The Magic Sisters

"It's only the two of us now. Calm down, I don't bite!"

• Get swallowed alive, digested in acid, and pushed out

• 30 Pages of mind and body blowing Vore artwork by CG17

• Drown yourself in the saliva of two beautiful girls

• Features playful incest and powerful mouth and saliva art

• Includes both English and Chinese Versions

• CG17's first comic- buy it so that he can make even more!


Digital Download Only33 MBs

Product Details:
♥ 30 Pages
♥ PDF format
♥ 1240x1754
♥ Vore, Digestion, Boobs, Feet, Scat, Incest

Just look at the crowd around her!
Just look at the crowd around her!

Life is normal for Kai and Ran, two high school friends, until one day a beautiful new girl named Chin transfers to their class. With stunning beauty and rumors that her father is a powerful official, it takes only seconds before all the males in the class fall head over heels for the beautiful Chin. Ran remains pessimistic however of his and Kai's chances with the mysterious Chin...

Are there really such things as curses or magic?
Are there really such things as curses or magic?

A day later, word spreads that a classmate has died of a drug overdose. The next, two classmates are reported to have died in a traffic accident. Kai and Ran know something is not quite right. All of the students do share one thing in common, they left school with Chin... but Chin seems totally unaffected by the death of her own classmates!
Before any more mysterious deaths take place, Kai and Ran decide to investigate the matter for themselves. Kai leaves school with Chin and Ran monitors Kai's status with his phone. But the plan completely backfires when Kai gets far too comfortable partying with Chin and Ran runs into a mysterious girl wearing a Japanese uniform!

Slippery, tender, sweet smelling... so arousing, ah!
Slippery, tender, sweet smelling... so arousing, ah!

Chin easily seduces Kai and takes him into a private back room. Chin strips completely naked for him, teasing him and licking his face and body while climbing up him. As Kai closes his eyes... a wave of hot, sticky, warm saliva washes over his naked body. His eyes fly open to see a giantess sized Chin towering over him! Chin can't help but salivate at the thought of devouring the naked tiny Kai alive...


Ran fairs no better. The mysterious young girl shrinks him in the blink of an eye. He can only look up helplessly next to the gigantic school girl's shoes! Ran is devoured on the spot, pushed into the warm, hungry wet mouth of the gigantic girl. The girl is Yao, Chin's younger sister. Ran screams as he splashes down into Yao's stomach where a pool of burning digestive juices awaits him...
Now only if Yao could find her sister!

Sis... what are you doing?
Sis... what are you doing?

Naked, shrunken, and trapped, Kai learns the dark secrets of Chin and her sister Yao. Chin makes herself more comfortable, showing off her dazzling naked body and watering mouth to Kai as she explains how the other students are now a living part of her. Just as Chin starts to devour the screaming Kai- Yao walks in on them both with a tiny terrified shrunken female in hand!
From there, things get naughty and embarrassing fast!

I know how you love to suck on my feet, sis!
I know how you love to suck on my feet, sis!

This comic contains 30 pages of beautiful illustrations of delicious vore, saliva, mouths, digestion POVs, a little barefoot play and everything else you would physically witness if you were to be digested alive by a young school girl. The last page of this comic even contains scat as the girls inspect what has become of the tiny people they've devoured alive...
As a huge fan of vore and digestion, this is easily one of the BEST vore comics I have ever had the pleasure to... pleasure myself to. :) Buy this amazing comic! YOU WILL LOVE IT! :D

All of the Hot, Sexy Details

If you love vore, this comic is a must. The end. :heart:

Will you survive at Yao's big feet? Or survive Chin's sexual, hungry advances?

Your nosey girlfriend isn't safe either! Chin and Yao will happily eat her alive too...

Beautiful artwork, playful sexy story, silky and slimey mouths, digestable shrunken boys

Contains some playful feet scenes as well as a final fully digested scat scene

Learn Chinese! Purchase contains both the English and Chinese versions of the comic.

The Shrunken Perspective

15 Reviews and Counting...

  1. K


  2. shrunkenone

    I was quite happy with the art and inside shots in this comic. Very visually pleasing.
    I certainly hope CG17 does more comics, and we see more of the Sisters Chin specifically.

  3. Maliardo

    Wow, first off this was a masterpiece for vore lovers. The art style and story are just amazing, CG17 is a top artist in my opinion. Lastly, thanks Katelyn for getting your hands on this and putting all the time and effort into translating this for all us one semester foreign language students ;).

    A must buy for all vore lovers!

  4. Greg Viera

    one thing “cums” to mind amazing <3 <3 <3
    this is on my wish list

  5. samdude07

    really liked this comic, i also hope this isn’t the end for CG17 comics, specially this issue, perhaps putting more feet stuff could pleased more the foot fetish fans?
    the povs are well done and great concept art too, overall, pretty badass comic XD

  6. tailsfox

    e e e I like comic i XD

  7. Rob

    This was the first thing I ever purchased from this site and I have to admit that I was very impressed. A lot of comics written for the people of this community are drawn horribly at times with outrageous prices, so it was lovely to see something as excellent as this for a reasonable price.

    The story itself was an interesting but forgettable one. It was nothing more than the fantasies of every vore lover in one simple package. The artwork behind it was stunning and downright beautiful to look at. Regardless of the forgettable story, this comic was worth every penny for the artwork alone. I recommend that everyone should purchase a copy for themselves.

    All and all, this comic made my day and brought a smile to my face. I do hope that the artist and writer continue to work with these two sisters because their story could be so much more. The depth that these characters can be broken into is enough to whet the appetite of any vore lover.

  8. romeo

    this is a new age of giantess fetish
    i love it

  9. vore

    this is the best comic i have ever seen

  10. Kyle

    Other than Karbo’s work this is some of the best work i’ve seen, easily. Just bought the second one :D

  11. Dan

    Agreed. When it comes to Vore, no-one beats Karbo. But this is very, very nice work.

    This Comic however is Fantastic, with stunning internal shots that will make any Vore lover drool; This is one of those things that every vore fan should indulge in.

  12. rami

    this comic is better the the second one because it shows more humilation

    and i think if katelyne can convince karbo and CG17 to work together on one comic . woooooow it will be an amazing cooperation
    well thats just my opineon :)

  13. DarkLawBrony0

    Voretastic, creative, Impressive most Impressive! Vibrant Colors, amazing detail.

  14. joleck

    man now i wish i had some money.

  15. joleck

    a thought comes to mind. since the sisters are human wouldn’t they be at risk of crunch field Jacobs disease?

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