"You're toys for me for the rest of your silly little lives."

• Miss Kaneda's detailed brand of brutal humiliation and cruelty is on full display!

• More than 65 of legendary artist SorenZer0's illustrations across this two part story!

• Get crushed under the sandals and sneakers of two sadistic girls!

• Jessica's friend Lindsey joins in to double the pathetic, helpless family's torment!


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♥ 42 Pages
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♥ 2560x1600
♥ Shrinking, Foot Crush, Humiliation

It was supposed to have been a celebration.
It was supposed to have been a celebration.

Omar and his family only expect to have an exciting if expensive dinner at the local country club to celebrate his graduation from college. They barely have time to notice the beautiful girl approaching and her weird, playful stare before they're shrunken to the size of insects, screaming and scurrying about in the shadows of her designer sandals, watching helplessly as she easily crushes the family car to a pulverized mass of metal beneath her immaculate foot.
As she plucks them from the ground and carelessly drops each of them into her leather handbag, none of them realize they'd had their last taste of freedom, and for that matter, hope. They aren't people anymore, just disposable tiny things that belong to Jessica for the rest of their assuredly brief little lives.

We're people just like you...
We're people just like you...

But they so aren't. Even when they were the same size, Jessica was wealthy, powerful and gorgeous. People were eager to please her and easily bent to her whim; she just had to apply a bit more pressure when those whims were a bit more devilish. She'd always liked seeing people squirm, seeing what little sufferings she could force on them, but there's nothing she can't do to these minuscule, middle-class nobodies.
The more they suffer, the more she enjoys it. The way they writhe, every one of their screams, their fear and their tears and their hilariously impotent and indignant rage... all of it is more exciting than she could have expected, and just... just so !

I mean, his guts are still stuck to the bottom of my shoe.
I mean, his guts are still stuck to the bottom of my shoe.

The first time Jessica sees the tiny family spread out on her bedroom floor, so so far below her, she knows this is how things should be. Then, she steps on one. Feeling his tiny body, his entire life pinned completely beneath her, flattened to the ground beneath her sole... it's just so good, and that's nothing compared to how it feels to destroy him, to crush all that he'd ever been to a bloody smear with just a twist of her toes.
This is the kind of life she was meant to live, and the best thing all of their little lives could ever possibly be used for. At first she'd thought they might last for a while, maybe be fun to keep around, but from the moment she squishes one underfoot she's sure of it. They're all going to crush tonight.

Shit, you just straight up squashed him?
Shit, you just straight up squashed him?

Something like this is just too fun for Jessica to keep to herself. Her energetic and excitable friend Lindsey joins her for the night, and she's more than delighted to meet what's left of the tiny, pathetic group. "I bet they even smelled poor," she remarks as they look them over with a derisive laugh, and as Jessica watches her friend start to handle and tease a member of the tiny family, she realizes that there's something to that old adage about a pleasure shared being doubled.
Watching Lindsey casually torture these tiny shits is awesome. Jessica didn't think anything could compare to the rush of completely crushing a man beneath her foot, but at the thought about disposing of them all together, her euphoria rises to greater and greater heights.

Jesus, just do it, just kill me...
Jesus, just do it, just kill me...

Crushing these little assholes is only half the fun. They have all the power. They can do anything, anything they want to with these stupid people and nothing can stop them. Lindsey wants to film this guy's last pathetic moments, and Jessica loves the idea. They'll wring every ounce of entertainment out of this one, push him to the limits of torment and watch him break and pull himself together and then shatter all over again. Only when there's nothing left, when there's just the hollow shell of a man to crush, will Lindsey let him splatter beneath her shoe.
God, and her sneakers are so hot, too. Jessica'd always liked them, but seeing Lindsey like this, laughing as she pushes this puny fuck around and completely dominating him with those lovely shoes triggers something more in her. Jessica wants something more. She wants Lindsey, too.

All of the Hot, Sexy Details

Watch an entire family as they're utterly destroyed for the fun of two cruel teens.

Rich, wicked and ruthless humiliation and abuse abounds at Jessica and Lindsey's feet.

SorenZer0's art brings powerful reality to both the family's despair and gory remains.

Miss Kaneda's first premium story, too intense for just one part! Part 2 coming soon!

The Shrunken Perspective

3 Reviews and Counting...

  1. Laura

    Hand’s down, one of the better giantess comic’s iv’e ever read. MissKaneda’s writing really shines here and sorens work is as good as usual. My favorite thing about this comic would probably have to be Jessica’s overall attitude. I wont throw out any spoiler’s but she is quite the little (heh) bitch. Everyone who can should buy this :)

  2. Grenada

    A must-buy. SorenZer0 is the master of comics.
    Loved the scenes with sandal wearing feet, more like that in the future please!

  3. Pakhanba

    When I review this please don’t misunderstand what I actually mean. Its not a bad buy. What I could not help notice is how the writing easily overshadows the illustration. Anybody who buys these comics will easily identify when I say, “I bet the best moments you found were in the writing and not the illustration”. Again please don’t get me wrong. I have followed Kaneda and SorenZer0 on DA. They’re both vastly talented people but honestly I felt the illustration and writing did not marry each other here. Illustrations should tell a story themselves instead of depending on the writing too much. These are great pieces of work! I’m citing plural because you have to estimate the art and the writing separately, but sadly not together.

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