Katie: Episode 5

"I wanted you. I took you. Now you're mine."

• Katie introduces her new Littles to cruel reality.

• Her merciless boots end their lives while she laughs.

• Exquisite verbal humiliation--Worthless Little nothings.

• They were people. Now they're Katie's helpless toys.


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See anyone you recognize?
See anyone you recognize?

They'd been together for so long, living among these giants. Barely anyone even bothered to notice them so long as they stayed out of the way. This giantess, this merciless girl is more cruel than they could have imagined. In a split second, their lives are over. Katie wanted to own them, and now she does.
Half an hour ago they were in their home, sheltered in an alleyway. Now, they're hers, captured and dumped on the floor of Katie's bedroom, left staring at the smeared bits of their friends, their family members ground into the tread of her boots. They tremble with fear while she laughs. They hear her wicked words, and wonder how long they'll survive.

Meet Eric. Eric belongs under my boot.
Meet Eric. Eric belongs under my boot.

He's been taped to the sole of Katie's boot, disoriented with every step and struggling to understand everything that's happening around him. He knows there are others. He felt them flatten under Katie's foot--heard the squelching, smelled the death. He knows she's brought some home, too, and that he's not alone with her anymore.
He needs them. He can't survive her on his own. He's desperate for them to obey her, to satisfy her, but Katie keeps making examples of them. She loves to hurt them, loves the way they squish and break, and there's nothing he can do but beg them to be good and hope she saves some of her toys for tomorrow.

It's going to be okay. You're going to be okay.
It's going to be okay. You're going to be okay.

Eric's finally ripped free from the tape. He's dumped on the ground and left laying in agony, his flesh red and blazing and his body brutalized and stiff. That's when she speaks to him, when he notices her for the first time. Not Katie, but a woman his size. She reassures him and he believes her. She reminds him of a time when he was more than just a toy.
But her strength makes her defiant. She stands up to Katie. She's woken something in him, and just as quickly, she's going to be ripped away. Eric's heart hammers in his chest while she squirms in Katie's cruel grasp. She screeches in agony, and Eric shudders. He needs her to survive, but none of that matters because she's done the unthinkable. She's made Katie mad.

All of the Hot, Sexy Details

Sadistic, playful Katie enjoys ruining little lives under her boots!

Shudder at her feet. Squirm in her grip. Katie dominates her toys. She owns them.

30 pages of beautiful Katie getting to know her new set of toys.

Learn your place. Learn to obey, or be splattered and ripped apart like the rest.