Her Wicked Pleasure Chapter 3

"The greater the injury, the better!"

• 30 pages of highly detailed artwork by Maskray!

• A seriously injured clone-boy submits himself to death!

• Observe some nude bloody body, penis, and balls torture!

• After all the deadly abuse, here comes the vore and digestion!

• The giantess grinds the tiny guy's body inside her mouth and pussy!

• His very existence is pushed to the limits for a giantess' ruthless pleasure!


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Product Details:
♥ 30 Pages
♥ PDF format
♥ 1083x1541
♥ gore, torture

I can only imagine how much pain you're in...
I can only imagine how much pain you're in...

In this terrifyingly sadistic sequel of "Her Wicked Pleasure", a seriously injured clone-boy endures more insane torture by his giantess captor! She gets enjoyment out of seeing his serious wounds from all the squeezing and pressing and trampling. The greater the injury, the better! The boy gets weaker as more of his blood is shed. That does nothing to sate the giant girl’s lust, cruelty and excitement! What a hellish world to be in – the tiny boy not only gets no rest or medical care, but also has to suffer ever more brutal beatings!

You must have really liked that - your dick says it all!
You must have really liked that - your dick says it all!

What lethal trials will the anguished and panicked boy still have to overcome? How about having more holes put in his body with thick steal posts? Getting very thick metal rods inserted into his dick hole? Taking ball-busting hits from a huge iron block? Experiencing the ecstasy of his anus and intestines splitting from having large balls stuffed into them? Being crushed and grinded inside the giantess’ nasty, foul and tremendous bodily orifices, all while dripping obscene amounts of blood? The reality is that this ordeal will be beyond even these predictions! He’ll have his flesh and bones chopped right off Hell doesn’t prohibit these inhuman methods anyway

Perhaps a nice golden shower will wake you up!
Perhaps a nice golden shower will wake you up!

As an evil and selfish giantess, her satisfaction comes from the pain and suffering of the tiny guys’she has captured. She regards the miniscule bodies melting in her stomach and becoming a part of herself as the height of excitement. The tiny boy will just have to bear the unbearable – and he knows it! What other choice does the pitiful boy have? To please the giantess that he mostly admires, worships and fears, he’ll have to satisfy her cannibalistic hunger for his flesh!

Your life belongs to me, runt!
Your life belongs to me, runt!

Even though his absolutely broken body was thoroughly dissolved inside the giantess’s stomach, the boy’s consciousness is preserved and transferred back to his body. This hellish, near-death experience was just like a dream for him, yet it felt so real… real enough for the giantess to reach climax! The unmatchable joyful feeling coming from that causes her to finally get some rest… for now...

All of the Hot, Sexy Details

Get ready for some brutal - and we mean BRUTAL - flesh pelting and amputation!

Watch as the tiny guy’s asshole and guts get stuffed and split by gigantic anal beads!

Experience getting hit everywhere on the body in a manner that is both sexy and painful!

The tiny guy gets turned into Swiss cheese with all the penetrating holes being put into him!

On top of the lethal injuries, add in various bodily fluids and foul odors one after the other!