Her Wicked Pleasure

"You're in for a REAL shrunken treat today!"

• A 16 page comic with elaborate, dripping hot artwork!

• The giantess is dominant, cruel and very angry...

• The tiny dude is entirely submissive to death...

• Struggles inside her forceful month and pussy!

• Bleeding and gores... Absolutely violent!


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Product Details:
♥ 16 Pages
♥ PDF format
♥ 1300x1850
♥ smelly feet, mouth juices, insertion

YOU! BOYFRIEND! Time to cool me off!
YOU! BOYFRIEND! Time to cool me off!

The flight attendance is in a rage when coming back home. She’s totally very bad-tempered, and she was wronged and reproached several times at work in the last flight. Some passengers caused her trouble for pleasure, and her manager was cold towards her, didn’t understand her and blamed her hard. She tolerated all the unfairness in peace, which has exhausted all her tolerance... She must find an outlet to vent her ultimate anger! As always... her boyfriend has to play the part of it...

BATHE in my incredible stentch!
BATHE in my incredible stentch!

She’s a lazy girl and loves casting pranks to others, so what’s wrong for her not to wash her feet and change her stockings for 4 days, while walking and standing most of the time at work in a hot airplane cabin? She gives her sweaty, sticky and stinky feet good massages, when laying them on her boyfriend’s face. After that he’s shrunken by one of her witchcraft. The bug-sized dude will submit his entire self to satisfy her evil lust...

You will submit your entire self to satisfy me!
You will submit your entire self to satisfy me!

He’s crushed under her foot sole on the floor. He’s lifted very high by the sticky sole skin and falls. He’s tortured by her super strong toes for a long hellish time... After his body gets seriously injured and exhausted bad in stamina, the giantess is still hanging him and forces him to utter how painful he’s feeling in details... She gets boosted excitement out of his feedback!

Your painful performance pleases me!
Your painful performance pleases me!

She won’t give him any chance to have a rest. She spit flood-like saliva onto his face to worsen his shortness of breath... She licks him, kicks him and bite him! She punches him with her rock-like tongue! Right after that he was ruthlessly squeezed and rubbed in her juicy mouth for a long time... Then, the crushing torments by giant feet again... With broken bones, insides and bleeding skin, his head is put into the giantess’ pee-hole. The final destination of him is to go into the flooding vagina. She will control him to perform many deadly activities with her fingers inside there...

All of the Hot, Sexy Details

Being played at will and beaten as a punch bag for venting!

Miscellaneous body juicies and foul smells with serious injuiries added one by one!

Your very existence is pushed to the limits for a Giantess' ruthless plesure!

Will you be able to support her wicked pleasure or fail and get brutalized?

The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. Jesse

    These are amazingly done GOOD JOB

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