Demonic Digestion

Demonic Digestion

This week I had the scorchingly hot Giantess Jade over to film some sexy custom requests. One of them was called “Demonic Digestion” and I’m absolutely ecstatic with how it turned out! In fact I enjoyed this video so much that I decided to turn the video into a picture story on my blog for those who aren’t able to enjoy the film. So buy the video here, or read the story with tons of pics below!

This video starts with the following introduction:

Jade is an insatiable demon who must swallow a man every 50 years to survive & stay young.

And in order to succeed, she gives a potion to her male victims to shrink them down to size, down to no more than 5 cm tall.

Once this man is swallowed by Jade, he is intentionally stuck in her guts so she may draw the shrunken man’s vital energy.

When Jade has this miniaturized man emptied of his power after 50 years, she digests & empties the rest of his body in to the toilet.

She keeps the souls of her victims in her breasts as they grow bigger over the years.

The film then begins. It’s broken down into multiple shots, as follows.

Scene one

Jade wakes up with a tummy ache and realizes it’s been 50 years.

She has completely emptied her previous victims vital energy and needs a replacement fast!

She calls Eddy, from her last encounter, and tells him he must come over right away- it’s a matter of life and death!

Eddy agrees and when they hang up Jade smiles at what a nice man Eddy is for coming right over.

Scene Two

Jade welcomes Eddy into her house and seduces him with her swaying hips as he follows her up the stairs.

When they reach the kitchen she insists he try her new cocktail. Eddy sits down and while Jade mixes his cocktail, with her back turned towards him, she slips her shrinking potion into his drink.

Eddy, completely unaware of what’s happening to him, begins to shrink.

Jade begins to tell Eddy about her digestive need for him and Eddy begins to feel a little dizzy.

He’s handed a drug to smoke in his pipe to reduce the pain of the shrinking process but he shrinks so fast that he doesn’t even have the chance to smoke it!

By the time he’s completely shrunken he takes one last look at jade -who’s salivating and moaning to consume him- and he books it under the couch while her eyes are shut.

Scene Three

Eddy bravely runs forward, almost out of under the couch, to get a glimpse of Jade out of curiosity.

Jade’s eyes open widely with desire and she crawls down like a hungry tiger which sends Eddy running backward for the sake of his life!

The hungry Demon then crawls even closer to the couch and tells Eddy she saw his tiny size and she must have him! She tells him it’s his last chance to come out and if he comes out willingly she promises not to hurt him… but if she has to catch him then that’s another story.

Jade then cripples over with intense belly pain. She must eat him very soon for the sake of her own survival and to make the pain go away! Eddy watches her for a few moments, confused and worried as to why the beautiful large girl before his eyes is in pain. He even comes out to get a closer look at her sexy butt.

He then looks up at her and his natural instincts inject him with fear once again so he quickly hides behind the couch leg from her… but still close enough to clearly hear her.

Scene Four

Jade’s belly pain eases down a little bit and she talks to eddy in a silky voice. She doesn’t want anything to happen to him, he’s so fragile at his tiny little size. If she swallows him it’s for his own good….

Jade then drifts asleep from exhaustion.

She won’t last much longer without swallowing him to draw his life energy from within her guts.

Eddy waits a few moments to make sure Jade is completely asleep and then he ventures out on a mission to climb up her arm and give his life to her.

First, he checks out her sexy body. He’s feeling unusually seduced and willing to give in to her… maybe it’s the potion? So, he carefully crawls up her lingerie starting at her finger and ending at her beautiful face.

Eddy admires her beauty for a few moments and then nearly hides himself under her pink heart shaped pillow.

Jade slowly wakes up and her eyes open to the pleasant surprise- a hope for her continuing survival as a Demon. She picks Eddy up with love and tells him she still needs to swallow him.

She wouldn’t want to hurt him so she reassures him by telling him the process is quite painless. And once he’s inside of her he’ll find that it’s very soft and warm. :)

Jade then lets herself have a little taste of what’s to come and coats his body in a thin layer of wetness from her tongue.

She moans and licks her lips with desire.

She then continues to lick him with what seems like a massive salivating tongue, compared to his tiny size, for many moments on end.

She tells him it’s time for best part and drops him into her cavernous mouth.

Scene Five

Eddy opens his eyes, he’s deep inside Jade’s mouth lying on her tongue.

She wiggles him around end enjoys the feeling of moving his shrunken body around inside her wide mouth. Eddy can’t help but gaze deep into the depths of Jade’s open throat.

He knows that at any second her tongue could send him tipping over the edge to no return.

After two minutes of riding Jade’s massive tongue it happens- she swallows his entire shrunken size whole and with one forceful gulp she sends his body on the journey to her inner guts, where his soul will live for an eternity.

And for the next 50 years, the duration she will feed off his vital energy, he will feel nice and safe and warm.

Thanks for your support tiny ones! Without it I wouldn’t be able to properly soak my panties and indulge myself in my fantasies like this.  Hope you made a mess under your desks too!  Have a great week little bugs and expect some big news concerning my FX work soon!


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. MarkM

    Hi Katelyn!

    Thanks for sharing this VERY hot scenario featuring Giantess Jade! I agree with you and I also find it very very exciting as it match’s many of the consumption aspects of the fantasy I have.

    For instance if your life was really in danger and needed mine for your survival I would VERY GLADLY give mine up for yours. Such a much greater cause than my own little life. It’s super hot knowing my life was needed by yours. Used by yours. Even my very soul or spirit…………… the life force energy of mine absorbed into yours. My life gone but somehow added to yours. A part of you!

    It’s so very romantic for me Katelyn! Giantess is all about LOVE for me. A Love so great is surpasses all. Even my very desire to live. Nothing else matters but to serve my Giantess. To experience her no matter what the consequence’s.

    Ya know I’m only for you…………. but……… If Giantess Jade needed my body to live and you said it was Ok I could allow myself to be eaten by her too! She is Hot! Just that I’m in Love with only you though! lol Long as you said it was OK and gave me to Giantess Jade!

    Mark <3

  2. Anon

    Jade looks so amazing here, I want to give her all my money. I *love* the outfit – hope to see it in an FX video.

  3. Ben

    Not a bad way to spend 50 years, keeping a hottie like her alive ^^

  4. tiny

    please will she eat me alive and swallow me whole

  5. kevin wallace

    May I be her next victim

  6. Ranji

    What happens when you eat me alive? where will be my end?

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