Katie: Episode One

"New Toys"

• Miss Kaneda and SorenZer0 together again!

• Brutal, ruthless and cruel teen Katie dominates and destroys her Littles.

• Katie's big black leather boots crush helpless Littles with ease.

• The first episode of many telling the story of Katie and one particular Little man.


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♥ Tiny People, Boot Crush, Humiliation

They called them giants.
They called them giants.

They might call them giants, but Littles know that they're the small ones in a massive, dangerous world, and the giant who so much as notices their existence, let alone cares about their tiny lives is rare.
That's why Katie is so good at catching them. The way she goes through them, Katie's always on the lookout for more. They aren't just tiny, insignificant animals to her. They're her toys. Living, breathing, thinking, feeling toys that she can play with however she wants, and the Little man tucked in her pocket and squirming pleasantly against her thigh is just her newest one. They're so small, so very fragile, and as she walks back home, Katie can't help but wonder how long this one might last.

Look at me.
Look at me.

Katie's voice is firm and fierce. The giantess's five Little captives know nothing about her besides her name, but the instant they see her furious scowl come into view, they learn one more thing. The giantess is angry, and as she roughly flings the lot of them to the floor, those that are still capable of any sort of rational thought realize she's going to take her frustrations out on them.
No matter how foul a mood she comes home in, Katie always has her Littles, and from the moment she has the tiny, helpless, pathetic things strewn across the floor at her feet, the edge starts to come off of her fury. It'll take more than that to satisfy her today, though. These Little shits are going to suffer.

Somebody'd better come kiss my boot.
Somebody'd better come kiss my boot.

Katie loves her boots, and even more than that she loves the way their Little bodies squish and scrunch and squelch beneath them. Here in her room with her tiny living playthings, she's unstoppable, and that surge of power always makes her smile. They're nothing, worthless little nothings compared to her, and she's going to make sure they know it. But there's more to keeping Littles around than just the satisfaction of tormenting them and smashing their tiny bodies beneath her shoes. They understand when she speaks to them. They tremble and fear her when she towers over them. They cry and beg when she tortures them, and usually, they obey her when she commands them.
Is obedience and worship enough to prevent being tortured and crushed and broken under their cruel owner? Probably not. But the chance to put off a horrific end for even just a few hours is the best that any Little could possibly hope for. Will any of them survive the day? Or will Katie need to go hunting for new toys again?

All of the Hot, Sexy Details

Watch a vicious teen torment and destroy helpless Littles beneath her merciless boots.

Experience Katie's ruthless, sadistic cruelty along with her most recent captive.

SorenZer0's art brings a vivid intensity to Katie's vicious, violent whims.

Part 1 of many detailing the saga of Katie and her newest toy. More to come soon!

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