End of the Road

"South. We should keep moving south..."

• Enter a world where every man has shrunk to six inches tall!

• 11 men cower at the bare feet of two playful giantesses!

• 37 pages of barefoot action!

• Written and Illustrated by SorenZer0!


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Product Details:
♥ 37 Pages
♥ PDF format
♥ 2560x1600
♥ Barefoot, Feet, Crush

Ya'll not from around here, are ya?
Ya'll not from around here, are ya?

Their journey encompassed hundreds of miles. Years spent trekking through every possible landscape in search of a place where they could scrape out a meager existence beneath the notice of the giant women who now dominated the world. That journey has lead them to the rural South, where they're tempted into a remote house in search of food.
They had burgled the pantries of giantess's before, but they were a long way from the familiarity of the cities they once called home. Here, the band of tiny men will discover that things are done differently.

Maybe if you beg real nice we'll let ya'll go?
Maybe if you beg real nice we'll let ya'll go?

Surrounded by the massive bare feet of two young women, the leader of the shrunken men is left with no choice but to comply with their whims. He kneels before their toes and begs to be spared, humiliating himself in the hopes of surviving another day.

It was pretty fun chasin' 'em around...
It was pretty fun chasin' 'em around...

But the giant women have a different idea of mercy: the men are given a chance to flee for their lives. Utterly terrified, they scatter in every direction, and the game is on. But will any of them make it out alive? See the outcome along side the tiny men as they're trampled and crushed beneath the giantess' bare feet!

All of the Hot, Sexy Details

Two beautiful giantesses torment a group of shrunken with their bare feet!

A playful game gives way to brutality and despair!

6" tall men flee for their lives!

37 pages of action written and illustrated by SorenZer0!

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