Dreaming of 2015

Dreaming of 2015

Hi shrunken ones! With it being the end of January I’ve had time to brew my thoughts about 2015 and what my dreams and goals look like for the new year. If you’d like to know what I’ll be up to as far as my website content goals and more then you can read the jist of it in this blog post. Hope you enjoy! ;)



New Home Studio

My home studio dream is a place in FL with a porn worthy interior, private back yard and pool, close enough to a beach for regular location shooting and sexy giantesses at the tip of my finger. >;) Personally, I’ve always dreamed of living within 20 minutes driving distance to a beach and FL seems to be perfect for everything all around.

One of you asked why I’m not choosing CA. Bottom line is it’s expensive, and it’s no longer the “ideal” location for porn because of the condom law. Not that I need to hire male and female porn actors for fetish videos but you’d be surprised how hard it is to find a model who is comfortable fucking a bus, let alone a shrunken man. Nevertheless, as my 5-10 year plan matures, I will more frequently be hiring young and sexy adult entertainment models accordingly. Some day I WILL be a hot MILF though. Not for a while, but anyway…

If I can’t get to FL for whatever reason this year then I’ll probably be relocating near my current location, Seattle, for another year or so. My goal for videos is to always keep it fresh with a variety of shoot locations and looks, scenarios, outfits, shots, girls (more eventually), etc. I’m always looking to bring my work to the next level in one way or another as much as reasonably possible with currently being a one person run all. (I look forward to hiring someone to help with an aspect of my workload someday!)

More Nude Content & Fx

Be it video and/or sound FX, I would very much enjoy bringing some FX back into my video work this year and forward. My workflow has never felt the beautiful rays of the sunlight more than now. It’s the perfect time for me to start playing around again, in whatever way I want. I’ll most likely play around small at first… perhaps do a mini FX video here, throw sound FX into a video there, work on custom props to bring something special to a hot video making it just right to tip you over the climax. Mmhh… we’ll see!

As far as more nude content, it’s a personal decision since nudity is what most often gets ME off either it be one of my videos or me enjoying a fetish video of sorts. I’ll probably bump up the nudity in my solo content, model content, and shoot more couple content when possible (girl/guy or girl/girl). There will still be a nice mix of stuff overall to suit everyone’s tastes but you can most likely look forward to a few extra nude videos per month than usual either it be topless, pantiless, or completely nude. ;)

Refined Blog Posts

Know what I wish? That I could spend more time in my schedule fantasizing about scenarios, acting and filming, and editing and releasing new fetish videos and photo sets. I want to unleash my content creativity to its full potential. But, there is SO much that needs to be done to keep everything running. One thing I have been thinking, though, is that I can refine my blog posts a bit. Instead of updating fan art sections every month, I will update them every other month. Included will be any recent news on comic artist releases, and screenshots of any visual FX or larger scale videos that I’m working on. I’d like to do more interactive blog posts too. I love talking about fantasies and hearing yours, and coming up this year I might do another AMA too.

Project Goals

There’s quite a few website and video projects I’d like to get together this year as follows (in no order): store search box, custom video order form, new website background(s), part two (final) the free MG comic, first growth video that I mentioned a while back starring Rachel, perhaps a new website design for GiantessBooru, and the above as far as fx/content/blog posts/studio.

That’s a wrap! If there’s anything else you’d like to toss in to inspire my new year then feel free to make a suggestion. I’m always happy to consider your thoughts.

Happy 2015 to all!
Giantess Katelyn


The Shrunken Perspective

20 Responses and Counting...

  1. Chuck

    I see you have a lot in mind, yet at least you are kinda realistic about these goals. You might move to Florida or you might not, you’d like to include FX again but you have to see how it will work in this year, and at least you have some backup plan. It’s good to have dreams and fight for them and reach your goals, but always with your feet on safe ground.

    Also, remember not to overload yourself. I know what I’m saying, I’m currently going through one of those bad times – which also explains why I’m not that active on GB as both mod and regular user -, so yeah…

    And having more interactivity in the blog is a nice touch, and a very valuable one. Staying close to the fan base, getting to know them, you never know what people carve for or what crazy ideas can be interesting additions to your work. You just have to look back at the comments on the previous post, ideas flow in many directions and can inspire a lot.

  2. Little Bee

    At least one Katelyn/Bee collaboration per year :P

  3. Alman001

    I agree with Chuck in all of those regards, I can’t really word them any better myself ^_^
    Other than that, I’d say I also like the idea of adding a custom-video order form. ^_^ I’ll definitely be looking forward to that new feature as well as possible changes to the blog-section :D

  4. Greg Viera

    Awesome blog and it makes me smile to see you do your best <3 (I can finally see a heart lol hahah you fixed it awesome ) you will always have my support always and forever. Alman001 that's a great idea I would love to see a custom-video order form. Like Chuck says always fight for your dreams :) never let anyone bring you down. your divine feet and soles and toes are always the best hehe <3 looking to buy some videos and some comics real soon <3

  5. Lance

    Hey katelyn i don’t mean this in a racist way but why don’t you have any shrunken black people or toys in your videos

  6. Martin

    Unaware Micro SFX are your bread and butter Katelyn!! And you in tall pumps should be in EVERY VIDEO! :) Cheers!!!

  7. catman

    i agree with martin

  8. MarkM

    LOL Katelyn you can still pass for about 10 years younger than you really are so I don’t think you have to worry about being a hot MILF for a really long time! When you do though we will still Love You! <3

  9. Colby

    Yeah Katelyn why don’t you make videos with tiny black men I’m sure it’ll be a blast to do

  10. footphan

    I look forward to your work in 2015. I’d really love to see a sequel to Midnight Goddess, my all time favorite giantess video. Best of luck in the new year giantess!

  11. Toddyboy

    Hello Katelyn! I just found your website and I’m exited to see you have a video that deals with my personal fantasy. “Squeezed in Katelyn’s Hands” is what I fantasize about when I imagine myself with a giantess. I would love to let you shrink me down to the size of the man in the video and then have you squeeze and crush the life out of me with your big, powerful hands. I have a slender body and I imagine you would enjoy squeezing the air out of me and crushing my bones just like you do to the man in the video. I hope you would. :)

  12. Taran

    What I’d love to see is a collab Nova/Katelyn (but any girl would be awesome, they’re all hot) as giantesses walking through a tiny city (like, model train set size), mashing just a few cars here and there (and some tiny people as well, so the clip’d be suitable for more people than just me…) finding a tiny bus, lifting it up and give it a few minutes long blow-job. Licking alongside (maybe tongues meeting?) the bus, hearing the screams and commenting about how huge they are compared to that 20-ton-bus. And then, after the licking, one girl sits down (still in that city) and the other slowly sticks the bus inside the first one’s pussy.

    It could end there or continue with the girls having more fun with this bus (“Oh, it’s so thin, I can hardly feel it.”) and have a nice lesbian giantess clip. Sprinkle some tiny people and cars over the boobies and bam…

  13. Microbe

    I would love a “Journey to the Centre of Katelyn” type of film. I get shrunk to microscopic size in a submarine and travel into your body, where I have to find a way to contact you and get out of your body before I become trapped forever. It could be like Innerspace, but inside your sexy body.

  14. Corsair

    Hello Katelyn,

    Any chance to see Daphne Rosen again?

  15. catman

    hey Katelyn if you have time check out that Godzilla is now Tokyo tourism ambassador. and they a 171 foot tall Godzilla head its at the Godzilla hotel its in today Huffingtonpost.com/Godzilla i wish we could have a giantess Katelyn hotel.

  16. Yattaman

    More Rachel vore is all I ask for 2015! :D

    Still, I’m glad you have plan and feel comfortable with it! It’s a great thing to know which direction to take on the next step in life ;)

  17. catman

    if the tax man stress you out you can shrink him down and eat him.

  18. ebeur

    Hail you giantess Katelyn. I still hope to see you as the first actual nude giantess to rampage through a city…you would be the most desireable apocalypse there could ever be.

  19. Ryder Mayall

    PLZ READ Hi Katelyn. I have a question about dealing with giantess vore fetish in real life. I have a massive mouth and vore fetish. I have talked about it with my girlfriend and she understands my fetish (thankfully). But when it comes to satisfying my fetish we get stumped. The most realistic thing we have come up with is her sucking and licking my ear while I close my eyes (cause i feel and hear her mouth). Do you have any suggestions for us?

  20. Ryder Mayall

    Hey Katelyn! I was wondering if u had any suggestions for me and my girlfriend when it comes to mouth fetish and giantess fetish in real life

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