Sorority Sister's Secret Crush

"It's time to initiate the pledge!"

• 70 fully rendered images by JamesMason0!

• Each with accompanying text by EmmaGear!

• It's a dream come true! Tiny people are real, and given out freely!

• But it comes with the requirement to keep quiet about the Sorority's actions!

• Join Charlette as she grows closer and tries new experiences with her new friends!

• But the sister in charge of the house doesn't like Charlette from the moment they meet...

• It all comes to a head in an epic finale. Pick one of FOUR different endings!


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Product Details:
♥ 70 Pages
♥ PDF format
♥ 1920x1200
♥ Comic, EmmaGear, JamesMason0, JM0, shrunken man, shrunken woman, shrinking, boob crush, foot crush, barefoot, vore, casual crush, lesbian, yuri, tinies, erotica, story

You lost or somethin'?
You lost or somethin'?

Charlette isn't one for extracurricular activities. She's spent her entire school career focusing extensively on her grades, which has lead to the complete deterioration of her non-familial relationships.
Wanting a low-stress activity that'll look good on her rresume, she gets accepted into a sorority, but their first meeting doesn't go particularly well.

You kill that little guy, and you'll be in on the secret with us.
You kill that little guy, and you'll be in on the secret with us.

Only three applicants were accepted, which makes the group unusually small. Combined with the building that looks like it's falling apart leads Charlette to wonder if she's made a horrible mistake by applying here.
Things take an immediate turn for the insane when a small group of tiny, shrunken people are brought out and distributed among the Sisters.

I'll leave some for you to do whatever you want with every day.
I'll leave some for you to do whatever you want with every day.

So long as the sorority's secret is kept, everyone gets some tiny people to do whatever they want with every day!
Of course, if anyone were to ever betray the sorority or let the secret out, then that person would join the shrunken people every one of them enjoys toying with so much.


Mistakes were made after a night of excess drinking. Someone is in big trouble, and it comes down to Charlette to snitch on who's responsible.
The entire group is assembled, and awaits her decision. Has Charlette grown enough as a person to get through this? Or will she roll over and do anything she can to return to a normal life?

All of the Hot, Sexy Details

A shy college girl gets roped into a massive secret at her Sorority!

A long-held fantasy of holding power over tiny people gets realized at least!

Dozens of miniature people crushed for fun!

Mostly foot and vore focused, but a bit of breast and butt crush too!

Four separate endings based on your own choice!

As always, a purchase does wonders to support small-time creators such as JamesMason0 and EmmaGear!