Katie: Episode Two

"We're going to play a little game."

• The story of Katie and Eric continues!

• The wicked teen giantess enjoys a deadly game with her tiny toys!

• Littles suffer and die beneath her pretty fingers and feet!

• Dramatically improved visuals made with the latest tech!


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♥ 26 Pages
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♥ 2560x1600
♥ Crush, Feet, Hands, Cruel

I’ve got some new Little friends for you.
I’ve got some new Little friends for you.

Days after Eric's last encounter with Katie, another handful of people are dumped into the cold, empty container that's become his new home. He was like them before... nervous, scared, confused. Still in shock from being snatched away from the life he knew and carried off by the giant girl. He remembered the desperation and the fear, but that was before he learned who Katie was.
He's withdrawn and sullen. They try to talk to him, but they just don't know. They can't possibly know what Katie's going to do to them. They can't understand what she's capable of, but Eric knows, and that knowledge twists in his gut with every moment that passes.

We're going to play a little game.
We're going to play a little game.

Katie's anger had been more terrifying than anything Eric had ever experienced, but her laughter and her playful casually dehumanizing conversation is somehow even more unnerving. Before she'd only wanted violence. She'd only wanted to hurt and crush and destroy to sate her rage, but today, the grinning giantess wants to have some fun, and they were going to be her literal living, breathing playthings.
There's quickly blood on her fingertips, blood on her shoes. They're helpless in her presence, and all they can do is play along and hope to survive.

Volunteers or victims.
Volunteers or victims.

What could be more clear than that? Katie wants to break their bodies and their spirits, that's the kind of entertainment the wicked girl desires. Eric knows that better than anyone, and it's immediately clear that if they don't submit to her whims, Katie has no qualms about demonstrating the penalties for disobedience.
The others suspiciously follow Eric's lead. He shows them how to obey, and they gather around and do what they're told, but they can't imagine the kinds of games a giantess wants to play.

All of the Hot, Sexy Details

Ruthless, sadistic Katie returns for Episode 2 of her continuing saga!

Experience Katie's twisted, gleeful torment along with her helpless victims!

SorenZer0's art is more vivid and detailed than ever thanks to upgraded hardware!

So much more to come! Get wrapped up in Katie and Eric's story and prepare for more!

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