Emi ☆ Eri 2

"It looks injured! Kill it! Kill it!"

• One of the best giantess comics I have ever seen! AMAZING!

• Contains 49 beautifully illustrated, plump and full pages!

• Features Vore, Ass, and Pussy equally, with 15 pages for each!

• Pages and pages of inside shots, vivid details, and POVs!

• Get trapped between ass cheeks, swallowed alive, and fucked whole!

• Every page is full of sweet, curvalicious eye candy! @__@

• Also includes gigantic boobs and plush, powerful hands!


Digital Download Only30 MBs

Product Details:
♥ 49 Pages
♥ PDF format
♥ 1275x1650
♥ Giantess, Vore, Ass Crush, Pussy, Boobs

I hope you got a good enough view from the outside!~
I hope you got a good enough view from the outside!~

The story continues right where it left off: You and your friends are what Emi and Eri refer to as "parasites" - little bug creatures from a planet called Earth. To them, you are only good for exterminating, entertainment... and now pleasure. Watch as one by one your fellow crying, terrified friends become trapped, struggle for their lives, and then explode in a gooey mess between, beneath, and deep inside the beautiful and playful giantesses!

There's something on your butt...
There's something on your butt...

After cooling down at the pool with Emi, Erika decides to lay down and tan. Unbeknown to her, a tiny human male she had nearly squashed down by the pool is struggling to stay alive on her massive, tight, and jiggling ass. As Eri tans peacefully the tiny male can't help but enjoy the soft, warm, plushy feeling of Eri's massive rear under his hard naked body. Emi however notices him... and the two girls set themselves on squishing him into a gooey paste on Eri's butt- but Eri's butt is just too soft and jiggly!

I missed it! Lemme try~
I missed it! Lemme try~

Emi and Eri fail to crush him over and over under their plush fingers and divine hands! The tiny male can only wiggle and squirm helpless and in horror as their soft, building-sized fingers thrust him into the cushiony soft curves of Eri's ass cheeks. Even the force of a slap fails to splatter him as the girls had hoped! But finally the girls luck out as the tiny human male is sent flying down between Eri's massive ass cheeks where the pressure of her two mountains traps him. Entertained by his doom, Eri slowly squeezes and grinds her ass cheeks together and the sun forever disappears from his view...

What a pathetic little creature...
What a pathetic little creature...

With Eri's bikini now a mess, she decides to head in to change... and play with the human parasite she found earlier stored in her shorts pocket. Inspecting the tiny human male parasite, she tears off his clothes revealing his hard cock. With her stomach growling, Eri concludes he would make a yummy snack and dips him into some puffy whip! After dropping him down her boobs and making a sticky mess, Eri finally gets him to her lips, where she proceeds to suck and slurp him into her huge wet and warm mouth...

Nnn MMmmmmmmh~
Nnn MMmmmmmmh~

From there the tiny human male is tasted, savored, inspected, and sloshed in hot saliva all around her cavernous mouth, his flavor driving Eri wild! The tiny male can't help but blow his load in the wet curves of Eri's tongue just as he sinks over the back of her throat... His life and load effortlessly gulped down, both landing in the depths of Eri's growling stomach.

K-Keep struggling!
K-Keep struggling!

Meanwhile the only remaining human finds himself trapped between Eri's squirming legs. With her tiny meal now digesting, Eri finally takes notice of the little bug by her panties. Aroused by her snack, Eri grinds the little male into the seat under her massive pussy and then proceeds to drop him down her panties! Her hand follows him down and her fingers push him deeper and deeper inside of her throbbing vagina. The tiny human can only crawl forward and away from her stimulating finger, but in doing so brings Eri to orgasm...
Would you be able to survive such torments? What has happened to the human race?
Purchase this comic now for a transport to the dangerously voluptuous world of Erika and Emi!

All of the Hot, Sexy Details

This comic is UNBELIEVABLY hot! You will lose your load whether you want to or not!

Katelyn gives this comic her official 'Fuuuck! I came!' seal of approval.

Contains 49 vividly colored, beautifully illustrated pages full of jaw-dropping angles!

Includes an in between ass cheek crush, mind blowing vore, and an orgasmic insertion!

Contains deliciously sexual content. Tiny guys are stripped, get hard, and Eri cums!

The expressions are both adorable and realistic- You can't help but feel for the tinies!

Enjoy curves? Love soft, plush, plumb, puffy, giantesses? You will LOVE Pogojo's comic!

The tiny guys can't help but get hard and enjoy the soft, and sometimes very wet Eri!

Don't forget to check out the equally fantastic first comic, Emi ☆ Eri!

The Shrunken Perspective

4 Reviews and Counting...

  1. lelouch

    Aww. There is no paypal pay method…

  2. Jose

    WOW, this comic is legit. Really nice painting, and detailed characters. The line-work’s a little iffy though and there isn’t much dialogue. Something to point out is that I think the vore scene was dragged out too long, and was kept focused only on her mouth instead of maybe showing us some in-stomach shots. Because of this the insertion scence was a little short and meh. These are just minor quirks with me, overall this comic is very sexy, sloppy, and slimy just how I like it. Blown Loads ahead!

  3. OGITH

    i wish i was the Guy in This Story’
    i Wouldnt Mind Being Slurped in Like Spaghetti
    so i can Feel her Swallow :-)

  4. John

    I gotta say, I really enjoy this comic.
    I mean, I was skeptical of purchasing porn, since I typically just look at free stuff, but this is worth the money.

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