Custom Videos! (+ pregnancy update & thank you shout out!)

Custom Videos! (+ pregnancy update & thank you shout out!)

Custom videos are reopened, but in a more refined way than ever. I’ll be making availability for themes that I’m interested in shooting when the time comes and as my heart desires. Whenever you want to see if our current interests happen to align then you can refer to my Q&A here to find the most recent update on what I’m up for shooting. If you’re interested in something else then check back again later to see if you luck out! (Ahem! My sexual interests vary!)

This is BIG since I previously announced retirement of doing customs, being fed up with old ways of handling them to mention the least. This isn’t a guarantee that they’ll always be open. In fact, expect them to be closed if I’m not in the mood to shoot anything in particular as a paid custom and hold me to no expectations. This is something I’m just giving a shot at to see if it works for me. I noticed that closing and opening Skype shows depending on my schedule and mood works great, so I’m willing to give the same method a shot for customs too!

In other news, with all of the craziness that’s happening around the world (OMFG, the sheer insanity of 2020) I figured I’d let you know that I’m healthy, safe, and my pregnancy is going great. I’ve passed every baby screening test with flying colors, have had no unwanted symptoms during the second trimester (fingers crossed for a pleasant 3rd trimester to come), and at the time of writing this I’m already more than half way through the pregnancy at 21 weeks! 

Now I’d like to give a special thank-you shout out to Cody, Russ, Rafael, Kain, and Robert for sending me these wonderful registry gifts, and I’ll also announce the gender…

I’m having a little princess!! I’ve been nesting/prepping for her arrival so much being this far along now. The hub and I already have some nursery furniture set up, accepted hand-me-down items and outfits from relatives (two things seen in pic above), purchased some baby clothing, and I’m going to share a separate baby registry with friends/fam later on. I would deeply appreciate anything else gifted by my loving fans, even if it’s just one thing it seriously adds up with everything else and helps a lot. Check out my baby registry here!

With love,
Giantess Katelyn

PS: My birthday is also this month! 🥳


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  1. Diaz

    That’s amazing! So happy for you Katelyn, your baby is gonna have an awesome mom when you welcome her into the world.

  2. Rafael

    Glad to help you !!!!

    with love…


  3. Zeus

    Any plans on creating lactation and breast pumping videos in the near future?

  4. Giantess Ka...

    Yes, after my breast milk comes in and I’m back to shooting :)

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