"So are you like... a psychopath?"

• Miniature people become sexual props for a cruel couple!

• Laws and tiny lives are cast aside for sadistic lust!

• Vore, crush, torture and getting rid of witnesses!

• 39 page comic with 16 minute audiobook!


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Product Details:
♥ 39 Pages, 16 min Audiobook
♥ PDF format, MP3 Audiobook
♥ 2560x1440
♥ Crush, Vore, Couples

Torturing people would be a lot less fun if I didn't have empathy.
Torturing people would be a lot less fun if I didn't have empathy.

Sitting in a cafe, Lyndsey and Madeline discuss their penchant for sadism in hushed tones, just feet away from the tiny, scaled down tables and chairs of the Mini area. Lyndsey fantasizes about the both of them striding over and sweeping the Minis onto the floor, watching them flee in terror before gleefully stomping them out beneath their feet.
But cruel fantasies become reality when Madeline returns from the restroom with a Miniature woman hidden in her mouth.

You wanna see a trick?
You wanna see a trick?

Madeline manipulates the little woman in her mouth, using her tongue to strip off her clothes, all in plain sight of a cafe full of people unaware of the torment she's inflicting on the helpless Miniature person.
They agree to move their play into the restroom, but not before Madeline surreptitiously collects another tiny for their amusement.

Aaand... squish.
Aaand... squish.

Once alone, they're free to revel in their delicious cruelty. Their inhibitions are cast aside, along with laws, morals, and tiny lives. Madeline guides Lyndsey to her first kill and shows her exactly how irrelevant rules are when getting away with murder is as simple as wiping it up with a single piece of toilet paper... and making sure there are no witnesses.
The full text of the story is available to read free on SorenZer0's DeviantArt!

All of the Hot, Sexy Details

Miniature people are caught in the lustful crossfire of a new romance!

Vore, crush, murder, and sex with all the risk and rush of doing it in public!

57 illustrations over 39 pages written and illustrated by SorenZer0!

16 minute audiobook by professional voice actress April Would!