Katie: Episode Three

"Is the big winner ready for his prize?"

• The story of Katie and Eric continues!

• Glorioius, beautiful, warm, pretty socks!

• Katie is so casually, viciously cruel. Littles are nothing to her.

• Unparalleled realism from SorenZer0's tremendous art!


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Slick redness and gory chunks.
Slick redness and gory chunks.

At times Eric can force himself to forget that the grotesque, pulverized muck ground into the bottom of Katie's colossal sneaker used to be people. He's seen it so many times now, how easy it is for her to simply lower her shoe and erase a person completely, transforming them to hideous, lumpy smears. He watches another man crumple and squelch beneath her unforgiving foot--hears the sickening, sticky sound of her rubber sole peeling away from the splattered ruin beneath it, and all he can do is shudder and stare.
It could have been him smeared beneath her merciless toes. Every moment in Katie's presence Eric is a split second away from horrid death. All it takes is a thought and one stomp, one step, one good squeeze and he'll be just like them: snuffed out and erased, nothing left but an unrecognizable wet mess.

Scrape the losers off the bottom of my shoe.
Scrape the losers off the bottom of my shoe.

His reward is a task--a revolting and nauseating one at that. Eric's thrown to the floor and instantly forgotten, and it's only simple chance that Katie's sneakers don't fall on him and crush him as she carelessly kicks them from her feet. He's battered and bruised, and the fetid clumps embedded in the sole of her shoe make him retch and gag, but the disgusting grime he has to scrape away is nothing compared to the horrifying thought of disobeying the sadistic giant girl.
He's left to his work, forgotten and ignored as she occupies herself with a giant electric screen. He's left to think, to consider his existence in Katie's world, interruped only by Katie's occasional shouts and threats or the agonized screams of the other woman, the last Little remaining besides Eric.

Worthless, useless... shit!
Worthless, useless... shit!

Katie's deafening shout isn't directed at Eric, but her anger, her disgust, the fresh blood on her hands... all of it powerfully reinforces the thoughts already running through his head. There are only two things Littles are good for in Katie's mind: Worshipping at her feet, or suffering and dying beneath them. He knows what he has to do.
Katie's massive, sock-covered feet rest on the floor in the distance. Eric steadies himself and takes off running towards them. He has to prove that he's useful, that he's a good Little man. It's the only thing he can do, and maybe, just maybe, it will be enough to survive one more day in Katie's world.

All of the Hot, Sexy Details

Vicious, wicked Katie treats Littles like they're nothing in Episode 3!

Feel the insignificance, the helplessness of a tiny nothing at Katie's feet!

SorenZer0's art is more vivid than ever! Socks have never looked this good.

The saga of Katie and Eric continues! So much more still to come.

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