Shrinking Department

"By the way... half of your department will be downsized today."

• 65 pages of high quality renders from JamesMason0!

• Every page features text written by EmmaGear!

• Casual, thoughtless destruction of tiny lives!

• Tiny people aren't the only ones with problems. Kelly is in danger of being downsized!

• ...But that doesn't mean she sympathizes with the tinies!


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♥ 65 Pages
♥ PDF format
♥ 1600x1000
♥ Shrunken Man, Shrunken Woman, Feet, Vore, Violence, Foot Crush, Casual Cruelty

These little people are so puny...
These little people are so puny...

Kelly is just an average, every day kind of girl, and this is the story of a day in her life. From the moment she wakes up until the moment she leaves work, nothing is out of the ordinary for the young woman.
Of course, Kelly lives in a world that is also inhabited by tiny people of varying sizes. Annoyances commonly referred to as, "Punies"

I'd better not have an infestation.
I'd better not have an infestation.

Kelly's day is off to a bad start after she's rudely awoken by some adventurous punies. She teaches them a lesson, but her bad luck doesn't end there.
All Kelly wants to do is take a shower, but it looks like she has more of the little things to contend with. The annoyances keep piling up, and it looks like she'll need to use her feet to clean up this mess!

The best part of waking up.
The best part of waking up.

The punies don't only serve as unwanted pests. They're just as much a part of Kelly's diet as they are a part of why her day is going poorly. A spoonful of squirming puny is part of a well-balanced breakfast!
Cheap, plentiful, easily replenished, and highly nutritious. It would be wasteful not to eat them. Mixing sweetened punies into cereal is just part of Kelly's routine!

Your department is shrinking today.
Your department is shrinking today.

It's not all good though. Shortly after arriving at the office, Kelly finds out that half of her department will be downsized by the end of the day! An already bad day has somehow managed to get worse!
Of course, some of Kelly's coworkers are in different departments. Safe from being downsized, they love to tease Kelly!

I'm sure you know by now why I've called you in?
I'm sure you know by now why I've called you in?

It's the moment of truth! Will Kelly make it to the end of the day with her job intact? Or will she join so many of her other colleagues and be downsized? Her boss seems rather indifferent to the whole thing, and freely displays her feet on her desk, complete with a veritable army of punies worshipping them.
Two different conclusions! At the end of the story you decide Kelly's ultimate fate. Or if you can't decide, just read both endings!

All of the Hot, Sexy Details

Follow Kelly on what could be her last day before downsized!

From the moment she wakes up tiny people can't help but find themselves underfoot!

Of course, Kelly's co-workers go through just as many tinies as she does!

Will Kelly be downsized, or will she be spared? 2 endings, so pick which you prefer!

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