Demonic Exam: Maya's Shrunken Mortal

"Fall victim to Demon High's prettiest, smartest schoolgirl!"

• 26 pages of Maya, Demon High's prettiest and smartest schoolgirl!

• Bare feet, shrinking, sexual embarassment, boobs, steamy shower!

• Love a bit of rebellious shrunken power play? You'll love this!

• Find out why Maya's uses SHRINK, the only magical power allowed!

• Will Maya pass her test, or crush her shrunken mortal?


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Product Details:
♥ 26 Pages
♥ PDF format
♥ 2560x3588
♥ Shrunken, Bare Feet, Boobs, Schoolgirl

Pipe the fuck down!
Pipe the fuck down!

Maya, Demon High School's prettiest and smartest schoolgirl, is a little nervous about her upcoming test as the subject is both of her weakest demonic power and own personal embarassment- Desire. And worst of all, the test will be held in the mortal realm, and she doesn't want to admit to herself that she's worried of what's to come!
Not only do her self-concious worries get the best of her pre-exam studies, but her classmates are being obnoxiously roudy! When her anxiety takes full hold of her, she stands up from her chair and yells out at her classmates to "Pipe the Fuck Down!"

How unlucky, looks like my class got their wish!
How unlucky, looks like my class got their wish!

It's the last semester and this test could make or break her honors streak, so she means serious business! To top it off, the class yells "Curse! Curse! Curse! Curse!" in spite of her perfection.
How unlucky, the class's curse must have worked because she received a test for the deepest mortal desire- lust! And to top it off, the school seals away her magic powers... except one. Since she will be all alone, her SHRINK magic is allowed to be used and reverted in case of emergency.

Give me one good reason not to squish you to death right now!
Give me one good reason not to squish you to death right now!

The test begins, and Maya's biggest insecurity sadly transforms directly into her worst fear when her mortal tries to rape her! She uses her shrink power to save herself from a bad situation. "Trying to come on to me like that... Just who do you think you are?!"
However! When she used SHRINK on her mortal victim, Zhiqiang, he fell between her boobs, sliding south.... which only causes further sexual tension for her!
Now. Zhiqiang is also in his final semester and he's quite the bookworm himself, too. So not only does he quickly realize that if he dies, she'll fail her test, but he also uses his it to his twisted advantage to puposely tease and annoy her. He even has the nerve to tell her her feet are dirty right as she's about to crush him!

Please wake up right now! I beg of you!
Please wake up right now! I beg of you!

Maya nearly crushes him but she calms herself down, and takes him to the bathroom to get a shower. Her goal? For him to jerk off to her nude frame so that she can get a passing grade. It doesn't exactly go how she had planned though...
First of all, she turns on the Sauna thinking it's a light. This dehydrates Zhiqiang to the point of near-death but luckily she descovers her mistake before it's too late. This also gave Zhiqiang the chance to see Maya burst out in tears about his near death- cementing his belief that he can do and act in any way without getting crushed. She NEEDS him to survive if she wants a passing grade!

I bet you actually like likcing my foot don't you?
I bet you actually like likcing my foot don't you?

Just when Maya starts to enjoy herself a little... it quickly turns into sheer embarrassment when Zhiqiang calls her out on getting sexual pleasure from having him under her big, bare, wet foot.

I bet if I die, you won't pass the test, will you?
I bet if I die, you won't pass the test, will you?

She embarrassingly demands he admit that he's wrong or she'll squash him like a bug! However... he's not very scared of her threats, and it only fuels him more.
In combination of Maya's innocent and intense sexual embarrassment... and Zhiqiangs untrustworthy and testing character... this sure makes for one interesting power hungry story that you won't want to miss!

All of the Hot, Sexy Details

Get shrunk by the hottest girl of Demon High. She needs to make you cum to pass her final!

Play along in the michievious role of Zhiquang who dangerously tests his limits with Maya!

Features two barefoot near-crush scenes, a hot and steamy shower scene, and amazing boobs!

Get softly trapped between Maya's warm, wet, puffy bare feet as she touches herself!

This is a cute power-struggle story of a demon schoolgirl and her shrunken mortal!

The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. JS

    Demonic Exam: Maya’s Shrunken Mortal is one of those rare internet comics in that it actually has a story that I find myself interested in. While in most fetish comics the story is either very stand alone to one issue or is used as a pedestal to get the fetish content on display, DE:MSM has the story and the fetish content work together in that when the fetish comes up, it makes sense that it happened in conjunction with the story and could span multiple issues based off the premise.

    So, what is the story? Maya Crisstin is a demon-girl who attends a demonic high school. It’s the day of a big exam where students are sent into the mortal world, assigned a mortal to overseer, and instigate the mortal to sin. If the student completes their exam, they get…a good grade? Graduation? Demon scholarship? The writer neglects to really explain what the reward is. Anyway, Maya steps forth to find out what sin she must invoke in her mortal. Of course, being a fetish comic, it’s lust. Thus, Maya is transported to her mortal, Zhiqiang, a college student (I’m guessing) working on his own assignment. Zhiqiang figures out from Maya’s brief explanation of her exam that she’s a demon come to seduce. When he forces himself onto her, Maya panics and cast her size altering power on Zhiqiang and, from that point until the ending, fetish material and humor commence.

    The artwork put into DE:MSM is fantastic, even if one or two panels I found looked like the artist forgot to add the finishing touches. However, the best work is reserved for the star of the comic, Maya’s feet. The detail that goes into her feet is body heat rising, pants tightening arousing. Gentlemen, be prepared to start drooling waterfalls of saliva when you come to page 13.

    With all the praise for DE:MSM out of the way, I have to now move to my one complaint of this comic, Zhiqiang. This male isn’t bad in terms of looks or personalty (although you should never joke about rape). However, Zhiqiang could end this story to quickly. His total acceptance of Maya’s mission and willingness to help her makes no great conflict other than Maya’s own apprehension of lust and sexual conduct. I would have like to see Zhiqiang also share those feelings of apprehension or resist the idea of lusting for Maya. As it stands now, he makes a note that her exam completely rest on his cooperation. So, Zhiqiang might start blackmailing Maya to do chores or other things for him, but that idea is undermined by, once again, the fact that he is accepting of her need for him to lust and, possibly, have sex with her.

    All in all, I greatly recommend DE:MSM to everyone, but of course mostly to my fellow foot fetishist. To the author of this wonderful comic, CG17, I only have two pieces of advice. First, keep this comic going. I know that sound like a no brainer the way it ended, but what I mean is don’t stop yourself short. See how long you can make this story last. Second, please keep the foot fetish content prevalent in this series. Most comics that advertise themselves as having foot fetish content either end way to soon or only have maybe two panels of foot content before moving on to another fetish. With the exception of Perowan: Hayashinasai Goshujinsama, I can’t think of a series that dedicates itself to foot fetishist. Anyway, if you don’t have this comic yet, get it. Now. Seriously, stop reading this review and buy the damn comic already!

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