"She had to feel them, had to feel them squish..."

• A young woman confronts her inner dark side!

• A helpless couple trembles before her massive boots!

• A shrunken couple learns their place in the world!

• Gorgeous, glorious Iray! Nylons never looked this good!


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♥ 2560x1600
♥ Crush, Boots, Nylons, Domination

Shit! Shit, shit, shit...
Shit! Shit, shit, shit...

Tinies have always fascinated Madison for one reason or another. Not that it's really appropriate to call them that. Officially they're "The Diminished," but there's plenty of other terms for the expanding subset of people who happen to have mysteriously shrunken to mere inches tall. They're still people, with all the same rights and protections as people a hundred times their size.
That's just one of the reasons why it's so petrifying when Madison wakes up with a mild hangover and a pair of Tinies in her room. What the hell was she thinking? What did she do last night?

Listen, I’m so, so sorry about all this.
Listen, I’m so, so sorry about all this.

She really was. Madison was a nice girl; she'd never inconvenience a coworker or bother someone standing in her way at the supermarket, and she certainly wouldn't ever kidnap someone. The whole situation, the whole concept surrounding the very existence of these two Tinies was beyond baffling. It was scary.
Not that there wasn't something more to it, too. There was that strange feeling she got when they stared up at her with that mixture of intense fear and impotent rage, and the little impulses and warm flutters that drifted through her core when she felt them banging around against her thighs, and the brief flickers, just the faintest hints of thoughts about how she might look from their point of view, or how they might feel if she held them in her hands...

You shouldn't talk to me like that.
You shouldn't talk to me like that.

She didn't mean to do anything to them. She couldn't even remember last night, so was it even really her fault? She tried to be nice, to explain what had happened and apologize, but they just didn't get it. They didn't understand, and they way he kept yelling at her, and even threatening her, it was just too much.
Once they're down on the floor down at her feet, her feelings are just a little different. It's almost like they're even smaller down there, so, so far below her. Such tiny little things shouldn't worry her so much, and seeing them on the ground scurrying around her lovely boots, watching as they flee for their lives, that starts to bring an entirely different set of thoughts and impulses to Madison's mind. Even though she knows that there's something troubling, something truly dangerous about this situation, there's still no denying the facts. Something about it feels right. Towering over these tiny things, watching them scamper away from her footfalls just... just feels really good.

All of the Hot, Sexy Details

It's okay! Embrace who you are and learn to crush people and love yourself!

Madison learns her place in the world, just as two Tinies learn theirs.

SorenZer0's art brings vivid, emotional reality to every tense moment!

Overwhelming tension and domination as only Miss Kaneda can write!

The Shrunken Perspective

4 Reviews and Counting...

  1. BigMobe

    I stopped watching and buying comics made by SorenZer0 because of all the gore and blood. Does anyone know if the people in this get hurt? It doesn’t look like it from the previews but I need to be sure before i buy this.

  2. SorenZer0

    @BigMobe – Yes, folks get hurt in this.

    It’s pretty safe to assume that there’s violence in all of my stories. If I ever do something totally gentle, I’ll probably make a big deal about it :-D

  3. BigMobe

    I prefer gentle but its not something I absolutely must have. There are ways to be rough without it ending like the 80’s Robocop movie started. My main concern is disfigurement and death. I should have been more specific in asking how hurt they are when its over. “They’re still people, with all the same rights and protections as people a hundred times their size” which in implies there is some level of restraint.

  4. BigMobe

    I took a gamble and lost. There was a very gory crush scene. Deleted 2 minuets after buying.

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