Dedication to Giantess

Dedication to Giantess

As mentioned in my previous entry, A Giantess’s Summer – The Beginning, the past few months have been thought provoking, eye opening, and filled with interesting subjects and decisions all concerning myself, my site and my work. Most of the news I’ll be releasing in the coming weeks is great and will have you cumming in your pants (hopefully), but today’s news is the exception to this- at least, for those with fetishes other than my own.

Essentially, I’m quitting all fetishes I don’t personally have and will only be focusing on the fetishes that really get me wet- Giantess, Shrunken Man, Bug Vore, Small Bug Crush (same size as an my ideal shrunken man) and growth (hmm). There’s a few more giantess related fetishes on this list of course, but you get the idea. :D

This means you’ll no longer see regular weekend updates with Balloons, Burping (without Giantess), Farting (without Giantess), Stuffed Animals, Food Crushing, Hand Play, Trash Fetish, Financial Domination and yes, large bug crush (crawdads, lobsters). However- You can still order customs from me containing *some* these fetishes, however you’ll be charged extra. Large bug crush, for example, I’m done with permanently. Please see my updated customs information or email me if you have any questions.

When I first started my site, I wanted it to encompass as many fetishes as I could. I wanted to explore not only my own sexuality but the sexualities of others too in the hopes that I would discover even more about my own. It’s why my original site was “” – a symbol that I was open to filming / experimenting with any sexuality, although Giantess would be my main goal.

Don’t get me wrong- I still love exploring other people’s sexualities! In fact, it’s one of the things I love most about my job! However in my own videos I’d much rather explore the complex sexualities of the Giantess fetish, than say, the balloon fetish- a fetish I don’t really have. Customs are different as they’re all about me personally exploring your sexuality and making your fantasies come to life. But with my regular weekend update shoots I’d like them to be 100% about my sexuality and fantasies, rather than doing a balloon shoot one weekend, a hand shoot another, and trying to balance all of the fetishes in terms of content.

From a business standpoint, it’s trickier- large bug crush is one of my top sellers as is balloons. But sadly, they just aren’t as fun or sexually fulfilling as Giantess and it sucks to have to say that. I only have so much time a month to make content and I want to put it towards what I enjoy the most, my passion, my fetish. I want to bring you the highest quality Giantess / Shrunken experiences possible straight from my clit and I feel that it should require my highest level of focus and time. So I guess you could say my business model is anything I’m in the mood to masturbate to! :evil: Odd, but it will bring you the sexiest fantasies you’ve ever seen- you’re dealing with a Giantess, remember?

Out of all the fetishes I’ll no longer be regularly updating, you may be wondering about large bug crush. Isn’t it Giantess related?

Over the past half of a year of filming large bug crush I’ve found myself become less sexually interested in it. Originally I thought it was cool, kinda sexy, and that I would fit right in with it. But after really giving it a go myself (over and over) and then watching my friends do it (over and over) I started to feel like large bug crush was just too far out of the realm of the Giantess fetish for me to become sexually worked up over. Not only were the “bugs” (if you could call them that!) a little too big for my liking (I prefer ~1 inch or smaller in terms of my shrunken men, although I also enjoy up to 8 inch- provided they are actually shrunken men!) but these bugs were far different from the squishy, helpless, attractive, human-like shrunken men I regularly fantasized about. Yes, one of the attractions of being Giantess is that my prey is actually human- sexual beings that look attractive, much like myself. Stuff I wouldn’t mind fucking as a Giantess, ya know?

In contrast, small bug crush (crickets, mealworms, snails, ants) seems to feel more natural and closer to my definition of the Giantess fetish with the sheer power and size differences. The bugs are far smaller, far weaker, and crush much closer as to how a live human would at that size. Watching a hot girl crush ants in her kitchen is also 10 times more believable than say, a hot girl crushing crawdads in her kitchen. But I understand that crawdad crush is also a totally different fetish.

Anyway, hopefully you little ones understand. I can’t help but want to be a Giantess.

Oh yeah, and *cough*imreducingthepicturesofthedaytotwoadayasimgoingthroughpicturestoofast.*cough*

Love ya!

PS: On a personal note, I’ve seriously had a bit of a cold the past few days and have been just working on getting back to norm. Hopefully everything will go back to normal tomorrow and I’ll have an actual schedule again! Will also be taking more pictures of the day soon!


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. Greg viera

    i undersatnd my goddess. as always im behind u 100%. you are amazing in every way. what ever choice you make is all yours =). you are and u will always will be my favorite giantess goddess of all times :love: . as always o always love ur blogs. when my 1st week of college is done i want u to be the 1st person i would like to telll before anyone else on how it wen. Fell bett my lovely goddess :love: . I <3 Giantess Katelyn

  2. Jaedon

    I reckon it’s for the best. Don’t think I’ve purchased one of those that you aren’t turned on by but I have no doubt for myself that just knowing that you yourself are getting wet to the movie makes it that much more interesting. During Midnight Goddess I think the best bit I liked was just hearing about you saying how during the masturbation bit of it that you actually cummed.

    Loving the regular updates Goddess. =)

  3. lildude85

    I think you should do what makes you happy, and what turns you on, and you say you had a cold. You can shrink me and I could go inside your body and check it out.

  4. Jon

    I’m glad you will be happier, hun. If you aren’t comfortable with it, it will show. Part (Most) of your appeal to me is that you ARE into it. This is your fantasy, which is HOT! ;)

    On a side note, I’ve notived that you don’t have any videos squishing tiny bugs in your fingers (in front of your face). I would love to see a full video with you squishing pillbugs in your fingers, so that we can see your giant facial expressions of evil enjoyment. It is the most “personal” form of crushing in my opinion. When you hold the bug in front of your face, it is easy to personify as the bug and imagine how unbelievably huge you are, watching your beautiful eyes, connecting with me, while you take my life away. i will beg if you like! ;)
    Thanks and I hope you feel better. :kiss:

  5. Bobbob

    You’re reducing the amounts of pictures of the day!!! I’m not mad, just happy you didn’t say no longer updating :p

    So let me get this straight. You’re getting rid of balloons and crawdads, and leaving us with the good stuff, right? :whistle: lol

    Can’t wait to see you kill some ants hun!

  6. Kisuke Urahara

    I can see why you are stopping with the crawdad crushing. It’s just not the same as an ant, that and it’s a waist of a good crawdad. lol. I hope you feel better my Goddess, it’s not the same destruction and chaos if you’re coughing and sneezing all over the place…unless your sneezes can topple over a skyscraper or two. Oh, and thanks for sending me the link for the “Ass Tease” video! I watched it as sound as I got it and have been “pleasuring” myself to your ass! I love it!

  7. Poopaloopa

    I share your preferences entirely :-)

    Tiny bugs are like little people, their fragile little hair-width arms and legs are just dwarfed next to the arrogant bulk of your toes that rise over them. You dwarf the smaller bugs, dominate them with the size presence of your body alone, you own their lives, their futures are bent and snapped with such ease to you that surely the bugs are out of their minds with despair at the unfairness, at the unbalanced nature of your body vs theirs. You consume them whole, your body mocks theirs, getting aroused at their agony as you relentlessly devour one after another, after another, after another, after yet another of them. If you so desired you could fill your stomach with their entire colony in moments, every brother, sister mother, father insect would be forced to struggle with complete futility in your belly as it raped their tiny little frames for each drop of nutrition that it wanted. And all on a whim, all these lives, REAL LIVES, you own them, your existence shames and humiliates them as they have no choice but to be at your slighest cruel whimsy.

    THIS is why small bugs are better than big ones. IMHO ;-)

  8. Loehnwolf

    I think ultimately its all about what has been said here already..if its not what YOu enjoy it will show. I know I cant speak for others, but in my opinion I think thats what makes you the Queen of GTS, (or at least I think so!!) Because of how much you get into it..Unlike some awkward models who just go thru the motions you genuinely LOOK like you are enjoying yourself as much as we are!! We dont want you going outside your comfort/pleasure level because then it would seem FORCED or fake..You have so many devoted fans/followers not only because you are smokin hot (and lets be honest..ya are) but because you into it.. and it shows…please feel better soon as we eagerly await your return!!

  9. MarkM

    Hi Katelyn,

    My fantasies seem to parallel yours almost to a tee so I think the changes are fine!

    Love You, Mark <3

  10. Nhyarlathotep

    There’s no loss according to me, you are totally right to do so by concetrating on what you like most. In what you like to do most you’re always the best .

    I only love vore clips, most favorably FX SOFT vore clips, SOFT vore clips with eating cranberry or grape-like fruit and SOFT vore clips with the TINY bugs youmentioned and maybe swallowing fishes (like gold fishes) too.

    SOFT because I just don’t like to see in-mouth results of chewing :). it’s a personal thing though. Maybe it’s worth mentioning on clip descriptions. I’ll be looking forward to clips of you and your friends as Daisy May and keep up the good work as you always did :)

    PS: Snails like living snails? That will be an new one…or did I miss one bug vore clip? Even that would be new :)

    Sweet greetings from Belgium, Europe!!!

  11. danshrunkenman

    hey sexy were alright with that your just leaving us with the good stuff thanks :love:

  12. unnoticeddeath

    Pure support here.

    If it isn’t in your realm of interest then it doesn’t have any business taking your time. One of the things that caught my attention about you and your site was that you dedicated yourself to this genre as an art form. You mentioned surrealism in your mission statement and with your skill sets have the capability to produce examples that really are examples of art. Put your effort where you like and continue to explore the almost existential aspects of sexuality.

  13. ra

    Bravo! :) Luckily for me, the GTS/SM you want to do from now on is what I’m most into :D

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