Garden of a Giantess – Released!

Garden of a Giantess – Released!

If you’d like to check out my first mega / micro giantess FX film, Garden of a Giantess is now out! All sales go back into the creation of more FX movies, so if you like what you see, please buy it! Every purchase gives me more freedom with the next film. As always I love to hear your thoughts / reviews! This is my first micro city giantess FX movie after all! :D

(Side note: I just lowered the Download Forever Fee to 50 cents!)

Originally, this was going to be a quick FX film. I plotted out a short, easy script and outline and just went with it. My goal was to have it finished in a week or two… but once I got to editing that completely changed. Like with all my FX films, I can’t stop working on a shot or scene until I’m happy with it and I’m always finding sexy things to add or change! About half of all the FX in the movie I didn’t originally plan for. I just ended up doing them because they needed to be done. @_@

It goes something like this:
Hey, I know! I’ll add FX to all the POVs! OooOo! So sexy! And that shot too!
YEAH instead of making the city smaller… I’ll have the tallest buildings explode on my teeth!
Ok, clearly, this building… my foot… yeah… that should do it.
More sound. Yeah! No wait, More. Yep more. More sounds. Hmm. MORE!
While these mouth shots are hot… I think I need to swallow an entire chunk of the city with my mouth open for them to be complete!!

So perhaps the weakest point of the movie is obviously there’s no real plot or dialog- I find a city, scold them for invading my garden, and then I swallow and crush them. I didn’t really mean for that to happen; I thought this movie was something I was going to do real quick like. Had I known I was going to put so much work into it I probably would have made a more deeper, interesting story. Unless of course you little bug people like it, then it was completely intentional and I take all the credit!

So I’ve learned a valuable lesson: No matter how hard I try, there’s no such thing as a quicker FX movie with me. Just shorter FX movies. It doesn’t matter if the film is an hour long or five minutes, I’m still spending the same amount of time per second of final film (Which I spend roughly 45 minutes for every second you watch!) because I can’t stand not producing my best and not adding everything that I think will be fucking hot. Perhaps one day I’ll find a faster way to produce FX films…

Also, I think this movie was a really fun and sexy test of giantess FX and good practice for when I actually… grow!

So what’s next?!

I think I’m going to stick with shorter FX films like this one for a while as I like the idea of changing up what I’m working on every month. Plus I’d like to attempt a few different themes and scenarios that are wildly different than my previous movies. (I’m in the mood for something VERY intimate.) And of course I’m still working out the larger giantess productions in the background! So don’t think I haven’t forgotten about all those polls.

Also, Sheela is NEARLY done her first giantess comic!! It contains growth and destruction and VORE oh so much delicious vore! (City eating no less!) I have been drooling over her comic since the day she first laid… stylus to tablet! I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am for it! If you enjoyed this FX movie, you are going to absolutely love her comic. :biggrin:

And finally… the subject of blow jobs and a response to all of your comments next blog! :evil:

Enjoy the movie, it feels wonderful to be making FX again after a long and hectic move! Lemme know what ya think! :heart:


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  1. Maliardo

    Downloading right now, SO excited!

  2. Bradley

    i loved it kate great work as always <3. I always love your work

  3. Anne O'Nymous

    In the mood for something intimate? Sounds promising!

    Are you familiar with dildo cams? They’re basically a large bullet-shaped dildo with a micro camera (and often a light source) embedded in the tip, for taking “very intimate” footage. I’ve always wondered what you could pull off with one of those, given your effects work. It would also be a great opportunity to use multiple camera angles–set a camera up to film what you are doing with the dildo cam, and show the two simultaneously. Could also make for some really cool POV footage, no effects necessary.

  4. Kyle

    any updates on your giantess movie?

  5. Justin Brown

    It was very good. Just wish that you had an Echo effect on your voice when you talked, But I still loved it.

  6. Greg Viera

    so awesome im so gonna get this video when it comes out <3 <3

  7. Greg Viera

    *i mean when my pay check comes in im gonna get it lol <3 <3 <3

  8. chibikun

    DLed it, loved it! The effects were amazing and i loved the slow motion!

  9. Corsair

    I loved it too! Your FX are great by the way (especially if we consider this is your first FX movie in years).

    Can’t wait to watch you do the same to a small army!

  10. Official G....

    Your official G.N.O.M.E. gives it two thumbs up!!!

  11. Jaedon

    Not my thing but wow, the pics bring it to life even to me. I can’t wait ’till you do more FX scenarios. Good job my Goddess.

  12. MarkM

    Katelyn the special effects in this are awesome! I played it in slow motion and when your sexy bare foot comes down on that building first you can see it start to actually crack under the pressure before beginning to explode down! So Cool! I also liked when you swallowed the city!

    I really like your legs in this movie too! So sexy your legs are!

    I Love You! <3

  13. Bill Thumb

    To Ms. Katelyn Brooks,
    Garden Of A Giantess is awesome! I love the echoey voice you have, the low angles of you, the close-ups of your gorgeous face & the shots of you holding the strawberry with the mini-city on it!
    The only thing I’d suggest if you do another video like this, is maybe you could put some close-up scenes of very tiny people & cars scurrying on your palm. Then later a vehicle could crash into your silver ring band, or some guys could walk along it before falling between your fingers!
    It seems that just as you like guys’ hands, I really like pretty girls’ hands, nicely manicured with a couple of rings! And I especially like your hands ;-)
    Sincerely, Bill Thumb

  14. lexy88


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