to cum, but a 1-2 inch shrunken man can easily do it as well. The power, the struggling, the terror of my victim inside my soaked pussy all add to my sexual euphoria. Coupled with the light poking of a dildo (or real cock I suppose) and I can easily cum and crush my shrunken sex toy with my vaginal walls all at the same time. Pets are great at this size too and I suppose this particular size gives me more lovey-dovey feelings than the other sizes. Keeping a shrunken slave around at this size wouldn’t be too hard and they could still fit in my shoes or inside of my mouth. A shrunken man might even be able to make use of his cock in pleasing me somehow! And for whatever strange reason, I feel like 1 inch or so would be the perfect size for shoving a shrunken man or women up my ass… while using my other hand to play with my clit of course. :D

10-20cm / 2-4 inches
Getting kind of big now! Definitely a slave or pet size. Shrunken people are a little less fragile and can survive a sitting on / stepping on without completely exploding their guts everywhere. In other words- accidents are less likely to kill- hehe! :p A great fucking size too, although manly for guys- girls need to be a little bigger as their bodies are a bit thinner and don’t quite hit all of the right spots inside of my pussy. Screaming can be heard quite the distance away so you do have to be careful of other people finding out you have some… unusual taste in pets. Foot massages are also good at this size and pinning slaves to the floor with just my feet is always a turn on! ^_^ Men’s cocks can also be played with safely and their bodies can fit up inside all kinds of holes… mmmmmmMm <3 They’re not big enough to give really good massages though so you have to work them EXTRA hard. They crush easily under foot and can still be swallowed although the swallowing tends to crush them a little… by 4 inches you have to really work to get them down your throat.

15cm – 30cm / 6-12 inch
Great for fucking. Great for sitting on. Great for… TORTURE! This is definitely just out of my sweet spot in terms of sheer power but it’s still a GREAT size for one on one action such as fucking. I can’t swallow them alive though and crushing is tricky… but as you might have guessed I LOVE blood and my victims at this size would have plenty of it! I’d gladly keep a pet around at this size! It’d be a TON of fun to fuck a 12″ man and I’d love to totally pin his head or feet between my fingers while shoving the rest deep inside my soaked cunt o^_^o The larger sizes are good for shoving up REALLY deep. But like I said, I’d love to torture this size. The screams would be really loud and I love screaming sooo much, and screaming makes it so much worse for my victim as it drives my pussy wild. I also love how this size would be able to run really fast- I enjoy a good cat and mouse game! And finally they would be able to give me sensual massages :wink: bubble bathes… slave around the house for me… But still small enough for me to squash in a heartbeat if I so desire! Mmmm… especially with HIGH HEELS! Ah.. I’d grab my pointyest high heel and right down the middle of his little shrunken body…. ahhhh…. :evil:

30cm+ / 1-2 feet+
Too big! At this point the fantasy enters the midget area and I’m not into that. Oh, I’m into short guys and all but what am I going to do with a guy 1-2 feet tall? I can’t fuck his body, his cock is too small, I can’t eat him or crush him. Pin him to the floor? Wrestle him? Ok… but just not really my thing. I’d really have to be in a mood for this. Sorry all you shrunken pets who want to be 1-2 feet tall! :p A fun size to play with and get a little horny over, but nothing truly sexually satisfying.

And there you have it. The sizes and pleasures of owning a shrunken man or women. 1/8 of an inch to 1 inch seems to be my ultra sweet spot! But 2-8 inch is still really good. Microscopic is also great. 12+ is out, however. :woot: <3 Now how about yours? I’d love to know what my shrunken men would like to be shrunken down to! Which of my favorite sizes would you prefer, little one? Not that you have a choice… really… :evil:

Have a Happy Holidays my little bugs. I hope you all get cookies laced with shrinking powder. ^_^

off to bake some cookies


The Shrunken Perspective

44 Responses and Counting...

  1. Greg Viera

    i love 1 – 2mm / 1/16 inch or any height that even ur divine toes are bigger than me <3
    hey i got a special e-mail from u i so now what im gonna get <3
    it was awesome <3.
    so i wonder how is taking pics with the x-mas tree going

  2. voretech

    Happy holidays Goddess. I really enjoyed this post.
    As for your question, I’d love to be 2-4 inches tall and swallowed alive or stuffed in between your beautiful cleavage. 6-12 inches would be great for being a human dildo if I’m permitted to survive, but 2-4 inches sounds better if you’re going to suffocate me in your pussy.
    Not that I have a choice, of course. :angel:

  3. Minimate

    Anything 1/2 inch or less is awesome for me. I’d love to fit between your toes (or used however you want). Microscopic is great too, being stuck under your foot without you even knowing ^_^ Very good descriptions of each size by the way.

  4. MerlinRaven...

    If I could shrink myself I would love to be one inch tall and completely at your mercy. At that size you could still hear me and see me. It would be easier for me to worship you at that size. If you were too large I wouldn’t be able to see you properly because everything would be blurred. :love:

  5. mdot

    i like microscopic and 1-2 mm. You can use the plot of The Notoriously Huge Lil’ Kim to do that

  6. danshrunkenman

    hey beautiful love to see some bloggs. for me i would love 2-5mm tall because your feet would be still masive to me and i could still talk to you when your finished with me :D loves ya

  7. Jaedon

    If it’s not specified in a story or shown in picture/video I usually see myself as 1-4 inches, much bigger and I think I’d probably make your average sized giantess gag and throw up rather than just needing a few strong gulps to get down plus I’d feel alot less helpless and I like to be dominated, awwr. Much smaller on the other hand and I don’t like the loss of interactivity with my captor it brings. I don’t like unaware so too small to be even noticed and that’s a big minus for me. As long as I am big enough to be talked to/teased, used sexually if need be and swallowed then that’s my sweet spot I guess but I go with 1-4 inches as I can get a nice licking between the legs before being crushed, used as a sextoy or digested. (and more filling for the Goddess to boot!)

  8. Jaedon

    Oh, forgot to add, pictures of the day have paused and.. I want a shrink laced cookie. :love:

  9. Bobbob

    I think the about a half inch range is my favourite. Although the idea of getting stuck in your fingernail is quite the turn on!

    I actually had a dream about getting stuck under a womans fingernail once. It’s hard to remember, but I think we can be almost certain it was you in the dream! Anyways, you found a few fun ways to try and get me out! :wink:

  10. 1nstrumenta...

    I personally always fantasize about 1-2 inches tall.
    I prefer to be a bit more durable so the goddess can be a bit more reckless in her decisions on how to play with me.
    This probably stems from my love of foot play though.

    If you ever interested in a slave of this size, my RP skills are superior to most. Your work is beautiful and so are you.
    Cheers! :)

  11. Bill Thumb

    To Ms. Katelyn Brooks,
    Oh, I so enoyed your awesome story & scenarios! And I was just imagining what would happen if you shrunk me down to any of those sizes.
    For starters, I’m a gentle Giantess fan. So I probably wouldn’t want to be crushed, stepped on, eaten or even hurt. But everything else is fine ;-)
    If you shrunk me down to 1 inch – 1/4 inches tall, that would be idea for me. You’d look gigantic as I stood by your feet & looked up at you. You’d smile at me a little as you knelt down & picked me up in your hand. Your hand would feel very soft & I’d admire your nice manicure & pretty rings. You’d then bring me up to your bossom, & maybe even let me climb around there :-D
    And then you’d carefully bring me up to your face & it’d be huge & beautiful. You’d have a nice perfume as you held me close. And when you talked to me sweetly, you’re voice would be loud at first, but I’d get used to it. And as I stood in your palm, you’d whisper to me. Your breath would be quite warm, moist & very intense, but it’d have a very pleasant smell.
    Then I’d wonder what it’d be like to be kissed by you. And almost at if on cue, you’d lean your face closer to me, & your giant lips would give me a soft & giant kiss. My entire body would be covered my your lips, & it’d be amazing!
    I hope you like my ideas & I’ll talk to you later.
    Sincerely, Bill Thumb

  12. MarkM

    Hi Goddess Katelyn! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    Your fantasy size’s are all exciting! I know it’s up to you but If you felt kind enough to let me choose I would like to be different size’s depending on which predicament I’m in.

    For instance with consumption fantasy I’d like to be about half an inch or so. Maybe even an inch. I think you could probably swallow my little body at that size with a some wine or something to wash me down with. I’m smart enough to know that if I were any smaller than that I’d quickly drown in your thick saliva before I could ever reach your awaiting stomach. Yeah I realize being digested alive might be more painful than drowning but never the less my fantasy involves being aware of my situation for a long as possible.

    For my crushing fantasy I’d like to be about five inches. Smaller is OK but at five inches I’d be just the right size to be able to make love to the bottom of your sexy bare foot as you pin my little body against the floor.

    For insertion fantasy I think six inches would be about best. I haven’t thought about this fantasy as much. I wonder if a little guy could survive something like that? Head first no way! Scary! Goddess Katelyn do you think I could survive this if feet first? I know I’d sure like to try! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  13. Kisuke Urahara

    I’d LOVE to be around 1-2 inches! I’d love to be shoved up your ass while you play with yourself!!!!!!! I’d love to have my life ended with your ass, watching the massive body part slowly come down over me, your soft yet firm rear slowly crushing my body with ease!!!! I would do anything you say! I’d please you in ways only a man who is 2 inches tall could! I’d lick and suck your clit and pleasure your pussy till I drown in a wave of cum!!!!! :love:

  14. StephenM

    I would love to be about 8 or so inches (not that I’d be given much of a choice :eek: ) I’d be the perfect size to massage your lovely feet and legs. Yet, there would be no way that I could underestimate your sheer control over me while you place your foot down next to me in your high heels, and I look no higher than your ankle at eye level. I would love to be your shrunken slave, and I would work my best to please you to make sure I don’t see your evil, vengeful side; I’d be afraid to know what my fate would be, knowing you. :o

  15. Cesar

    Microscopic. Can’t even be seen!!…. GREAT. THE BEST OPTION!!!

  16. Shawn

    I love your fantasy of 2-5centimeters(1 -2 inches) and 1.5 centimeters. At this height I could really see your beautiful feet from a shrunken perspective before you crush me with your soft,silky toes after I polished your toenails red. I could climb all around and in between your gorgeous toes and slide down every crevice between them and lick them at the same time :kiss: . I aim to please you before you crush me Katelyn and I certainly will do that baby :kiss: . I would be your pet at your fantastic feet for as long as you desire. Your beautiful feet would never get dirty because I would always lick them clean and that I guarantee LOL. Take care :kiss: .

  17. Jaedon

    Jeez! I also forgot to add; Merry X-Mas Goddess! I hope all your fantasies come true, well, not alll, I want to celebrate Christmas too before being at your shrunken pleasure.

    Have a great one and.. an awesome new year too!

  18. west911

    Here’s to hoping you do on of these Q & A’s on the growing side.

  19. altima79

    Microscopic or 2mm. Compared to your fingers, hands and toes.

  20. Jon

    1 inch or less for me. I love the thought of being smaller, but you would have to know I was there. That is the fun of it! I love the idea of being used as a sex toy inside your vagina. However, and this is often not discussed in fantasies, a person would die from being smothered, unless they were rubbed on the outer walls or clit of the vagina. I suppose it would last about 1 minute, or as long as you could hold your breath, for incertion. But the kicks and squirming would reach a climax at the end! ;)
    One thing I have thought about – and this would be really cruel. But, suppose you have a boyfriend and you shrink him to 1 inch size. In order to totally humiliate and kill him, you fuck some other guy and place him inside the rubber with a little air on the guys penis. Then, you have him fuck you with the little guy on top, so that you can both watch him and laugh at him as he goes in and out of your vagina. Then, at the end, you crush him in your fingers really close to your face while you kiss the other guy. I can’t think of a more humiliating and terrible death for a boyfriend.
    Anyway, hope you had a great Christmas and sorry if I rambled. Loved your thoughts on the different shrinkable sizes!

  21. MarkM

    Oh Hungry Wife!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    Rats I donno what took me so long to get that one! It was so dang hot how you scraped his stuck body off the bottom of your sexy bare foot with the celery stick!!! Oh yeah! need a ice cold shower now

    Love you Goddess Katelyn!
    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  22. S0meone

    10-20cm, 2-4 inches, I’d love to massage your feet at this size!, You could crush me one first time and I’d still be alive, that’s just my perfect size!
    Love you Katelyn!
    Happy new year with your slaves and pets!

  23. FIASCo Monkey

    That picture is yummy, Goddess Katelyn!

  24. Giantess Ka...

    Woo!! I can finally respond to all these awesome comments!! :woot: Sorry it took me so long, I missed my chance last week and there’s simply a TON of comments here. Next time I’ll give you little bugs a warning if it’ll take me another week for me to respond! I am a very, very busy Goddess as you all know. ^_^

    Now let’s see what my little bugs like… :evil:

    @Greg: 1-2mm huh? That’s really tiny! I will have to imagine you at that size from now on! My toes would look absolutely huge next to you at that size… I’d have to be really careful not to crush you like a little spec of dirt and walk off with you! :eek:

    @voretech: 2-4 inches would be perfect. I could fit your whole body inside my pussy! I’m sure you’d please me well in there… Of course, I’d have to suck on you a little to get you nice and lubed up…

    @:Minimate Ooo! 1/2 to microscopic!! Awesome!! + Unaware = Some of my favorite times with shrunken people!

    @MerlinRavenSong: Hey Merlin! :eek: I would very much enjoy your worship at that size… you’d be so much fun to play with. :wink: I know you’d make an excellent worshiper…

    @mdot: Oooo, another 1-2mm! You’d be joining Greg at my feet I think… Two 1-2mm shrunken people sounds so hot!

    @danshrunkenman: That’s three who would be at my feet and only 2mm tall! There’d be a little party of foot worshipers! I’d be a mega-Giantess to you all! :woot:

    @Jaedon: For my pussy I’d want you at 4 inches, and to swallow I’d probably want you at 2. But I’m sure I could fit you down my throat even if you were 4 inches! Also I would be MORE than happy giving you a good licking before crushing you or swallowing you! I’d want to feel that raging hard on against the back of my throat or pushing against my soles just before you explode (in more ways than one! :eek: ) As far as pictures of the day, they’re still viewable on my blog, however the viewer broke and I’m not sure why on my pictures page. -_- No clue on when it will be fixed.

    @Bobbob:Oo, half an inch! Perfect size! I think the biggest surprise from these comments were how many people thought the idea of being stuck under my nail was sexy! I personally just thought it was a hot situation, but didn’t expect anyone else to really go crazy for it. Also, I LOVE it when people have dreams about me… it’s like your subconscious is even worshiping me… my beauty and power just overwhelms your mind even in sleep… I love it! <3 I'm glad to have played with you in the dream world. :wink:

    @1nstrumentalist: Nice! A 1-2 inch foot slave! :evil: Reckless I shall be…

    @Bill Thumb: Awwww! Despite my evilness… I do have a soft side. It’s a bit more rare (in terms of my moods) and far less sexual (more lovey-dovey I’d say), but having a shrunken pet is something I’ve wanted since early childhood. As you’re so sweet and nice, I think I could keep you around as just a cute pet… but I’ll warn you… you’ll be getting alot of Giantess-sized kisses! :kiss:

    @MarkM: You at 1/2 inch + wine = A Perfect Night. <3 If you were 5-6 inches, I'd still be enjoying the wine, but I'd have you make love to my feet as I casually relaxed and sipped on wine. Then, once I was a little buzzed, I'd strip down and start getting a little frisky! Your soft cock on the bottom of my bare soles would undoubtedly get me excited. However, I'm afraid you WOULD go in head first! It's how I prefer to fuck my tiny men... I've tried feet first and it just doesn't hit the right spots. The head and chest are so much wider and more fulfilling than the legs...

    Oh! And I'm so glad you enjoyed "Your Hungry Unaware Wife"! I really loved how it turned out. :eek:

    @Kisuke Urahara: Exactly as I imagined you. :D 1-2 inches is also my preferred shrunken man size when dealing with anything involving my ass- seriously. Whether it’s crushing under my ass cheeks or shoving a tiny man deep into my ass, 1-2 inches is perfect.

    @StephenM: My first 8 incher!! Nice!! You’d be REALLY fun to fuck head first! You’d make an excellent shrunken slave… I could get quite the use out of you. And the massages would be amazing I’m sure. I’d probably have you give them to me in the bath… you’d just have to be careful not to drown in my bubble bath while you’re massaging me…

    @Cesar: Excellent… *pulls out microscope* This is definitely one of the most all-out evil sizes… so much terror and fun I could have… I’d want an entire city of little yous!

    @Shawn: You shall make an excellent foot slave. Finally a little bug to paint my nails… <3

    @west911: Naturally. *evil grin* Originally I was going to do growing sizes in this post… but realized it was big enough to be a blog post on its own.

    @altima79: Sweet! So far it sounds like I’d have a ton of little 1-2mm shrunken people to play with. Maybe you could all build a city for me and find some shrunken women to reproduce with?

    @Jon: I’ve always wondered how long a little guy could survive in my pussy. Maybe I need to shrink someone and find out- while filming it of course. As far as your boyfriend scenario, WOW! I don’t often get asked about “Giantess Couples” so perhaps I will have to make a blog about it. I’ll admit I’ve often fantasized about a shrunken person being trapped in my pussy as a guy fucks me… :angel:

    @S0meone: Hehe! I’d enjoy your massages very much. Happy new year to you too! ^_^

    @FIASCo Monkey: Heya Fiasco! :D The picture is from my Photo Set “Katelyn’s Killer Soles” and can be found here. I think it’s on the second or third page. It’s probably my favorite bare foot picture set. I hope to do more in the future…

    Glad to see you all enjoyed my post! I loved reading your responses. <3 Off to write another blog now. Love ya little ones! ^_^

    ~Giantess Katelyn <3

  25. Jay

    Katelyn, I would love to be 2 inches or less. You could keep me anywhere & I sure wouldn’t complain. How could I? For that matter, why would I? To be that size & be your pet would be the perfect fantasy for me.

  26. Bill Thumb

    To Ms. Katelyn Brooks,
    Thanks for your great reply to my post. Actually, if you shrunk me down to anywhere between 1 inch tall – 1/4 inch tall, I think my experience with you could still be very sexual. After being held by you in your soft hand & being kissed by those beautiful giant lips of yours, I sure wouldn’t mind being placed of that lovely chest of yours. You’d lay down first, & then I’d climb all over the place. You’d instruct mne to climb each breast & feel them out. Then with your huge fingers, your gently pick me up & place down toward your nether-regions. And it would be outstanding! So even though this is not an evil Giantess fantasy, & it’s instead a very gentle & flirty theme, it could still be very sexy & fun! :-D
    Sincerely, Bill Thumb

  27. Greg Viera

    nice details my goddess what size would u most like me at my fav giantess goddess <3
    i love my giantess goddess <3 i’ll be careful to to get smashed by ur divine feet <3

  28. Bluecutter

    This is awesome! And so descriptive. My size would have to be around 6 inches. I don’t like being too small because I love to explore my giantess. I mean 6 inches is kinda big, but I like that to be my ideal height. I wouldn’t mind being smaller to be placed in places that are easier to access when you’re an inch tall. :evil:
    But I want to be at that size for the exploring and also since I have a foot fetish to be big enough to please my giantess by massaging her soles for as long as she likes. Being at that size I’m not completely helpless, but enough to be commanded by such a goddess that I would never want to leave her ever. <3

  29. MarkM

    Oh thank you Goddess Katelyn for all the replies!

    Ya know, head first I think I’d freak. Talk about panic! Humm……maybe if I had a piece of garden hose to use as a breathing tube! Yeah then I think I’m ready!

    Love You! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  30. bailey

    could you shrink me and make me worship your whole body

  31. Methos

    one-two inches is pretty awesome

  32. Dana

    I’d love all of these sizes really truth be told; minus the last one of course. You make them sound very enticing ;)

  33. mateo

    i would like to be about 5cm’s tall :love: i just can only dream of it ;-( wish it was reality =] love u <3

  34. mateo

    btw once i thought about being under woman’s toenail,it would be so hot <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 :love: :love: :love: :love: :love:

  35. mateo

    bad and i would want a cautious and solicitous giantess(godess) too, depends,sometimes i would like bad,sometimes god giantess XD ;) :love: :love: :love: btw sorry for spaming 3 posts,but in first 2 i didnt give all my opinion :) :love: :love:

  36. mateo

    i would like to go deep inside you(from ass,pussy,mouth,even ear!).i want you as my godess that sometimes is nice,cautious,solicitous that would take care of me and sometimes a bit “bad” giantess that would do all things except smth that would kill me ;) :love: :love: :love: i dream of you being my godess

    And i thought once about being under giantess’s toenail,trapped there

  37. Mikey123

    Im inbetween microscopic and the next largetest, like the fairy fly which is only 0.17mm long. Its soooo small but not microscopic, it can fly through the eye of a needle. you probably cant see it with the naked eye. anyways, i wud love to be that small on the floor in your kitchen, when you walk in the room wearing a mini skirt and 5-6inch high heeled pumps. Just struting in like your on the catwalk, having nooo idea im there, and then putting me inbetween your two massive pumps and squatting down on your huge toes…..

  38. sampie

    2-10 cm inches is the best! especially this:

    “I feel like 1 inch or so would be the perfect size for shoving a shrunken man or women up my ass… while using my other hand to play with my clit of course”

    and this:

    “[…]and their bodies can fit up inside all kinds of holes… mmmmmmMm”

    Can’t wait for that!

  39. Zane Goron

    I would love to be microscopic but what about macroscopic but also barely see able and be vored by you. You are excellent girl and man if we lived in the exact same town I would so wanna date you.

  40. shrunk0nfoot

    I’d love to be anywhere between 1/4 to an inch tall Goddess, serving at your beautiful feet. It’d be an honor to clean out all the sock lint from between your toes. I’ve also fantasied about getting caught in your toe ring and being helpless as you give another guy a footjob.. Goddess being your slave would be such a pleasure =)

  41. tiny

    hi katelyn you are a very sexy giantess i would love to be eaten by you .

  42. Little

    Id love for u asshole just to swallow me whole..

  43. Macce

    Dear Katelyn,I´d want to be 4 inches long so You can put me inside Your pussy and keep me there asYou go to work or shopping or even with Your friends to spend the night.You can also share me with Your best girlfriends or have You a daughter..??!! :-)

  44. stan

    Hi katelyn; I think that between 4 and 6 would fit so good as you push me head first in your wet pussy and push my feet in at last. your pussy sucks in air for me to breath your intoxicating sexual aroma. Then your pussy clenches on my whole body like the best womanly hug I ever experienced…. I cum in you!! Awesome and then fuck me like >>>>>I’m your dildo!!!!!!

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