Hot as Hell 4: Dirty Damnation

"Welcome to Hell!"

• 25 pages of crisp 4K, full color fun by Sheela!

• Additional written intro page from Cyanide

• Sexy, curvaceous, looming demon ladies!

• Size difference and shrinking! How small will our prey get~?

• Breast envy! Who doesn't want to have mountainous tits?

• Chelsea and Spectra have fun with some deviously hot insertion!

• See just how much of a monster a mere mortal can be to her kind!

• Will Chelsea impress her demonic captors?


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Product Details:
♥ 25 Pages
♥ PDF format
♥ 3333x4000
♥ Shrunken Man, Shrunken Woman, Shrinking, Tits, Boobs, Breast Envy, Mixed Wrestling, Facesitting, Vore, Lesbian, Couples

Hell hath no Fury...
Hell hath no Fury... that which it sources from women scorned. Two swallowed prey return from Hot as Hell 2 and are quickly put to the test by their demonic owner.
Some people test better than others.

To the victor, the spoils!
To the victor, the spoils!

What would YOU do if you found yourself in Hell, with your new demonic mistress giving you the power to shrink your fellow mortal inmates? Chelsea knows exactly what going to do.
Shrink 'em and toy with 'em!


All this fun, it really works up an appetite! What's that little girl? You wish you had big tits like Chelsea and the Dungeon Mistress? Aw. Too bad. Better luck in the next life.
Wait, this the next life, isn't it? Well, guess you're stuck with 'em for eternity!

Climb on up here, girl...
Climb on up here, girl...

Chelsea's passed the test, and she's been a thoroughly evil little monster to fellow mortals. So thoroughly evil that the Mistress has gotten rather hot and bothered watching her.
Chelsea's earned more reward. And it involves a deviously delightful demon tongue. Among other small, wriggly, man-shaped things.

All of the Hot, Sexy Details

A lesbian couple playing with their increasingly tiny toys!

Mixed wrestling, deadly female thighs!

Varying size differences!

Breast smothering and Vore!

Intimate, sexy size-difference face-sitting! Get up close and personal in all the good ways.

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