The Snack Shack: Summer Fun Edition

"Beat the heat with some fun summer treats!"

• 22 images featuring sexy, warm, powerful mouths!

• Four super hot vore scenes with four very sexy ladies!

• Watch girls wreak havoc on their prey, aware and unaware!

• POVs, internal shots, and lots of gulping!

• Includes a bonus page and a sneak peek at Bonnie's Body 2!


Digital Download Only70.5 MBs

Product Details:
♥ 26 Pages
♥ PDF format
♥ 3000x2500
♥ Giantess, Vore, Shrunken

Well if it isn't Boss-lady! My, you're looking delicious today.
Well if it isn't Boss-lady! My, you're looking delicious today.

Lyn is a smack-talking firecracker with a knack for getting into trouble with authority figures and a taste for bringing them down to size.
In "The Secretary's Snack", you see the kind of torment that Lyn regularly puts Blu (who she affectionately calls Boss-lady) through regularly during and after office hours! Lip-smacking, tongue-straddling, yummy goodness!

Nobody stands ME up on a date!
Nobody stands ME up on a date!

Some punk stood Katelyn up on a date! How dare he! If there's one thing you never want to do, it's piss off a giantess.
With her date nowhere in sight, Katelyn takes her anger out on the closest and next best thing: the beach-goers at the beach where her date was supposed to meet her! Showing off her power, Katelyn sexily slurps up person after person, licking them from her palm! Watch the unfortunate tinies on their trip down to her deep, dark belly.

Hmmm, what should I play with today...?
Hmmm, what should I play with today...?

Jenna is a little bit of a sex-junky, and one of her favorite things to do on hot summer days is to alleviate some of that sexual tension with a little alone time. But her alone time isn't always so alone...
Today, Jenna has two brand new toys that she's dying to try out: a couple that came into the shop where she works and looked good enough to eat! And Jenna always plays with her food before slurping it down her throat...

Mmm, lunch time! It all looks so delicious!
Mmm, lunch time! It all looks so delicious!

Allison is ravenous with hunger, and it's time for lunch! So ravenous that she doesn't notice the tiny squirming people that are in all of her food and drink.
She gobbles up bite after bite without so much as a glance at the inside of the burger, fries, and half-melted frozen drink, completely unaware of the several tinies that she's chewing up and swallowing down! Gulp after gulp of food and drink until every speck is gone, ending with a satisfied pat on her belly.

All of the Hot, Sexy Details

Love vore? Then you'll love this! Juicy vore shots from tons of angles!

Who's the boss now? Lyn dangles and gulps her busty boss down in an act of role-reversal!

Be slurped up and swallowed whole by Giantess Katelyn, all the way down to her belly!

Have some hot and steamy fun with Jenna, a shrunken couple, and a dildo blowjob!

Get devoured in Allie's burger, fries and drink without the slightest notice!

Have fun in the sun! Get gobbled up by one of the four bathing suit clad beauties!

The Shrunken Perspective

4 Reviews and Counting...

  1. SmallFrye

    Sheela is by far the best GTS comic artist out there. I’m not even that partial to vore!

  2. Richie Rich

    Sheela babe, great work. Can’t wait to see what you’re coming with next…

  3. Lazer

    When I look at the stories in the worship section, there is something about making and handing in your story, how do I do this? Someone please tell me.

  4. Justin

    When is Bonnie’s Body two coming out?

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