About Giantess Katelyn Brooks

I’m a Female Digital Artist who has what is known as the “Giantess fetish”. In 2006 I decided to start up this website with the encouragement of the Giantess community in order to further express and explore my unique sexual fantasies. Since then I have taken countless pictures and crafted hundreds of videos which have transformed this once small side hobby of mine into something so much bigger. Now every day I’m hard at work bringing life into this surreal and powerful fantasy. I welcome you, little one, to this personal space of mine where you’ll find my towering figure dominating even the largest of cities! Watch your step carefully, for I rarely watch mine…

My vision is to bring the Giantess fetish to life. Never before has the Giantess fetish in all its emotional complexity been vividly captured in film. There are the occasional brushes with Hollywood such as the Honey We Shrunk Ourselves movie, but they are merely coincidences and not tailored to the actual Giantess fetish. My goal, and the goal of this website is to produce the most realistic, heart-pounding, sexually fulfilling, artistic, and beautiful Giantess content available. Nearly every dollar I make from this website is reinvested back into my site, allowing for the purchasing of newer and stronger technology and equipment so that I may push the envelope farther and bring our fantasies to ever closer reality. Superb Video Productions, Photos, Stories, Blogs all have a place in my vision, my passion. And someday, when holodecks are invented, you can expect some killer holonovels as well.

What is the Giantess fetish exactly? Also known as Macrophilia (Or in my case perhaps, Microphilia), it’s an intense sexual attraction to giant-sized women. Not just tall women, but incredibly tall women. For example, imagine a super model the size of a skyscraper! For the females like myself with this fetish, we have an intense sexual desire to being godzilla-sized along with the same strong attraction to fellow giant-sized women- provided we’re just as tall! This fetish often involves many other sub-fetishes such as the Foot Fetish, Mouth Fetish, Vore Fetish, Furry Fetish, Domination, Hand Fetish, Boob Fetish, Ass Fetish, and as many others as you can imagine. Rule 34, after all.

For me personally, the Giantess fetish is all about the power and size. Nothing gets me soaked faster than towering over a city as a Giantess, my feet so large they could take out entire car-packed streets at a time. It is truly the fetish of the Goddesses- it places the highest power and control possible in the woman’s hands. You literally become a female deity to the people below whether they accept you or not. Millions of lives find themselves beneath you struggling to survive as you fulfill your own deep sexual desires. Not only does the Giantess fetish allow you to indulge fully in this extreme sexual power, but it allows millions of others to indulge in it too as you orgasm high above them!

Some days I find myself fantasizing about walking through a city, swallowing entire buses and crowds of people whole while licking my lips as they slide down my wet throat. Other days I wish to discover a shrunken town outside, forcing the villagers to sacrifice their lives to pleasure my massive pussy. Other times I want to be gentle, by carefully making love to one of my shrunken slaves. Occasionally I want to be so massive and powerful that I’m not even aware of my size and all that I’m crushing beneath my body! I know all of this can sound incredibly weird to the average person, but the power trip and pleasure is absolutely amazing. And the fetish for me isn’t just about my own feeling of power and control, but the strong, overwhelming feelings I get from the thousands of little people trapped in my pleasures. When I know my shrunken victims are terrified or turned on, it only adds to my lust-filled power trip. This in turn causes me to only become hornier and bolder in my quest for sexual satisfaction.

All of this power directly relates to the Giantess’s size. I personally prefer to be at the very least as tall as the average skyscraper- with my foot being as long as several subway cars. I’d also prefer to grow to that size- rather than magically pop there. That way I get to play with everything at different heights! When it comes to the maximum of how big I’d want to be, the sky’s no limit. I wouldn’t mind pushing the entire planet Earth deep inside of me. On average though, I tend to prefer to be a mega-Giantess, my foot print leaving several blocks of city flattened and the highest buildings standing near my ankles and perfectly fuckable.

There are also so many sub-fetishes tied in with the Giantess fetish that turns me on. I personally have a female foot fetish, domination/power fetish, vore (eating things alive) fetish, female shoe fetish, bug crushing fetish, growth fetish, digestion fetish, furry fetish and more- all of this making up the Giantess fetish. I’m also bi, which means I don’t care what gender my shrunken slaves tend to be and I’m more than happy to have a Giantess-sized lesbian encounter in the middle of a city!

As for my audience and fans (which are made up of both girls and guys- although the majority are guys), they too are turned on by the insane power and control a Giantess has. But they want the exact opposite out of the fetish: they wish to feel fear, terror- like they no longer have control of the situation. They want their heart to race as the giant, city-destroying female does as she pleases with them and their environment. A Giantess to them is no different than a Goddess- they love how she has the incredible power to give or take life- whether she realizes it or not! The only thing in the girl’s mind is “how can I please myself even more?” and Giantess fans love it.

When it comes to particular scenarios, my fans are turned on by everything from being trapped high above the city in my hands dangling over my hungry, enormous mouth or struggling for their lives on my bedroom floor as my soft bare feet land on top of them. Many of them are seriously willing to give their very lives for my pleasure or to nourish my body, whether that pleasure is hunger, sexual, or just for my own amusement. They worship and devote their tiny lives to my every step- even if that step ends up crushing them and all their friends!

To me the Giantess fetish is the most erotic, sexually satisfying fetish out there. I love the power, the control, and the worship from my fans. I love crushing tiny people as much as I love swallowing them alive in either my mouth or pussy. I love the feeling of skyscrapers as they hit my g-spot. The fetish is as lovey-dovey, heart meltingly sweet as it is dark, lustful, and sexually passionate. If you ever happen to be walking down a street and look up to find a giant brunette towering over the local office buildings- prepare yourself for one wild ride!

I first discovered I was sexually different at a very young age- around 3 or 4. My first indication was that I was bisexual, as I was attracted to both girls and guys. (I’m no longer bisexual as an adult, I’m straight.) But I discovered more than that. I liked being cruel, powerful, and in control. As a child I enjoyed playing cat and mouse style games with my friends and toys. I was the predator, hunting my smaller and powerless prey. Cartoons played a big role and I found myself sexually turned on by episodes of “Tom and Jerry” and parts of the “Honey We Shrunk the Kids” movies, along with countless other size related things.

By my pre-teens and into my teens my fetish was obvious but I didn’t think too much of it except on the level that I was a “misunderstood, dark, evil and blood lusting, mysterious girl” and as such I was Goth in high school and was into the whole “blood is cool” and heavy metal, raver crowd. I found that I enjoyed crushing and eating bugs alive and would spend entire summer afternoons in my backyard destroying entire ant civilizations with my bare feet. When one morning when I found my waffles covered in ants, I simply ate them and masturbated with what was left afterwards. Whenever I went for walks my feet would never miss their targets. I found I loved the feeling of little things popping and crushing beneath my soles or shoes- the messier the better. I was taking life and power. It was so hot! ?

By middle school I started dating (both girls and guys) and having strong Giantess and sexual fantasies. Those who I had crushes on I actually wanted to crush. My high school sweethearts were those who I really wished to devour. I had this thing for wanting my friends to be small and helpless and my boyfriends to worship me. My first relationship with a guy was even a slave / master relationship who was totally cool with it! I also had a very strong sexual attraction to faeries. I had dark faeries posters, clothing and pictures. There was something about them… they were so fragile, so innocent, so tiny and easy to rape and use for my sexual pleasure… I imagined what it would be like to eat them alive…

All through my teens my school was regularly destroyed by me or one of my giant female friends in my daydreams. Whenever I took trips to the cities or walked through the rows of buses when school let out my panties became wet and I wanted nothing more than to tower over all these pathetic mortals. I used to set up little towns in my room and crush them underfoot. I knew I was different but I thought this was either somewhat normal or I was pretty much the only one with these strange urges.

Around the beginning of 2006 I decided to make what seemed like a mundane Google search for the term “Giantess”. (I had never thought of taking the word Giant and combining it with “ess”) Finding some interesting results I switched to a Google image search for the term. That is when I discovered the Giantess fetish, the Giantess community, and my strongest sexual passion in pictures and words. I orgasmed harder that day than I had ever cum before and multiple times over. I had finally found where i belonged- I was no longer alone!!

Wanting more than just pictures of other girls, and wanting to fulfill my dream of being a Giantess in a world full of worshipers, I released two collages on Mystic’s Giantess City I had been working on in Photoshop. I was nervous, embarrassed and expecting rejection. Instead- the community exploded with excited replies and my email address was instantly flooded with welcome messages. With tons of positive encouragement I decided to set up a little place on the web to post my work and thus this website was born. Over time I began adding more and more and I started to make videos to pay for hosting and equipment in order to allow for me to continue my new hobby. By the time I had graduated from college as a computer specialist and had moved to Florida to continue my schooling and job, my “hobby” had snowballed so big that I was forced to choose between continuing my site or quitting my current job / new school and moving again. I chose my passion! =) There is nothing else in the world I love doing more than running my site and producing giantess movies.

Ethnicity: I’m dominantly Philippine with a mix of Italian, German, French, and more.

Zodiac: Western: Cancer, the crab. Chinese: Ox. The zodiac tattoo going up my lower spine represents my zodiac.

Clothing sizes: S tops, 32 DDD bra, M panties, 28 in jeans or size 8,  28″ waist, 38 booty, ~120 lbs

Shoe size: US 7.5 wide. Favorite everyday shoe: low heel casual sandals Favorite shoot shoe: high heels

Fitness: I ♥ exploring places on foot, so I naturally walk a lot which makes up for sitting at the computer working on projects for extended periods of time most week days. I also have a home gym which I use a few times a week. Sometimes I work out more depending on shoot plans or what I’ve been eating.

Diet: I was a vegetarian from ’06-’16 and then became a pescetarian until 2019 and then I started eating meat again, but very rarely, and I only purchase Animal Welfare Certified Meats from Whole Foods or elsewhere. I naturally want to eat healthy foods except when it comes to anything with milk chocolate and shrunken cities. So, I mostly enjoy healthy meals at home, but I also thoroughly enjoy dining out a few times a month (or sometimes more!) as well. There’s so much to select from around me, and I love going new places and trying new things. Who doesn’t?!

If I’ve been lazy with exercise for a long stretch and I want to lose a noticeable amount of weight then I’ll do Keto for a month and it comes right off and stays off. First time I did Keto I lost 10lbs in one month. It was hard at first and became easier with an app and as I learned more about the diet and got used to it. Only a few pounds came back over the course of a half year after going back to eating like I normally do. No restrictions, but remember, I’m fond of eating healthy, mostly. I’m not perfect, I get drive-thru on occasion too. The lightest you’ve seen me (excluding my 2020 pregnancy) is 98lbs and the heaviest you’ve seen me is 128lbs. Yes, a THIRTY POUND difference, I hold weight well. When I do gain weight my ass gets nice and big and round in all the right places, so I’m happy either way.

Exercise: I’m on and off with working out. There’s times I’ll go at it consistently and perhaps with a trainer and other times I won’t do anything for many months on end except go for walks and maybe on the occasional hike as well. When I do work out consistently I have to keep telling myself “my body is my job” in order to motivate myself and I schedule it within my working hours. I’m with the “I don’t like working out” crowd no matter how good it makes me feel and no matter how toned up I get. I know I look good when I’m toned up or all natural. Lucky me.

Sexuality : Straight, almost all aspects of the giantess fetish, big dicks, furries, men’s hands, sometimes costumes, consuming live bugs, and the list goes on. I have a pretty perverted mind at times and am jacking my clit off to something new more often than not. Exploring sexuality is one of my favorite indulgences of life lol! ;D

Education: High School Diploma, Associates Degree in CSS.

Dream Giantess Height: 100ft+

My shrunken men and women are: half of an inch up to 10 inches (I’ll still be able to fit your entire body up my pussy, so don’t worry about that)

Preferred Giantess Clothing: Sexy lingerie

My Biggest Fantasies:
1 : Get fucked by a real furry. 
2 : Grow into a mega giantess and obliterate an entire state. Under my bare soles, big boobs, wet pussy, manicured fingers, everywhere on my body and in every way.
3 : Crush my ex over and over and over and over for being dangerously obsessed with me. It’s seriously concerning. If only I could shrink him and put him out of his misery!
4 : Have an orgy in a dance club where everyone’s dressed all slutty with big boobs popping outta tops, little thongs being pulled to the side, huge hard dicks sliding in and out cunts and assholes and into big mouths with long tongues… then shrink them all down and keep them as my personal sex slaves. Yeah you can keep having an orgy when I’m not around too. Enjoy the life while you’re still alive… you might drown next time I put you up my pussy or crush inside of my ass.

High School Fantasies: Swallowing buses, crushing crushes, keeping football teams in my panties

Music: It’s outdated, but here’s an old Music playlist. Still lots of songs that I love on there! I switched to Pandora a while ago and enjoy a wide genera variety. In no order- beach music, lounge,  edm, Spanish, rap, reggae, reggaeton, rock, alternative, blues, the odd country song here and there, there’s really not much that I don’t like. Ok well, I don’t listen to much pop music lol!

Alcoholic Drink: Adios Motherfucker (If you haven’t had one before, be careful. It’s a strong drink that’s easy to gulp down because of how good it tastes. They can be dangerous.), Buttery Nipple, Apple Brandy + Ginger Beer + Grenadine, Tequila shots

Movie Genres: Love comedies and like a little bit of everything. :)

My Wishes: Aside from the good health of myself and my family — to have a great site with amazing content.

Pets: Shrunken men

Games: Overwatch (Mercy) and others on the rare occasion that I’m really in the mood to game. I rarely play now days with where my wonderful life has brought me. There’s so much else to enjoy and to go out and do! :D

Wish List : Send me some love! ♥


Thanks for reading! Enjoy your shrunken stay in my colossal world!