Hot as Hell; Reduced by Rae

"I wouldn've known the answer even if I hadn't dreamed this a thousand times."

• 15 GORGEOUS, richly coloured pages of 4k res comic art by Sheela!

• Additional written prologue from Cyanide.

• A first look into Cyanide's supernatural world!

• One tall, thick, stacked and bootylicious Succubus!

• One guy making the best worst decision ever!

• Shrinking, smothering, face sitting, foot worship, vore and more!


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Product Details:
♥ 15 Pages
♥ PDF format
♥ 3333x4000
♥ shrink, butt, pussy voluptuous, vore, smother

I craved the impossible...
I craved the impossible...

The age old problem of an impossible, unfulfillable fantasy! Follow our protagonist as his attempts to live out his naughtiest dreams and see him bumbling into the inhuman underworld, face first into a night of supernatural debauchery.
What's a guy to do, surrounded by sultry demonesses?

Right this way, little boy...~
Right this way, little boy...~

Meet Rae, our baleful buxom beauty, and get ready to for those dreams to become reality!
A working girl is always in need of a rest, though, so... If you could just wait the little moment and be a good little cushion while she gets things set up, that'd be .

Utterly breathless, not to mention drunk on her enchanting charms...
Utterly breathless, not to mention drunk on her enchanting charms...

Pheromones? Magic? Or is it just lack of oxygen that's skewing his perception? Rae's ready to roll, but are you? You've got to put effort into this too, you know!
You know what she wants. This is YOUR fantasy, after all, right? Prostrate yourself before her perfect, pristine pedicure! ...Or feel the mighty wrath of a beautiful woman's titanic toes! Get mashed and manhandled between those delectable digits, as you kiss them!

Your enthusiasm pleases me, mortal.
Your enthusiasm pleases me, mortal.

There's not a succubus loves more than finding a pleasing new toy!
Nothing, except for, perhaps, finding a tasty new snack. Ride the rollercoaster of Rae's enchanting mouth and watch her hapless little morsel shudder and squirm under the expert motions of her truck-sized tongue!

All of the Hot, Sexy Details

Ever typed 'tfw no giant gf?' This one's for you!

All about thick girls? You're gonna love Rae!

Your purchase supports future projects from Sheela and Cyanide!

Not to mention the continuation and expansion of this world~!

We have SO MUCH more we'd love to show you beyond this first look into the demonic!

The Shrunken Perspective

5 Reviews and Counting...

  1. Dapper

    YO, you into monster girls? BAM. Feet? BOOM. Butts? B’DAMN. Vore? HOT SHIT, we got something for you! This is a fantastic piece of work, drawn by the incredibly-talented Sheela and written by the wordpresario Cyanide. Together, they solve crime. Tiny, tiny crimes. But in their off-time? They make fucking magic with comics.

    10/10, would punch Buy Now button again.

  2. Cid

    Absolutely loved it, especially the attention to feet, which get tons of loving detail <3 Looking forward to more.

  3. CC

    By far Sheela’s best comic. If you are a big fan of smother play involving feet and ass then you will love this comic. Rae is a sensually sexy giant and the dialog written for her is just as good as the art itself. The comic is more focused on foot play it seems but still has a fair amount of pages devoted to butt and vore play.

    It’s defiantly worth the “read” and am eager to see this Hot as Hell comic become a series. It gets a solid A+ from me.

  4. Perspective...

    An absolutely sensational piece of erotic art; the length is perfect for the build-up required for the pay-off. Not overly long and it certainly doesn’t drag, wasting no time getting into the meat of the action and delivering on some of the most deliciously mouth-watering size-comic imagery I’ve seen in quite a while.

    No disappointing cliff-hangers, no wasted potential, just page after page of the sort of quality I’ve come to expect from Sheela. Definitely worth the cheap-as-chips price!

  5. Shinobi-x

    One of the best things I’ve every read. Easily my favorite giantess themed work to date. I honestly hope they make a follow up to this!! Please? Anything with Rae in it would be amazing. Keep up the great work!

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