Crush Little Bugs, Crush!

Crush Little Bugs, Crush!

So I was out running errands today near the bank and ran into this rather large ant hill. I happened to have my digital camera with me, so I decided it would be a perfect opportunity to show everyone what Katelyn does offline. I believe they were fire ants (Pharaoh ants, or whatever, they bite!) so I was glad to be wearing nice thick shoes!

Yes, this what I do for fun. >=) Ant hills tend not to last long around me, whether I’m in public or in private. I’m figuring most people think I’m just crazy or a really mean, inconsiderate girl! When I’m with my girl friends, I try to get them crushing ant hills / bugs when I can, as they usually do without knowing how much it turns me on. They just think it’s normal and I’m goofing around. But not only do I love watching myself crush hundreds of little ants, but I love it when my girl friends do it with me! There’s something about them being so unaware of the actual situation that really gets to me. They don’t even realize that they are taking hundreds of tiny lives. They just think it’s a game. Meanwhile, there’s a very real and dire situation of life and death going on beneath their massive feet.

The only thing I find that sucks about destroying ant hills 90% of the time is that you’re only destroying what they dug out and maybe killing a few tiny bystanders near the top. All the other ants down below just get a nice earthquake. :P But when say, you have some food with you (which I sadly did not!) you can lure a ton of them out and then massacre the crowds. Kind of like you are able to lure out thousands of humans when stores have huge sales. Stupid little bugs…

As for my personal history. Crushing ants for pleasure, or any kind of bugs for that matter, I have done pretty much my whole life. I never knew why I was so mean to bugs, or why I got such enjoyment (And by enjoyment, I mean sexual enjoyment) out of feeling them and seeing them die and squish on or under my body. I was the kind of girl who would be out writing my name with the glow and the dark juice of a firefly all over the sidewalk and then rubbing it all over my body to glow in the dark- this was all the way up into my pre-teens. When I entered my teens, bug crushing turned me on so strongly I’d spend afternoons wandering outside my mom’s house (occasionally barefoot) looking for cities full of victims. I’d then walk around for the rest of the day with the bodies of thousands of ants mashed on the bottom of my feet- just knowing and feeling them on there turned me on! It helped me get through the slow days at school and work! Ants have always been one of my favorite bugs as they are small and so human like. They squirm and “scream” and they panic en masse. It’s sooo cool! ^_^ It wasn’t until my late teens that I realized there was a bug crushing fetish and that I happened to have it. It had always been sexual to me for some reason, and I figured it was either normal or I was just weird as hell. It’s nice to know now I’m not the only one out there!

That’s all for now! You will see ants pop up from time to time in my other journal entries as they have played a role in my fetish for quite some time!

I know the pictures aren’t much, but I hope you enjoy seeing a little of me just being my normal self!
(PS: sorry they’re a bit out of order!)

Thick Shoe Bug Crush 1
Thick Shoe Bug Crush 2
Thick Shoe Bug Crush 3
Thick Shoe Bug Crush 4
Thick Shoe Bug Crush 5


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. anonymous

    I really do feel bad for ants. Having a shrunken fetish went the opposite of yours. As much as it turns me on to see people try to kill bugs, my sympathy overpowers and I actually stop them.

    It’s just…the will to live is powerful. I would never want to take that away from any creature, no matter how small. Oh well~

  2. anonymous

    Pfff, I disagree with the above poster. Rock on Katelyn, don’t let a single ant live.

  3. anonymous

    Remember your rudeness is like the rudeness from the people that don’t respect us GTS, SW, feet, etc lovers. (if the comment isn’t meant to be rude even if it came out like that then disregard)
    I too am against bug killing myself also don’t like that fetish. But there are so many bugs that it really doesn’t matter. The only time I stop someone is when the bug is something I haven’t seen before.
    Either way GK can do whatever she likes to whatever or whoever.


  4. anonymous

    I was not trying to come off as rude…I was imagining the situation in my mind and I found it funny. One stepping on ants around a restaurant while someone else tries to desperately protect the ants. Again, how you compared what I said to the supposed bastardization of the named fetishes, is beyond me. Anyways, I wasn’t trying to be rude, I just could care less for insects (especially ones that bite!) If I did come off as rude, I apologize. Keep up the good work Goddess Katelyn!

  5. anonymous

    The appreciation for the sanctity of life is what makes it so hot

  6. anonymous

    A pfff can be interpreted in more than one way.


  7. Giantess Ka...

    I agree. ;)

    I’m perfectly aware that I’m taking precious lives that may be no different than the ones that walk around with me at the mall. I understand how sacred and wonderful life is and that I happen to be taking it away in the most horrific manner. This is exactly what turns me on so badly. The raw power over the most important thing there: life. Combined with the sheer size of my towering body and the absolute helplessness of the tiny bugs, their lives become insignificant toys to please me. And I love that insane amount of power.

    And when my girl friends crush bugs/ants accidentally or do so to join me in some “random” fun, it becomes incredible to realize in a sexual sense that they are so huge and so powerful, they don’t even realize what they are actually doing. While thousands of lives scream and run and die beneath their feet, they play around as if it were all a big, harmless game. Hot. The same applies for when I accidentally crush tiny ones, completely unaware of the situation.

    My only regret is that I wish the ants could feel more, that they could be more… well, more human.

    Keep in mind though, I have very gentle side too- where I still appreciate the life of a small one, but choose to keep it and hold it close to my heart, allowing it to co-exist with me and be my toy. But regardless, it’s that constant power over that tiny one’s life (whether it be if he lives or dies, or has to spend day in my panties or a day in my nylons) that is the raw energy for my horniness.

    Vore, is similar, only now I’m taking that life and forcing it to become a part of mine, or sacrificing it’s life for my well being.

    The root of all of these fetishes I feel, is power over life. Whether it is gentle, mega, giantess, bug crush, they all run a similar vein and is why we all tend to have more than just one of the fetishes.

    Just my 2 giantess sized cents!

    Love ya! ;)
    ~Katelyn <3

  8. anonymous

    I can imagine coming out from beneath a subway station amd seeing a previously unimaginale visage of beauty and power towering well over the seeminly tallest building. I look into it’s eyes and try to read it’s mind, and i see it’s suddenly made a decision. for half a second i see a wry smile, and then the bottom of a shoe loom over the sky and realize that everyone within a grand radius of myself is going to run toward where they think they might escape but they won’t stand a chance. we’ve gone about our business and thought we came to grips with our reality, but our existance was ultimately to serve as erotic pleasures for a being that had that power over is

  9. Giantess Ka...

    Ohhhhh! Tooo cool!! I love it!! <3 <3 <3
    Now that’s what I’m talking about….

    How I’d love to be raising my entire foot over a city… the expressions on peoples faces! Just as they all squish and crunch and the buildings around them collapse like dust under my sheer weight… *dreamy sigh* o^.^o <3

    I like these kinds of comments!

  10. anonymous

    *Bows before your big toe, kissing it*

    My Goddess! You are truly a great one. What you are doing now has never been done to a level as high as this. Your movies, pictures, and journals are to die for! I sometimes day dream that you stomp your way through Universal Studios or Disney Land, your giant feet baring down on top of the many tourist, your toes crushing the metal roller coasters while people are still riding on them. See, I live in Florida too, so I usually go on throughout the day looking at the buildings and structures and imagining your sitting down on top of them with your great butt and pleasuring your self, shaking the very foundation you sit on with a gigantic orgasm. I’m just a loyal fan!

    Love, Masta Small

  11. anonymous

    Just because there’s a lot of something doesn’t mean the individual life doesn’t matter.

    But whatever; I was just sharing my opinion. No need to argue :)

  12. el_gato_fuego

    I don’t know why so many are anonymous, but I’m here now looking up unafraid, at least till you make me fear you. I like this journal, can learn to appreciate a giantess’s thought a little more by reading it. Might want to worship it sometime, you’ll give me that call.


  13. pantsonastick

    In the event you find yourself towering over nearby landscapes, feel free to come to Japan! This little base could really benefit from some excitement.

  14. anonymous

    dear goddess, i was just wondering,

    why dont you use yahoo groups anymore?, i really enjoyed chatting to you.

  15. Giantess Ka...

    @Masta Small:
    LOL, it’s funny because I tend to spend all day looking at the cityscape and buildings too. ^^ I tend to day dream about crushing them and playing with them and swallowing buses full of tourists. I was actually at Universal last year (I was able to ride “Back to the Future” before it closed- Only wish that T-REX everyone flew into the mouth of was ME instead! Wouldn’t that make the ride a whole lot more interesting for some people? ~_^) and spent much of the park looking around at all the wonderful things I could play with as a Giantess. The rollercoasters in paticular I would probably abuse. Besides crushing, I’d probably have them fly into my mouth or even up into me. <3 There was so much to see and do there, it was quite a trip.

    I also think you'll be happy to know that I have a particular “interest” with some of Orlando’s fountains. I happen to think they would make GREAT clit massagers! So the next time you pass the Lake Eola Park Fountain… just remember that Katelyn would love to rub herself all over it while her legs and body towered over the nearby city. That would make quite the mess ^.^ <3

    Here's the fountain for those wondering:

    That would feel SO good. Look how small the people are compared to it too! I could easily reach over and play with the building or lift a few of those people up on my feet. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind standing on the expossed fountain while I lowered myself on top of it… mmmm <3

    Thanks! Glad you like! I'm really hoping this journal will help people get into the mind (among other things ~_^) of a Giantess. I want people to understand what it's like to have this end of the fetish and how I we girls go about it everyday.

    Actually, Japan is actually near the top of my "places to visit" as a giantess. I often have fantasies involving Japan as the people there always seem to be obessed with giant monsters, giant robots, and even giant women- so I'd probably fit right in. I'm hoping the minute I step off the plane, my foot lands in the center of Tokyo! I also love the culture there and the giantess stuff I've seen come out of Japan (comics in particular, some live action) is always really amazing. So when I do eventually find myself towering over nearby landscapes, you can bet I'll wade across the ocean and have a little fun in Japan. Your skyscrapers look extra fun to play with too! ^_~

    Love ya!
    ~Goddess Katelyn

  16. anonymous

    Japanese may be great making the giantess fetish but you are superior to them. Even with the volume they produce you are the best there is.


  17. anonymous

    Katelyn, is that your pot plant? :)

  18. anonymous

    Say, would you be so kind as to explain the signifigance of the ankh?

  19. Giantess Ka...

    Oh wow, sure, I’d love to!
    Now see, that’s a good question. ;)

    Wow, actually, now that I think about it, that deserves an entire journal entry to itself! There’s a rather large history to why I use the ankh which is much deeper than just the symbol itself. My next journal entry I’ll go into this. But in short, I can tell you this: The ankh ( ☥ ) is an ancient Egyptian hieroglyph, which stands for life. It was nearly always depicted in the hands of the Gods and Goddesses and came to symbolize life and immortality, the universe, power and life-giving air and water. If you take a look at any ancient Egyptian artwork you’ll see deity after deity clutching the ankh by the loop. It’s a symbol that is synonymous with the Gods- and Goddesses. That would be the simple answer for why I use it. It is a symbol… that I am a Goddess.

    The more complex and perhaps sexually interesting answer, I’ll have to post in an entry! ;) You’ll be getting quite the history lesson then!

  20. anonymous

    Do you like to torture bugs? Burning, ripping their legs/wings of etc. Cute girls being mean are just so hot.

  21. anonymous

    I look forward to it!

    *sits down and listens*

  22. anonymous

    I loved this entry, Katelyn, so very much! This aspect of the fetish is a particular favorite of mine. I actually would spend time out in the drizzly rain back at college, where sidewalks were wide and rain-soaked worms were plentiful, just hungering to see how the girls would react.

    Most tried to avoid them. Some were careless and then screamed when they made unexpected contact. One memory remains with me forever. A group of people were trying to save worms, scooping them up and tossing them back into the grass. A girl walked past them, purposefully, beautifully.

    About four steps past the do-gooders, her heel came down hard upon part of one stretched out worm. It reared up in reaction, helpless against the heel that had crushed half of it. She had to have felt it squish beneath her. But she didn’t break her stride, didn’t look down, just kept on walking.


    The odd thing about me is that I can’t bring myself to do that and I hate to see guys do it, but if a Goddess such as yourself does the stomping, it’s an incredible turn-on.

    And I’m no pyschopath. I don’t go around kicking puppies or trying to run down squirrels.

    Even stranger, when I was in elementary school, I was an ardent bug lover and even pushed a girl away once when she was about to deliberately stomp a stray worm.

    I’m almost done with your story. Just a few more paragraphs. You’ll have it this week. Hope you will enjoy it.


  23. anonymous

    Ants are the terror of the insect world. Watch a show on them sometime — watch the way they slowly rip apart a grasshopper or overwhelm a lizard. Learn about the way they make slaves of each other or go to war. Then stomp without guilt!

  24. anonymous

    I read your fantasy and it turned me on so badly Goddess. I would gladly offer myself as a tiny human sacrifice to your gorgeous feet! Do you like to squish tiny bugs with flip flops on so they can see your sexy feet, but not get to touch them before they meet their fate? Do you like to flex your feet above them as if they are tiny men terribly attracted to your feet dieing to touch them like you are teasing them before you slide your flip flop back on and squish them? You are so awesome! Email me sometime: [email protected] I’d love to get to know you better. I am a 24 year old guy who has been into the exact same fantasies as you since I was very young as well.

    An Insect At Your Feet Always,

  25. anonymous

    Hi Katelyn,

    Like the site. I do love those shoes and I adore the description of your crush conscripts.

    Everyone executes ants – I have a load in my garden and the little sods would rule the earth given half a chance.

    Squish and grind away. PS – hopefully you haven’t forgotten about the black balloons. What’s your new e-mail – I have something you may like

  26. anonymous

    ants are very loathesome creatures. Sometimes i’m a tiny man. I have no notable effects on the cosmos. i don’t make any grand decisions, however i am still a man. A tiny man surrounded by ants. Sometimes i entertain the idea, with great delight, that an overwhelming force would wipe it all away, and myself along with it, like the aliens in the movie “independence day” or… something? ;-)

  27. ext_78708

    I meant to reply to this sooner. It looks like ant hills in Florida is just sand? Looks like it might not be that much fun to crush. The ones I see around here usually look bigger, although with the snow coming down right now I cant see anything lol. I’d love to see you leave your giant footprints in the snow.

  28. Giantess Ka...

    Yeah, they are mostly sand down here. Though, they do leave nice footprints and it collapses so easily under my weight. But what I really dislike about the ants down here is they all happen to bite, which means I have to wear closed shoes, rather than sandals or bare feet. Closed shoes are great, and I love crushing tiny little ants in high heels, but some days you want the ants to see or feel the body that is taking their lives!

    Leaving giant foot prints in the snow huh? That might be happening sooner than you think! ^.^ That’ll be another journal entry though…. ;)

    Thanks! Nope, I haven’t forgotten! I’ve just been extremely busy. But I’m REALLY looking forward to having fun with those black balloons. My email is still the same! <3

    I enjoy flipflops / sandals- and as I wear them somewhat often that's usually what ants see most of the time! (Although down here in Florida, I usually have to wear full shoes / heels when crushing ants as they bite) I love seeing my huge foot come down on them and I love how they are so close to being able to touch the feet of a Goddess…. but can’t! ^_^ <3

    And I usually always tease my prey with my feet. I flex them, raising them up high... sometimes I'll crush only their friends, but letting others live just so they live with the horror. It all depends what kind of mood I'm in. Some days I'll just walk right through them- pretending I didn't notice. Other days I'll give a few quick stomps (Or a quick crush and twist!), giving them a quick massacre and leaving them in a panic. When I have the time (and privacy!) I'll talk, tease, and selectively crush individual ants for my pleasure. Like I said, when I was younger, I’d walk around my mom’s backyard and spend days just being a giantess to the local colonies ants.

    @No Guilt Necessary:
    I agree! They are like a primitive form of tiny humans. They are fit only for the bottom of my feet. I have absolutely no guilt when I crush them. I am a Goddess, they should count themselves lucky if their lives are taken by me.

    Absolutely incredible! I bet she was a true Goddess! I have crushed plenty of worms (outside in the rain too, also in public places) they are nearly impossible to miss when they squish underfoot. I can only imagine how much pleasure she got from that… wow. That’s totally something I would have done. I can only wonder if she happened to have the fetish!! ^_^

    I also hate seeing guys do it. They don’t deserve to.. They are no better than the ants. Weak, small, worthless and petty. They deserve the same fate, only under my shoe, under my foot. Someday, the entire human race will come to face my feet.

    PS: I’m looking forward to reading your story <3

    @ エデオン:
    Awwww, why thank you! o^.^o

    @"Do you like to torture bugs? Burning, ripping their legs/wings of etc. Cute girls being mean are just so hot."

    Of course. ;) As I mentioned I used to rip apart fireflies, just because I wanted their neon juice. I'd then spread it all over my body or write my name on the sidewalk. I also used magnifying glasses on those really hot days... it was just too much fun to be a Goddess with the power to burn them from the sky. I'd do it to humans too if given the chance! I've pulled the legs off of plenty of bugs, and as it being hard to catch the ones that fly, ripping off wings has always been a little trickier (but don't worry, those who could no longer fly did not suffer long as they were usually soon turned into stains on the bottom of my foot)

    I think that's it! Whew! So many comments, I love it! This is what I was hoping would happen- thousands of tiny people swarming my feet and legs, crawling up their Goddess. I love it! ^_^

  29. anonymous

    I’ve got another story in the works for you, Goddess!

    It involves a couple of little boys, Katelyn as a school girl, a very expensive beetle, and that magic moment when boys suddenly realize the power that girls have over them.

  30. anonymous

    hey katelyn, love your work (clips) and reading your past crushing experiences.

    my fav method for seeing girls crushing is barefeet and victim probably crickets as they have a eyes/nose/mouth that we humans can distinguish.

    what is your fav footware when crushing and your favioute victims? also out of all the crush clips you have made which as been your personal favourite to take part in and why?

  31. mechamitzy

    those shoes are like five million hot. you ever going to use more thick shoes in vids?

  32. twcool

    Sounds like you should come visit Ohio sometime and crush some ants up here. They are a lot more passive up here lol. They just try to get away from you. There are big ones or there are even the totally tiny ones. I remember seeing some at work in the bathroom coming up from some tiny hole. Someone had dropped a huge cookie and they were all marching to and from it. It would have been amazing to see you step on them and the cookie with some open toed high heel shoes or platforms…too bad it was in the mens restroom ;)
    And yes! gotta love giant foot prints in the snow!

  33. anonymous

    Hi Goddess Katelyn,
    You could be my foot Goddess any day. As for the bugs, keep on squishing with your pretty feet. These bugs should consider themselves lucky to be under your sweet, soft, tender toes and soles with your toes polished red or any other colour. My only regret is that I am not a bug under your soft soles. I would feel so lucky if I were. I’d love to worship your pretty feet and then you turn me into a bug man and slowly squish me with your toes and soles. How would you do it? Always under your sweet, soft toes and soles, Rod. LOL

  34. anonymous

    I love it when a
    female crush a bug
    with her feets. ever
    since i was little it
    turn me on. Just seeing
    a bug guts splatter on the
    ground or stuck under a female
    feets really gets to me. maybe
    we should chat sometime get know
    each other

  35. Giantess Ka...

    @hey katelyn:
    I’d have to say that crushing barefoot is my favorite method, when it comes to crickets and ants. (snails are a bit tougher and often require thicker shoes!) By going bare foot I get a ridiculous amount of pleasure- as I can truly feel them burst, the juices splattering all over my bare sole, the very crunch conforming to the very shape of my foot and toes. Shoes are great too, but they really limit how much I can actually feel when my victim’s bodies explode into a wonderful mess of used life. I personally like to feel their very existence ending, their futile struggle to survive against the naked foot of a yours truly, a Goddess. It’s an absolutely amazing experience. When it comes to shoes I prefer ones that I can still feel a good portion of the orgasmic crush of my bugs. High heels allow me to feel a great deal, while at the same time making me feel more powerful and sexy with the arching of my feet and resulting body shape and boost of height from wearing them. It also helps center my weight on the ball of my foot providing an even better *crunch!* If I were to destroy the world tomorrow, it’d probably be in my new high heels and bare feet! Hmm, I think this could become a journal entry on its own sometime! ^.^

    I totally know the kinds of ants you are talking about! There’s the black carpenter ant and then the little black ants- both personal favorites of mine when I lived in PA. Good news is it won’t be long before they face their Goddess again… <3

    As you know, read it and loved it! Will try to get it up on my site ASAP for everyone to read! Will probably post it tomorrow with my latest journal entry. It will be quite fitting! ^.^

    Thanks! Yep, I sure will. I'll be changing it up every now and then and I have quite a few thick shoes. But as you know I haven't done bug crush in a long while... but that may change. More on this tomorrow...

    I agree, these bugs should consider themselves lucky to be graced with such a wonderful and orgasmic death under my feet. If I could turn you into a bug, I would. It'd then be a slow, painful struggle under my feet. I'd use your pathetic little body as a foot toy until your body burst from all the stress. Mmmm <3

    Me too. Only I like to do the crushing of course! Add in some girl friends and it's a perfect wild party! ~_^

    Love you all my tiny bursts of pleasure,
    ~Goddess Katelyn <3

  36. anonymous

    Hi Katelyn darling,
    Ever since I seen your website I have been fantasizing about you as my Goddess changing me into a crunchy bug such as a cockroach and slowly stepping on me with your beautiful feet. First you would play with me with your pretty polished red toes and toerings and make me lick your soft, silky soles and toes before you squeeze me with those soft soles. You would then stand on your sweet sexy tiptoes with all your weight on me with your toes. Your toes are sooooo pretty. So If I were a cockroach would I be a lucky one??? Always under your sweet,soft, silky sexy soles and toes that I would love to massage day after day, Rod the bugman. LOL and hot kisses

  37. anonymous

    That is going to be so beautiful!

    What I wouldn’t give to see you step on a few butterflies! You know, citrus farmers hate those lovely swallowtails. You could stomp a few of those in an orange grove and they’d probably be happy to let you!

    EIYT, Cliff

  38. anonymous

    All I have to say is, WOW BABY. Love all your pics. Keep on squishing the tiny ones including me. mmmmmm. Can you polish your toes red and wear toerings in some pics? Would you crush me if I were a bug with your toes polished that colour? LOL

  39. anonymous

    Hi Katelyn im your fan from poland and sorry but my engilsh is not perfect:)

    I teel you only one i love if you crush the ants so your feet must kill more this litle pest

  40. anonymous

    hi katelyn wasn’t sure where to post this, but loved the discription you wrote to your new clip (Good Morning Wormy) always good to hear the views of the ‘crusher’ and how she felt before the clip.

    its good think that the worm was out in the morning tired wriggling for hours looking for something to eat only to be flattened just to make someone else feel better, lol keep up the good work ;)

  41. warsteiner58

    Dear Katelyn,
    I imagine i am a very tiny man not bigger than a bug, I am about 1/3 inch tall. I am terrible scared of you, but I don’t run away it would not have any sense. I am jumping up and down, I wish you to recognize me, that I am a human being. And as I see you recognized me I am not a bug…
    What do you want to do with me?

  42. hawthorn67

    I know what you mean about your turn ons and bugs. I was dating a stripper (who later became my wife) and there she was on break, standing naked except for high heels and pink panties. Along comes a spider towards her and she squishes it with her shoe. I just remember some guy saying “You squished it,” and she replied “yeah,” kind of non-chalant. Since then she, like you, squishes everything. I still get off (literally) to thinking about times like when she found a couple of bees trapped under a tarp: “Look, a bee. I’m going to squish it,” which she does then says “Ha! You’re dead now! Dumbass!”

    I think you have done a great job with your site by the way, and it’s a great turn on to think there’s such a girl as you who gets so turned on in the opposite way that I do (i.e., you’re the giant). It bolsters my psychological theory about giantess fetishes.

  43. taran_the_g...

    Katelyn, gotta tell ya: you keep getting more and more beautiful.

    That’s just not fair.

    Hope to see ya on GiantessCity again soon!

    (maybe with several small cars dying under your mighty beautiful bare soles.

  44. anonymous


  45. anonymous

    you are hot. i want to see you crush a dung beatle that would be cool!!!!!!

  46. anonymous

    ur web site is great but my fav bit is the vids every thing else is good

    from anonymous

  47. anonymous

    hi katelyn how are you miss giantess goddess you are incredibly sexy and gorgeous and beautiful i would love to meet you in person someday im 23 soon to be 24 years old in april 2008 i would love it to see you in galveston texas someday can i cantact you personnally some how

  48. anonymous

    You are awesome and so real. I thought I was a freak because I have such extreme fantasies. I watched a bug crush video and was so turned on by it. It’s great to know that there are others with the same interests as me. I also added you on my friends list on myspace. It’s fantasy_slave_4_u_ladies I wish I could be your tiny footslave.

    your friend Don

  49. anonymous

    You don’t know how hot your journals are,the descriptions are amazing. I came just reading them. And I am uterly disgusted w/ myself. I can’t stand the sick twisted pleasure I get from watching bugs being crushed. I have the opposite of what you have (I would love to be that ant in your nylon), and I love to see bugs crushed. But I can’t shake the feeling that it’s wrong. To take a life, no lives for our own entertainment (sexual or not), just because we can. I think we, as human beings should better ourselves and overcome the temptests in our minds. Well, I won’t say you should, I can’t force my beliefs on others, but it’s just a thought. I know tons of people will probably repond to this with much hate, but whatever.

    -Epic Heart

  50. anonymous

    Hi, just writing to say u have nice site, u do some great pov and giantess sceens, Just wonder if u could do some giantess pov in nylon, i like them the best, wonder if u could smoother a tiny man in ur nylons, take care and thanks for doing giantess site.

  51. anonymous

    Its sexy as hell. I love the collages and everthing- Legendfighter

  52. massive fan

    hey kate,

    im a big fan of inshoe crush… have u ever been bored and just picked a bug up and put it in your sweaty shoe after work etc… do u often stand on bugs in your black nylons or black socks? for somereason I have a thing for bug crush in black tights or socks lol xxx

  53. ugg bug

    I think it is utterly amazing to think about a tiny creature at the mercy of a gorgeous goddess. Especially when she is wearing thick shoes that become the God of these creatures. The bigger the better i say. The shear power is over whelming. Not to add tyat fact you are tge most beautiful person i have ever seen.

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