"The biggest bitch in fashion makes her mark on the world!"

• 50 pages of beautiful high-resolution renders by SorenZer0!

• Every page features sexy text by EmmaGear!

• Features a giant ravishing supermodel, free of inhibitions!

• Dozens of lives carelessly ended by a beautiful giantess!

• She won't stop until she's satisfied!


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Product Details:
♥ 50 Pages
♥ PDF format
♥ 2560x1600
♥ Giantess, Destruction, Crushing, Insertion

Don't you know who the fuck I am?! Try opening a fucking magazine sometime!
Don't you know who the fuck I am?! Try opening a fucking magazine sometime!

Jocelyn Renoir is a rich, sexy woman. She's spoiled, and used to getting things her way all the time. After believing she doesn't have to listen to a club's bouncer because of her status and wealth, she finds herself ejected from the building. Not one to take things lying down, she goes back to show the management a piece of her mind!
Unfortunately, a persistent paparazzo just so happens to be lurking in the alley. Before the drunken woman can kick the door to the club down and rampage inside, she notices the man snapping pictures of her! In a fit of rage, she stomps straight for the worthless man to show him what she's made of, but only collapses to the ground in a heap.

I'm... huge.
I'm... huge.

The sleeping beauty wakes up the following morning, and quickly discovers she's a huge, elegant Goddess! She spends a moment admiring her newfound size, while a crowd of helpless bug-sized people flees in every direction! Unfortunately, a massive headache begins to form from the night of drinking, and the angry giantess needs to find something to take her mind off the pain.
The squishy people surrounding her monumental form make a good starting point. Eager to test her new size, Jocelyn stands, only to quickly fall, and land her perfect, round butt on a nearby crowd!

You assholes just like getting in my way, don't you?
You assholes just like getting in my way, don't you?

Dusting herself off and standing up again, Jocelyn encounters a new problem. There's a few too many stupid little people crawling around her feet! She considers giving them a chance to escape, before quickly snuffing that idea out of her head. She's the one in charge, and she can do whatever the fuck she wants! If they want to survive, it's up to them to get out of her way!
Her bare feet crush those trying to run away effortlessly. Ending a dozen lives beneath her soft, perfect soles begin to arouse the giant woman, and she is eager to try out more new things. A nearby building proves to be a tempting target, and she marches forward, eager to test her soft, sumptuous curves against the hard, rigid building.

Stop running away.
Stop running away.

Jocelyn is horny. Getting off is the only thing on her mind. She needs to be filled, and gathers a crowd directly in front of her heavy breasts. They try to run, and beg for mercy, but her head is too clouded with arousal to listen!
A rumbling in her stomach signals a new game. Vore proves to be as exciting as she imagined it to be, and the unstoppable giantess is nearing her her climax! Her fun is quickly cut short when she is attacked, and her headache returns in full force. Fueled by rage and a desire to destroy she retaliates, crushing more tiny lives in the process!
Can Jocelyn be stopped? Or will the entire world fall to its knees before her perfect feet? The only way to find out for sure is to read the story!

All of the Hot, Sexy Details

Stars an incredibly cruel, uncaring, invincible giantess!

Watch as a gorgeous model destroys a city and its inhabitants!

She needs to get off, and these little people seem to be the perfect size for that!

A story by the duo of SorenZer0 and EmmaGear! Support these new artists, and give them a purchase!

The Shrunken Perspective

3 Reviews and Counting...

  1. binary_prophet

    Some real hot action. Amazing writing by Emma with gorgeous renders by SorenZer0. It’s a nicely put together story comic, like Subspecies and the other fine work this pair does together.

    I really appreciated that Emma had our giant destroyer kick her shoes off early and get to stomping. After that, the ride just keeps going, with a ton of great crush and destruction in the writing and the renders (which have a lot of pov angles that I appreciate). Toward the end especially are some images I like entirely on their own, and, when the story gets a little out of this world, I absolutely love every word.

    It’s good porn. 10/10 will fap again. Some truly great moments that nail it for my kinks. I’m a fan of these two on their own, and together they’ve already put out a ton of awesome stuff.

  2. Ant

    3D comics are my favorite and this is one of the best, more Poser please!

  3. John

    Sorenzero and Emma? Did not disappoint! Loved it!

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