February’s Sitewide Updates!

February’s Sitewide Updates!

Hello my little lovers! Phew- my schedule has been absolutely insane as of late with it being tax time, being completely booked with filming customs, answering emails, and everything else included in my workload. A few days ago I was able to begin working on my monthly site-wide updates for everyone, and I’m happy to announce that they’re now complete!

New Pictures of the Day Set, Pink Lingerie, Started!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, this month’s Pictures of the Day set features sexy poses of yours truly in pink lingerie and stockings, with some completely nude photos included! While these aren’t really Giantessy, they would make for some awesome Giantess Collage Material- in some of the photos I was even imagining crushing a city beneath me! There’s also some nice foot fetish shots! ;)


Since my previous POTD set ended early, I’ve decided to give this month’s set a 20 photo kick-off to make up for it! ;) Click here to go to the Picture’s of the Day area and see a new picture twice daily! Special thanks to Tagg’s Photography (a fan of mine!) for shooting this set!

Previous POTD set, Booty in Feet and Fleece, ready for full download!

BootyandFeetinFleece20Download Full Set | View Individual Photos

6 new collages have been added to the Giantess Fan Art Gallery!

Giantess Katelyn Fan Art Gallery

New Fan Story! Katelyn’s First Time!
By SixInchesTall — Featuring: Pussy, Insertion, Torture, Gore, Shrunken Men

Katelyn stormed into the room, she threw her purse at the chair and her coat on the floor. “Fuck!” she shouted as her eyes scanned the room. She had just got home from a very bad day. She was not just pissed; she was in a full rage. Today was going to be the day she thought, she had waited for ages. She took a moment to compose herself slightly and then walked purposely towards the side of her bed. On the left side of her bed was a large antique birdcage made of a variety of different types of wood, very pretty and ornate but strong and durable which Katelyn had purchased many years ago when she had first become aware of her abilities. She had shrunken a number of people in the past, mainly the homeless as experiments but it had taken years to master her powers and be able to get them to the size she wanted. Only in the last few months had she perfected her powers and she had been busy at her local nightspot finding the hottest guys and luring them home with promises of sex and debauchery. So far only three had been her type and she had captured and shrunk all three.

Click here to continue reading…

Two New FREE Videos! Behind the Scenes with Giantess Nova and I!

VoringExBoyfriends♥ Download Voring Ex Boyfriends BTS ♥

EatenbyNovaandKatelyn♥ Download Eaten by Nova and Katelyn BTS ♥

Well my little sweethearts, that about covers it this time around. I’m going to keep this short and sweet, gotta continue on with my current massive workload. Before I go, I also wanted to remind everyone about my fun Valentine’s Day Project which I’ll be working on in only a few days! Details in my AMA Answers Completed blog post– don’t miss your chance to participate! ;) Now I’ll be running off to crush some bugs around the site ^^

Giantess sized love,
Giantess Katelyn <3


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. John

    Not sure if its just me but I am having some trouble with page not found errors all over. Not sure if you mentioned it or not. Great site BTW. Love the new stories

  2. MarkM

    Thanks for the Updates Katelyn.

    It’s fun seeing you and Giantess Nova clowning around in free videos.

    With Love, Mark

  3. Greg Viera

    Can’t wait to see the updates :)
    You and Nova look utterly divine as the Giantess Goddeses u both are

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