Download Deadline + 2021 Overview + Good Things to Come

Download Deadline + 2021 Overview + Good Things to Come

Can you believe it? We’re nearing the end of 2021 already! How fast it has gone by surprises me. Have you done a yearly reflection yet? Made any new year plans? I’d like to share mine with you little bugs! There’s also an important message about downloads…

Store Downloads

Make sure you’ve downloaded any videos in your GK Download Area before a re-download may not be possible. I will soon be deleting deactivated videos for server space. This includes, but is not limited to, videos from producers who’ve left the industry and/or no longer have content available for purchase at the store. Deactivated comics will remain on the server since they do not take up much space. I am not keeping local copies of deleted video files, so once they’re gone, they’re gone. With that said, redownloading purchases at your convenience is something you can continue to enjoy for purchased content that remains active at the store. I’m giving a three month heads up. Deadline to download everything is March 1st 2022.

2021 Overview

Despite hitting most Friday updates this year, I’ve admittedly been unmotivated, unfocused and quite uncaring with work. Until I stopped breastfeeding around mid year, that was like a full time job in itself and I was often sleep deprived. My goal was 6 months- made it to 9 months. Started daycare and have been sick quite often since. Not like a one or two day thing here and there. I was sick many weeks of the year. However, even when in good health on work days, I was barely shooting, rarely ever worked out, did minimum in other areas of business, just floated along with whatever Friday updates I could make and anything else I had a little energy for. You can imagine my shock when I hit C4S Top 50 Studios for the first time, several times, this year with full disclosure of how I’ve been. I’m glad you little ones like indulging in my content that much. To say I really appreciate it is an understatement. ;) I love sexy-time with you bugs and your support means the world to me! 

Good things to Come

I’m happy to say that the unmotivated, unfocused, uncaring mood that shadowed 2021 has come to pass, just in time for the new year! I will be devoting myself to a production schedule to bring you completely consistent updates every single Friday from now on! This last missed update was the last bite in the ass that I needed. I realized that was on a production schedule for part of 2020 and got so far ahead that I had three months of Friday updates stashed up for my maternity leave. Not needing to stash up as much content as fast as before means that I can get ahead to bring real consistency to you, and there will also be bonus updates released on Sundays when possible. Sunday won the popular vote (just barely) for a second update day via a Twitter poll. It would be really nice to have two updates every week at some point, but for now they will just be bonus updates until I see how much is possible with truly devoting myself to a production schedule. And there’s more…

My vision going from here also includes playing around with my production style. My inspiration comes from content that some YouTube creators put out. Seeing how they put a load of pure awesome-sauce into their content and in turn how immersive it is to watch has me drooling to start producing more like that for your erotic enjoyment. So, I would like to slip a higher quantity of beautiful shots into my productions, bokeh because it’s so delicious, add extra creativity to sets, lighting, filming technique, and POST production. I am REALLY feeling this, guys! You can already see it reflected in the shot count within the custom options that I will be offering when I reopen them in 2022. And for those who want to get one – it has never been a better time to order a custom!

Your Chance to Ask me Anything

I am feeling up for a new AMA (Ask Me Anything) – the blog post for it will be coming soon. Many moons have passed since the last one (which surely has outdated answers by now), and so it would be wonderful to catch up with all of you bugs! <3 My sexuality has developed even more (it’s truly a life-long journey!) and a lot has also changed drastically for the better in my personal life. I will be up for answering questions all around the board and I very much look forward to hearing from you at the blog post when it is live! 

Check back soon for the AMA and often after that for what the upcoming new year will bring in at GK! I’ve made other plans as well and am leaving them a surprise for you! Lots of love! <3

~ Giantess Katelyn
Collage in Avatar by Goldphish! You can find it here along with many more!


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2 Responses and Counting...

  1. Tiny Dude

    Amazing read as always, super happy where things are going for you, looks like you gonna make a lot of tiny bugs very happy :D Your new production vision is very intriguing as well, can’t wait to see it !

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday and thx for the blog post!

    – Tiny Dude/bug :P

  2. Little Bee

    I feel you on the level of “uninterested” the past year has brought on yourself as I felt the same way on my own creations and such. Not really through any fault of my own as if I just tossed in the towel and didn’t care about creating giantess art pieces, but my IRL work life started getting a little more intense to the point where when I walked in the door, even on my days off, I just couldn’t find the energy to go about my day like normal.

    Your new production vision is intriguing and even more so that your inspiration comes from youtube creators of all things lol… makes me curious to see what’s in store.

    And customs <3 oooh I haven't had a lovely custom from you in so long and there is an idea that's been in my head for a bit that I'd love to have your giantess expertise with.

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