Exploring Her Soles… (Collage Story!)

Exploring Her Soles… (Collage Story!)

Shrunken down to a nearly microscopic size, you eagerly await the presence of your beautiful neighbor out on her private deck. You’ve had a crush on her for months and her bare feet have taunted you over and over in your dreams. Today -even if it kills you- you will fulfill your fantasy to live, feel, and smell the world at her divine soles…

Thunder! No- the door to her house is opening. The girl, now clearly a Giantess, walks out onto her deck, her blue socks shaking the earth around you. You’ve positioned yourself out of harms way but seeing the sheer size and power of her body before you makes you start to question whether this was such a good idea after all! Ants the size of buses scurry out of her way as she walks- those not fast enough are softly crushed into her blue socks and mutilated by individual threads. At her size, she notices nothing. You and everything around you are merely specs to her.

The air is cool with a gentle breeze. Her soft reddish-brown hair gently blows in the wind. She lays down to relax, her full body stretching out to be what seems a mile. Her blue socked feet come to rest close by you, now facing the door of her house. She lets out a happy relaxed sigh. Her massive toes work to pull her socks halfway down so she can feel the cool breeze on her heels and soles.

You look up at her skyscraper sized feet and realize that this was the greatest idea ever. You wait until she is completely settled and her toes come to a rest and then- begin to climb up the beautiful girl’s bright blue socks leading to her exposed, sexy soles. It feels like a dream…
Giantess Katelyn - Shrunken Man Micro Pic 1

Every thread of her sock is a challenge and the fuzz tangles your legs as you climb. The smell of her sweaty feet permeates the air- it is beyond intoxicating. You struggle up with a hard-on, wanting to cum but saving it for her exposed soles. You’re nearly there- her soft, bare skin is only a blue hill away. You can almost see it…

Giantess Katelyn - Shrunken Man Micro Pic 2

NOO!! Her feet begin to move and you hold on for dear life. You fear the worst- that she’s standing up. Her sock scrunches over and over and you desperately climb to stay on top. A wave of blue fabric hits you and you fall onto your back. You brace for a part of her powerful foot to crush you… but it never comes. You slowly open your eyes… and your heart skips a beat. The view in front of you is beyond words She’s not gotten up- she’s merely pulled off her sock off with you on it! Her long, bare soles are now completely exposed in front of you. The powerful, feminine smell of her newly exposed soles hits you like a train. Are you… in heaven?

Giantess Katelyn - Shrunken Man Micro Pic 3

Without even thinking, your hand reaches down into your pants and you begin to jerk yourself off. The smell, the sight, everything is overwhelming. You pull down your pants, push up against her soles and your hard cock pulses against her soft skin. You kiss and fondle her feet, thrusting up against her divine skin on the verge of climax. The taste of her sweat and pheromones brings you to the point of no return and hot white cum shoots all over her soft soles. Her toes wiggle slightly… perhaps it was a breeze she was enjoying… or perhaps it was the burst of your warm cock. Either way, she’s completely unaware of your presence and what you have done to her feet. You stand back, your mind drowning in sexual pleasure… your cum drips down a groove of her skin. You can’t help but notice how small it is compared to her feet…

Her sexy bare heel taunts you in the distance… you have to get closer. You can already feel your hard-on returning… it’s time make love to her beautiful bare heels!

Giantess Katelyn - Shrunken Man Micro Pic 4

You climb her bare sole slowly hoping that she can’t feel you. At this size you doubt she can but better safe than sorry! You gently thrust, poke, and hump as you climb unable to contain your horny self. She has no clue that a tiny man is making love to her feet over and over! You stop as you reach another massive ridge on her divine soles and push yourself into her soft skin. The smell is overwhelming. You contemplate the idea of never leaving- just living in her shoes and socks. As you take another deep breath of her soles the thought of her pussy flashes through your mind. What if… you were to climb up her pant leg?

You grab onto the next line in her skin and up you go- you’re now on a mission. You’ll reach the top of her heels, climb down her ankle, up her leg and then… explore her womanhood tucked snugly in her pink (you imagine) panties.

It’s not before long you reach the top of her heel. It’s like a mountain! You stand proudly for a moment- that was no small climb. You take a step toward her ankle, her massive pussy teasing your mind… and the world begins to turn.

Giantess Katelyn - Shrunken Man Micro Pic 5

You can barely stand. The ground you stand on is falling away and so fast it’s making you sick to your tiny stomach. She’s… she’s… getting up!!

“What’s crawling on me?”

Her voice tears through the air, those simple words shaking your shrunken body to the core. You’re running, sliding, falling down her heel and foot. You mind races and your body struggles to stay on top and not get swept under her. You fall and land on the deck as her soles slide away and under her. Before you can even catch your breath her bare feet return… only this time she’s standing…

Giantess Katelyn - Shrunken Man Micro Pic 6

She nearly steps on you. Air explodes around you and the ground thrashes about as her foot lands dangerously close to your minuscule body. You struggle to stand both out of terror and lack of breath…

The giantess inspects her massive soles but notices nothing. Unsatisfied, her eyes scour the ground for the trespasser.

Giantess Katelyn - Shrunken Man Micro Pic 8

You look up, terrified… The pussy you wanted so badly now threatens your very existence. Her eyes slowly move toward you. You run.

She fixes her eyes on a tiny, suspicious black dot. At first it’s still… but it begins to move across the gray wood. Whether this spec was the violator or not, it’s now taking the blame.

“Found you…”

Giantess Katelyn - Shrunken Man Micro 07

Her gigantic toes rise over you- you’re not running nearly fast enough! Her entire foot lifts into the air and you look up as you run…

Giantess Katelyn - Shrunken Man Micro Pic 9

So soft… so big… so deadly… Each toe is the size of a building and looks as soft as it looks heavy! Your eyes dart in front of you, searching for a place to hide but find none. Even if you managed to find a crevice in the wood to hide in, her soft flesh would undoubtedly sink in and crush you.

“Prepare to die, little bug! I’m sure you regret climbing my feet now… You’re so tiny, I’ll barely have to use any pressure!”

Giantess Katelyn - Shrunken Man Micro Pic 10

The dark shadow of her foot intensifies around you. The smell of her feet returns and your cock grows hard again. You can’t stop running. You look up and her soft foot is nearly right on top of you… she’s going to crush you! You scream for her to stop but you’re so incredibly small it’s utterly futile. Her foot lowers and she smiles…

Giantess Katelyn - Shrunken Man Micro Pic 11

No. She’s going to enjoy this. Slowly and one by one, her massive toes land next to you. She’s going to crush you as painfully as possible- she knows that even the slightest weight will kill you. She eases onto her smaller toes first, carefully rolling her foot over your body. You quickly realize you can’t out run her… you’re legs break down and stutter to find a new direction to run in. You look up to see her massive sole and toes landing next to you. You’re mouth hangs open… she wants to feel every part of your body break.

Giantess Katelyn - Shrunken Man Micro Pic 12

Her big toe nears the ground. Darkness and the smell of her sweat swells around you. Your microscopic body is violently thrown to the ground as her sole hits you – as gently as she possibly can. For what seems like hours to you, barely a half a second to her, you lay there, pinned to the ground and to her sole… trapped. Your heart beats wildly against her sole and your hard cock pushes harder than ever against skin. She’s feeling you.

Her toes wiggle and the pressure intensifies. Your cock begins to throb from the pressure and you try to breathe in but inhale only her smell. The pressure grows and you try to yell- but only a half-yell half-moan comes out.

“Got ya.”

Your cock explodes, hot white cum blowing all over yourself and her sole. Drowning in her foot’s pheromones, you scream in the most intensive orgasm you’ve ever hard. Three incredible throbs into it and your body crushes.

Giantess Katelyn - Shrunken Man Micro Pic 13

She’s won. Your tiny body explodes, your insides rushing out to pleasure her bare feet. She presses harder and gently twists, breaking everything in your pathetic little body. She smiles. Her feet are extremely sensitive. While you may have only been a tiny spec her foot could still feel the warmth and wetness as your body orgasmed and then exploded.

For her, the pleasure lasted only a few seconds. But it was worth it. Inspecting the ground for more bugs, she finds none. She casually sits down, stretches out her legs and grins.

What a wonderful day.

Giantess Katelyn - Shrunken Man Micro Pic 14

Click HERE to download the story and ALL of the pictures :love:


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. Giantess Ka...

    Before anyone comments, yes, I am aware of the big white cat in the last picture :D
    I may have left that part out of the story! :eek:

  2. bauerpower24

    My Sexy Goddess Katelyn,
    Well, it has finally happened. I NOW HAVE A FOOT FETISH! That was absolutely one of the MOST EROTIC, SEXUAL, & FEARFUL stories I’ve ever read. I’m so horny right now, I can’t type straight. THANK YOU SO MUCH for writing this for all us pets. YOU’RE THE BEST! Have a great night my Goddess and may you have sexy dreams tonight of crushing me. LOVE YA!

  3. bauerpower24

    Well, you may have left out the part about the cat, but let me just say: Nice pussy! Hehe!

  4. bauerpower24

    One more thing. Your hair looks nice.

  5. Delphinus

    Excellent as always :) . Any plans on doing one of these amazing blog entries on vore?

  6. TBG

    VERY nice, loved it <3

  7. Kisuke Urahara

    ……I don’t think my cock as ever been this hard in my life. I might need to buy another bottle of lotion. That story was BEYOND amazing, and the pictures added to the fantasy. I loved it.

  8. Bobbob

    Katelyn, your such a turn on! :p

    I loved the story!

    I wish I could shrink to near microscopic size… I bet I could make it the whole way up your leg! :woot:

  9. Greg viera

    oh and i did’t notice the cat lol
    the giantess in the orange shirt with the sexy feet caught my eyes

  10. crusader

    would you mind doing a vore story like this as well?

  11. Jaedon

    Since watching your Midnight Goddess movie that actually got me into enjoying crush fetish stuff I guess I’ve neglected to really delve further into it and so I was really glad to read this story and be reminded of just what I love about it. The way you told the story along with the great pictures was almost as good as watching a movie of you doing it.

    I can’t believe how jealous I am of that little smear on the sole of your foot right now.

  12. evilyounggod

    I’ve been a lurker for a while, and a fan for even longer… but after reading this story, I was compelled to post.

    All I have to say is: DAMN!

    Ok, that’s not exactly all. The fact that you can make a simple crush story into something far erotic and natural than most people in the fetish is pretty remarkable. Add to it the fact that the collages on their own are quite impressive, and the story gets even better. I guess the final element that made this such a great read is the fact that you’re genuinely INTO it. As much as I appreciate stories from all of the writers in the community, there’s something about reading it from a woman who feels as passionately about the fetish as you do that just takes it to another level.

    I know putting these posts together is time-consuming, but I’m definitely looking forward to your work in the future!

  13. Giantess Ka...

    I meant to post this last night, but I kind of passed out! :whistle:

    Thanks everyone for the AWESOME replies! As always I LOVE reading about how you enjoyed my work!! Hearing so many of you cum totally turned me on. It’s like really knowing the shrunken man in the story came! :D

    I do plan on doing more stories like these. Some have asked for a vore story and there WILL be one, someday. When? When I’m horny for it. :eek: Trust me, there’s very little planning to my work, it’s nearly all spontaneous. A Giantess is very unpredictable! But as I love eating tiny men, you’ll definitely see something of it and probably a micro story like this one too. :love:

    @Kisuke Urahara: Hardest in your life, huh? So THAT’S what I felt pushing against the bottom of my foot. WOW! :woot:

    @bauerpower24: Hehehe! Glad to have given you a foot fetish!! It’s a very fun fetish to have. *grin* Thanks for noticing the hair, as you know it’s finally growing out. Won’t be cutting it short again for a LONG TIME. :) I love it so much now that it’s long again!!! ^^ Oh, and both you and Bobbob better keep working out, my legs are one HELL of a climb. But the reward for climbing them is… deeply satisfying, I assure you. <3

    @Greg viera: Lol, yes, I think most people were too distracted by me in the last picture to notice the cat :P I thought there would be more replies of “Hey, look a cat!” but no, you little ones could only see one thing in that picture and it was ME with your little guts smeared all over my bare sole.

    As for how I come up with my stories, they’re usually completely spontaneous- something I’m incredibly horny over at the time. Sometimes the scenario I fantasize about won’t make enough sense to turn into a story- it’s just raw sexual giantess stuff that doesn’t flow but totally turns me on and gets me off. But most of the time the scenario pans out into a deep story that after I’ve enjoyed (and perhaps several times) I turn into something like this. :)

    As for this particular story, I enjoy laying out on my deck and every now and a stupid little ant will crawl on me. I had a particular satisfying (His body exploding + this fantasy rushing through my mind made me cum ^^) run-in with one very tiny ant the day I took these photos and thought wow, I just HAVE to turn this into something! Effects movies happen the same way! :eek:

    @Jaedon: Another little bug I’ve given a crush fetish? :D Too cool. I hope to give you plenty more opportunities to explore and indulge in your new found fetish…

    @evilyounggod: Welcome to my blog! (the comments section anyway!) I hope you stick around and leave me lots of comments. ^_^ Hearing from you little ones, no matter how short the reply is a huge part of my fantasy. As a Giantess I want to hear and feel all of the little ones at my feet. Talking to a silent crowd of invisible observers is just no fun as a Giantess! I crave the feeling of being in a city full of worshipers, so I highly encourage you to comment as often as you like about whatever you want. :love: It makes me feel all lovey.

    I’m really glad you enjoyed my fantasy too! ^_^ And thank you for the awesome compliments little one!!! <3 They made this Giantess smile.

    You little ones are the best!

    ~Giantess Katelyn <3

  14. Bobbob

    Yeah, I guess at that size, climbing your leg would be equivalent to climbing a skyscraper… a warm moving skyscraper… but you have incredible legs… if that was supposed to turn me off from trying, you have failed… lol! I never said I wasn’t up to a challenge! :love:

    I imagine climbing you could be like a sexy version of Indiana Jones. Guess what happens when I get to the cave? That’s right… aliens… :alien: lol

    And congratulations on giving everyone new fetishes! It’s always good to have a new way to enjoy sexual emotions! :p

  15. evilyounggod

    Trust me, I’ll definitely chime in from now on! :D

    I have to admit, I’ve kinda had similar experiences with ants, roaches & snails in the past… pretending they’re tiny people and ending their pathetic lives with the slightest of movements and totally getting off on my power in the process. Just wish I could’ve heard their screams for mercy, as worthless as they would’ve been.


    Anyway, I’d never been in the right place to capture it since each time it seemed like such a momentary rush and release, but it’s really great to see someone was actually able to capture the mood of the moment as vividly as you did. It’s like an uncanny trip down a really freaky memory lane! :evil:

  16. babyblue69

    That was fantastic to read and see!!!! Definitely got me through some rainy nights :D

  17. Greg viera

    you have a very creative mind :)
    can’t wait to see what other sexy storeis you come up with :love:

  18. bauerpower24

    LOL… used my Hitachi Wand ~_^ and passed out on the office floor last night. Now that I’m awake I’ll be doing the store update… hehe! =D

    Slow down with that thing. lol. :woot: I sure hope that it comes with one hell of a warranty, cause it sure seems like it’s gonna get alot of use. hehe. I’ll bet it must have been fun waking up on the floor this morning having slept in all your cum. :love: Enjoy your day off after your night of getting off. Tomorrow, you’re gonna have quite a mess to clean up. <3

  19. lildude

    That was a great story, I wish I was that dude.

  20. bauerpower24

    BTW- my Hitachi Wand made me cum so hard, I moaned so loud my cats ran! Never had that happen before, lol!

    That’s the only way to cum isn’t it? :woot: Oh, and lol that you moaned so loud you scared your pussy cats to death. :D Maybe you’ve got a Verizon commercial in your future. Can you hear me moaning now? :love:

  21. Nhyarlathotep

    can’t wait to see the new Bug Vore vids from Daisy :) Is it set on music or do you actually hear or see her swallowing the helpless men turned into bugs? :)

  22. Babygirl

    Hi Goddess Katelyn.

    I really love that story, every pic of you, every movie of you. You are the perfect giantess! All we tiny mortals can should be so thankful to have you around… or over us :)

    Keep up the great work… and please…dont step on all of us


  23. handsome gamer

    Hi KB, I hope you had a good day yesterday. :wink: :)

  24. bauerpower24

    Actually my Goddess I’m shipping myself to you by Federal Express. Cause I absolutely, positively have to be there. :love: :woot: Maybe you can put me on your birthday cake, cause I have a delicious icing that I’m sure you would come to love. Or it might make you love to come. Hehe. LOVE YA!

  25. bauerpower24

    Enjoy your last day at 23 my sexy Goddess. Hope you are able to do some fun things for yourself over the next couple days. I’ll be thinking of you and here’s all the thoughts that will be going through my mind. :woot: :love: <3 :D LOVE YA MY SWEET KATELYN!

  26. bauerpower24

    HAPPY 24TH BIRTHDAY to the sexiest Goddess I know. Hope you’ve received lots of presents so that you know how loved you are. I’ll be anxious to hear what you cook on your grill tomorrow. Maybe some SM perhaps? LOVE YA GK! <3 :love:

  27. Delphinus

    Happy birthday Katelyn! Hope is amazing :)

  28. bauerpower24

    Well, another birthday has passed and perhaps recovering from a hangover begins. I hope your birthday was everything you hoped for and more. :D Enjoy the rest of the weekend and I’m looking forward to info on this weekend’s update. LOVE YA GK & I’M ALWAYS THINKING OF YOU! :woot: :love: <3

  29. MarkM

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  30. MarkM

    Oops that didn’t work……..

    Hey Katelyn I’ve always had a question if you ever have time.

    I’ve always wondered of the fate of Phil. Remember he was still alive at the end of Spellbook. Have you ever considered a Spellbook 2? Or maybe you can just let us know of his fate? I know you couldn’t risk letting him go after he knew of your secret powers! Maybe he just got squished one to many times and didn’t come back anymore. Or maybe you decided to consume all the “evidence”.

    Just curious. Besides Midnight Goddess and Business Meeting Spellbook is my other favorite.
    <3 Love You! <3

  31. MarkM

    darn it…….. the love hearts don’t work! Well you know I love you!

  32. Kabe

    Hi!, I’m from Tokyo; i would want to know what would yu do if you come to my home country!
    You’re really cute, Thanks!

  33. Gwhite713

    Finally a girl who gets this fetish!! :D

  34. handsome gamer

    <3 KB U must have another MASTERPIECE video or story coming up !!! :) I say this because it’s taking awhile for the next update. :whistle: Not that I mind or anythin like that. ^_^ It just means that something GREAT is coming along! :D I love you so much.<3 Your CUTE & HOT at the same time, not many people can do that. Your wish IS MY COMMAND. l love you KB! <3 :love: <3

  35. Shawn

    Hi Goddess Katelyn,
    Love your beautiful feet Katelyn whether you are wearing sexy soft white socks or barefoot. I love the toes polished red which is my favourite as well and I love it when you wear toerings on those pretty toes of yours. If you could change me into a bug such as a very crunchy roach, would you? Would you then proceed to slowly step on me so you can feel and hear me scrunch under your beautiful feet while standing on your gorgeous tiptoes while I lick, smell and kiss them…mmmmm. LOL and always under your beautiful soft feet and toes because your beautiful from head to toes. Kisses

  36. Serephix

    Greetings Giantess, I am Serephix Zakeil Vamlyn, I recently discovered your website tonight, and I must say you milady are what I have been searching for.The work you do makes me cum for hours. I take pleasure in serving others, and I would relish in the chance to be one of your slaves. If i knew my death was pleasing you, I would die a thousand times over. Further more, I believe I’d be a very pleasurable slave. I am hard to kill, taking pressure and survivng, and my resilience is uncanny. I believe you’d take pleasure in killing me since it’d take so long, and I’d believe that being a quick thinker and resourceful you’d find me entertaining, perhaps you’d wish to keep me alive just to see how I would escape every time you’d try to devour or crush me. Of course I’d immediatly return to you my mistress, but I believe we’d have much pleasure and fun. I’d please you every way that I could, any way that I could. Perhaps, killing slaves and using them to please you somehow, but of course, all is for the giantess to decide.
    -kneels before you- I serve thee Giantess, Goddess.

  37. Giantess Ka...

    I’d love to respond to all of you, but sadly I don’t have time just now. Only a quick reply and update as I’m sure you’re all curious as to what I’ve been up to!

    @handsome gamer: You little ones know me so well. :eek: Whenever my blog goes quiet… you know the Giantess must be up to something BIG! Hehe!

    Yes, the truth is I’ve been working insanely hard the past couple of weeks on a HUGE project of mine- a complete and total revamp of a “certain section” of my site. (It’s a surprise!) 90% my coding work is actually now complete, and I’m currently working on putting a TON of sexy finishing touches to it.

    When it is finished, not only will it make your little lives easier and more pleasurable, but it’ll also open the door for many more sexy surprises in the future, including the Midnight Goddess: Special Edition bonus reward. (Which is still a good ways off though… so much I still need to do @_@)

    Anyway, I know my blog has suffered a bit, so to make up for my lack of writings you can expect a brand new blog picture story like the one above…. only this time, VORE! :evil: My goal is to have it out by the end of the week, so it won’t be long now. I think you little ones will enjoy it… VERY much.

    ….For anyone who while in the 10th-11th grade fantasized of the Goddess like girls in the 12th grade -who at the age of 18 seemed so much older, powerful, taller, and who had the most massive, soft, and firm busts you’ve ever seen- this story should strike a particular chord… *evil grin*

    ~Giantess Katelyn <3

  38. Greg viera

    wow u always know how to make your little pets excited.<3
    i love giantess vore. Giantess Vore with u doing the vore is even sexier
    you are amazing my Goddess :love:

  39. ninjabbehrens

    Ah yes, I do remember those days in high school. I stoically await your new work as I do all future events (including my own death!)

    Thank you for adding the link and explanation of Gravatars! Now my ninja presence can be felt more powerfully across the web! :ninja:

    Lastly, I have had an amalgamation of thoughts that I wanted to send your way. How would you respond to a tiny human with super-human abilities? I ask because I often wonder how awesome it would be to battle a giantess as Super Ninja, such as Ryu Hayabusa of Ninja Gaiden fame. He takes on some huge monsters, and I always end up thinking about them as big chicks! I mean after the whole battle thing blows over, assuming the guy survives, all that superhuman strength, endurance and magic might prove useful for other things as well…

  40. handsome gamer

    :ninja: LOL

  41. lildude85

    I can’t wait for the end of the week, dang I’m gone be looking forward to that all week.

  42. Giantess Ka...

    Now for the bad news :(

    Last night (the 15th) I kind of got in a go-kart accident lol >.< My friend threw a birthday party and it was a lot of fun- we all went go cart racing! Until well, long story short I'm pretty terrible at it (my friends all laugh) and I managed to smack myself good on a rubbery thing going around a turn. >___<' Now I haz a black eye ;-( I honestly didn't think I hit it *that* hard but this morning I woke up and it was really noticeable! Make-up only made it look like I got into a fight at a beauty queen pageant... @_@ As a Giantess with a black eye isn't very sexy, this means I can't finish the vore picture story until it's healed, as I still need a few more photos to complete the set. :( It also means I can't record at all for the next week- that includes customs. *sigh* Instead I'll have to continue work on my big project and have Lexi over in my place.

    It also doesn't help that I have a wedding to go to on Sunday!!! >__<; Hope you little ones have a better weekend than I do... ~Giantess Katelyn <3 <----- a bit embarrassed

  43. bauerpower24

    I’m very sorry to hear about your accident, but glad to hear that you’re okay. Hopefully, the eye will heal soon, and I will gladly wait for the picture story. You know, you could have just not told us, and completed the photo set. People might have just thought you used too much eyeliner. :D hehe. Take care of yourself my Goddess, and I wish I was with you. I would pamper you and take care of you in your time of need. Be well my friend and always remember, I LOVE YOU GK! :love: <3

  44. bauerpower24

    Oh, and even with the black eye, you’ll still be the sexiest one at the wedding. GUARANTEED!!! CAUSE NO ONE CAN TOP A GODDESS! *MUAH* :woot:

  45. Greg viera

    my goddess accidents happen i walked into a walll thinking of u and i hit my head. all that matters is that u are ok. your pets are patient enough to wait until u heal to finish ur story and ur pics . you are the best Giantess Goddess ever whose beauty goes unmatched. you dont have to be embarrassed either. we all love you my goddess. Have Fun at the wedding my Goddess. in my view and many others u are still #1. thats my view now and it will forver be my view. if u need anything at all u can always message me. :love: I love you Great Giantess Katelyn Brooks :love:

  46. Shrunken One

    I think you’ll always be beautiful, injuries or no.

    That being said, you may, if you feel up to it, want to use your black eye to an advantage in a movie. Perhaps an ‘abusive boyfriend’ or just plain mugger gets shrunk and tortured for hurting you?

    You’re call, of course. I just thought you might like the idea of turning a downer into a advantage. ^.^;

  47. lildude85

    I’m sorry to here that. Hope you get better, and hey your probably still beautiful with th black eye I’m sure of it.

  48. bauerpower24

    Good morning My Goddess. Happy Friday. I woke up this morning hoping I was just having a bad dream about your go-kart accident. But it wasn’t a dream. Hopefully, you’re feeling better this morning, and maybe with a little luck, the eye is a little better. And I know that even though you won’t be recording, you will turn this mishap to your advantage. YOU ALWAYS DO!!! STAY STRONG GK cause a little black eye can’t keep the MOST POWERFUL Goddess in the world down for long. HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!! LOVE YA KATELYN! :love: <3

  49. Clover

    Try working it into the story! Like have the focus be on your mouth and then you kiss a friend and then you can focus on someones face who doesn’t have a black eye. ;p

    Just an idea, can’t wait to see the story :)

  50. Greg viera

    good afternoon my Goddess. i hope ur eye is feeling better. im behind ur descions u make 100%. i read this story over and over it never gets old. thank you for making such a sexy and beautiful story the pics that come with are great. i am working on a poem for u i have been workinng on this poem since the start of the summer. hoping you are well love u my great goddess :eek: :love:

  51. MarkM


    Ahhhhhhhh! As long as it’s not your own wedding! Don’t forget your not suppose to let us know if you ever find someone! You’ll have to many broken hearts all on your hands.

    Sorry for your accident though. Just glad it wasn’t worse.

    Love, MarkM

  52. handsome gamer

    I thing you sholud put up a voteing poll, asking if you (KB) have a boy/girl friend, because I would want to know if you have one or not. :love: LOVE YOU!!! :love:

  53. handsome gamer

    Y don’t U do a video blog again?

  54. Greg viera

    2 4 8 who do we all apprecatie!!!!!!!!!!. its you my Goddess. :love: 8)
    good luck with ur contest that song u like i heard it its really awesome i’ved add it to my play list in ur honor

  55. handsome gamer

    Hi KB, I’m trying to download Midnight Goddess but for some reason I can’t find the checkout basket. I need some help. Love you!!! :love:

  56. Malkmusian

    I’m still wondering how the toes can actually slowly pull the sock off.

  57. Cesar

    Could you make a video playing with your throat?? Can be very interesting!

  58. Greg viera

    hello goddess im glad to hear ur eye is getting better
    your vidoes are so amazing :love:

  59. Antonio

    HII! I’m right now living in Japan , i wanted to ask to your friend Emma if she wanted to come here as a GIANTESS and from which city she would start first to ‘visit’!! THANKS :wink: and sorry for my english

  60. Antonio

    I forget!!! I wanted to ask to your other girlfriend Daisy too, THANKSS!

  61. roytoytbs

    Love You Forever XXX

  62. Serving a H...

    […] whole nudity thing) is that instead of a film, this is a full blown collage picture story much like “Exploring Her Soles”- only 3 to 4 times larger and featuring Pussy, Boobs, Ass, Mouth, Vore, and a dildo. It’s […]

  63. sock sniffa

    can you do it but with some sweaty colorful socks and make the shrunken slave me plz i love you goddess and i will be your shrunk sock slave forever

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