Demasque Magazine Interviews

Demasque Magazine Interviews

Demasque Magazine was founded in 2018 and made possible through a highly successful Kickstarter campaign. They focus on all things kink and sex positive and are currently dubbed “Australia’s Only Dedicated BDSM Lifestyle Magazine”. They exist online and in print form – their website being and their printed magazine currently can be found in 6 retail outlets across Australia. They featured the Giantess Fetish in issues #08 and #15, both articles of which you can read right here!

Issue #08

1. When did you first realise the Giantess genre was something you wanted to enter into?

When I discovered what my fetish was called I instantly wanted to be part of the online community when I discovered there were others like me. (but on the opposite side of the spectrum) I quickly realized that I could go full-time into the community after my first video made a few sales and seeing how excited my presence made the community. Way back then, being so new to fetish exploration online, it blew my mind that someone would pay for a close up video of me eating peanuts. Even better yet, I got so turned on when I filmed it – in my fantasy each peanut was a shrunken person that I was tasting, coating with saliva, licking, sucking, and gulping down. I was new to fetishes and was surprised how turned on I got by this, so I wanted to continue exploring my sexuality and sharing it online. Making sales was icing on top of the cake. When I started, I was fresh out of tech school and heading towards continuing my education at an out of state school, but I ended up so happy doing my own thing and growing my business that I stuck to it!

2. Why do you think some people might have a fetish for Giantism?

In my opinion, personal life exposure lays the foundation to our sexuality as soon as it starts developing, and it continues throughout our lives. Some examples: being raised by a controlling/dominant parent, having a crush that likes to crush bugs or play rough with toy dolls/buildings/cars, fascination with a movie like HISTK or Attack of the 50ft Woman, having the hots for a super tall girl, etc. In adulthood it could spark up from something such as huge tits being a fap session go-to, and then one day you cum to a video with an amazing shrunken-in-between-boobs point of view. Wanting more later, a path to size difference exploration starts. My examples align with the “nurture” belief in psychology, but “nature” is another possibility worth considering.

3. What is your favourite part about being a Giantess?

The fantasy of an absolutely massive size difference between myself and others. Doesn’t matter if I’m towering over a city at 2,000+ feet tall or if there are gummy bear sized fans ready to serve me. Both make me blush, get my heart racing, and they’re an equal turn on to me.

4. What is your most popular or most requested type of content?

Vore. Fans just love the idea of looking into my mouth before going inside and getting swallowed whole, but it doesn’t end there. They also want to live throughout the digestive process for as long as possible whilst getting broken down and becoming one with me. It’s often looked at as the ultimate sacrifice to a Giantess – giving your life up for her nourishment. Coming in at a very close second would be foot crush. Fans love the idea of looking way up at my bare sole, taking in every single detail and movement of my foot as it approaches them, and then getting crushed like a bug!

5. What about vore? Is that niche kink something you have always done as a Giantess or did you discover it along the way?

Vore was actually my very first fetish before I ever fantasized about being Giant. It actually started with Tom and Jerry… I felt tingly when I thought about Tom chasing, catching, and swallowing Jerry before I even knew what sexuality was. I remember wanting to see Jerry squirm around in Tom’s furry belly. That eventually turned into me realizing that I’d want to be in Tom’s position, but in my human form preying on a shrunken human with intention to swallow him down whole. I’d play with him first and then I’d enjoy feeling him move around in my belly as long as he lasted in there!

6. What are some of the other different types of play/scenes that you enjoy incorporating being a Giantess into the most?

I’d say facesitting / oral slave. Being brought to climax with a man licking me from below as I work or relax, and then shrinking him down and keeping him in my panties. When I want more pleasure I’d use his shrunken form like an amazingly interactive dildo. I’d tell him to pleasure me at his new size or I’d simply pleasure myself with my sex toy! 

7. What is life like outside of being a revered Giantess? Do you engage in much kink/fetishism outside of catering to your fans? (If so, what?)

I enjoy a wide variety of fetishes online in my personal time, as I do love sexual exploration, but I like vanilla content from time to time too. When it comes to one on one intimacy with my husband, I’ve learned that I climax during sex a lot more often if I focus on us and how good he feels inside of me. My fetishes are fulfilled via fetish content in my personal time and even acting them out with props when I film!

8. Do you do anything specific to mentally or physically get into the ‘role’ of Giantess for a session or when you are creating content?

Giantess thoughts cross my mind on a regular basis throughout the day, but I’d also have to say my kink amplifies during the process of getting ready to shoot and especially being in front of the camera. Right before getting ready I rehearse the scripts I want to shoot that day, that way I can think about any additional details I want to get in when the camera starts rolling. Not everything is planned though, improv scenarios tend to come to my mind on set, and I love acting them out on the spot. More times than not I actually end up saving some of my planned scenarios for another shoot.

9. Your website features quite the collection of fan-created art and written fiction… in what ways (other than subscription content) do you connect with your audience to keep them so enthralled with you as their beloved Giantess? (ie. social media.. Private chats, etc) 

One of the reasons my fan base is so devoted is because I’ve put out some really high quality videos over the many years I’ve been online, and I continue to do so. Even when I produce an easier video, I put my heart, talent, and passion into it, no matter how large or small the project. I get a lot of compliments on my work! I also enjoy engaging with everyone on Twitter and occasionally open up paid  availability for custom experiences like one on one cam sessions, custom videos, roleplay, etc.”

Issue #08 in the Demasque shop:

This interview was very special to me since it was the first I did for them and it was a feature! Additionally, one of my favorite collage artists GoldPhish happily helped out by making the collage I had in mind for it!

Issue #15


The rumbling was so deafening it would be hard to stand, even if the ground didn’t shake. But this was no earthquake: it was a pair of high heels, at monstrous scale.

Such a scene is common when describing Giantesses – or rather, when describing the Giantess kink.

For fans, it’s overwhelmingly erotic: colossal women, impossible to resist or escape from, doing whatever they want to anyone or anything. They are Goddesses, omnipotent in power. This might be because they’re truly enormous – as big or even bigger than King Kong or Godzilla – or because they’ve shrunk their admirers/submissives down to miniscule, doll or even ant-like sizes.

One of the biggest names in the realm of Giantesses is Katelyn Brooks – a Goddess even among other Goddesses to her legions of tiny (at least to her) fans.

Being a Giantess “places supreme power and control in the woman’s hands, with an emphasis on larger-than-life size differences,” she explains.

“Knowing there are real men out there who want to shrink down and sacrifice it all to actualise our deepest desires absolutely does feel empowering! They worship me. They are my little playthings. They are at my mercy.”

Megan Jones is a towering (or, more often, skyscraper-sized) figure who has similar views.

“Being a Giantess is empowering because men want me to dominate them in a way where they don’t stand a chance,” she explains.

“The idea of them wanting to be less so I could be more is hot! Especially the idea of a man that is typically ‘in charge’ volunteering himself to be on the submissive end. That exchange of energy is the all-time high.”

Another colossal queen of the Giantess kink, Cali Logan is positively mountainous compared to her shrunken-down worshippers – ironically, perhaps.

“I’m only five-foot-two, so being portrayed ‘giant’ is a lot of fun,” she says.

“I do enjoy tapping into my dominant side when the script calls for it. I like getting into characters that are different from my natural personality.”

A fourth Giantess even compared to other Giantesses is Nyxon, who has appeared in the likes of Penthouse.

“I absolutely find it empowering!” she gushes.

“A big, tall, strong woman towering over little puny men? Who wouldn’t find that empowering?”

She expands on this.

“The different scenarios for the clips can be fun and entertaining. If I’m having a bad day, or a guy has recently done me wrong, I can take out my anger and frustration on the little guy. I always felt that my more emotion-driven Giantess clips were some of my best clips.”

Huge appeal

Like Allison Hayes laying waste to everything in her path – and looking hot while doing it – in “Attack of the 50 Foot Woman” (the iconic 1958 film one could argue catapulted Giantesses into the mainstream), Giantesses are big. Not just in a physical sense: Pornhub ranked “Giantess” as the fastest-growing search term on the site in 2015.

Megan Jones has an idea why Giantesses loom so large in the minds of fans.

“I believe people are into this kink because it allows for an escape. An opportunity to be childlike in a way and let your imagination run wild with possibilities.”

Adds Nyxon: “It could be a lot of things, really. I’ve done Giantess clips where the main motivation was feet/foot worship, butt smothering/smooshing, bullying, even mouth fetish. Some [people] like to have the fantasy that they’re so tiny that we could pop them into our mouths and swallow them whole.”

Cali Logan has her own ideas.

“I often wonder if movies like ‘Honey I Shrunk the Kids’ or ‘Attack of the 50 Foot Woman’ started the interest for some,” she says.

“Another theory I’ve pondered is the angle we shoot POV (point-of-view, common for Giantess content) from. The camera sits at the floor and looks straight up, which is the same angle young kids look up to adults. I think it could also be something related to brain development during that age range.”

Katelyn Brooks says there are many reasons people could like the idea of a Giantess having complete control over them.

“For those in which it’s their core sexuality, I feel that ‘nurture’ plays the biggest role,” she explains.

“That is, as a result of the parenting style experienced while sexuality is developing (which starts at a very young age) and also through life experiences.

“Another concept is ‘nature’, where genetics could have a role. Last but not least, I can easily imagine that the sheer amount of porn available on the internet nowadays has a big part of people discovering it and getting into it personally and/or professionally!”

Getting bigger

The growth (pun quite possibly intended) of content might suggest the Giantess kink is relatively new. It is not.

And oft to scramble o’er her mighty limbs,

And climb the slopes of her enormous knees,

Or in summer when the scorching sunlight streams

Across the country, to recline at ease,

And slumber in the shadow of her breast

Like an hamlet ‘neath the mountain crest.

So writes Charles Baudelaire in part of the simply-named 19th century poem The Giantess (La Géante). The image created by Baudelaire isn’t just inescapably alluring: it shows enormous women have been an erotic subject for centuries.

Gulliver’s Travels was first published in 1726. Among its most famous sections is when the titular hero visits the island of Brobdingnag, where everything is gigantic compared to him. While on the island, he spends much of his time in the company of the queen and her female companions, who use him for their own amusement.

Gulliver’s Travels is just the tip of the iceberg. The March 1943 issue of pulp magazine Fantastic Adventures featured as its cover story Drummers of Daugavo by Dwight V. Swain. The novella’s plot – which reads a lot like the script to an “Indiana Jones” movie – involves giant women in South America (and evil Nazis). It’s since been republished in paperback, and is available on Amazon – though unfortunately not with the original cover art of a dark-haired Giantess in nipple pasties holding a tiny man aloft by his pants with one hand, while three equally enormous women look on.

Speaking of Amazon, the site sells an ever-growing number of tantalising tales about Giantesses. There’s Tina Tirrell’s My Girlfriend, the Giantess, Mara More’s The Djinn and the Giantess, and many, many more.

Giantesses have long been a subject of eroticised art, too. René Magritte’s “La géante” (painted between 1929 and 1931) acts as an illustrated version of Baudelaire’s The Giantess, even featuring the poem on the right-hand side, next to a towering, nude woman looming over a tiny, fully-clothed man. The mostly bare, wood-floored room is scaled to the titanic proportions of the Giantess, with viewers seeing her rising high above from the perspective of the miniscule man.

On the illustration front, Wonder Woman villainess Giganta made her comic book debut in 1944. Best known for growing to dizzying heights and wrecking entire cities, she has her own dedicated legion of fans. Less evil, the Marvel comics character She-Hulk is known as the “Jade Giantess” – and will be starring in her own Disney+ live-action series this year.

Moving pictures may have plenty, but Giantess content is also in interactive pictures – video games. “Resize Me” (in which a young woman gradually shrinks the main character) and “Giantess Mansion” (a role-playing game where the hero is shrunk and must escape a castle populated by giant women) are but a few games specifically about Giantesses. Other games like “Skyrim” can be modified to allow players to do battle with Giantesses – or become Giantesses themselves.

Greater heights

Big as they already are, Giantesses have even had a further growth spurt recently. When the first trailer for the video game “Resident Evil Village” debuted in 2020, the internet quickly focused not on the game itself, but a 9’6” vampire named Alcina Dimitrescu. A world of stunning (and seductive) cosplays, fan art, merchandise (like life-size cardboard standees, selling for hundreds of dollars in online auctions), and more was launched overnight. People seemingly couldn’t get enough of the villainous Giantess – including erotic content.

In real life, Australia’s own Liz Cambage – one of the tallest female basketball players in the world, at a towering 6’8” (203cm) – launched her own OnlyFans page last year. Having previously modelled for Playboy and ESPN’s Body Issue, she’s spoken often of being proud of her size, and celebrating her sexuality.

Nyxon speculates one reason Giantesses could be growing as an interest is simply because many people are becoming more comfortable discussing what they’re into. It’s similar, she says, to people who are into feet feeling more comfortable discussing their interest.

A little help

Giantesses may seem unstoppable. But Katelyn Brooks says they still need support.

“There seems to be an ever-growing pool of girls getting into adult modelling and discovering Giantess. As well as new content creators. All looking to make a living.

“Supporting the work perpetuates the production of it. The sheer amount of Giantess fetish content available has helped normalize it too. So, we all benefit from each other.”

Overall, she says she’s loving that more people are submitting to the inexorable power of Giantesses. “Right now, I wish I had a shrink ray with a nearly-indestructible effect on the subject, and a way to return them back to normal. That way they will most likely survive whatever fun we want to have together.”

What Megan Jones wants to do is slightly more intimidating.

“My dream Giantess scenario would be shrinking all my exes, then torturing them with unbearable teasing and pain. Body exploration, using each other to make the other jealous by allowing worship throughout my body, then when I’m done using them… destroy each however I choose.””

Issue #15 in the Demasque shop:

The outcome of the second article really excited me since a few fellow Giantesses in our community were interviewed for it as well. I adore how Ben put it all together, I thought he did a really great job covering the Giantess topic in such a fun and interesting way.

Bonus Read

Below you’ll find the behind the scenes Q&A I did for Ben for the second article.

What does being a Giantess entail? What’s a day like for you?
It places supreme power and control in the woman’s hands with an emphasis on larger-than-life size differences. Her height can range from as tall as a building (“Mini Giantess”) up to big enough to swallow the earth (“Giga”) – or the subjects can be shrunken at her mercy. It doesn’t matter if the people below are terrified or turned on. Their reaction will only fuel her lust-driven power trip from the size difference. It is all about her. A typical day for me involves turning these fantasies into videos via roleplay with pov and props (often climaxing during the process) for fans to pick up and enjoy for themselves.

Do you find being a Giantess empowering? How so?
Knowing there are real men out there who want to shrink down and sacrifice it all to actualize our deepest desires absolutely does feel empowering! They worship me. They are my little playthings. They are at my mercy and after they meet their final fate (most commonly by getting
swallowed whole or crushed underfoot, but there are many aspects of the fetish) then they’re simply replaced by the next.

Some people might think of Giantesses as scary / intimidating (what with crushing and vore, etc). But can Giantesses be beautiful / sexy?
A less popular aspect of the fetish is called “Gentle Giantess” where one wants to be kept like a miniature boyfriend by a woman thousands of times his size. I find this incredibly romantic and while it would be nice for a while it’s not nearly as sexual to me as Crush or Vore, which are the
most popular aspects of the fetish.

In a similar vein, what’s your favourite thing about being a Giantess?
That it makes my sexuality unique and running a business revolving around my fetish makes an amazing outlet for my high level of creativity, love for fantasies and roleplay, and passion for video production.

What’s your dream Giantess scenario?
It changes frequently! Right now I wish I had a shrink ray with a nearly-indestructible effect on the subject (leaving a little chance they might not survive through our fun- for the adrenaline rush of it), and a way to return them back to normal. That way they will most likely survive through whatever fun we want to have together, and they could live a normal life too. I wouldn’t be able to pass up a holodeck program where I could be an ACTUAL giantess. I fear the description of what I’d like to do would be too graphic for your readers… lol! xD

Why do you think people are into Giantesses?
There are many possibilities and mixes of them. For those in which it’s their core sexuality, I feel that “nurture” plays the biggest role. That is- as a result of the parenting style experienced while sexuality is developing (which starts at a very young age) and also through life experiences. For
example: it’s common that a fan of mine had an overbearing mother, as did I with other factors mixed in. Another concept is “nature”, where genetics could have a role. Last but not least, I can easily imagine that the sheer amount of porn available on the internet nowadays has a big part
of people discovering it and getting into it personally and/or professionally!

If someone is into Giantesses / macrophilia, any tips for readers how they could communicate that desire to others?
I have so many ideas that it’s difficult to only cover some of them!
If it’s a buddy- casually converse about your favorite movies and include some that’ve touched on size difference. Say what you liked about it. Make it fun by mentioning how hot a giant woman would be (imagine looking up at her giant tits (or ass!)) and to imagine being grabbed up by her. How you hope it wouldn’t be your ex though, as she might crush you like a bug! Or how you hope it’d be your biggest crush! Have a good time pinging ideas with each other – if it’s going well, slip in how you find the idea of Godzilla sized girls hot!

If you’re dating around- look for someone who is open minded, likes learning, and enjoys experiencing new things. You want to find someone who’s going to accept you for who you are, so bring it up when you feel it’s appropriate to do so. (Some may want to mention it on the first
date as to not waste time– others after several to feel it out and see if they even like the girl first) Go deeper into it over time as you learn more about each other.

If it’s a lover that you want to open up to after years- if she’s open minded and familiar with fetishes then you could open up by saying you’ve been shy to tell her or perhaps it’s an old fantasy that’s come back and you want to enjoy it with her. Start by explaining your liking for size difference and if she reacts well, go a little deeper, and ping off anything she finds interesting. Go into more as she becomes comfortable and used to your fetish. If she isn’t familiar with fetishes then take baby steps. For example you can start by treating her to her favorite footwear (if you like crush) or lip product (if you like Vore) and use compliments to tie in your attraction to that part of her body. The next time you’re in the bedroom, mention how she is your Goddess and that you want to worship every part of her while rubbing or kissing her all over. Dip into powerplay where she is in control. Find out what she likes and mix your desires with hers. Teach her what a fetish is. Give ample time for her to learn and understand the fetish
as she gets to explore it with you!

A few mainstream outlets have talked about how Giantesses are a growing (excuse the pun) kink. Why do you think more people seem to be discovering this kink or are becoming comfortable expressing that it’s something they’re into?
Sexuality was once a very taboo subject despite how natural and normal it is. It seems we’ve come a long way and I thank outlets who dip into sexuality and fetishes. They actually help make it less taboo by offering it as a potentially interesting topic to their public reach. :)

What role has the Internet / modern technology played in the growth (another pun) of the Giantess kink? Or has it always been around, just more readily accessible compared to the days of “Gulliver’s Travels?”
The digital world has had an absolutely massive impact on more people finding their fetish and expressing it. There seems to be an ever growing pool of girls getting into adult modeling and discovering Giantess. As well as new content creators. All looking to make a living. With that comes a combination of around-the-clock content for fetishists to find and enjoy for themselves. Supporting the work perpetuates the production of it. The sheer amount of Giantess fetish content available has helped normalize it too. So, we all benefit from each other.

Gazing into the (probably very large) crystal ball a bit, where do you think things go from here? What might the community look like 10 years from now?
Technological advances in Virtual Reality, Special Effects Software, and Hardware, and how it will help improve content production and consumption, will help us digitally experience the fetish on a more realistic level. Beyond that, I hope I get to work on holonovels in my lifetime!

Is there anything else you’d like to add or talk about?
If you have a fetish then please know that it’s normal and you are not alone! Embrace it and have fun with it! :)

Phew!! If you got the whole way through all of this then congrats and thanks so much for reading! ? I’d love to know your thoughts and if you feel like anything was missed? If so then perhaps I can suggest another question and cover the answer when the next interview opportunity comes around. I did finish up an interview for an incredibly popular company just last week that’ll be coming out soon. I’ll cover it in one of my next blog posts! Hope everyone’s doing well!

Much love,


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. Indabra

    So wonderful to get a peek inside of your mind! Very excited to see more. You’re the best in the business, always have been and always will be.

  2. TinyHermitA...

    What a great interview!
    It’s always exciting and encouraging to see the Giantess Fetish get discussed more openly in the media.
    It feels nice to see that our kink is not as obscure or strange as it used to seem.

    I especially enjoyed your answers to the questions
    Interviews like this definitely do a little guy good to be reminded of how relatable the development of his fetishes are ^_^

  3. Njord

    What a great crew of giantesses they got for this interview! Longtime legends of the scene wading over to Australia to spread the good news.

  4. Steven

    The giantess fantasy seldom gets the coverage of other kinks or fetishes. In the UK, I remember a television segment on the Girlie Show back in the 1990s, but mostly it has been internet centric, (apart from graphics like the two Big ‘Uns comics, again late 1990s). Sites from the earliest days of the internet, such as the original Giantess Shrine or Giantess Magic, (my own first stop on the net for giantess content) are history, and mostly forgotten. However, Goddess Katelyn has been a constant presence on the giantess scene for longer than anyone other than a few artists, and given more quality content than any other giantess. I cannot think of anyone better suited or who is a better ambassador for this fantasy than Katelyn Brooks. I was honoured to see her in a live broadcast when she first started out and have watched in awe as she has grown into an incredible, beautiful and talented lady, who has worked hard and been a huge success. Great interview, may it bring only greater publicity and rewards.

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