Emi ☆ Eri 2 by Pogojo

Emi ☆ Eri 2 by Pogojo

At 49 vibrant pages long and containing mind-blowing vore, drool gushing ass crush, and body throbbing insertion- you will find “Emi ☆ Eri 2” by Pogojo to be one of the -most fantastic- giantess comics you will ever have the pleasure of viewing! You seriously owe it to yourself and to Pogojo to buy this comic right now. There is simply nothing out there like it! I have been floored by it. O_O

“How did it come to this? One by one you’ve watched your friends explode under the curvy bodies of the two towering girls. Will your life now end between the mountainous beauty of Eri’s ass cheeks? Or are you doomed to die under the divine hands of Emi? Or are you to be savored and swallowed alive, a mere play thing for Eri’s stomach? Hmm… perhaps you are to be violently fucked whole, crawling to your doom deep within a wet and throbbing pussy… No matter your fate, it will be both the most horrible and heavenly thing to end your pathetically fragile human life!”

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The Shrunken Perspective

3 Responses and Counting...

  1. Rooster

    Such an incredible comic! Pogojo is a master of his art; this second issue is a great continuation of Emi and Eri. I particularly loved the vore scenes =D

  2. gtsquisit

    I absolutely loved this . One of my favorite artists. I love all things squishy
    I’m so looking forward to Vivian next release. I hope it will be out soon.

    On a side note. The gallery option on giantessbooru is broken.

    Fatal error: Call to a member function get_thumb_link() on a non-object in /home/thebooru/public_html/contrib/pools/theme.php on line 42

  3. Giantess Ka...

    @gtsquisit: Glad you liked :) Vivian’s should be out in a few days.
    As far as Giantessbooru goes, I’ve just fixed it. Thanks! Apparently the original programmers weren’t fans of sanity checks :P

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