Emi ★ Eri by Pogojo – Released!

Emi ★ Eri by Pogojo – Released!

I’m thrilled to announce that Pogojo’s first full length 34 page comic “Emi * Eri” is now available in my store! :D Pogojo has always been one of my absolute favorite artists in the community and I am proud to welcome him onto my site! And WOW has it been a whirlwind of comics the past two months! I’ve barely had time to write blogs in between releases! @[email protected] Very cool! (Responded to Comments 12/5)

This comic is simply squishy-full of everything that makes Pogojo’s works so amazingly sweet. Seeing a comic from him has been a dream come true! And the best part is this comic is actually part one of a two part series, the second part he’s already working on. So support Pogojo today and all that he has given to the community and check out “Emi * Eri” right away! ^^

You try breaking yourself away from the horror as your friend disappears hopelessly under the curves of the giggling Giantess’s barefoot! Did she call you… “Parasites?” You try to run, your legs racing, but the tears streaming down your face make it difficult to see. Soft, plump, curves fill the sky high above you and the shocking sound of a horrifying full body crunch sends you to nothing short of hysteria. Today is the worst day of your life. Today is the day you met Emi and Erika.


Just look at those adorable concerned faces! You just know bad things are going to happen to them! >=D
Thanks from me and Pogojo to everyone in the community for helping make these comics a reality! ^^  Enjoy!


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. cheeko

    i love pogojo’s work. i’m not going to fork over a penny until i know how much of the profit from this goes to him :P

  2. Greg Viera

    as always these comics look great <3
    i wonder if we will ever see you in comic book form heheh

  3. Bbaass

    If I remember correctly, I think the artists usually get 65%.

  4. Giantess Ka...

    Yep! That’s correct. All artists on my site get 65% of their sales. This is a great rate for legally selling adult themed content. Out of my share I instantly lose about ~20% to credit card processing fees, leaving me with about 10-15%, which I then spend on either server costs or costs related to the artist and comic projects. (Such as customer support, which take up a large amount of time) The reason I get hit with such large fees is because I can -legally- process adult content. Almost all other sell-your-content sites out there specifically -cannot- sell adult themed content and doing so is a violation of their terms. (And is a violation of the banks they work with!) It’s all because of the regulations and fee structures set up by the major credit card companies. (Visa, Mastercard)

    My goal in all of this is make enough so that I can pay for the costs associated with hosting and selling adult themed comics, while giving the artists the most of their money possible. And if there were any changes in fees or costs, I would instantly pass those savings onto them. The reason I started selling comics was so that my favorite artists would dedicate more time to drawing sexy things. :3 And it worked! My goal is to empower artists and give them the same opportunity I’ve had in being able to financially sustain what we love doing the most- creating incredible giantess art.

    And finally, why would all of these artists sell their works on my site if I wasn’t giving them a great deal? Your favorite artists made the decision they did because they knew I’d help them sell their works (being one of the most popular sites in the giantess community!) and they knew I’d give them the best deal possible- both as a friend and as a business woman! :)

  5. LiamGB

    I don’t think it’d be right buying a drawn comic because i’d replace everything i saw with your body of goddess :P x

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