Hot as Hell 9: Sucked In

"An impossible fantasy becomes reality."

• 20 pages of crisp 4K, full color fun by Sheela!

• The club's #1 Succubus returns to our pages!

• Introducing Lyn, a human girl with inhuman tastes!

• Shrinking, mind-warping succubus charms!

• Rae equips herself with a devilishy delicious dick!


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♥ 20 Pages
♥ PDF format
♥ 3333x4000
♥ shrink, smothering, ass, pawg, latina, vore, mouth, oral fixation, lips, blowjob, futanari, threesome, transformation, pussy, insertion, fingering

Some of the things I want, though... They're a little exotic...
Some of the things I want, though... They're a little exotic...

As far as Lyn is aware, her exotic fantasies of supernatural size-based domination are confined to the output of her keyboard and her willing partners on the other side of the screen. That is, until she makes contact with certain young man.
From the moment she steps into the Hot As Hell club with him, there's no going back to the world she knew before.

Let me show you a magic trick~
Let me show you a magic trick~

What dominatrix wouldn't love having all of her sub's buttons laid out infront of her? Rae wastes no time in selling the boy out, eager to see if Lyn can turn her words into actions.
For the first time, Lyn sees a man truly shrink before her eyes. For the first time, she feels the thrill of truly dwarfing a man - the opportunity to enact her giantess fantasy - and his - is here!

Feeling in control~?
Feeling in control~?

Lyn wastes no time in putting her shrunken boy toy to work, smothering him, enveloping him, taking him completely inside her! Using him as her own personal toy!
...But Rae makes sure Lyn knows that there's a chain of command here. And Rae's on the top of it.

Let me just blur the lines for you.
Let me just blur the lines for you.

A girl who thinks she can remain 'straight' in the presence of a Succubus might need to rethink her position! No one can resist Rae's delectable charms~!
Especially when Rae conjours herself a flawless and irresistible cock that no woman could refuse! Time to open wide, Lyn!

Get where you belong~!
Get where you belong~!

And while Lyn opens nice and wide for Rae, of course she'll have to have some fun with Rae's little pint-sized servant.
And boy is he in for one rough, wild, wet ride while Lyn shows Rae just how good she is at sucking a cock!

Oh god, the taste... The feeling.... It's MAGICAL.
Oh god, the taste... The feeling.... It's MAGICAL.

But there are even better ways for Lyn to utilize Rae's little boy-toy, and Lyn is eager to explore her options. How could she resist putting him right on his mistress's perfectly exquisite cock?
And the only question left to answer now is, do you think Lyn spits or swallows~?

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Follow Lyn as fantasies she thought impossible become reality!

See Rae tempt Lyn into the supernatural world of pleasure you all know and love!

Watch Lyn grind Rae's little demonic boy-toy into her g-spot!

Witness the same little boy-toy caught up between Rae's cock and a hot waiting mouth!

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