My Bossy Girlfriend: Chapter One

"It's so fucking hot to see you being tortured this way!"

• An all new series by Maskray featuring a bossy girlfriend!

• Jim's bossy girlfriend sexually torments him in many ways!

• Hand job, foot job, penis trampling, balls kicking!

• Smelly and sweaty feet teasing and humiliation!

• Spit and licking with huge mouth and tongue!


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♥ 16 Pages
♥ PDF format
♥ 1084x1542
♥ humiliation, smelly feet, tongue, shrunken

You wouldn't believe me unless I show you
You wouldn't believe me unless I show you

This story happens between Mary and Jim, a couple of lovers. Mary is the dominant one, and Jim is totally submissive.When Jim mentions a secret he’s kept away from Mary, she immediately want to know and they go her home.
Once there, he proves his words to be true by doing a live demonstration of his ability. Something incredible happens!

Let's take off these useless clothes first~!
Let's take off these useless clothes first~!

Both Mary and Jim are shrunken to the height of a finger, but what astonishes Mary is that the original human-sized herself doesn’t disappear either...
Once she realizes that the tiny and the bigger body are both in her control, her consciousness quickly adapts to the new situation! Mary’s fluttered with excitement!A naughty sequence of her giantess’s self bullying Jim begins!

It's so... fucking... hot to see you being tortured this way~!
It's so... fucking... hot to see you being tortured this way~!

The big difference is that the shrunken Mary, as a spectator and actor, can enjoy the situation from a different point of view! What’s it all about?
When Mary snatches Jim with her humongous toes, her tiny self steps on his face with her stinky foot, further humiliating and tormenting him. When giant Mary forces Jim to try and lift her mammoth tits, tiny Mary rubs and pinches his member. The giantess then seizes Jim in her fist and ruthlessly rubs his face, belly and crotch on her tits, back and forth till his skin burns.

Let me play with you!
Let me play with you!

Tiny Mary roughly kicks Jim’s ass, sending him crashing into her bigger self! And it goes on! Everything is carefully watched and tiny Mary revels in Jim’s reactions of pain and suffering.
Discover all the possibilities this situation offers in detail for yourself!

All of the Hot, Sexy Details

Jim is swallowed and stretched numerous times while his feet are grasped!

Trapped by gigantic hands and feet, rubbed into giant tits, pussy, and more!

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