Free Shrunken Video: The Stolen Shrink Ray

Free Shrunken Video: The Stolen Shrink Ray

This video should teach you a valuable life lesson: Never fuck with a rival girl’s school project! This video will demonstrate exactly how *I* would have punished you or any of my fellow classmates if they had been stupid enough to shrink themselves down to bug size! You can thank this little bug (Along with a few others there) for getting this fantasy stuck in my head! Of course, equal to how I would have felt then, it’s hard to feel guilty about my lil’ classmates when it naturally feels so good… ;)

Feel free to link to this page to share the video!

(I don’t want it to be uploaded/shared anywhere else. I have and will continue to DMCA it for takedown on any website, especially one that include piracy. Please be respectful of my wishes in sharing this amazing little fx short at no cost to you)

And if you loved the movie and want to support it, I’ve put the film up in my store for $5. Why buy? Buying gives me the means to continue doing what I love and it helps out your fellow Giantess fans who may not be able to afford pay clips but want to see awesome stuff!


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. Courtney

    Awesome video ;D.

  2. Chris

    OMG Giantess Katelyn this is your best yet, and how lucky was that one at the end!! only if you could shrink me to serve your feet!

    I will purchase this as i have all your movies

    p.s you made your feet look sooo much more sexy in this clip

  3. Mike

    Great video! I love the angles on this video and the FX are awesome! A lot better than what anyone is putting out right now. I look forward to your growth video!

  4. (blank)

    Any chance you could post a version without the background music? I’m not quite sure what purpose it serves; it just makes it harder for me to enjoy the other sound effects.

  5. Anonymoose

    Great FX as always, beautifully shot, and sexy as hell. Although a lack of booming footsteps made me kind of sad :( Overall, still better than 99% of what’s out there.

  6. Jimster

    Wow katelyn that was an amazing clip !i loved every minute of those slow mo scenes and the boom noises that erupted from your sexy black leather shoes. I hope you use those same shoes to destroy entire cities in your next FX clip. beautiful work. This clip was the best material i`ve seen this whole year.

  7. Anon

    Awesome video, the fx and shooting were spot on, and your feet look divine! Fantastic work! As a couple of constructive points, the music was a little distracting, and personally not very keen on shrunken women but everyone has their preferences. Either way a welcome return for the fx!

  8. nboud223

    that….was….amazing!!! I can not wait for more of these FX’s!
    though i do have a question. In your other recent blogs you say that you will be changing the way you do FX and that you’ll take on old ideas differantly or not at all (such as just doing a giantess FX video instead of movie) so my question is: are all previously mentioned FX off the table?
    I hope to recieve an answer soon :)
    keep up the awesomeness

  9. Chuck

    You know what’s funny? The fact that you give this for free – even though you give the chance for paying for it as well… sounds a bit like crowdfunding, right? ;P – and it is still better than some other people’s work that are not free at all. Why? The FX are simple but very effective, and you really get the feeling the tiny people are actually there, instead of thinking how fake that blue screen effect looks like. Only thing that I would change is the volume of the music, I think if it was a bit lower, it would be nicer and the sound effects and dialogues would be clearer. But that’s my opinion, you have the last word there. ;)

    And all in all, it was pretty neat. Also, I’m not into foot fetish, I’ve never thought that feet are sexy, not even pretty… do you know how hard it is for some lady’s feet to turn me on? Like, very, very hard? Well, congratulations, Katelyn: you did it with nearly no effort.

  10. Licorice

    This is actually pretty well done, it’s more or less along the lines of what I enjoy from you, good, clean foot crush action. My only criticism is the music, I would have turned it down or taken it away altogether.

  11. bobbob

    Can’t watch it with volume yet, cause I have family over… but god was that hot! Thanks so much Katelyn – I can always see how much effort you put into your fx videos, and they never cease to amaze me.

    Also, love the fisheye pov!

  12. JT

    Wow! That was awesome!

    I’m not much of a foot/crush guy myself but I have to say that that was awesome! I can’t wait to see you do some SFX on other things and the more sensual side of it all haha!

  13. Tiny Todd

    Thanks for the free video Katelyn it is great fx clip! Your feet look beautiful and powerful as always. I’m interested in seeing what you do in the future. Keep up the excellent work!

  14. Giantess Ka...

    Thanks for your feedback everyone! I’ll turn down the music a bit and re-upload it. :) There are in fact large booming footsteps (along with other sounds) and I wouldn’t want them to be missed! :D

  15. Sorsha

    Christmas came early! And you are too gorgeous!

  16. Derrick

    Katelyn this was epic! I love it! You were incredible in this! Beautiful, fun, sexy, perfect! I love great straight forward giantess clips like this! You do an incredible job making something for everyone’s tastes. Excelent job! Ha =]

  17. mike

    It keeps stopping at 29 seconds for some reason. i don’t know if that’s a problem on your end or mine but that might be worth checking out.

  18. Chupacabra

    I love it! Would prefere 1 minute of unaware right under you noes searching but the finished product is great

  19. Footphan

    WOW!! AMAZING!! Thank you so much for sharing!! I love it, thats my fantasy too, being hunted and squished ;) I love your work, thank you so much for bringing our fetish to life!!!!!!

  20. Subsin13

    !!! Umm. Holy crap. That was my request. I was kinda curious by the screens and then when the clip started, I think my mouth dropped open… Not sure where the name “Shrink Ray’d” came from, but that was in fact the comment I left. My heart just melted. The clip was stunning, by the way. Katelyn, I have the overwhelming urge to hug you right now.

  21. Anonymoose

    Ah, didn’t realize there were booming sound effects, I’ll wait till the new version comes out then. Please let us know :)

  22. Mike

    Please let us know when the music gets turned down. I noticed the same with the ant men video. The scripts that come with your videos are always amazing and I love hearing them!

  23. Jonathan

    Hello Goddess Katelyn. That was absolutely amazing. Would have loved to see the girl trapped under your toes instead of the guy but absolutely amazing anyway. I was just wondering, who do you use to play the shrunken man and woman? Friends? Or do you get fans to do it for you?
    Squirming at your feet like the bug I am, Jonathan

  24. Greg Viera

    Great video :)
    hey when the emictions be fixed <3 <3 hehe

  25. (blank)

    Happy to hear you are dialing down the music. Ditto Mike’s comment on the ant men video. Unless there’s a compelling argument to be made for keeping the music, just nix it altogether.

  26. Oktober

    That was awesome! There’s no way I could know all the individual details inlaid between the green screen and positioning, but the very obvious one of the girl falling and screaming as your toe brushed her was perfectly timed. Very cool effect!:D Being trapped in your warm shoe, sheltered within the crevices of your toes, can’t think of a better way to spend through your gym class. ;p

    I had no qualms with the music background, and think it did a fine job adding to the short, almost Trailer like clip. As this was a story of in-school-rivalries the upbeat track added to that teen college feel. In my opinion having too much of a crunch effect and over-the-top sound just around your foot moving in the grass and out of your shoes would have made it more unrealistic. So the music helped soften these sounds while not being rid of them altogether. I liked it. ^_^

    Thanks for making it more personal by stepping on them with your soft foot rather than with your shoes. ;)

  27. Thanatos

    Great job there, Katelyn!.. Great aesthetics! Love the Bokeh effect. The tension building amongst the tinnies is also wonderfully achieved… As well as the almost unpredictable cruelty of your character!

    I really admire your approach to the current problems every producer has been suffering. It’s a generous, brave and yet clever approach. ;)

  28. Bobbob

    Personally, I really liked the music in the ant men video, but I do agree that in The Stolen Shrink Ray, the music is a little too loud to clearly understand all of your lines.

    I really love the plot, the FX are phenomenal — the interaction is very real. I’m always annoyed when I see FX people that seem to not be afraid – or are even completely unaware – of the giantess that’s threatening their very existence. Without good acting, they might as well be tiny plastic people. In this video – the screams, how the girl is knocked over by your toe… it’s all wonderfully real.

    And the tiny man in your shoe is still alive. Sequel???

  29. Cesar

    I liked it! But could be better. Your big toe or your pinky toe should crush the tiny person. In some parts of the video, the cammera loss focus. Thank you for all Katelyn!!

  30. megalomancer

    It froze between :28 to ~2:30. Really nice job, though!

  31. MarkM

    For the people who are having problems with it getting stuck it’s easier to just down load it and watch it with your favorite player. I like to do that anyway so I can slow it down a pinch. Sometimes the action goes so fast I miss the finer details.

    Thanks Katelyn! Please don’t crush me but I have to say the music drowned out my ability to hear other things as well. I think it’s just a preference issue because I do see others who liked the music.

    I’ll download a fresh copy if you make one with lower music levels but please don’t feel obligated!

    As usually your feet never looked better! I’d give my life to be the guy trapped with some breathing space like that! I still don’t think he will survive for very long though!

    With Love,

  32. Mike

    Fantastic! Seriously great stuff. Any chance of getting slightly bigger victims? Say 2-3 inches? Always love you stuff, would love to see you interact with bigger victims. Adds more to the sexual aspect (struggle) you have down, which is rare.

  33. Newschool2626

    Katelyn, this is why you’re the ultimate giantess goddess! I’ve never been that attracted to feet, but this video made your feet look incredibly sexy and powerful. This is why you’re the ultimate giantess!

  34. Sheela

    Personally I feel the music brings it together. Dead silence other than FX tends to put me off personally, but to each their own. You did a wonderful job with this Katelyn! The FX were particularly impressive.

  35. mike

    When i downloaded it my adobe flash player said the file is damaged. I think the video might be busted completely.

  36. megagiant5280

    Your feet in this clip so amazing I just want to lick them all day long. Great clip, definitely better than a lot of paid videos! Thank you!

  37. Giantess Ka...

    Thanks for the awesome feedback everyone! I can’t wait to start working on the next film!

    I’ve lowered the volume of the music and re-uploaded it. The music is still very much there, as I feel it pulls the video together, but it should be noticeably lower. Let me know what you think!

  38. Chuck

    Now that’s the volume I was expecting. The music is still there – nothing wrong with it -, low enough for the SFX and voices to be clearer, but not too low.

    And even though our feedback might be useful, this is your work and you have the final word, if I’m not mistaken. Anyway, being of some help and use for you with all this feedback is still a good thing. :D

  39. MarkM

    Oh yes Katelyn I think it’s much better for me! I like to hear the tiny victims! I noticed too I think you paused the music some when they were screaming! Maybe you did that on the first copy to I don’t remember! Thanks so much for fixing it as well as sharing it with us for free!


  40. Anonymoose

    I have to be honest…couldn’t really tell the difference between the new and old version – don’t crush me! Maybe it’s just my computer. In any case, if you could make sure to emphasize dialog and sound effects over music that would be awesome. Looking forward to your future films :)

  41. JJ

    Awesome clip! I wish the victims could have been larger so we could hear them beg, scream, and crunch under your truly beautiful, powerful feet. Thanks for the bedtime dream material…being trapped under your toes would be a dream come true. You should REALLY consider letting people pay to be at your feet in person. I’d pay $100 for just 10 minutes! :) Keep making the evil giantess videos…they are great!

  42. Dre

    I just want to say thank you for this free clip. It was awesome! I know for me it had all the elements of shrunken person mischievious giantess crush clip. Like all your movies Katelyn, the realisum is unbelievable. You are the best Ginatess producer out there doing some incrediable work. I think I speak for everyone on this blog…. We Love you and keep doing what you love

  43. JJ

    I watched it for at least the 10th time tonight and would love to be the stain on the ball of your foot!
    Wow…truly great effects…can’t wait to see the next victims stepped on and crushed under your sexy feet.

  44. bobbob

    Finally got the 1080p version downloaded – lousy internet. Love the new sound levels, and am glad you didn’t delete the music track. It very obviously helped in the directing of the clip, and seems timed perfectly to events adding another professional level that competitors have failed to attain.

    This clip is so sadistic. I love it!

  45. Maxx Calin

    The video was really good, personally I don’t think it really needed background music but it was a nice touch. Personally I feel that being a tiny little person standing before a giant size Katelyn, I think I’d be very scared knowing what you could do to me while at the same time very turned on looking up at you and your perfect beautiful giant sized body. You’ve got it all Katelyn with your beautiful mesmorizing eyes, sexy sounding voice, perfect breasts and ass not to mention you got really nice legs too. : )

  46. MyEgoTripped

    I’ve never commented on a video of yours before but this ‘freebie’ is just so well done I have to. Two things stand out that made this one so good; first, and maybe I haven’t noticed it before, but I think this is the first time you used a fish eye lens for the pov shots, and to great effect. Second, I love that one of your victims was still alive to continue suffering in your shoe. I know you enjoy the ‘crushed to death’ part, but as someone who like to imagine himself as one of your potential targets I like the idea of prolonged suffering at your feet(or other amazing body part).
    Again, really well done.

  47. Alex

    Wow, bravo. You put so much work into it and it looks dazzling. You actually managed to achieve visuals I’ve never imagined. Thank you for your service to the GTS community. You’re incredible. :)

  48. lilbug

    AMAZING! Your special effects are first rate, beautiful and realistic, and the close ups of Your sexy feet and shoes…OMG! Simple story, which was delightful, since we are immediately drawn into the situation at the pivotal moments. Brilliant, I am, as always, in awe. You just get better and better, Lady Katelyn. Thank You so very VERY much!

  49. Torsten

    Those acting lessons are paying off incredibly! It was the acting here that made you into a real, living, crushing giantess.

    The little look back you give at 0:29 is just absolutely terrifying. I believed you and your terrible intentions 100%. I challenge anyone to watch it and not fear, just a little, what you’re capable of.

    The performance of your victims was also superb; the anguished scream at 1:59 is breathtakingly real. Pity we won’t be hearing any more from them.

  50. Mizan Grego...

    I love you Katelyn! My favorito!

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