"Ms. Lin is my slave and I'm offering her to everyone!"

• THREE Comics for the price of ONE!

• 46 Pages of High Quality Color Artwork by Mody + Vivian

• Includes both English and Chinese Versions

• Full Color, High Resolution Pages of Beautiful Artwork

• Invade and play in the pussy of the beautiful Lin!


Digital Download Only69.9 MBs

Product Details:
♥ 46 Pages
♥ PDF format
♥ 1308x1850 (Lin 3)
♥ Giantess Couple, Pussy Insertion, Ass, Shrunken People

A Quick Note - Special Offer

This comic is a three-part series (46 pages!) that I'm selling for the price of ONE comic. Yes, three for the price of one! You will not find this deal anywhere else. Instead of selling each comic separately, I've decided to include Lin 1 and Lin 2 for FREE with the purchase of Lin 3. I'm selling them this way because I feel Lin Part 1 and Lin Part 2 turned out to be too story based and lacked the action and more giantess scenes that I would have personally preferred to see in a comic I would want to buy. Lin 3 however features Vivian's AMAZING and INCREDIBLE artwork and sexuality, which is something you simply don't want to miss and is well worth the price alone!
As you may have guessed this does mean I'll be taking a financial loss on this comic- but I don't care. I care more about bringing the highest quality of work possible to you and producing work that I would want to buy and enjoy. While Lin 1 and Lin 2 are good, I feel they are just not up to my standard, and so I am offering them for free with the purchase of Lin 3. Lin 3 by Vivian, represents the high level of quality I want in all of my comics! :)

She dumped ME- for HER!? She's so tall!
She dumped ME- for HER!? She's so tall!

"The Lin series" is the story Lin, a beautifully tall girl and her enslavement to a revenge seeking ex-girlfriend named Alice! Alice was madly in love with her boyfriend Jim - until he dumped Alice for her rather short stature. Once Alice finds out Jim is now dating the beautiful and towering Lin, Alice vows to seek the ultimate revenge and humiliate Lin for all to see.
When Alice's science-loving brother chimes in to help dish out the revenge, the two go on a shrunken adventure to catch and record Lin on camera doing something horrifyingly embarrassing. Never would the two have guessed or expected to find Lin masturbating on her bed completely exposed!

Let's manipulate her to our own ends!
Let's manipulate her to our own ends!

Realizing now is the perfect moment to try out some new technology, the shrunken pair drop a tiny robot known as a nanite down into Lin's swollen and unsuspecting pussy. Tapping directly into Lin's nerves, the robot acts as a control device easily manipulating Lin's sexuality and supple body. After a few successful tests that drive Lin to the edge and back, the shrunken duo retreats home to formulate a new plan.
Days later and with the help of two male friends, Alice takes control of Lin once again- this time using her new found mind control to force the beautiful and perky breasted Lin to strip completely naked in a busy mall! Unable to control her body, Lin walks right up onto the mall's center stage where Alice offers everyone in the mall a wild trip no one in their right mind could refuse!

No! D-Don't come anywhere near me!
No! D-Don't come anywhere near me!

Tossing shrinking pills out into the crowd, the mall soon becomes infested with tiny people. They immediately head for the naked and enslaved Lin where they quickly invade her body like a giant playground!
Alice joins them as they abuse, play with, humiliate, and invade Lin's most sensitive areas. With hundreds of people running around deep inside of her, the sexual pleasure overwhelms the giantess-sized Lin. All Lin can think about is sexual release!

OHhhh Yes! Harder! HARDER!
OHhhh Yes! Harder! HARDER!

Alice lets up control long enough for Lin to make it home with everyone still inside of her. Desperate to be fucked and to cum, Lin calls her boyfriend and begs for his cock to flush the tiny people out of her...
Now Alice, Lin, and Jim all find themselves together and this means sexual war.
The comic contains submissive Giantess, Giantess Couple content and contains no gore! So if you don't like to see tiny people playfully caught in between two horny lovers with some humor in between, you should avoid this amazingly erotic comic! :D

All of the Hot, Sexy Details

Invade the body of the beautiful Lin, play, tease and torture her sexually :heart:

Run from the hard cock of Lin's fit boyfriend as he attempts to pound you out!

Climb up supple breasts, curvy toes, perfect ass and up into Lin's hair and mouth.

Vivian's Artwork in Lin 3 will simply blow you away. Highest quality art out there!

Intense action takes off to wild heights in Lin 3 starting on the very first page!

Lin 1 is 15 pages, Lin 2 is 15 pages, and Lin 3 is 16 pages long + cover page.

The Shrunken Perspective

21 Reviews and Counting...

  1. i want it

    is vore a sin

  2. Vishal

    I.m under the giantess’s heels already

  3. xeffects

    WOOOW!! My money was well spent.

  4. xeffects

    Omg, this is the sexiest gold fish swallowing clip in the entire internet!! The she gulps them down so easily. Imagine the sensations she must feel as they flop inside her. I hear that it feels like a heart beat, can Ava describe this feeling? I hope she moves on to a bit larger fish!

  5. David

    Please Goddess! Crush some small cars with your sandaled feet!

  6. Jonathon

    I love the voice acting in this video. Seems Cate got into being naughty a bit more then she expected. That she was shocked but not really angry was a nice touch. That said I’m going with the notion that whatever changes allow someone to shrink that small and retain human level intelligence and function also diminished the need for oxygen and the like.

    I much prefer the idea of pussy entrapment then smothering.

  7. Giantess Ka...

    Nope, it’s simulated.

  8. Hordeham

    Isabelle has such a great prowess for acting. Not to mention an amazing body, sexy feet and the face of a Goddess. it would make alot of peoples day to see her in more GTS special effects videos. hell it would more than make my day.

  9. David

    Awesome!! Please make more tiny car crush but the goddess must be wearing sandals.


  10. doctoro

    ever use that endoscope vaginally, i might sign up to see that.

  11. Giantess Ka...

    She swallows them whole.

  12. Giantess Ka...

    9.5 (I think)

  13. Giantess Ka...

    Hi @feetparadise, my best recommendation is to use a real-time voice or video translator. Thanks for your interest. :)

  14. Giantess Ka...

  15. Jake

    This is a wonderful first buy for anyone thinking about doing so. It will familiarize you with the quality you will be getting from the other videos on this site. The only issue is that the video is not centered correctly and you will have to adjust the video to get what i assume is the angle that the video is intended to viewed at.

  16. Ray

    What a vew!

  17. Dan

    Awesome video, Katelyn! The quality is outstanding! You hit this one out of the ballpark!!!!

    ( Makes me really anticipate…….well…….you know what. ) :)

  18. Keith Bryant.

    Katelyn is the best.

  19. Bill Johnson

    I just got this video. It is awesome! I would definitely want to be swallowed by you Katelyn! What I saw in the video is just how I imagined it would look! Your mouth is so awesome and I would be glad if you took your time swallowing me! Too awesome for words, really! Great work!

  20. Ray

    I really look forward to reading this it looks incredible. I love sandal Giantesses.

  21. Expidavid

    Might just be me, but it really seems like your butt is getting bigger. Mind you, I mean this in the most complimentary way I can think of ( I think it looks great on you ). I have to say, in the absence of the special effects vids, the couple vids that you were doing were great. Would love to see more of that – even if it’s just vanilla stuff.

    Hope you had a blessed holiday.

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